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Looking for Designer Blouse Patterns in embroidery for your machine? Want Designer Blouse Patterns images or PDF file? Feel free to check. + Latest Blouse Designs with Back & Neck. I Have Added Some of the Most Beautiful and Latest Designer Saree Blouses, Catalogue and Models. Check out the latest of + blouse design images. This gallery will give you a better idea on which blouse design for your next saree download.

The slick pattern and intrcate detailing that reflects the heirloom designs totally got our eyes drooling. You can pair this with coordinated sari colors that shall resonate a breath-taking contrast and make you stand out from the crowd. Immerse in all things Indian with this effervescent color and stylish back cut that will gaze all the eyeballs. Pair this cult mustard blouse with thin strip patterns formed at the back to give subtle hints with a gorgeous heavy silk saree.

You can go for an authentic Kajeevaram or Benarsi to suit the color contrast and add your individual statement by gorging on Kundan or Meenakarijewelry to fly in glorious colors. This kitschy blouse adds an element of oozing hotness and contemporary vibes. Pair it with a plain silk saree with a broad border, the signature Benarsi sarees will totally rock this scintillating blouse design.

Add semi- precious stone danglers and turn heads like a Diva. Trending maggam work designs on sarees. Impress your significant other on a special date night with this amazing teal colored embroidered blouse design that will easily captivate his eyes and melt your muse. Drape it with a stunning black or fuchsia colored saree with little sequin work or embedded with minimalist motifs to become a showstopper for the gala evening.

Play with your long luscious locks and paint those lips rouge to get your drama game on. Play flirty and ethnic chic with this gorgeous Mustard embroidered diamond cut blouse designer blouse and pair it with your statement Red and Golden Kanjeevaram saree. Well, to keep things light, opt for a lighter pastel silk saree preferably in pink and blue and add statement silver fashion jewelry to exude minimalist magnificent vibes.

Play smart with print on print design that is currently ruling the season and our minds constantly. Drape your South silk checkered pattern saree with this sophisticated yet quirky blue and white textured cotton blouse.

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Tie your messy hair in a side low bun and add those silver junk fashion jewelry to ace the street style game and get the outfit on fleek. Choose from a platter of pastel colors or go overboard with secondary silk saree signature colors like red, blue and golden. You can finish the look with pretty vintagechandbalis and braided hairstyle to turn up the heat. The lady wearing the silk sari is looking very different with the green color blouse she is wearing. The blouse is having work at the neck which also extends at the back.

You can wear this blouse with silk saris with the same color or a light color similar to that portrayed in the picture. Latest saree blouse patterns. The lady in the picture is wearing the very attractive blouse with the silk sari.

The blouse is not of a silk material but has very attractive design with backless variance with two ribbons tied at the back where hooks were supposed to be placed. The blouse is made up of very light material and thus will be very easy for ladies to put on and carry the heavy silk sari. The famous actress Diya Mirza is portrayed in the picture where she is modeling for the trendy silk saree blouse. She is wearing the very vibrant yellow color sari which is going well with the blue color blouse.

The sleeveless blouse is looking very fascinating with the yellow color sari. The blouse draws a wonderful trend even though both the sari as well as blouse is having plain texture without any work. You can try this in any party and get appreciation. You can easily try it with the silk color which is very light in color as this will add value to the blouse pattern. Multi colored blouse as portrayed in the picture can be matched with any dark color sari.

This has very hot design with the low cut from the front. It is also having a black color piping that gives a distinct appeal. You can even wear this with either pink color sari or black sari with a stylish border. The silk sari with peacock blue color with red border is very attractive but without the particular blouse design this sari will look really pale. The blouse is of the same color with the zari border throughout the neck as well as back.

You can easily cherish its design long after the party. Latest kalamkari saree designs. The white color sari worn by the model in the ramp looks very attractive when the stylish blouse is associated with the sari. The blouse is not like other ordinary blouses; rather it has a glittering appearance throughout. You can make the sari much more gorgeous with this sari.

Another very expensive sari is placed in this particular picture that is having a glamorous feel with right blouse design. The blouse is very simple with the three quarter sleeve but looks very attractive which can be ideal for any traditional occasion.

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The lady wearing an exclusive red color silk sari with golden border along with imbibed stitch work looks really attractive. The green color three quarter chanderi style blouses have golden patches over it and create a contrast to the sari. Though the blouse is simple design but looks stunning with this silk sari. The off white color silk sari with dark green color patches over the pallu must be compiled with a different type of blouse.

Look at the deep sleeveless blouse with the neck at the back reached at the top with flowers as self design looks wonderful. The padded designer blouse has very simple view from the front. Bride sitting for marriage is looking beautiful with simple looks.

The pink color silk sari is matched with green color silk blouse with some bead works at the sleeves. You can try these types of blouse during a wedding occasion you are going to visit. Even you can think about wearing the same type of blouse with the silk sari.

Trending latest blouse design collections. Lovely combination of orange sari with pink color border looks amazing on the particular lady. This traditional silk sari matched well with the silk blouse of pink color with yellow flowers over the sleeves. Also the sleeves have a shape of inverted V with a dangle to make a different view.

The traditional pattu sari very small golden thread work throughout the sari gives a different look to the wearer. But the blouse is quite different as compared to the sari but gives a different look. It is light skin color cloth with dark pink color flowers. People will get a spectacular view with this combination as this was never seen before. The silk sari is having light yellow and pink combination that lies at the border. A gorgeous dark pink blouse is associated with the sari which has stone studded making designs of flowers.

The blouse is also bordered with gold throughout its neck and the hand sleeves. You can try this type of blouse with your gorgeous silk sari. The women wearing the blue color silk sari looks gorgeous with the same color with different shade blouse.

The blouse is darker in shade as compared to sari with the border having vertical sticks of gold and blue color. Even if the blouse is simple but will look amazing on any lady.

Lady wearing orange and white silk sari bordered with golden color border has a purple silk blouse bordered with the border placed at the sleeves of the blouse. The lady is looking stunning with the combination of designer blouse with this silk sari. The red color silk sari is bordered with blue to create a beautiful contrast. The sari blouse is made with the blouse pieces that are attached with the sari to make a wonderful match to the sari. The front portion of the blouse has a proper exposure to creates an appeal of the lady.

Stunning sari blouse idea design collections. This stylish sleeveless blouse design can add to the look of any saree. If yoou are looking out for a sleek and stylish blouse design for your silk saree, check out this one.

Here the shoulder straps are slim and they are fully covered with heavy work. The waist strap also has a minimum thickness. The knotted tassel at the back with the matching latkans look absolutely stunning. This sleeved blouse design can look stylish and yet elegant. Here the blouse has an air hostess neck and the sides of the blouse has created an inverted heart shaped opening with the thick waist strap. The clasps of the blouse are present at the back and the use of dual patterns on the body as well as on the sleeves of the blouse gives it a different look.


This beautiful blouse has a unique dsign and dual materials have been used to make it. The multi colored and heavily worked material have been used for bordering the waist strap, sleeve ends as well as the upper part of the back, while the middle section of the blouse back has been made with solid black material. The sleeves also has thread work on the sides. High neck sleeveless blouse designs look very fashionable when paired with silk sarees.

The inward bent sleeve cutting of the blouse eliminates the shoulder straps and gives the blouse design a halter neck look. The long back slit also adds to the overall design. The blouse has been made with a solid base material with intricate silver thread and mirror floral work.

However, the neck strap of the blouse is fully black and clasps at the back. This beautiful, elegant blouse design can look absolutely flawless with silk as well as cotton sarees.

This blouse can be perfect for regular wear, as well as for occassions and office wear. Here the blouse has air hostess neck and the long side wise opening of the blouse has been clasped with buttons instead of the regular hooks.

The single layer of intricate thread work covering the side joining of the blouse, the waistline and the sleeve ends along with the green colored piping completes the look. This stylish blouse design looks gorgeous particularly because of the intricate silver zardosi work on the blouse.

Apart from the material the blouse design is also unique. Here the waist strap of the blouse is quite thin and the sides of the blouse are wider at the top compared to the point where they join with the waist strap.

The two sides has been joined together with a tassel near the neck. Women body shapes and saree styles guide. This blouse design has a oomph factor to it. Here the blouse has no proper waist strap and the two sides of the blouse clasp with each other at the top, near the nack and at the bottom, on the waistline. The blouse uses a mix of solid and transparent material to get the design.

While the solid part has been kept to minimum at the back, the transparent white section completes most of the back of the blouse. The opening at the middle coupled with the black border at the joining of the golden and the white material makes this blouse look stunning.

This beautiful blouse can give any saree the right look for parties and occcassions. The blouse has a boat neck and the three quarter sleeves of the blouse makes it look really elegant. The intricate thread and zari work covering the neck part of the blouse and the sleeves make it look really gorgeous. The use of light colored thread and zari on the deep navy blue base material has certainly added to the overall look of this blouse.

This blouse design is ideal for parties and weddings. This backless blouse uses tassels for clasping the sides together at the top and at the base. It completely lacks a proper waist strap.

The three quarter sleeves made with transparent net material makes this blouse just perfect for any special occasions. You can easily pair this blouse with a proper silk saree to complete your dress and to make heads turn in the party.

Check out this design if you are looking out for stylish and different blouse pattern. Here the shoulder straps of both the sides are not identical. While one side continues to reach the waist band of the blouse directly, the other attaches with the base much above.

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The half knotted pattern of the blouse back, along with the pleats and the crossed over zari border can give you the most stylish look perfect for evening parties. The jacket blouses are in trend now. These blouses look stylish and smart and hence are making a popular choice of the modern women of today. Here the basic blouse is made with a solid light colored base material.

The deep neck cut of the blouse along with the piping at the neckline are the only points to note in this section.

The jacket part of the blouse is heavily worked, contrasts directly with the base material and gives the blouse a completely different look. Usually the jacket is detachable.

This is another perfect example of high quality blouse made from two different materials. Here the front and the waist part of the blouse have been made with a gorgeous red color material which has been adorned with intricate zardosi work.

The sides of the blouse along with the short sleeves have been made with a self-worked light color material. The back design of the blouse is unique and it makes a perfect party wear. Latest blouse designs for lehenga.

Blouse Designs Gallery (+ blouse design images)[Updated ]

You can easily pair a simple blouse like the one in this picture with a silk saree to look your best. The waist strap has the clasps and the monochromatic check print on the blouse gives it a unique and stylish look. Pair this up with any silk saree and look classy. Check out this beautiful blouse design for silk sarees which can add a different class to your look. Here the blouse has air hostess neck and longer sleeves that extent till the elbows.

The gorgeous thread-work makes this a stunning overall creation. The off-white background adds to its overall appeal and it is best paired with a pink or cream saree. The high neck and extension of the sleeves till the elbows really make this one of the most elegant and stylish high neck blouses we have on the list and a great choice for party wear when teamed up with an orange or pink saree like above.

The long sleeves and floral patchwork on the sleeves add their own appeal and make this a classic design fit for any occasion. Royal Blue Short Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Work Blouse Via: Source It is amazing how a simple design element like the mesh work found around the neck of this blouse can make such a huge difference in the appeal.

Otherwise, this is a simple and stylish blue blouse. But when we factor in the embroidery on the sleeves and the net design, it makes a huge difference.

When paired with a royal blue saree like above, it really makes the girl stand out and feel like a queen. On the front, this blouse gives you the chance to show off your arms and the gorgeous buttons have their own appeal.

And the high neck collar means that the style quotient is exemplified even more making this one of the best blouses to have in the wardrobe. Green, Black And Pink Patchwork Blouse With Floral Prints Via: Source This exceptional blouse features in a gorgeous combination of colours and really makes even the simplest and plainest sarees stand out.

Designer Intricate Resham Work Embroidered Blouse Via: Source This is a blouse that seems to be straight out of an art gallery, and it is for the most special of occasions. The outstanding colour sceme, detailed resham work embroidery and stylish buttons and round neck design all make this a fine choice to pair with a complementary saree of your choice.Top blouse designs for plain saree.

Each one of us is called to greatness. The lady wearing the silk sari is looking very different with the green color blouse she is wearing. But when we factor in the embroidery on the sleeves and the net design, it makes a huge difference. Latest blouse back designs collection. Silk saris are always having its own dignity to match the preference of people attending every formal and traditional occasion. Early in the Stone Age, humans lived in small, nomadic groups.

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