In India, four Japanese tourists converge on the River Ganges in search of absolution. The novel probes their consciences, from Isobe, grieving. The story traces the journey of four Japanese tourists on a tour to India. Each of these tourists goes to India for different purposes and with different expectations. (Color By Number Coloring Books For Adults).pdf download by Blossom Books · Adult Coloring Download Deep River pdf by Shusaku Endo, Van C. Gessel.

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Deep River

Mitsuko, who nursed Isobe's wife as a volunteer also happens to be on Isobe's tour of India. Mitsuko is divorced, and has lived a loveless life.

Numada, a children's author, is also on the tour. He has recovered from a near-fatal bout of tuberculosis, and a myna bird was his companion during his illness.

The bird died during Numada's last operation, and Numada feels the bird died in his place. In Burma, he contracts malaria, and his friend Tsukada refuses to leave him behind. Later, Kiguchi learns that Tsukada ate the flesh of a dead soldier to survive and save his friend.

Tsukada drinks himself to death because of his guilt over the act. That bumper sticker solved all my problems!

The characters were fighting the great gnawing hunger in the stomach that's dread of nothing to look forward to. The not even knowing why you don't feel anything. The characters were not characters but faceless subjects for Endo to easiest fit the expressions of the serene gods.

If they had looked in each other If there was an other to look to One husband took his wife for granted while she was alive and follows her last words about reincarnation because he doesn't know what else to do. It's a feeling she had. But we don't know her!

She was the stereotype of the doormat Japanese wife. Where was the belated passion? Doing what someone said or ignoring them is still frictionless.

See a Problem?

Another guy is dying. So is everyone else.

Yeah, because people who are dying to preach to you about what big Christians they are never whore it up. Since he threatened to kill her when she dumped him I'd say he wasn't taking the basics to heart.

She gets the idea from your basic idiot guys having fun because they instinctively scorn someone who doesn't know how to fake the same normal. Not exactly groundbreaking insights here.

There could have been something in the mutual emptiness if only. Endo pretty much writes that she feels empty and wants to be chosen over God by a man who doesn't know if he believes in the first place.

Deep river

Because he's as boring as she is, I thought. She'd have better luck with unsmiling Russian guards. If there's a pitch black version of empty it is these two. Too empty for me to give a fuck.

That's not even the worst of it. He helps carry dead Indians to the local crematoria so that their ashes can be spread over the Ganges.

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His efforts ultimately lead to his peril as he is caught in the anti-Sikh uprisings in the country. Meanwhile, Mitsuko meets two nuns from the Missionaries of Charity and begins to understand Otsu's idea of God.

Characters[ edit ] Osamu Isobe, a middle manager who looks for a girl named Rajini Puniral, the potential reincarnation of his dead wife. Tanaka — head nurse Mitsuko Naruse, a former housewife who takes a trip both as a pilgrimage and to see her ex-boyfriend Otsu as atonement for mistreating him Numada, a bird watcher who wants to set a bird in his possession free.

Enami, the tour guide.

Sanjo, a photojournalist on honeymoon with his wife.What can I say? It's on youtube.

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I don't care about any of them. Look, there's a horrific car accident. Sanjo, a photojournalist on honeymoon with his wife. That bumper sticker solved all my problems!

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