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Russian poet Mayakovsky and Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz portray the elements of revolt and revolution in their poetry, which mark the practical change in the Eastern as well Western poles of the world.

Therefore, the Marxist theory of Social Realism fits to apply here in order to aptly carry out the research. The researcher will comparatively analyze the elements of revolt and revolution from the selected poems of Faiz and Mayakovsky. The present study attempts to comparatively analyze the elements of revolution from the selected poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mayakovsky.

The main motive of this study is to aptly address and answer the questions with reference to the Marxist theory of Social Realism. This study highlights the thematic ambition of revolution by using the above given theory. After Iqbal, he is the poet of Urdu language who takes the common subjects and makes a common man as the subject of his poetry.

His poems are very revolutionary in their aims and ambitions. He has composed his poetry in the Marxist tradition.

Interestingly, no poet writes out of the tradition. Similarly, Faiz follows the Marxist tradition and takes his themes from Marxist discourses in a way that his poetry reflects the contemporary Pakistani society. The post-independence Pakistani society is characterized by the elitist culture.

The followers of this culture give themselves a wide berth to the common people of the Pakistani society. This comes to create a wide gap between the poor of Pakistani society and the elites of the same society.

Faiz, amazingly, looks at this social gap through Marxist lens and depicts it in his poem vividly. The poems of Faiz involve the ambitions of Marxist revolution. He advocates the revolution as suggested by Marx so that the class gap between the rich and the poor might be demolished. In this line, Faiz directly addresses a common man who lives the life of deprivation, poverty, and exploitation on the part of the upper class.

Actually, the poet enthuses his to take a step further towards the Marxist revolution for establishing equality and justice in the society as given in the theory.

The poet gives the common man the hope of freedom, equality, justice, and getting rid of the deprived life. So the poet says that this will create a number of hurdles for the common people if they start their journey towards Marxist revolution.

Briefly, the poet wants to say that the journey towards Marxist revolution is full of hardships and troubles so he makes the common people aware of the troubles so that they might be on their guard. The world of hope might be achieved through the revolutionary struggle that has been discussed accordingly in the theoretical framework. He invites the socialists to achieve the aims of revolution even though they may have to die in that struggle.

He has also composed poetry in the Marxist tradition. The aim of this research is to find out the revolutionary themes in his poems by using the Theory of Marxist Realism.

His poetry is in consistent relation with his political activism. He, briefly, has made use of the artistic genre of literature, poetry, to advocate his intentions of Marxist revolution. The poetry, in his case, is an artistic attempt to appeal the Marxist seductions.

The stanza is subjective in its form and content, so it shows the explicit revolutionary approach of the poet. He says that he was basically a latrine cleaner and water carrier and his poetry contained the themes of adulation to the aristocratic class, but the revolutionary teachings 18 of Marxism made him rebel against the exploitation of the poor on the part of the upper class.

This change of thought is revolutionary if one interprets it from the perspective of the Marxist Theory of Social Realism. He wants to say that the Marxist revolution has enabled him to develop his critical consciousness and counter the established discourses of the aristocracy.

He negates the past that he had once dedicated to the flattery of the upper class. The revolutionary change in Marxist terms is very clearer in the above given stanza.

Habib Jalib Poetry ebook Pdf of Habib Jalib

He says that he is no more infatuated by the apparent beauty of the gardens and stateliness of the upper class life, but the sufferings and the pain of the common people and the urge to establish Marxist society in the contemporary Russia have caused the poet to adopt the revolutionary themes in his poetry and create class consciousness among the common people so that they may mobilize themselves against the rising forces of evil in the form of the exploiting upper class.

He advocates the approach in accordance with the Theory of Marxist Realism as it has been described above. He advises his comrades to follow the path of revolution as it is shown to them by their revolutionary leader. This advice in its addressive form comes up to the tenets of the Theory of Marxist Realism.

He requires the comrades to follow the biddings of their leaders. This shows that Marxist Realism needs leaders and followers in order to undertake the revolutionary struggle that has been defined in the known theoretical framework. It requires agitation, rousing rabbles that mean creating chaotic situations to destroy the existing structure of the society so that the society on the model of Marxist Realism might be created in the society. These interpretations that are investigative in their nature and composition explicitly make it known that the concerned poet has followed the tradition of Marxist Realism by highlighting the revolutionary aspects of the system throughout his poetry.

The comparison is basically confined to the similarities of the poems, especially, in terms of the Theory of Marxist Realism. The comparison of the selective chunks from the poems of the both of the poets is given here. These two chunks have already been discussed separately in the beginning of this chapter, but now the effort is made to compare these to chunks collectively and try to show the thematic similarities between the two chunks. But the comparison of the extracts is limited to the Theory of Marxist Realism and the aim is to find out the revolutionary elements as they have been set forth in the given theoretical work.

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As the researcher has already made it clearer that both of the poets are the poets of the common people so their subjects and language is also simple and common. The former chunk is concerned with the encouragement of the revolution, but the poet encourages the commoner in the bazaar to be the part of the revolution. Since the common people wander and roam bazaar so it can be said without any difficulty that the poet addresses the commoners.

Similarly, the latter also falls in the same category. The chunk from the poem of Mayakovsky also shows its common place. The poet transforms from a flatterer to the revolutionary figure. The revolutionary is the water carrier and the latrine cleaner. This shows that the poet is a common man. This shows comparative similarity between the two poets clearly.

Besides, both of the poets share the revolutionary thematic ambitions. Interestingly, both of the extracts are also very authoritative in their tone and style. Both of the poets share the urge to lead their comrades to the path of Marxist revolution as it has been made known in the Theory of Marxist Realism. Moreover, both of the poets resist the established structures of the society and advocate the Marxist revolution to create such a society as it caters to the system of Marxist Realism.

Kulyat E Habib Jalib By Habib Jalib Pdf Download

Both of them believe in the violent means of bloodshed and agitation to bring forth the revolution. In a nutshell, it can be said that both of the poets have skillfully made use of the themes of revolution and have written their poems from avowed Marxist and authoritative position that enables them to lead their revolutionary comrades. Besides, the researcher puts forth his findings and recommendations respectively.

The research has made it known concernedly that the poets namely Faiz and Mayakovsky have made use of the revolutionary elements in their respective poems. The findings have totally been based upon the theoretical framework of Marxist Theory of Social Realism. The findings of the analysis make it clear that the poets have followed the Marxist traditions in their poems that are artistically and critically supportive of the revolutionary struggle.

Apart from this, the current research also shows the way ideological discourses like Marxism impact the creation of different literary genres especially when it comes to the composition of poetry.

Besides, the current research has resolved the issue of similarities of subjects and themes with reference to the comparative study of the known poets.

This research is not final in its findings and discussions. It may enable the successive researchers to contribute to the field of Marxist Realism by taking help of the current research. This research also makes the young scholars aware of the techniques that might be applied to compare the works of the poets who mostly share their themes and ambitions as it is the case. Moreover, this research also helps in understanding the skills of the poets to depict the conditions of the contemporary society.

The current research also helps the common students in understanding their plight critically so that they may mobilize themselves against the particular class that exploit them.

Academically, this research may contribute to the area of research that has been carried out in the arena of Marxism. Faiz has depicted the revolutionary elements in his poetry by making very enthusiastic demands to the common people in bazaar to take weapons in their hands and annihilate the exploiting forces of capitalism and feudalism.

His poems directly address the common people and these poems, in a revolutionary way, encourage people to embrace death for the sake of the revolution.

This way the poet has portrayed revolutionary elements in his poems. Similarly, Mayakovsky with wonderful skill of depiction envisions the revolution by encouraging the revolutionaries to not get inspired of the majesty of the aristocratic life of Russian monarchy. Both of the poets 23 share the revolutionary visions in terms of the Marxist revolution, but the setting of their verse and the matic ambitions differ. The difference of setting to the verse of the poets is very crucial over here.

In the end, it can be concluded with reference to the above given findings that the current poets in order to make the contemporary people aware of their exploitation at the hands of the elite have made use of Marxist revolutionary themes in their works and this has indeed helped in developing the critical consciousness among the common people and the history provides us with the ample evidence that these people have united themselves against the rising and exploitative forces of evil, so in this regard the current research is very helpful to guide the people of common understanding.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, Ten poems by Blok. Two poems by Verlaine. Place of publication not identified. Hashmi, A. World Literature Today, 63 4 , Mayakovsky: A Poet in the Revolution. This individual migrated to help Pakistan following the partition connected with India and proved helpful being a proofreader pertaining to Daily Imroze connected with Karachi. I hope every book lover would be looking to download this Poetry ebook of Habib Jalib.

This individual had been a new progressive writer and shortly did start to grab this viewers with his keen recitation connected with poetry. This individual published inside ordinary language, implemented a fairly easy type and resolved typical men and women and issues.

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Kulyat E Habib Jalib By Habib Jalib

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