Nineteen Minutes. Home · Nineteen Minutes Author: Jodi Picoult. 76 downloads Views Nineteen Minutes · Read more · Nineteen Minutes. Read more. In nineteen minutes, you can get revenge. As usual, Alex Cormier was running late. It took thirty-two minutes to drive from her house in Sterling to the superior. Eleven Minutes, by Paulo Coelho Also by Paulo Coelho The Alchemist The Pilgrimage The Valkyries Paulo Coelho - El.

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mind what he intends to achieve by that war and how he intends to conduct it. And if your parents My Sister's Keeper Nineteen Minutes. Pages·· . Read Nineteen Minutes Full Book PDF. Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of My Sister's Keeper and The Tenth Circle, pens her most riveting book yet, with a. Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of My Sister's Keeper and The Tenth Circle, pens her most riveting book yet, with a startling and poignant story.

Several of Josie's friends are among the dead and wounded, including Matt and Courtney. While Peter waits in jail for the trial to begin, Alex slowly grows closer to her emotionally distraught daughter and also begins to date Patrick Ducharme, a detective with the Sterling police.

At the end of the trial, Jordan calls on Josie to testify. Initially, Josie doesn't remember anything about the shooting.

But her memory comes back. When Peter cornered Josie and Matt in the locker room, a gun fell out of his bag onto the floor.

Josie grabbed it and pointed it at Peter. Matt urged her to shoot him, cursing her slowness. Josie turned the gun and shot Matt in the stomach instead.

Peter shot Matt in the head so that her shot wouldn't be the one that killed him. Peter is convicted of first-degree murder in all but two counts — the jury finds that Matt and Courtney had provoked him, so their deaths are considered second-degree murder.

Josie pleads guilty to manslaughter and is sentenced to five years in jail. A month after he is convicted, Peter commits suicide. Lacy and Lewis try to patch their broken lives. Sterling High is refurbished, and a tribute to the fallen students is created in the newly constructed atrium.

Alex regularly visits Josie in jail, resigns her position as a judge and becomes a defense lawyer again. She is pregnant with Patrick's child. Christian Beliefs There is a Bible-study club. Matt's parents try to make him go to church, but he refuses. The pastor at his funeral reads a verse from the Beatitudes. He says that God cares for, comforts and heals mourners and mentions that Matt found peace in death.

Wooden crosses are used as temporary memorials for the slain. Some say that the shooting is God's will. In jail, Peter attends church to have time away from his cell. He believes he is going to hell.

Jesus is compared to a freebie pass that will excuse you from anything you've done. Peter has a cellmate named Satan.

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Peter wonders if his fish thinks of him like he [Peter] thinks of God. In an attempt to free his fish, he accidentally kills it. Other Belief Systems Lacy believes in karma and aliens. Authority Roles Before the shooting, Alex is a loving but distant parent who prioritizes her job above her daughter. While she makes a brief effort to spend more time with Josie, she quickly returns to her normal routine.

Josie feels pressured by Alex to be perfect in every area of her life. While Alex enforces a strict midnight curfew and tells Josie to use a condom every time she has sex, she also tacitly condones Josie's sexual relationship with Matt and is unaware of Matt's abuse and Josie's miscarriage. After the shooting, Alex's relationship with Josie is fraught with tension. Alex tries to show Josie that she is more important than her job, but their relationship doesn't begin to improve until Alex removes herself from the case.

The two spend time talking and cooking together. Alex continues to show her support for Josie after her confession. Lacy is the kind of mother who leaves an encouraging note for Peter beside his cereal bowl every morning and packs him a lunch every day. But she doesn't know that Joey bullies him, and she punishes Peter for not standing up for himself at school.

Her attempts to be loving and supportive often backfire. She downloads Peter a Superman binder that prompts classmates to tease him, and her advice to tell Josie about his feelings ends in Peter's humiliation. After finding a packet of heroin while cleaning Joey's room, Lacy is afraid to look too hard in Peter's room. Lewis is not as close to Peter as Lacy, although he teaches him how to hunt.

Lacy and Lewis don't monitor Peter's computer use and miss several clues that he might be planning something violent.

After the shooting, Lacy finds bomb-making materials in Peter's closet, and she and Lewis admit to trusting Peter too much. They blame themselves for their son's actions and question which of their parenting decisions caused Peter to lash out so violently. Both Lacy and Lewis apologize to Peter in jail. Alex's mother died of breast cancer when she was 5, and she was raised by her father. He wasn't affectionate, and she used academics to get his attention. Like her father, Alex is more at home in a courtroom than in her own home with her child.

Josie's father was a married man who forced Alex to choose between losing him or terminating the pregnancy.

When Josie contacts him, he is in the process of running in an election. He assumes that she is blackmailing him and tries to download her silence when all she wants to do is talk to him. A teacher favors cheerleaders, giving them good grades even if they don't deserve them.

Throughout Peter's school career, teachers infrequently intervene to stop bullying, but their involvement often intensifies the abuse. The Sterling High gym teacher admits to being aware of the locker room violence but believes that it's all part of growing up. Misuses of God's name are sometimes paired with d--n. Jesus' name is also misused. Students call Peter a homo and a queer. Other coarse names for homosexuals and lesbians are used. Alex spells swear words with math manipulatives on open school night.

The crime scene, described by Patrick Ducharme, is gruesome. Peter wounds and kills students and teachers. He shoots people in the leg, in the face and in the torso. People bleed while their friends apply pressure to gaping wounds so large that their intestines are spilling out. Josie shoots Matt in the stomach, and blood comes out of his mouth before Peter shoots him in the head.

Patrick slips in pools of blood, and blood spatters are on the walls. A wounded teen falls out of a second story window. Peter sets off a bomb in Matt's car. Patrick and Alex recall other violent cases.

In one, a man tied himself to the train tracks. His head and limbs were severed. In others, battered women kill their sleeping husbands. One woman stabs her husband 46 times. Another woman slices off her husband's penis.

Peter and other students at Sterling are the victims of daily bullying that begins in elementary school and continues through high school. In kindergarten, Peter's lunchbox is repeatedly stolen and thrown out the bus window. Students throw spitballs at sleeping kids, shooting the wads of soggy paper into their hair and sometimes into their mouths.

Students are hung on hooks from their underwear and given wedgies. Chairs are pulled out from beneath them, they're tripped on the stairs, and their heads are shoved into toilets. Once, Peter is beaten up so badly on the way home that he needs stitches. He is the victim of online harassment. He is pushed, teased and called names. Peter's brother, Joey, says Peter is adopted and that his mom was a crack whore.

Peter creates a video game where players move through a school killing athletes and popular kids. The mother of a slain child uses a gun to commit suicide. When Drew lies about bullying Peter, Patrick grabs his throat. Matt hits Josie, pins her against a wall, briefly cuts off her airway and grabs her so hard he leaves bruises. He knocks out a boy who puts his hand on Josie's shoulder at a party.

Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

Josie imagines Matt decomposing. A man in the cell next to Peter calls himself Carnivore and says he is accused of raping and stabbing a waitress.

A maimed chick is pecked to death while the class watches. Josie beats up a student who bullies Peter. After the first painful experience, Josie finds their routine pleasant, although it leaves her feeling empty.

Matt is careful to use a condom. As their relationship progresses, Matt becomes increasingly possessive, manipulative and abusive.

When Josie wants to stay at a party but Matt wants to leave, he grabs her so hard he leaves bruises. He remarks that it would be easy for him to kill her and puts pressure on her windpipe so that she can't breathe. When Josie acts friendly with a boy at a party, Matt calls Josie a slut and a whore; he drives recklessly with her in the vehicle. He threatens to commit suicide when Josie tries to break up with him.

He hits her, causing her to lose her balance and injure her ankle. Matt blames his behavior on Josie's beauty and claims that he loves her and doesn't want to share her. Yet [End Page ] nearly all of them do, crying, screaming, praying, begging Franckline to make it stop, to reel back the forces of being.

She has known that since she was a child. She was no more than six years old; every time there was a birth in her village she would run, more than a mile if necessary, to be there.

Nineteen minutes : a novel

Nearly faint with excitement and anticipation: Would the woman bleed a lot, develop a fever, would she scream loudly or just whimper, would she live, would the baby live? She was compelled to see what might happen.

The deep groans of the squatting woman, the way her sisters and aunties and cousins would cluster around her, gripping her arms and steadying her hips, running with sweat all of them, the parched lips and the low humming songs; it was like the races the older boys and young men sometimes ran against each other, the strain of bodies pushed to their limits, the pain, the exhaustion, the glory in the finish, but better because more violent: the head crowning at the end, the blood mixed with the sparse hair, the last push and the last groan, the woman released at last, muttering, weeping, cradled by the arms of the sisters and aunties and cousins.

And no one prevented her from watching. She saw everything.

Book club discussion questions for Nineteen Minutes

Somehow the others knew not to shoo her from the door. She learned to bring tea leaves and massage the scalp of a woman in the early stages of labor. They called her Ti Matrone, the little midwife. Over time she absorbed the practicalities: when to make the woman walk, when to make her drink, when to wait.

By the time she was eleven or twelve she knew how to turn a breech baby, apply herb compresses for heavy bleeding, make a woman expel a baby that had died. The villagers said she had the gift, she was what they called pon, or bridge, could bring life safely from there to here, from the womb to the world.

Of course there were times when the babies died.In what ways did the novel impact your opinion of the parties generally involved in school shootings—perpetrators, victims, fellow students, teachers, parents, attorneys, and law enforcement officials?

Kaitlyn Harvey, a freshman with Down's syndrome. Discrimination and difference at the high school level will never end until the adults running these schools can go about their own lives without judging others for their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Girls mock a classmate's breasts. The next contact I made was with a woman who served as a grief counselor to the families who lost children at Columbine.

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