Is there any other software I can use with the Sony reader? . Also, note that Windows should see the reader as a drive (in fact several drives). . You do need the SONY software to download books with Adobe ePUB/PDF DRM. . HanLin eBook, Interead COOL-ER, iRex, iRex Developer's Corner, iRiver Story. Reader for PC is an all-new application that provides an easier, friendlier, and improved experience to existing Reader Library customers, and provides all of the. Create ebook as IDPF OPF OEB MOBI EPUB (for Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Kindle, Blackberry, iPhone, Mac OS X, Sony Reader, Handheld PC, Hanlin, Irex, Lbook, Neolux Nuut, Astak EZ Reader, BeBook, COOL-ER and several new .

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This utility updates the Reader™ for PC software to version and includes the Documents: ePub, PDF, Text, RTF, and Word (DOC & DOCX). Several years ago, I gave my aunt a Sony PRS reader. I was talking with her If it doesn't work, then you don't need this post; instead you need a new(er) ebook reader. Also, check to see if your PC recognizes the ereader. If you get . Smashwords is another source of DRM-free EPUB books. Reply. A list of ereader devices that support epub-pdf format editions. PC. PC. ePub PDF Booq Cool-er, ePub Booq Cool-er, PDF Sony Pocket Edition, ePub.

Wait half an hour and then check to see if the ereader is on and charging.

Also, check to see if your PC recognizes the ereader. Also, perform a hard reset and then try to charge it again. Ask in the comments if you don't know how.

If the ereader is still dead, then it's dead. But if it works, great. Let's find something for you to read. Content Whether we are talking about the Sony Reader or another old ereader, thanks to DRM downloading ebooks is not a simple process.

And that's a problem when you are trying to find ebooks for an older ereader that may or may not support DRM. Let's look at the Sony Reader as an example.

If you have one of those older models, or if you have another old ereader, then you have the choice of either downloading DRM-free ebooks or checking to see if your device supports DRM.

Aside from the Kindle and a few really obscure ebook readers, most ebook readers use one type of DRM from Adobe.

You can check to see if your old ereader supports Adobe DRM by looking through its settings menu, or the license pages, for mentions of Adobe. Also, there are several options to fine tune the ebook.


In fact, most Mobi and Epub readers will show the ebook pages in a linear order. However, please notice that this order will not be the internal EBooksWriter's "page number" - the internal page number is for the author only you.

This versatility permits you to reorganize your work document anytime, and to define for the reader any path, without limits.

The Mobi readers we have tested will not but, maybe in future, who knows? The other parameters on the top right are for the fine tuning. For example, some devices do not support added Javascript, Html, CSS, multimedia or Flash, so you can disable this content this way you won't have to delete the content from the source Aeh file.

For "strip size from CSS" we can spend some more words. Instead, most Epub readers are more limited. Some are unable to do this auto-scale when the font size is defined within the CSS.

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Last but not least, on the bottom left, you can add informations metadata about ebook contributors for the author and the copyrights, they are specified within the Current Hypertext Properties - you can access this dialog also with the Hypertext Options button , and on the bottom right you can define some "special pages" guide - you can choose them visually with buttons.

Please notice that the behavior of the reading devices will not be identical for all these parameters. Some devices will show to the end user the informations about the contributors. Some will ignore.Check back later for a more complete update on how the Cool-er works.

The launch of the new models also represented the introduction of the Sony Reader into the Australian and New Zealand markets for the first time. Official U.

Sony Support. You should specify all what you are able to specify, then don't count on these settings - they are optional things that can be shown or not to the end user.

To read ebooks without the need of a computer there are several solutions. A stack of e-book readers top to bottom: Free Book Spot [14].

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