The Name of this Book is Secret is a fantasy novel for young readers by Pseudonymous Bosch. It chronicles the adventures of two children, Cass and. The Name of This Book Is Secret book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Warning: this description has not been authorize. The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series, Book 1) [Pseudonymous Bosch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read the series.

The Name Of This Book Is Secret

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Автор: Bosch Pseudonymous, Книга: The Name of This Book Is Secret, Серия: Secret, Жанр: детская проза. Mild mystery tries too hard to be Lemony Snicket. Read Common Sense Media's The Name of This Book Is Secret review, age rating, and parents guide. The Name of This Book is a Secret. Stop! leave now. This is a secret story about a dangerous secret I must not reveal. Good. You're curious. You're brave.

Amber has a friend named Veronica, who is the second prettiest, but not very nice she doesn't stand in fourth or fifth nicest too! Gloria Fortune — Gloria is a probate specialist, or a "real estate agent for the dead.

Cass and Max-Ernest enter their house by mistake and finds Dr. L and Ms.

The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch – review

She loves to gossip, and was a guest at the Midnight Sun and identifies Cass although this time, she was nice with her. Then after the whole incident, she no longer remembers it and thinks it was a dream. Summary[ edit ] A real-estate agent for the deceased, named Gloria, finds a mysterious box called, "The Symphony of Smells," in a dead magician's house which she drops off at Cass' grandfathers' junk store. Cass takes the Symphony of Smells to school with her the next day. That day, while she investigates the reason for a rat dying in her schoolyard, she meets Max-Ernest, who talks too much, loves jokes and has divorced parents.

Max-Ernest tries out one of his jokes on Cass, who tells him that his joke doesn't make sense, thus fostering a conversation between the two. Cass shows Max-Ernest the Symphony of Smells, and they decode a message for help hidden inside it. Cass and Max-Ernest come to the decision to visit the dead magician's house to find out why he needed help.

Now collaborators, Cass and Max-Ernest go to investigate the dead magician's house and find the magician's mysterious journal hidden in his secret study.

Parents say

This couple is looking for the magician's journal and when they see the kids leaving with the journal, they follow Cass and Max-Ernest for hours, uttering threats. However, the kids manage to escape.

After reaching home, the kids find a riddle written on the first page of the journal, but the rest of it is empty.

Cass solves the riddle on the way to school the next day, discovering that the magician's story is written underneath the double-layered pages of the journal. She and Max-Ernest read the story and discover that the magician's, Pietro Bergamo, brother, Luciano, was stolen by a beautiful blonde woman with a voice like ice when they were children.

Pietro and Luciano were synesthetic circus performers, meaning that they had a rare condition in which two or more senses intertwined. Pietro believed that the Golden Lady, as he called the beautiful blonde woman, was kidnapping synesthetic children, for some reason, discovering that a young Chinese violinist with the condition was kidnapped years later by the same woman. After reading, Cass believes that the Golden Lady is Ms Mauvais, but Max-Ernest points out that this is impossible, as the story took place decades ago when she could not even have been born.

Meanwhile, an emergency is taking place at the school - Benjamin Blake has disappeared. Cass believes it was Dr L and Ms Mauvais who took the boy, having seemed them inquiring about Benjamin's art earlier at her school and having seen them jet off in a limousine printed with the words, "Midnight Sun Sensorium and Spa".

However, Cass and Max-Ernest get into a fight, thus being unable to work together to find Benjamin. But Cass believes it's her responsibility to save Benjamin.

After looking through some spa brochures collected by her mother, Cass decides to pose as one of the Skelton Sisters, socialites and heiresses and calls The Midnight Sun spa to pick her up in a limousine. She is picked up by Daisy and is greeted by Dr L when she arrives. Cass then meets Owen, a stuttering young man who is to be her butler during her stay. After being subject to several spa treatments, Cass goes looking for Benjamin Blake, only to end up in Ms Mauvais' office, where Ms Mauvais tells her that there will be a surprise guest coming for dinner.

The Name of This Book is SECRET

The surprise guest is none other than Max-Ernest, who came to save Cass. What harm can it do?

Right from page one, Cass and Max-Ernest are such quirky characters that they introduce an element of humour into the book. Cass is paranoid about the next disaster that always seems to be imminent, and Max-Ernest never shuts up. No, seriously.

Taking these factors into account, it seems strange that they make such a good team to work out a mystery. And talks. The first in a secretive series, The Name of this Book is SECRET is accompanied by a website, part of which is in code so important information is only given to the brave or foolhardy. It provides even more insight into the twisted villains and their lair. But shhh Clever writing depicts the main characters discovering more about themselves and each other as they rush headlong into the investigation of the disappearing magician and his symphony of smells.

It is important that Cass is in training Self taught as a survivalist and, after facing many dangers and living in very interesting times, they survive to prepare for the sequel. Of course, I did and straight away felt I was part of a secret. There are two main characters: Cassandra Cass who has big ears that turn red when she's lying and Max Ernest who tells terrible jokes and talks non-stop.

The Name of This Book Is Secret

Together they investigate the burnt down house of a magician and discover the magician's notebook which leads to all sorts of secrets, suspense and adventure. The writing style is similar to The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, it's very funny and would appeal to boys and girls aged 8 to 11 years.

It's full of 'you're not supposed to know this I liked the characters - they are like soul mates.

I would recommend it; it has a great cliffhanger ending. This is the first title in a hugely entertaining and secretive series.It isn't a terrible book, but it's lacking on so many levels that I just lost interest in it. Address Line 2.

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Una grande avventura e siamo solo all'inizio! Our club had mixed feelings Emily - 4 stars Joanne - 4 stars Kathryn - 2.

I honestly do not know how I lived without reading the book - it baffles me. I am under the impression that the author's name might just not be a real person's name. As much as he'd love to sing the praises of his book he is very vain , he wouldn't want you to hear about his brave year old heroes, Cass and Max-Ernest.

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