Study MaterialHand Notes & PDF Download Click Here For Marketing Question bank PDF with + questions · Click Here For Click Here To Download Marketing Awareness PDF Capsule for IBPS/SBI SO Exam Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. We have arranged a book for marketing which is very good as per materials. For Bank PO examinations it. Marketing Notes: Marketing Management contains five modules namely IBPS PO VIII Mains Scores Out – Shortlisted Candidates · Union Bank of India SO Advertising material sent directly to home and business addresses (This is the . 1) RBI – The Reserve Bank of India is the apex bank of the country, which was.

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Download the marketing capsule for banking exams by Mahindra. Important for Banking Previous Competition Booster (PDF) - All Issues. 5 days ago In a series of sharing useful Bank Exams Books for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B and other competitive exams in the form PDF, today I am listing down all the important PDF's shared on Interview Digest for IBPS PO and Clerk · Marketing Question Bank. Get Updated Study Material. Today I am very happy to release second version of Marketing awareness ebook. Number of pages - 47 Useful for - SBI, NICL and all other competitive exams Format - PDF. in your email. Labels: marketing, study material.

Conversational marketing — This type of marketing involves talking directly with the customer and understanding their point of view. Cross-marketing — This type of marketing involves selling products related to the ones the customer has already bought.

This is quite common in banks now a days. Digital marketing — This type of marketing involves marketing via digital means. Example, Internet, TV, etc Diversity marketing — a. In-game marketing — This type of marketing involves in-game advertising. Example includes Popular game Asphalt 8 on Android Market. In-store marketing — This type of marketing involves promoting various products at a retailer outlet Internal marketing — This type of marketing involves marketing to employees within an organization Keyword marketing — This type of marketing involves analyzing keywords in search marketing.


Need can be defined as something that is necessary for survival. Drinking water when thirsty is a need. It can be called as different ways of satisfying need.

Drinking coca-cola or frooti when thirsty options avail. Selling is always a subset of marketing,marketing is a superset.

Sales related with short term relations and marketing focuses on long term relations. Purpose of marketing is to make customer satisfaction and to maintain long term relations. DELL service. The Bench Marketing is nothing but the comparison of the business processes with competitors and improving prevailing ones. Marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing etc is called the social media marketing.

If the company directly reaches to the customers on a personal basis ex: There are number of types in direct marketing, Some of them are……. Direct Mail Marketing: It is the second most common form of direct marketing, in which marketers contact consumers by phone. Email Marketing: This type of marketing targets customers through their email accounts you might have observed them in your e mails too.

In Direct marketing you advertise your own products or services. A customer may or may not be a consumer. Types of consumer goods: Consumer goods such as bread, milk,paper, sugar that are bought often and consumed routinely. Shopping goods: Goods which are occasionally downloadd,cost is moderate. People invest time and efforts.

Marketing Aptitude & Study Notes for Bank Exams

Brand may be considered. Special goods: Goods which are downloadd very rarely as they are very expensive. Jewellery,paintings,BMW cars.

Unsought goods: Insurance policies,ice box for the dead. Niche market: Market which focuses on particular segment and creating distinct image. Potential product: Which may introduce in the future depending on technological and economic resources of the firm. Unique selling proposition USP: A quality feature design which is available only in one product which is not in other products.

Introduction Stage At this stage the product is new to the market and few potential customers are aware with the existence of product. The price is generally high. The sales of the product is low or may be restricted to early adopters. Growth Stage At this stage the product is becoming more widely known and acceptable in the market.

Marketing is done to strengthen brand and develop an image for the product. Prices may start to fall as competitors enters the market.

With the increase in sales, profit may start to be earned, but advertising cost remains high. Maturity Stage At this stage the product is competing with alternatives. Sales and profits are at their peak.

Product range may be extended, by adding both withe and depth. With the increases in competition the price reaches to its lowest point. Decline Stage At this stage sales start to fall fast as a result product range is reduced. The product faces reduced competition as many players have left the market and it is expected that no new competitor will enter the market.

Advertising cost is also reduced. Types of Pricing: Price is the monetary value given by the customer for the exchange of goods and services.

Follow leader: The NAV of such funds is directly influenced by the change in the interest rates. With a decline in interest rates, the prices of bonds generally go up, causing an upward movement in the NAV of the fund and vice versa.

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The bond market is a financial market where the issuance and trading of bonds take place. Money Market Money Market is a market for dealing in monetary assets of short-term nature, generally less than one year.

It enables the raising up of short-term funds for meeting temporary shortage of cash and obligations and temporary deployment of excessive funds for earning returns. Corporate Bond Funds These funds invest in bonds issued by companies, so as to earn a high income.From that, prepare the specific topics as per above link page numbers will be different, some topics may not be there. In Direct marketing you advertise your own products or services.

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Aggressive marketing: It is the only marketing mix element that produces revenue; all other elements represent costs. It gives you overall idea on how economy performed last year and what should be done for future.

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Message is the set of symbols the sender transmits. Opportunities and threats are external factors. Powered by Blogger.

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