We have compiled a short notes on Andhra Pradesh (AP) History Study Material in English for ENglish Medium candidates preparing for APPSC Group -1 Prelims and Mains, Group -2 Screening Test and Mains, Group -3, Panchayat Secretary, VRO, ASO, AEE and other Groups Exams. We have compiled complete Andhra Pradesh (AP) History material in Telugu in PDF format from the ancient period of Satavahanas to the latest bifurcation of. The state of Andhra Pradesh extends between and Latitudes .. and the English fought at Chandurthi (now is in Gollaprolu mandal) in East.

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Name, APPSC Group 1 & 2 History of Andhra Pradesh - English Medium - RK Publications - PDF. Author, AB Raajaa. Language, English Medium. Format, PDF . AP History PDF - Download Andhra Pradesh History Material, AP History study material for APPSC Group 2, APPSC Group 3 Panchayat. Tag: social and cultural history of andhra pradesh in english pdf. Home; /; social and cultural history of andhra pradesh in english pdf.

Privately run facilities also operate at all levels. Architecture and painting have been highly developed arts in the region since ancient times. The kuchipudi style of dance is unique in the Indian tradition, while Karnatak South Indian music has derived much from Andhra roots.

Telugu, one of the four literary languages of the Dravidian family, occupies a prestigious place among Indian languages, being renowned for its antiquity and admired by many for its mellifluous quality. Telugu literature was prominent in the Indian literary renaissance of the 19th and 20th centuries, as the writing resonated with a revolution in literary forms and expression, stimulated to a large degree by Western genres.

Andhra Pradesh has many periodicals in English, Telugu, and Urdu. Lakshminarasimha Before Indian independence, arts and literature thrived mostly under the sponsorship of royal patrons and private organizations, many of which still function.

Since independence, the state has created autonomous academies to revive, popularize, and promote fine arts, dance, drama, music, and literature. The conscious cultivation of cultural expression is more an urban than a rural phenomenon, for cultural performances, literary meetings, and religious discussions occur mostly in towns or cities.

Cultural development in different parts of the state under different historical circumstances resulted in the occurrence of recognizable variations in dialect , in caste structure, and in other traditions, all of which ultimately served to diversify the rural arts. Rural cultural media such as balladry , puppetry , and storytelling are indigenous to the area; use of those media in social and political communication is also common.

The penetration of the mass media, especially radio and television, and of Internet access into rural areas helped to bring an awareness of classical traditions to the rural communities and of rural arts to the urban population. The great Mauryan emperor Ashoka reigned c. About the 1st century ce the Satavahanas or Satakarni , one of the most-renowned of the Andhra dynasties , came to power.

Its members ruled over almost the entire Deccan plateau and even established trade relations with Rome. They were patrons of diverse religions and also were great builders; their principal city, Amaravati , contained Buddhist monuments that inaugurated a new style of architecture.

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Experts ascribe parts of the famous paintings in the Ajanta Caves of the Deccan now in Maharashtra state to the Andhra painters of that period.

Buddhism prospered under the Andhras, and in their capital flourished the great Buddhist university of antiquity, where Nagarjuna c. The ruins of the university, at Nagarjunakonda , still reflect its former glory. Chandra The Andhras continued to prosper over the next millennium, and in the 11th century the eastern Chalukya dynasty unified most of the Andhra area. Under the Chalukyas, Hinduism emerged as the dominant religion, and the first of the Telugu poets, Nannaya, began translating the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata into Telugu, marking the birth of Telugu as a literary medium.

During the 12th and 13th centuries the dynasty of the Kakatiyas of Warangal now in Telangana extended Andhra power militarily and culturally, and during their regime the commercial expansion of the Andhras toward Southeast Asia reached its peak. Shravan Mandepudi By that time, however, followers of Islam had established themselves in the north, and their invasion of the south led to the fall of Warangal in But the rise of the kingdom of Vijayanagar , to the southwest of Warangal, arrested further expansion of the Muslim power for some time.

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What are the main attributes of Ashokas policy of Dhamma?

Asoka is considered as one of the greatest kings in Indian History. He is praised not so much for his militaristic activity but for his policy of Dhamma. He became Budhist after the Kaligna war.

Ashoka turned himself towards the propagation of Buddhist Dhamma.

To propagate the Budhist Dhamma he engraved them on rocks, pillars and caves throughout his vast kingdom. The aspect of Dhamma which he emphasised was a code of morality rather than a system of religion. He was not mere preacher of morals but he followed the law of piety in his private life. He was the responsible for called the Third Buddhist Council and appointed special officers called Dharma Mahamatras to enforce the Dhamma.

Ashoka issued an ordinance forbidding the slaughter of animals.

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He built hospitals both for men and women. He planted trees, dug wells and constructed rest houses and water sheds for the convenience of travellers. Asokha ruled his people as a father towards his children.

What are the Mahajanapadas? During the 6th century B. Important among them are Mahajana padas. They are 16 in number.

The 16 Mahajana padas mentioned in the Jaina scriptures are Anga, Magadha, Vajji and Malla in middle ganga plains, West of them kasi, kosala and vatsa, still further west kuru, panchala, Matsya and surasena; kambhoja and Gandhara in the north west, Avanthi and Chedi are in central Indian region and Asmaka in the south, Vajji, Malla and were confedera- cies of clans.

Describe the contribution of Mouryan rule in the field of Art?

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The Mouryan period provides the earliest examples of ancient Indian art and architecture. Ashokan pillars at Rampurva, Lauriya Nandangarh and Saranath present excellent examples of stone sculptures.

Our national emblem comes from the Ashokan pillar at saranath near Benaras.Add Your Tags: Factors responsible for emergence of Jainism and Buddhism?

Since independence, the state has created autonomous academies to revive, popularize, and promote fine arts, dance, drama, music, and literature.

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Factors responsible for emergence of Jainism and Buddhism? All your information is safe with us, moving details to more secured place and will not be shared with others. A Superintendent of Police, on officer from the Indian Police Service, is in charge of maintaining law and order in the district and a Deputy Conservator of Forests, an officer from the Indian Forest Service, who is in charge of forests, environment and wildlife.

Members of the assembly serve for five-year terms, unless the assembly is dissolved prior to the next elections. Product Tags. However, as it became apparent that Telangana with the exception of Hyderabad city was consistently lagging behind the coastal areas economically and socially, a movement arose in the late s to separate Telangana from the rest of Andhra Pradesh.

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