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The data from analysis of thin sections of the sherds selected for this study were organized into two categories, qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative. Atlas of Rock‐Forming Minerals in thin Section by W. S. MacKenzie and C. Guilford. Longman, 98 pp. Price: £6·; Derek Flinn · Search for more papers. This is a MUST HAVE book if your or taking Mineralogy in college, especially if you will be taking Petrology the next semester. I got this book as I started.

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Search inside document. MacKenzie and C.

Phigigelave 68 Quarty MacKenzie, then in his second year as a student of geology Suggested thit these would be a useful aid in recognizing minerals under the microscope. On questioning undergraduates in second-year Geology classes in Manchester University.

_ W.S. Mackenzie & C. Guilford - Atlas Of Rock Forming Minerals In Thin Section.pdf

The majority of the photographs were made from thin sections of cocks in the teaching collections of the Geology Department im Manchester University and we are grateful to many of our collex ues in Manchester for providing us with thin sections, We are particularly indebted to Professor. Dr, Ageell and Professor W. Deer very generously agreed 1o look at most of the photographs we hhad made and helped us to decide whether they were suitable or could be improved, The authors alone are responsible tor any deficiencies which are sill present in the photographs.

Weare also grateful to Dr. Caracude John. Ari Txiletik. Johann Alvarez Perez.

Carlos Vilela. Maygualida Malave.

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Optical Mineralogy and Petrography

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