Axa was the title of a newspaper comic strip featuring the eponymous lead character, which Another comic book version of Axa was later produced for the Swedish comic magazine Magnum. All the strips from The Sun have been reprinted in. Axa was born in , supposedly years after a nuclear holocaust known as The Great contamination, in the City of Domes, where emotional attachments. He also took AXA to the American company Eclipse Comics, who published a two issue series of all-new adventures, though this time with.

Axa Comic Book

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Explore kenn menn's board "axa" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Comic art, Comic and Comic Book. "AXA: Battle for the Serpent Gate" is based on the AXA comic books, read by 8 million daily readers in the s and early s. AXA is syndicated and printed . Our Projects "AXA: Battle for the Serpent Gate" is based on the AXA comic books, read by 8 million daily readers in the s and early s.

Ultimately, he turned out to be employing the pirates, and Axa defeated him before with Dirk in tow once more traveling on to the home of the tree dwelling Sky People, where they became embroiled in a war between factions loyal to Galen who wanted to reclaim the ground and Zeph who thought they should learn to fly, the Sky People having already mutated into slightly birdlike forms.

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Dirk remained there, having fallen in love with a bird woman, and Axa traveled on alone In the hidden city of the Artisans, Axa was reunited with a repaired Robot Mark and successfully got rid of the deranged Galen. After a brief romantic entanglement with twin brothers Jorge and Jarge, she moved on again, with Mark by her side.

Shortly afterward, she was reunited with Matt whom she'd believed dead, but who had apparently been revived by the scientists in the City of Domes and had been tracking her ever since her departure. With Matt's aid, Axa and Mark battled giant mutant ants being controlled by a human telepath in a giant garden. Later, the trio would encounter Gypsies, whose leader, D'Jango, made a play for Axa.

Matt was understandably unhappy with his girlfriend's continual dalliances including one with a conspicuously married farmer whose wife had given them hospitality , but Axa seemed unable to comprehend his jealousy, or indeed to have any regard for his feelings at all.

After becoming embroiled in the war between the Automators and the Mechanics in the town of Junkheap possibly intended to be the remains of Detroit , Axa next encountered another race of mutants, the Morpho, who hid their deformity beneath beautiful masks, and who were at loggerheads with their unmasked brethren, the Grots.

She was romanced by their leader, Viktor, but shrank away from him in disgust when he unmasked, and Viktor's people eventually left Earth in the company of a formerly stranded alien. Axa, Mark and Matt were stranded on a desert island, where Matt's jealousy over Axa's fickleness and Mark's jealousy of Matt came to a head, but the trio ultimately stayed together and subsequently discovered Axa's true origins in Pill City, home of the Dispensers.

There, Axa met the drug addled Vita, who twenty years before had, in a fit of jealousy, ordered a young pregnant woman to be exiled from the city along with her lover, a visiting scientist from the City of Domes. In he also drew some episodes of 'Rahan' for Pif Gadget for the French market. Selfportrait In he created "Axa" together with Donne Avenell.

The comic strip started in the tabloid 'The Sun' and lasted up to November After that he returned to 'Modesty Blaise' as he continued with till the end of s.

Axa (comics)

Original sketch by Romero from Strip no. Original strip no. Romeros last strip, no. He started early a career as a writer and worked as an editor at Amalgamated Press later the IPC while he wrote radio plays and novels. For that it would not seem so suspect that a person was so productive he used several pseudonyms, including Alec Ashton and Charles King.

His first job was when he wrote 'Evangeline' for 'Comico Comics' in , and then comics for the 'First Comics'. In he began working for 'Eclipse Comics', were he among others wrote 'Airboy'.

He also worked on the Marvel and Eclipse with their comics, while he at the same time in launched the 'Strike! In the s he produced, among other things, his own comicfanzine 'Smock' ten numbers between and I work a lot for my fans via web.

Axa by Enrique Badia Romero c How much of average time do you need to draw a sequence in comics?

Axa comic books issue 1

What are your favourite comic book authors and comics? So, these were authors most popular in that specific period of time. I think, I still have all originals at home.

Therefore, this kind of a character who is involved in every kind of adventure always attracted me the most. In which countries is Modesty Blaise the most popular?

EBR: In Nordic countries. What about the Chinese market? I recently came across while surfing the internet and I was rather surprised when I have found it. I mean, I gave them rights. What are the origins of Modesty Blaise? EBR: I think that Peter, just like in this movie by Tarantino, had the idea of Modesty as a child abandoned during some war, but where? Especially because Modesty has become so Anglicized during years, she turned out to be a completely English character over time.

How did you feel when you had to stop drawing Modesty Blaise? EBR: Yes, I had to stop for two reasons. I was very sorry because I really liked Modesty and especially for Peter because I had to leave him in that moment.

In what amount eroticism in your work has been emphasized by you or the publisher? EBR: Well, I think that this coincident, because when I was working on Axa my publisher said that this is not enough erotic and then they suggested me to draw her more erotic.

As for Englishmen, they are at first more distant, but they like eroticism.

EBR: Personally, I think they are exaggerating a bit laughs. EBR: With all respect to Americans, they have managed to go from one extreme to the other. They had been first with this erotic vision of some characters, and after a while they started to put cloths on.

But, it depends on the country and the way of thinking. He knew how to put a dose of eroticism with taste and with some limits, of course.

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I think there is no chance for my character to become a pornographic character. Do you collect Modesty Blaise in different languages? What do you think about the future of comics, what is going to happen and how do you see the development in the future?

EBR: There are two aspects. These legendary characters that live about 80 years, surviving all these years, I think they will stay alive as heroes. But, they will have to be presented in some better format, better package that is more oriented on modern trends. TV and films have huge impact, so nowadays you have to keep up with trends.

Tendencies in computing are nowadays more important, same as printing and distribution, and originality is not so important. So, following tendencies that are now modern. Do you have information about possible movie Modesty Blaise?In what amount eroticism in your work has been emphasized by you or the publisher? He worked with 'Modesty' until Especially because Modesty has become so Anglicized during years, she turned out to be a completely English character over time. In July , he returned to 'DC Universe', and in March the following year, he made a brief guest appearance with 'Nightwing' before joining the 'Wildstorm Imprint', where he among other things wrote 'Claw The Unconquered' as he wrote a number of film scripts.

There are no details in the background. Strip no. At first, they stopped publishing Modesty, but recently they have decided to start publishing it from the beginning, the same goes for France.

The child, of course, was Axa. Everything came out automatically. After long time have suffered from heart problems he died in began with theCarl Pott's 'Alien Legion' comic for Marvel's 'Epic Comics'.

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