Currently all our recipes are here on our website, but we love your idea & definitely will work on developing an electronic recipe book so all our. Over Recipes are available for viewing with a Bodytrim online program membership to provide meal inspiration during the 12 week program. Explore Hippie Highway's board "Bodytrim Diet Recipes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Healthy Food, Eating healthy and Health snacks.

Bodytrim Recipe Book

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Explore J'aimee Brooker's board "Recipes - Bodytrim", followed by people on BodyTrim Italian 4 Weight Loss Cook Book Healthy Food, Healthy Eating. Bodytrim food list High Protein Recipes, Protein Foods, Snack Recipes, Food Lists, .. The inherited cookbook that gets travelled through the generations of your. Bodytrim is an Australian weight loss program designed to teach people what The kit includes four DVD's, a reference guide with over a hundred recipes, food .

A great breakdown of the Bodytrim Diet plan and extensive food list and sample meal plans underneath as well as links to our popular threads such as our Bodytrim recipe thread!

I've taken this off page in the Body trim thread , as I've noticed a lot of people are looking for it. The Bodytrim plan for weight loss consists of three sections. Make sure to scroll down to the next post also as its even more informative on what foods are allowed on Bodytrim aswell as visit the bodytrim recipes thread] 1.

Detox - eat only protein for three days, drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, and walk for 30 minutes 2 x 15 minutes or 3 x 10 minutes is fine. Weight Loss - After the detox three days begin this section: Protein snack is between 50 and grams Unlimited Vegetables and Salads include: Peas, carrots, corn, bananas, nuts and potatoes can be eaten only 3 times per week. You can eat oats for breakfast but must have a protein serve as well.

Do not go any longer than three hours without eating.

You can eat hourly if necessary but it must be protein. Have a "free" day once a week when you can eat whatever you like for two meals of the day. Bodytrim Diet 2 Plus, our huge recipe thread: Bodytrim Diet Recipes. Nuts are a free day only food unless you are on maintenance and when you are on maintenance Geoff says in the book not to eat them more than 2 or 3 times a week due to the fat content.

Bananas breakfast. Potatoes are free day only. The rest peas, carrots, corn are no more than 2 to 3 times a week.

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As much as I love the Bt forum and how great people are there for being willing to give advice and support I have found from time to time that some of the advice given from fellow members can be inaccurate and have only stumbled across this when I check my Bt guide book so its something to be aware off, these days I tend to check my book first. Hi, can someone please tell me on the protein only days of body trim is it purely protein or can you add a few condiments or a bit of onion etc to protein portions.

Also the flavoured tuna, it has 3. I definitely don't want to sabotage my chances of getting into keto but I'm not sure how I'm going to go three days purely just protein. Thanks also as a previous poster asked. Don't sweat the small stuff - 3G of carbs is more than ok, BT recommends less than 10g carbs and 5g sugar per g. Onion fine, make some patties or meatballs, rissoles even! Condiments - go for it! Less than a tablespoon per serve but once again - don't sweat it! It's meant to make LC easier and sustainable Enjoy.

Also, I know it says cottage cheese and ricotta but I can't find anything on Feta being allowed or not. Obviously I know it's not for the protein only days.

Actually can one of my protein serves be cottage cheese or ricotta? They sure can - I thrashed cottage cheese so the very thought of it still makes me a bit off.. But yes - g per snack..

Don't be afraid to listen and see how your body responds to food- I added yoghurt which isn't BT approved technically..

You'll get to know. You can have small amounts of condiments or dips with it like sweet chilli sauce, soy marinate, garlic paste, lemon juice and herbs, any of the vegetable dips like onion, roasted capsicum, avocado, sundried tomato etc. I make many of my own dips, but the store-bought ones are fine ok. Reversal of my diabetes. Hi all, this should really be at the start of this thread but I don't know how to put it there!

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Eating every waking hours is the most powerful weapon you have when it comes to weight loss and ramping up your metabolism. Bodytrim Food Listing: Protein food list: Serving size: All protein foods except protein bars and powders female: Hourigan says: There is risk that on the five days people may choose more unhealthy foods and then the kilojoule and nutrient intake may not be well balanced and it may not work.

It seems to suit some people but not everyone. Collins says: This gets the "diet suffering" over quickly but you will probably feel hungry on the "fast" days, where the aim is to only have about kilojoules in total. A diet restricting foods containing certain molecules that are poorly absorbed by some people and can cause them symptoms of IBS irritable bowel syndrome.

McMillan says: This diet is being wrongly interpreted by many. It is not designed as a weight-loss diet but a treatment for IBS. In that regard it is very effective with good research behind it. However, it is not intended as a diet for life. Many healthy foods are omitted and the intention is to rebuild at least some of these back into the diet so tolerance develops and perhaps a change in gut bacteria which may be causing the problem in the first place.

Hourigan says: It is important that people do this with a dietitian and undertake the food challenges to ensure adequate nutrient intake and food variety. A high-protein, low-GI glycaemic index diet.

McMillan says: This is a good well-balanced diet approach. It suits many Aussies and has good research behind it.


It's high in protein, low-GI and includes good fats. It won't suit vegans or vegetarians. Hourigan says: Includes all the core food groups.

There are good support materials recipes, meal plans and it encourages use of some healthy oils, lean meat and alternatives, as well as plenty of vegetables and moderate amounts of low-GI carbohydrate foods. Collins says: Will work as long as you maintain an energy kilojoule restriction. If you have a family history of bowel cancer, do not exceed the red meat intake recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines up to grams of red meat per week and limit processed meat.

Dukan What is it? This diet originated in France 30 years ago but became popular after Dr Pierre Dukan published a diet book in McMillan says: Too many stages and unsubstantiated rules on this one for me.

The basic premise of lower carbs and more protein is good, but it's way too complicated. Collins says: Some people like the structure but you will get bored quickly in the initial phases, eating lean protein, oat bran and low-starch vegetables. The omission of carbohydrate increases the risk of vitamin B deficiencies.

Short-term symptoms of having no carbohydrates includes bad breath it can smell like nail polish and headaches. Also increases your risk of constipation and gall bladder disease. The initial weight loss on a low or no carbohydrate diet is partially due to emptying your stores of glycogen, which is stored with some water in your muscles and liver. Hourigan says: Too many restrictions and rules — unlikely to be sustainable.

Omits or severely restricts several food groups which provide key nutrients. Encourages excessive meat intake.

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Photo: Eddie Jim Gluten-free diet What is it? Avoids all food containing gluten.

McMillan says: This is not a weight-loss diet. There may be up to 30 per cent of people with a gluten intolerance who would benefit from low gluten. Hourigan says: Not all gluten-free foods are healthy. Many gluten-free commercially prepared foods can contain high amounts of sugar and saturated fat. Collins says: See your GP to be tested for coeliac disease if you are concerned about this medical condition.

This should only be followed by people with coeliac disease, which is an allergic reaction to gluten. The Atkins What is it?

A low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet in four stages highly popular from the ss. Hourigan says: On the positive side, it discourages excessive intake of foods high in added sugar and high in refined carbohydrates. But it also omits or severely restricts several food groups which provide key nutrients, encourages high saturated fat intake, and does not address salt intake. Collins says: Similar to the Dukan diet. McMillan says: This has come a long way and now talks low-GI and at least the maintenance phase is more balanced.

Low-carb diets are effective in the short term but can result in side effects such as lowered ability to exercise, bad breath and constipation. Fibre is very hard to get enough of on a very low-carb diet.

However, there is some evidence you can adapt over a few months so I'm not against it for those who think this style of eating suits them. The Mediterranean diet is rated well because of its emphasis on healthy fats such as fish, and vegetables. Promotes a diet of primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, olive oil and fish, while reducing intake of red meat.

McMillan says: It's believed true paleo was closest to a Med way of eating than anything else and not as low-carb as paleo seems to be interpreted. Good evidence behind the Med Diet shows heart and anti-cancer benefits and weight control.Totally scrumptious. This time I'm gonna stay under and not come up again. These always get demolished, they are very moorish! Sections of this page. To top it off Adelaides weather is dreary and wet, so I doubt I will make it for a walk today.

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