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Without knowing it, never make so many expectations dear, because, when your expectation fails, you cant bare the pain. Dont think that I am talking in a negative way, I just wanted to make clear said Preethy.

Megha replied, Ok dear! I will talk to him and then I will decide about it Later Megha started waiting for Arjun to call her.

After 2 days Arjun called her. Arjun: Hi Megha! How are you dear? Megha: I am fine Arjun. When you are coming back from Madurai? Arjun: yday i reached. Shall we meet today? Megha: Yeah sure Arjun and Megha meet that evening. They talked for a long time. They liked to be together for long time. Megha enjoyed every second being with him. From that day, Megha and Arjun became very close to each other. They use to msg and talk in phone every day. Every weekend either one of them will go to others home.

Even though Megha had a mobile before, she never used to be text maniac. But after Arjun entered in her life, she cant spend even a minute without texting him.

When Arjun doesnt respond to her immediately, she will get angry and will start scolding him. The same happened one day.

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Arjun: Hi Megha. You know I had some project work and was talking to my Mentor regarding that. Thats why I couldnt answer your messages. But, for this simple thing you are getting angry and saying good bye and all.

Dont be like this dear. Its not good for you. Seriously I got angry on seeing that. You know me well and you know that I never want to hurt you. Then why you did like this? Megha: I am really sorry Arjun. Hope he will forgive me. Arjun: Its ok dear. That moment I felt angry, but now I am not, because how can I lose my lovely friend. Dont do like this again. Megha: Okay Arjun J Sure. Megha started thinking about Arjun.

What a stupid am I? I hurt him a lot. I should never do this again. And I should never act like this to anyone, for my Arjun. From that day, Megha started to be so calm and lovely to all. Even her mother cant believe it. She changed herself for Arjun. Days passed, Meghas love on Arjun increased day by day. Arjun also wanted to be with Megha every moment.

Both shared their fun, fights and all happenings in their college every day. Every moment Megha wanted to tell Arjun that she loves him, but she doesnt want to spoil their career. So she waited for the end of their college days to convey her love to him and she believed that Arjun also will love her. I cant wait anymore. All the very best dear, said Preethy. But Preethy was not sure about Arjuns reply. So she asked Megha to be confident and inform her on every happening.

Megha called Arjun to come to the nearby restaurant. Initially they talked about their exams and their career. After some time Megha started.

Arjun, I wanted to say something to you, said Megha in a low voice.

She was very nervous. She had never been this much nervous in her life. Oh dear, even I want to tell a Happy news to you!!! Megha got confused. She doesnt know what to say.

So she decided to allow Arjun to say the happy news. Whats the happy news Arjun? Arjun: Megha, I am in Love. Megha: Oh great!!! You donkey, add the word With you at the last, I am waiting for it. Ok Let me play for sometime.

Who is that lucky girl Arjun? Arjun: I knew her for a long time. She is a very nice girl. I love her a lot. I cant live in this world without my Love. She too knows me well, and cares for me. Hope she too is in Love with me. Megha: Oh, he is trying to get it from me, I wont say, let him say. Is that so Arjun? Great yaar!! What is the Name of the Lucky girl?? Arjun: Her Name is. She was in a very happy mood and wanted to express her love to Arjun.

But the Moment Arjun said that he loves Archana, Megha dont know what to do. Arjun: Megha? Why you are Silent? Megha: Controlling her tears Nothing Arjun, you never told about Archana to me, but today you are saying you love her.

I was thinking about it. Arjun: Sorry Megha, I thought you will scold me, because you will always advice me to study, so only. But, youre the first person to whom I am talking about my love da. I have not yet proposed to Archana. Megha: Oh Great!!!!

Arjun: You wont ask how I met her and all ah. Why are you so silent today? Megha: Oh God, I want to move from this place. Nothing like that da. You say. How you met her? Arjun: She is from my college. The day when I saw her, I felt that she is for me. I spoke to her once or twice but never said my love.

No One can replace her in my life!!! Megha was about to cry when she heard the last few words from him. These are the same words which Arjun told about her in their Farewell, the words which made Megha love Arjun. But now when Arjun said those words for Archana, She cant bare the Pain.

She suddenly fainted.

When Megha woke up, she was in Preethy room. Arjun was standing nearby with tears in his eyes. Arjun said, What happened dear?

Before Megha could respond, Preethy said, Arjun, let her take rest and its almost time, better you start, I will ask her to call you by MorningArjun went with heavy heart; he cannot understand what happened to Megha. As soon as Arjun went Megha broke into tears. She was controlling herself for long time, which made her faint. She asked Preethy what happened after she fainted. Preethy said, Actually I was in the same restaurant, sorry for following you.

I know that you cannot bear if Arjun denies you. So I wanted to be with you at that time. But I never expected that Arjun will say that he love someone else. I saw you fainted and immediately came near your table. Arjun was in shock and doesnt know what to do. Immediately we got a Taxi and came to my room. I know why you fainted, but I told Arjun that you had lot of stress due to exams and thats why you fainted like that.

I also told your Mom that tonight you are staying with me as our college life is gonna end. So take rest here dear. Megha was still crying. She cant believe everything happened that evening.

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She consoled herself that its a weird dream, but truth cannot be a dream right? She cried whole heartedly to Preethy. Megha said, Preethy, you know how much I love him, but he never felt that love for me?

Whats wrong with me? Am I not good? I always wanted to be with him and make his life happy. But, he never had such feeling for me. Why its happening like this to me? Preethy was very worried about Megha. She wanted her to forget all these stuff and be happy. Preethy asked Megha, Please dear, dont think all these things, now you are clear that he loves someone else. So forget it. That is good for your friendship. Please da, you must. Megha said, Preethy you know that I got placed in Bangalore, but I dont want to go because I never want to miss my Arjun.

But, today he meant that he belongs to someone else and Im only his friend. Ok let me be his friend forever Preethy dont know how to console her.

She said, Ok Megha, now you know that he loves Archana, so its time to move away from Arjun. So that Arjun can be happy with her, and you too can forget these things. Better go to Bangalore and join in that job. Try to move away from Arjun in all aspects.

Megha, be clear in one thing, once you fall in love with someone, you can never think him as your friend after that. You may say now that he is only your friend, but whenever he talks about his girl, you may not feel comfortable and will feel the pain always.

Better move away from him. Do this for me, for your family who loves you a lot. Please dear!!

Megha felt that she too needs to have a break from Arjun, because if she sees him, she cannot react normally. So she decided to go Bangalore and join in that job.

Arjun called Megha the next day. Megha: Hi Arjun. Im fine now. Sorry I spoiled your good mood. Did you spoke with Archana? Arjun: No Megha. How can I? You are not feeling well.

So I cant think anything else da. Megha: Hey idiot. Go and speak with her first. Arjun: No I cant. She went to her Native yesterday night.

Megha: Oh dear. Ok no problem, go to her native. Speak with her, express your love for her, and dont be like a stupid. Its a high time now. Or else you may miss her. Arjun: Megha, Are you serious? I too thought of that, but I dont know whether I can go or not. She is in Trichy. Shall I go? Megha: Of course Arjun.

You go. Say your love. Come back with success. All the best. Arjun: Thank you dear. I am starting now itself. Because I dont want him to be here while I start to Bangalore. I have to join next week. But, I will start tomorrow morning itself. I want some break from everything. Preethy replied, Whatever it is, dont take any wrong decision. Hope you understand.

Megha said, Yeah, sure. I will live at least for my family and beloved friend like youMegha told her parents that she wants to go to Bangalore. When she got placed, her parents thought that she wont go there and they dont know what to do now. But, her parents never want to hurt her and gave her permission to go to Bangalore.

That night, Arjun called her. Arjun: Hi Megha, I came to Trichy. Megha: Ah.. Arjun shall I talk to you later, I am packing my things. Arjun: Where are you going? Any vacation plan? Megha: No Arjun, I got a job and need to join there soon. So Im going to Bangalore tomorrow. Have only less time to pack. Arjun: Megha, you never told me you got a job, and why you are going so soon, that too when Im not there.

I want to send off you da. I will miss you. Megha: Dont say that again Arjun, I may cry. Arjun, I will talk to you later. I have lots of work. She cut the phone without waiting for his response. She knew that she will cry if she continues to speak.

Megha never thought of leaving Arjun, but today she wanted to move away from his life. Arjun too felt something different in Megha. So Megha is moving away from Chennai, thinking that she is never gonna see or talk to Arjun in her life forever.

But, in our life, everything happens in a different way. Lets see what happens Megha came to Bangalore and joined in the job. She felt so lonely without Arjun and Preethy. But, she never wants to talk to Arjun in her life. She tried to concentrate on her work. Arjun tried to call Megha several times but he couldnt contact her. Later on Megha changed her number and Arjun felt very sad about it. He never thought Megha will go away from his life like this. Due to the pains Megha faced in her life, she became so silent at work.

Even in training she used to be very calm. While all her batch mates use to enjoy, she will be sitting alone and will be writing poems and stories in her blog. It had been 4 months, since Megha came here, still she dont have any good friends.

She always liked to be alone. Meghas training got over and she got an option to move to Chennai. But she said, I like to be here, and dont want to go there. Preethy called Megha and asked why she did so. Preethy: Hi Megha dear..!! Megha: Im fine da, How are you? Preethy: Yeah Im fine.

Why you preferred Bangalore, when you got Chennai as an option? Your Mom and Dad are really sad. Megha: for the same reason why I came here, I chose Bangalore. I never want to see Arjun again. I cant forget him. If I see him again, I cant bare the pain. Preethy: Oh dear, for that you are hurting your parents da. They feel so lonely without you. Megha: I know da. I wont be here forever. At least I need a year or 2 to become normal. After that I will come there. Preethy: Anyway da, I feel so sad about you.

Take care. Megha started working in Bangalore. She enjoyed doing her job. She kept herself engaged in something. Though she didnt talk with anyone, everyone got a good opinion on her. Especially Karthik. Karthik also works in the same company and he stays near Meghas place.

He liked Megha a lot, just because of her calm nature. He liked all her posts and always wanted to be her friend. But, as Megha never talk to anyone, he doesnt know how to start their friendship.

But it happened. It was Saturday. Karthik used to enjoy weekends with his friends. That Saturday was one of his friends birthday and they went out to enjoy. First they planned to go to brigade road for shopping and then to garuda mall. In Brigade road, he saw Megha. He always liked Megha a lot, and liked to speak to her. He thought this would be the correct time to speak to her and moved towards her. Megha was shopping with some four kids and she was speaking with one lady in the shop and after sometime she left the shop.

Karthik wanted to speak with that lady.

So he went to that lady and asked about Megha. That lady replied, I Know Megha only for the past 2 Months. One day, she saw our school children on her way to work, and spoke with them. On hearing that they were struggling to get even text books for their studies, she wanted to help them.

She met me and spoke on this. From that day, we both started raising funds for these childrens education.

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She spoke in her workplace and they are also helping our school a lot. She is so nice. She didnt stop with spending money; she also spends some time with the children and helps them in their studies too. On hearing this, Karthik started liking her a lot. He wanted to meet her. Suddenly he saw Megha crossing the road, so run towards her.

But he didnt notice the Container coming on that way. But Megha saw him and the container and immediately pulled him away. She scolded him for being so careless on the road. But, Karthik didnt hear anything. He was near the girl whom he longed to meet, and she was speaking with him. He was simply smiling at her. Megha was confused on seeing that. She said, Hello, are you listening to me?

Please come to this world from your imagination. Suddenly he realized the current situation and responded, Oh, sorry sorry, I didnt see the container, because I wanted to stop you.

Megha was taken aback on hearing this. She asked, Why do you want to stop me?. Karthik said, Because, I wanted to join hands with you in the school work you do? I always like to do such work. Shall I join you? Megha replied, Yeah sure , I too want someones help in this. Thank you. After that they had formal introductions and talked well.

Megha used to call Karthik every weekend to the school. He too loved to be with Megha. They became good friends and Megha too liked Karthiks friendship. Since she came to Bangalore, she felt so lonely, but now Karthiks friendship keeps her happy.

One day, Karthiks friend Ram asked him about his friendship with Megha. Karthik said, We are just friends. Ram said, Hello sir, everyone will say the same dialogue at the beginning, but we know how it will end.

Be frank man, I can see the love in your eyes. You expect her to call you every week and cant spend even one day without seeing her in office. Nowadays, every weekend you like to spend with her. What is the meaning of this? Just friends? Can you spend a day without thinking of her? Karthik was surprised on hearing that. He never thought of Megha in such a way. Suddenly Karthiks Phone ringed.

You all expect that It must be Megha on the other side, sorry its the call from customer care. The ringtone was, Vizhi moodi yosithal angeyum varuvai munne munne.. On hearing that, he felt how Megha filled his life in every aspect.

He cant omit her from his thoughts. Thats the moment he realized that, he loves her. I realized it now. I cannot live without her. Say me what to do? Ram said, Go and say your love for her. Dont waste time. Karthik said, No Ram, I dont want to be a normal lover.

I will express my love in a different way. Wait and watch. After that, Karthik became so happy. He loved the moments he spends with Megha. He liked be with her throughout his life. He could no more hide his love for her. But he waited for a beautiful moment to express his love for her. Karthik went to Chennai to see his parents. Karthik wanted to be different. So he first went to his parents and talked about Megha and his love. Karthiks parents liked Megha very much and they accepted her.

Karthik wanted to surprise Megha while proposing that he got permission from both the parents. So Karthik went to Meghas house with his family and talked to her parents about his love.

First Meghas Parents was surprised, and was very much impressed by Karthiks approach. They said, Megha must be lucky to get you, but we all must know Meghas interest in that.

If she is interested, we dont have any problem in this marriage. That weekend, Karthik took Megha to a restaurant. He told her that he have a surprise for her. Megha: Hey Karthik, Please dont make me wait! What is the surprise? Karthik: Wait I will say. Megha: Please Karthik, I cant wait. Karthik opened his laptop and showed her a video. That video had pictures of Megha, the photos from her childhood, her school days, competitions, dance shows, college days, functions etc.

After that came a wording, The moments I spend with you was the moments I lived. I want to live every moment of my life. Can you help me? Karthik stopped the video at that moment. Megha was stunned. She couldnt say anything. Karthik broke the silence. Karthik said, Megha, Hope you understood from that video what I feel for you.

Anyway I want to say it. Karthik said, Megha, I know you will be surprised on hearing this. But wait let me finish. You may be wondering, how I got your photos. When I went to Chennai, I told my parents that I love you.

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They accepted it. Then we talked to your family about it, and they too were happy about it. We all are waiting for your decision Megha. Please say whatever you feel for me. Megha didnt expect such a word from Karthik. She always wanted Karthik as a good friend and she can never think of Love in her life again. She replied, Karthik, I never expected that you will fall in love with me. You are a very good guy.

I always thought that the girl who is gonna marry you is really lucky. But, I never want to be that girl Karthik. Karthik said, Megha..? Megha interrupted him saying, Karthik please let me finish it. Karthik couldnt believe what he heard. He said, Megha, what you are saying? You never told about Arjun to me. Megha told the entire story to him. Karthik couldnt say anything. He asked Megha, Megha, I never expected that you will say like this. Shall I ask you one thing?

Megha said, Yes! Karthik continued, Megha you are saying that you love Arjun, but Arjun is in love with some other girl.

He never had any such feelings for you. Then why you are thinking about him. I and my entire family are waiting for you Megha. I will show you what true love is. And Stop it Karthik.

She couldnt control herself.

She continued, I know what true love is Karthik, and I dont want anyone to comment on my love. You may not understand me. I love Arjun so much. I cannot think of anyone else in my life. Love can occur only once in life, and it happened in my life.

I always love Arjun, and there is no place for anyone else in my life. Please dont disturb me. And she started crying. Karthik was dumbstruck. He never saw Megha so angry. He couldnt see her crying. He said, Megha, I am sorry, I shouldnt have talked like that. Forgive me and please dont cry. I will stop this marriage arrangement and I wont say about Arjun to your parents.

Please be normal. Megha said, I am sorry Karthik. I scolded you. I cant hear you commenting on my love. Sorry very much. I never expected such things will happen between us. Karthik said, Its Ok Megha, let us move, its all most time. They both went to their homes. Karthik was very sad about everything happened. He wanted Megha in his life. But today it was clear that Megha will never accept his love. Life is Strange Isnt it??? Megha was totally broken. She never expected that Karthik will love her.

She liked karthik very much and always wanted him in her life as a friend. She was astonished by the way Karthik approached her parents and his proposal. She really felt bad as she scolded Karthik as he commented on her love.

She decided to visit him the next day and apologize for that. Karthik couldnt sleep. He never expected such a response from Megha. He believed that Megha will accept his proposal and they can live a beautiful life. But now all his dreams were shattered. Ram tried to console him.

Ram said, Come on Karthik, It happens. Girls are like that. They will never understand the true love of guys and ignore us. Leave her da. You will get a better girl. Stop it Ram! Please dont talk about my Megha like that. Why we are like this? If anyone ignores our love, then we will say all the girls are like this or the guys are like this.

But its wrong. Love is so beautiful. It happens for some couples and fails for others. Even if someone ignores you, dont talk ill about them. They only missed you and you didnt lose anything. I know my Megha very well.

She likes me very much. I will wait for her to understand my love. Even if she doesnt, I wont worry and I will keep on loving her throughout my life. Ram said, Sorry for hurting you Karthik. Really you are great. Your love is true. Megha is lucky. Surely she will understand you and you both will lead a happy life. Dont worry da. Karthik too wanted that to happen. Please try again later. Must Read.

Paperback Verified download. Completely shaken by this piece From the title I thought its a love story or some way to come over it Yes, this is perfect example for the phrase. As i started to read it, I got immersed in it and read book in one sitting A must read book.. It keeps u engaged in the flow with series of Questions coming to mind as u read line by line A type of Romantic Thriller per se A must Read book!

Even a Good Gifting option An inspiring book that take u to the world of meghalaya in seconds.. After his first book I thought of his future and the books tells what happened his life next. It touches my heart, the way he writes is real good. He was a very good writer. Who completed his first book and read this one without a doubt because this story is better than his first love.

This story has a message for lovers. I absolutely disliked the book. I disliked it so strongly that I don't even want to write about it. It's so.. Nothing happens in the entire book.

No plot development. No character development. You can simply anticipate every single event. The ending is very forced. It's not a type of book you should read even if you are a beginner. I was Pretty Much excited for this Book! The cover of the book itself was interesting and so was the book!

I loved the way author describes each n every event and character The only thing was that the story is been unnecessarily dragged in the beginning BT after reading the book to its end one can find why the author has done it before! Ending was jst perfect! I didn't expected such a twist n turn towards the end It was a mesmerizing experience Reading it! Kindle Edition Verified download.

While the first book talked about true and unconditional love, this one talks about love in modern day times.

When I started out reading, similar to the first to the first book I found it to be boring. When the books nears the ending all of the emotion is bombarded on to the reader. A great book!! But not up to the expectations. Great story. See all reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Go to site. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Word Wise: Enhanced Typesetting:Other than that, Reader offers the same functionality as Chrome and Firefox.

Meghas training got over and she got an option to move to Chennai. But it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Megha felt that she too needs to have a break from Arjun, because if she sees him, she cannot react normally.

Megha: Dont say that again Arjun, I may cry. For the occasional viewing of PDF and Office files, you can use compact apps and you might not need any additional software at all.

Please dont leave me. site Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. She went near him. I was surprised by the modular design and the whole concept of modular applications.

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