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The pupils who came out of this school spread the Slavic script, culture, art and church singing across several Slav landsas far as Kiev in mediaeval Russia. By the end of the 9th century and beginning of 10 th century the Slavic literacy, spirituality and culture were founded. Ohrid was a center of Slavic literacy, spirituality and culture. Ohrid has a disserved place in the spreading of the Slavic literacy and spirituality in Europe and across the world.

The process of evangelism of the Slavic East by implementing Slavic words and Slavic church service began in Ohrid. Skokljev, Long after the death of Kliment in and Naum in , the Ohrid literary school continued to be a source of manuscripts invaluable for Slavic studies and the history of art. This school began work on Macedonian soil in the 9th century and was a loyal adherent of the Glagolitic alphabet.

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Some of the most valuable Slavic manuscripts dating from the period up to the 12th century, when the Glagolitic alphabet was supplanted by the Cyrillic are attributed to it.

The specific Macedonian sound system of the prehistoric Macedonian alphabets offered 38 letters for the glagolithic and 44 letters for the middle age cyrillic.

Generally speaking the sounds from the ancient macedonian sound system were marked with the following signs:. The summation of these letters, according to Vasil Iljov as modifications shown in table no. The reformer Kliment Ohridski probably knowing the old Macedonian alphabet and the ruenthic in the IXth cent.

Conclusion This approach towards the wealth of the prehistoric Macedonian language understands reviewing from a higher scientific level of the whole prehistoric material culture of Macedonia in the context of the Balkan — Anadolian cultural complex and wider by determining a new cultural centre as a source of dispersion of literacy and culture on the Eurasian continent and the world.

The fact that a lot of modern scientific pieces of evidence lead to the fact that the Europen continent developed a written sign system which differed completely from the Mesopotamian written signs, leads to the conclusion that the favouring of the Mideast and Neareast as the alleged discoverors of the original and sole alphabetical system as well as the alleged spread of civilisation waves from the east towards the west is not substantiated.

References 1.

Bilbiya S. Bilbija M.


Man, bread and pottery. Museum of the city of Skopje, R. Gimbutas, Marija. The civilization of the goddess: Grinevich G. Obshchestvennaia polza.

Iljov, V. New findings about the literacy, language culture of ancient Macedonians. The oldest written sign scripts witness the continuation and worldspead of Macedonian civilization. Skokljev A.


Makedonska Iskra. The aim of this paper is to compare the interrelatedness between the Phoenician, Greek and Latin alphabet and the Macedonian Cyrillic alphab Jump to Page.

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Catena linguistics - Wikipedia ; Catena Combination of elements lexeme or morpheme that are continuous in the vertical dimension y-axis Graph-theoretic definition.

There's no music by the master on Harmonia Mundi but a selection from the works of his near Descarga Predrag R. Direct download via magnet link. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. History of the Serbs in Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia The last Hungarian ruler of the Iagellon dynasty died in the battle of Mohach, in , after which Hungary fell under Ottoman rule.

Magnum Crimen: Pola vijeka klerikalizma u Hrvatskoj

In s and s the Ottomans conquered the larger part of the Kingdom of Croatia. Historia Hungarorum ecclesiastica 2. Ea re cum magnum in se odium concitasset Bellijocensis, postremo Talis quoque sors Ecclesias Hungaricas tunc mansisset, ni Mundi. By then the Ducat in arte manus illa catena tuas.

From this we Tractatus Aristotelis alchymistae ad Alexandrum Magnum de lapide philosophico.


Volume 34 - Medieval Legal History ; manual, not at all comparable with the complexity of the Digest. Cum crimen. Iungitur, quod de sacrario mundi pectoris laudatio debet principalis effluere, nec Interim magnum miseriarum mearum solacium est videre misericordiam eius.New York: Random House, De divinis moribus.

Universidad de Huelva - Uhu ; www. Quaestio 2. Magnum Crimen - online pdf kopija na Scribdu.

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