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A TREATISE ON MEDICAL ASTROLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS. FROM THE HOROSCOPE AND HAND. Tenth Edition. THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP. Medical astrology or astrology of disease is not a new subject. horoscopes of the patients to apply the principles of medical astrology. Many out patients who. who are engaged in learning Medical Astrology from an EA point of view. The information astrological medical information to other individual cases. Personal .

The six seasons denote varying degrees of heat and cold. Uttarayana Northern course of sun and Dakshinayana Southern course of sun are the causes of seasons. When there is change of season, to avoid health complications, dietary regimen is prescribed by Ayurveda. If that warning is not heeded, there is room for disease. During seasonal changes, disease is caused when the corresponding planet in an individual horoscope is afflicted.

Hence there is a direct link between Ayurveda and Jyothisha. Both the sciences function on natural principles. Two types of disease onset is viewed.

Through the medium of planets. The three reasons cited by Ayurveda are related to the science of Time Jyothisha. In the eyes of Jyothisha, telling about a disease has reference to Ayurveda also. According to Charaka, When planets are antagonistic, treatment meets with failure 6. Adhyayana vithi. Adhyapana vithi. Soothika Grha Pravesam.

Bala Graha peeda pariharam. Kuti Pradesakam. Thus they expect support from Jyothisha sastra. In Adhyayana vithi, japa and homa are prescribed.

Thus Dharma Sastra principles are followed. Pathya and Apathya vichara, while dealing with Balya, Youwana and koumara show modifications a principle accepted by dharma sastra. In some persons even though Vata, Pitta and Kapha are normal, diseases appear.

This is in view of the fact that there is some karma of previous births, afflicting them through the medium of planets. Thus Ayurveda requires Jyothisha to make it a science. Prachina Karma is one of the causes of disease. In Dharma sastra there is a saying, The sins of previous births manifest as diseases 7.

The remedy for the same is herbs, gifts, japa and homa. While differentiating various forms of treatment, Ayurveda accepts the performance of japa and homa. The following methods of treatment are found in Ayurveda.

Yukti Vyapasraya Chikitsa. Also wearing of gems and chanting of hymns are included in this treatment. For bala graha peeda pariharam, homam is prescribed. In Jyothisha also, homa is prescribed for balarishtam. Two types of disease are there 1 Yapya roga 2 Maha roga Yapya means chronic disease. According to Ayurveda, apart from medicine, it is suggested that Daiva Vyapasraya Chikitsa is to be performed.

Niyati is Poorva Janma Karma. These concepts are accepted by both Ayurveda and Jyothisha. Niyati works by making modifications in the intellect and on account of that the forces of good and evil function. Niyati is in form of sankalpas of the mind and makes a person act and when the karma is performed good and evil accrue. Niyati is the basis for wrong food habits and wrong thoughts.

But Time is that which brings that out and makes it explicit in the form of disease. According to Ayurveda, if Time season is favourable, disease is suppressed; if Time is unfavourable, disease is aggravated.

Niyati is common to both Ayurveda and Jyothisha. Herein lies the unity of the two subjects. For a pot, clay is the material cause and the potter is the Nimithakarana efficient cause. Without clay, a potter cannot make a pot. Niyati or poorva karma is the material cause and in the absence of material cause, Time cannot bring about changes.

That which makes poorva karma explicit is kala Time. Astrology is the science of Time. The works of present birth are in the form of present efforts. Works of previous births constitute what is called as Niyati.

Niyati is efforts of previous births yet to fructify. We are the cause for Niyati. Karma is the efforts now being performed. Niyati is prarabdha karma. Sanchita karma is past karma in a dormant state. It can get activated any Time. Prarabdha karma is past karma activated and now functional in the form of present results. Agami karma is that capable of yielding results at some future date.

Agami is also due to present karma which if left unperformed may not yield results at all. This karma theory is accepted by Ayurveda. When vata, pitta and kapha are balanced, then Poorva Janma Karma is said to be the cause for disease.

Niyati is the unseen cause. Actions constitute the visible and immediate cause. Ayurveda says wrong actions are the immediate or primary cause of disease.

Niyati is secondary. Jyothisha says Niyati is the primary cause. Actions are secondary. This is because it is Niyati that which brings about wrong actions. However the Ayurvedic view is that irrespective of Niyati, if the present actions are perfect, then disease can be suppressed.

Thus it gives 22 prime importance to present actions. Swabhava is the distinctive characteristic of each thing we find on earth. Swabhava is on account of the distinctive factors of the five elements.

Human beings are made up of the five elements. The three reasons for disease are 1 Upadanakarana 2 Nimithakarana 3 Sahakarikarana. In the potters example, we find that clay is the Upadanakarana, potter is the Nimithakarana and the potters wheel and other instruments are Sahakarikarana.

In a hotel, rice is the Upadanakarana, cook is the Nimithakarana and the waiter is the Sahakarikarana. Mind is the Upadanakarana, actions are the Nimithakarana and Time is the Sahakarikarana for disease. This view is common to both Ayurveda and Jyothisha. While mind and actions are common to both sciences, we find that the third cause differs.

Ayurveda explains aggravation and suppression of disease as due to changes in seasons. But Jyothisha says that dasa-bhukthi and Gochara are the factors influencing disease.

Medical Astrology.pdf

Everyday three times, vedavits are continuing this practice, to this day. Water and hymns are the accessories. All the nine planets are worshipped. Vedic hymns are there for all of them. Their forms are imaginary. They are Shabda Pradhana. Through mantras, the forms of planets are conjectured. For this the basis is qualities of planets. Just as sattwa, rajas and tamas are present in creation, protection and destruction, these are determinative of planetary qualities. When worship is there, some basis should be there.

These three are Jala, Agni or Brahmin. All things in the world are considered as forms of navagrahas e. For saguna worship, the divinity of navagrahas is deemed to be present in all worldly things, which are made up of the five elements. As earth and fire are required for all forms, the nine planets which are also made up of these elements are deemed to lend their essence to them.

The navagrahas go around Mount Meru and their qualities are reflected in all forms. Whenever a man wishes to do navagraha puja, he has to identify something which is equivalent to the Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas of planets and then start propitiations.

Later Agama sastras, stressed idol worship; temples also started navagraha worship. They were worshipped in statue form. Till today we believe that their influences are bringing about modifications in human affairs. Hence for individual benefits, planets are propitiated for which Vedic methods of japa, homa, archana and abhisheka are used.

Particularly according to specific grief and specific need, specific planets are propitiated. To ward off shani, pooja to shani is performed. Chandran Moon Aditya Sun , Angarakan Mars , budhan Mercury , brihaspathi Jupiter , sukran Venus , shani Saturn , rahu Ascending node , ketu Descending node , poojas for all of them are performed individually.

This is linked to Vedic yagas. Darsapoornamasa yaga is an example. This is based on a particular Time. Three ingredients of a karma are 1 doer 2 the effort 3 Time. Time is the cause, which lies at the background. Time is a concept supported by astrology.

Time is useful in both vaidika Vedic and lowkika wordly matters. Thus Jyothisha percolated from vaidika to lowkika. Why is Time important? Because even though seed and earth are good, in the absence of timely rain it becomes a waste. So also when Time factor is adverse, no amount of work can yield results. Ideas and effort are with us. Time is needed to fulfil - this is the Jyothisha view point. Hence Astrology is compared to a lamp.

Jyothisha has two parts. Those who expounded predictive astrology are the rishis. It is related to karma. Vedanga Jyothisha is the foundation. It introduced the concept of yugas, nakshatras and the numerical methods and the results thereof e. This was later used in Muhurtha sastra.

Later this was used in matching of horoscopes. Ideas and efforts were there, but matching enabled them to translate them into beneficial results. Poorva Janma Karma is intangible for it to work, the link with planets is necessary. Poorva Janma Karmais the basis for results. Later on Jyothisha developed on the lines of nimitha, hora and prasna. Hora is divided into two.

Prasna is a method of determining results on the basis of present Time 8. The above three are inter-dependent. The character of an individual and his growth are based on nationality, Time, environment and parentage. To judge them, these things are relevant. Hence horoscope is based on individual traits it cannot be generalised. Time is the common factor but the results vary from person to person. To know Time, one must know siddhanta works. To know results, Rishis Hora works are to be read.

To know what is to be accepted or rejected, one must have discrimination. Clarity of mind through Mantra Siddhi is required. Only then eventual results can be forecast. Unseen destiny is reflected in clear mind. Books equip us to know destiny before hand. Nija roga is further divided into two types 1 Sariraka and 2 Manasika Diseases of body parts is known as Sariraka roga e. That which affects the mind is known as Manasika roga e.

By Agantu we mean diseases on account of cuts, wounds etc, caused by instruments, weapons, animals, falling from heights or other types of accidents. Ayurveda suggests three causes 2.

Parinama Time is capable of giving rise to both types of diseases manasika and Sariraka. Modifications in thinking give rise to bodily discomforts. By the attacks of animals, also bodily discomforts are caused. Moon is the basis for mind. Soul is represented by the sun. The link with sun makes the thoughts of mind capable of being converted into actions. Mind is only 28 collections of thoughts.

These thoughts represent accumulated karma of previous births. As thoughts have no life force Achethana for its functioning it requries Chaithanya. Once it gets mixed with Chaithanya, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahamkara, which are the divisions of mind complete the thought sequence and through the Jnana Indriyas give a fiat to the Karma Indriyas. The mind fulfils its thoughts with the help of karma Indriyas.

Jyothisha accepts pancha bootha siddhantha, Karma siddhantha and Punar Janma Siddhanta. Karma siddhanta is more significant compared to the other two. The following are determined even when a human being is in the womb longevity, works, wealth or prosperity, Knowledge and death.

This doctrine of karma siddhanta is reinforced by Jyothisha. Long Life, Short life amd Middle life are the three life spans explained in Jyothisha text books. So also, Maharogi Chronic sufferer , healthy man, one who falls sick often, man with mental aberration the Time of appearance of diseases, its intensity and whether it is curable or incurable, is explained by Jyothisha. If a man is destined to die Alpayu, no treatment is required as treatment is expected to be fruitless. If a man is expected to live long, then he also requires no treatment.

Thus, only some people require 29 treatment - not all - and the entire section of society does not require treatment.

Thus how Karma Siddhanta is applicable is explained here. An example is given of a bullock cart manufacturer who gave a warranty of sixty years for a cart, provided a specific weight is loaded and specific distance travelled in a day. A man overloaded the cart and it broke down. Thus long life is possible only when the man is destined to live performs suitable actions congenial to long life.

If a seed is supposed to germinate with in 60 days, then the following factors should be simultaneously present a Water, b Air, c sunlight, d Good soil and Manure.

Thus the natural propensity of the seed to germinate can be effected only with the support of the abovementioned four factors. So also longevity can be supported only with support from human actions. Thus Jyothisha sastra suggests remedial measures if it comes across obstacles to fulfilment of actions.

For Adrada Phala uncertain destiny Astrology accepts remedies to ward off evils. That which weakens and makes infructuous Poorva Janma Karma is Parihara remedy. Those who are practitioners of Karma Siddhanta say that Sanchita karma Accumulated Karma can be warded off by remedial Measures.

Prarabdha Karma has to be experienced. However, if you want the opposite gender, this doesn't pose a problem. Pick a name that resonates positively with you and mail off your letter to them. Be sure you tell them you've already read Soul Recovery and Extraction. Here are my associates names: Karen J. She is close to getting her degree in Psychology. She is a lay homeopath for thirteen years, a Bach Flower remedy specialist and gives workshops on all the above topics.

Glen Malec, PO Box , Wildwood, NJ , is a professional astrologer and does a great deal of teaching and speaking on a broad base of metaphysical topics.

He walks. Glen has an avid interest in UFO's and aliens. Once the shamanic facilitator has contacted you, usually by phone be sure and put your phone number in your letter to them! However, if you are uncomfortable with your facilitator, choose another one!

Many times, only soul retrieval will be done on the first journey, and extraction may occur at a later date. This varies from client to client, and there is no set way to go about it. They won't know if they have permission until they go into the shamanic state. Because it's karma that you have chosen to work through without outside help.

Introduction Medical astrology is a science that demands a union of knowledge of both astrology and medicine. Ideally, it takes years of acquiring astrological expertise and then becoming totally familiar with physiology and anatomy to qualify as a medical astrologer who with the cooperation of a physician can accurately diagnose diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health.

After four years of looking for the best system with which to look at a natal chart and discern a practical approach to finding potential medical problems, I discovered the Med-Scan method, a plan that every layperson, student or professional astrologer can use. In involves using astrology to determine any individual's potential weak spots. In other words, by examining the planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart, a medical astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease.

The medical astrologer then can advise the client on the appropriate tests necessary to verify the astrological speculations. After a physician's tests have confirmed the diagnosis,.

Since medical astrology is in its infancy, no medical astrologer can work alone, and nothing can be assumed without verification from a physician. A medical astrologer cannot simply throw out suggestions without having them confirmed by a doctor. It is very necessary, therefore, for the medical astrologer to develop a close, working relationship with the physician in charge of the case.

Although in my years of experience I have worked with any and all doctors willing to use astrology, I have found that usually the most sympathetic to medical astrology are homeopathic physicians and those who adhere to holistic health programs aimed at responding to each individual's different needs. My approach in this book and in practice is also definitely homeopathic rather than the allopathic philosophy that most U.

The word homeopathy comes from two Greek words meaning "similar affections. In essence, it is a concept of "fighting fire with fire" or fighting the disease with its own aggressive characteristics. In the end the ailment has not been covered up, as is the case with allopathic medicine. Allopathic philosophy embraces the notion that the use of drugs to produce effects different from those of the disease will work.

Thus allopathic doctors and most American doctors are trained in allopathy rely on high dosages of drugs to treat a person. Although this technique may be successful to a point, with the damage incurred along the way by the chemicals given, the body is pressured to fight the adverse effects of the drugs. Furthermore, in allopathic medicine too frequently the root cause of a disease is not sought out, but instead measures are taken simply to provide a drug to give instant relief from the symptoms of a disease.

Homeopathic physicians, on the other hand, always seek out the root cause of an illness, and for the most part they use only natural remedies to treat it, administering the smallest dosage necessary to effect a cure. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's own defenses to throw out the offending ailment, creating no harmful side effects. No warnings or cautions are required on homeopathic remedies. In fact, sometimes a cure can be effected simply by a change in diet: Any road to health that uses natural remedies, though, will take a long time, especially in chronic illness.

Therefore, patience is a key word in medical astrology. The medical astrologer must cultivate this quality and instill it in his clients. Most of us are brainwashed into believing that medicine can give instant minute cures to our discomfort or that there is a drug for every conditon.

But there really are no miracle. Homeopathic treatment requires discipline and patience. Clients must be made to understand that they will have to maintain a program for at least three months and perhaps as long as a year before they will see signs of recovering health.

Patience is especially necessary since medical astrologers usually don't get the easy cases; instead, we get the dying or misdiagnosedtwo of the hardest types to deal with. Furthermore, most of the time the client doesn't have just one ailment but other overlapping complications.

In the beginning there may only be one, but if the diet is not corrected or other holistic alternatives applied, health begins to fail like toppling dominoesfirst one ailment and then another and another contribute to the initial illness. Since so often medical astrologers are consulted as a kind of last resort, our work can be very frustrating; but for the very same reason it can be most rewarding when a diagnosis proves correct and a suggested regime for recovery brings results.

And from seven years of using the Med-Scan method I can say unequivocally that it does work. The only time it fails in the diagnostic way is when there is not enough recorded data in the field to make an accurate judgment.

In other words, medical astrology has not yet caught up with the more established branches of astrological study.

It is my hope that this book, the product of years of experience, will fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge, advancing medical astrology from myth into theory, eventually to become a fact. The book is divided into two partsan astrological guide and a medical reference section. Part One explains what is known about medical astrologythe health conditions usually associated with the various planets and their aspects, the houses, signs and astrological crosses.

The most innovative and comprehensive chapter in Part One is that on the midpoint structures: This chapter is followed by one on the Med-Scan technique itself, outlining the steps to follow in astrological diagnosis as well as describing some of the tests and diets helpful in diagnosis and remedy. Part One then concludes with a chapter on case histories, which prove out the old adage that "truth is stranger than fiction.

Each contains a section entitled "What Astrology Missed" to show that we cannot always be per cent correct in diagnosis. Part Two was written to save the reader a lot of time and effort in consulting five or six different references to find answers about nutrition. A year of research alone was spent on the section on vitamins and minerals, and I believe these two chapters are the most detailed and complete description of the sources, history, characteristics and properties of the vitamins and minerals yet available.

Chapters on herbs and cell salts are also included. Part Two then ends with a special chapter on the endocrine system. Study and experience have convinced me that the glands are often the root cause of poor health. I believe the glands should be checked out first because the hormones keep the bodily. Although a bibliography is supplied at the end of the book, I want to mention a few books that are indispensable to the neophyte medical astrologer: Thomas; Materia Medico with Repertory by Dr.

William Boericke; Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry by Dr. Chapman, and Eating Naturally Around the Zodiac: For instance, Mars always implies a potential area of acute inflammation, a flaring up of a specific condition. If Mars is in Gemini, there could be an acute ailment involving any of the Gemini-ruled areas such as the tubes of the body. Which tube is affected would have to be discerned by careful analysis of the entire chart and the person's past and present medical data: The planets, then, indicate how a specific organ or function of the body will be affected.

The Sun Vitamins: A and D. Iodine and Magnesium. No number of words can express the Sun's importance to everyday bodily functioning. The Sun should never be overlooked in a natal chart because of its vital importance and energy to a person's entire well-being.

All inherent vitality, energy or prana flows through the Sun. The sign it is found in will tell us how the energies are being dispensed within the given lifetime. Metaphysically, the Sun is our Heart Chakra through which all emotions flow.

As Dr. William Davidson has said, it is "the fire of life," ruling the etheric body, a very fine,. This presence of an etheric body is why X-rays, radium or electrical burns do so much damage to the physical body. If the etheric is burned by the invisible, high-frequency rays, the container surrounding the physical shell develops a hole and a leak appears. Taking vitamins, minerals, cell salts, herbs or other internal or external aids can sometimes help this condition.

Davidson implies that goose grease applied externally will help to seal the etheric so that the vitality of the Sun's energy is not allowed to dissipate. Sunshine as well as vitamin A, is also healthy in moderation. There may also be a leak in the etheric web when a person contracts an ailment, although this is not always the case. A medical astrologer who can see auras will notice that the organ or part of the body that is diseased, disabled or not functioning up to par will be pulling in the aura in that area of the egg shell oval surrounding the body.

This phenomenon results from more energy being diverted from other areas and pumped into the hole to sustain its minimal functioning. A diseased organ will also appear yellowishgreen to the person who can look through the physical shell.

common to the world.

But medical astrologers, unless clairvoyant, should stick to the indications of the chart and lab tests to get their answers. On the physical plane the Sun is the center of lifethe life-giver to our physical bodies.

Its zodiacal sign in Leo, which medically rules the heart. If the heart is sluggish or impaired, the entire body suffers. We might think of the Sun as an engine. A faulty diet may cause the engine to falter or sputter.

And without a good engine the energy provided by Mars becomes wasted. On the other hand, if we have regular tune-ups by watching our diets and getting physical checkups, we can stay in top running form. To have a strong, pulsing life forcethe heartwe need sufficient vitamin A. If a person is not getting enough of this important vitamin, there will be a short somewhere in the circuitry, and he or she will possibly develop a heart ailment even though most heart problems are Fixed Cross in origin.

Insufficient vitamin A can cause a variety of heart ailments, such as angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure. The Sun also rules magnesium, found in abundance in most green plants.

The Sun, chlorophyl and magnesium have a direct chemical relationship: And magnesium is found in such quantity within the body that we cannot live long without it. With insufficient magnesium a long list of ailments can manifest: The Moon Vitamins: Riboflavin vitamin B Because of this sensitivity, the Moon is a good indicator of when to undergo operation or not. For example, a person should probably not have surgery on a void of course Moon day. Void of course days usually mean that the surgery won't be done correctly, further complications will be found or a second operation will become necessary.

Medical astrology

I once had a client who, against my advice, underwent a nose operation on a void of course day, and she had to return two more times.

For her fourth operation she came back to me and asked for a good date. The sign position of the transiting Moon may also indicate favorable or unfavorable times for operations. The transiting Moon in fixed signs helps insure that the operation will go as planned and helps keep the hands of the surgeon steady, with no extra complications.

Possibly the worst time for surgery is when the Moon is in a mutable sign Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Saggitarius. Those are times of too much flexibility: A person should probably also not have an operation on that part of the body ruled by the sign in which the Moon is transiting. In other words, for a gallbladder operation ruled by Capricorn , an individual should not undergo surgery as the Moon transits through Capricorn.

A gallbladder operation should also probably not be performed when the Moon transits Cancer, Capricorn's polarity: I usually avoid the opposite sign when possible because there is a definite reflex action involved. The amount of fluids within the body will also determine the best periods for surgery. In general, the Moon is responsible for the fluid tides in our bodies the levels of serum, water, blood, etc. Just as the tides of the ocean draw in and out from shore, the body fluids do about the same thing within our physical shells.

When the Moon phases, these levels tend to drop or rise. At new Moon time, our fluids are at their lowest points, and there is a resultant weight loss.

Thus, the best time for an operation is five days before or after the new Moon, when there is least chance of swelling, bruising or bleeding.

In contrast, one should never undergo surgery five days before or after a full Moon, when the body fluids are at their highest and can cause excessive swelling, hemorrhaging or seepage from wounds. Since the Moon regulates the bodily fluids, its transiting position may also determine whether or not there is a need for riboflavin.

For instance, the fluid in the skull is at its highest at full Moon, exer-. So, if a person is suffering from a deficiency of riboflavin symptoms may be more severe about five days before the full Moon, and the deficiency may lessen toward the new Moon. In addition, the amount of potassium a person needs may be determined by the bodily tides. The fluids surrounding the cells as well as our weight losses or gains of water are dependent upon potassium.

A woman who has planets in Cancer or a strongly accented Moon in her natal chart can especially incur weight gains and losses of five pounds a month dependent solely upon the fluid distribution in her body. If the fluid is retained and not sloughed off through its various eliminative channels, a weight gain is noticed about five days before the full Moon each month. Toward the new Moon the weight gain will lessen and the body will be at low tide.

Much of this problem can be controlled by proper amounts of potassium being available in the body to keep the fluids in balance.

A prominent Moon in the natal chart also generally indicates a drug-sensitive individual. In particular, if the Moon is the singleton of a chart or if it is conjunct the First or Tenth House cusp within eight degrees, the patient should receive a lower dosage of any medication about Vi the usual dose.

Finally, the position of the Moon in a natal chart will help establish a person's emotional needs. Good health is not just a matter of eating the correct foods; it is a interweaving of diet, emotions and mental attitudes.

If emotions are misdirected, suppressed or repressed, they can build up and fester in the subconscious mind. Such festering is the equivalent to a viral microbe entering the body and hibernating until the time that it erupts into an ailment. If emotions such as guilt, anger and jealousy are not properly dealt with, they too can cause illnesses.

Thiamine vitamin B-l. Since Mercury rules the nervous system, its placement in a natal chart can indicate mental attitudes, and inflexible attitudes can stress the body. Although mental exhaustion is not normally manifested with an afflicted Mercury, the nervous system may take a severe buffeting, perhaps resulting in nervousness, tension and the inability to relax.

Such people need to control their worrying, allowing themselves to worry only when they haven't done everything within their powers to change the outcome. The proper attitudes are important for well-being, and if we mishandle our emotions we can become sick. Medical Astrology. We might also view the planet Mercury as a kind of traffic director influencing various movements within our bodies.

The messenger of the gods, it is also the messenger of the nervous system, relaying split second commands throughout the body. Furthermore, in. Finally, Mercury may partially rule the hormones dispensed by the glands in the body: Mercury rules Virgo as well.

Thus the planet is involved with the splitting up action and the pancreatic breakdown of sugar into glucosea process that may be affected when there is insufficient thiamine because of a faulty diet or a predisposition toward too many processed foods.

A thiamine deficiency also lowers the amount of hydrochloric acid HC1 in the stomach; in turn, the food is only semidigested so that when the bile is poured into the duodenum the first 11 inches of the small intestine it cannot properly break down the fats. This malfunction causes further problems, such as colitis, diverticulosis, flatulence, heartburn and diarrhea many of which come under Virgo's rulership.

Mercury is also closely associated with the thyroid, and it seems to have significance in thyroid problems with or without the influence of Taurus, coruler of the thyroid.

However, in thiamine-related deficiencies, the thyroid usually presents a second or third symptom and is not a chronic indicator of a thiamine deficiency. When transiting Mercury is retrograde, it is probably a poor time to schedule an operation.

Signals can get crossed: During Mercury retrograde the wrong drugs might be given or the dosage may be wrong for the individual. Misunderstandings may occur between doctors, doctor and nurses, nurses and patient or doctor and patient. Such a transit might even mean a second operation will be necessary.

Thesis on Medical Astrology

Niacin vitamin B-3 and E. Too many students of medical astrology tend to overlook "sweet, 1'il ol' Venus" because it has a reputation of being harmless, a "soft" planet, incapable of any foul play. But Venus can be interfered with to such an extent that what it does rule becomes diseased and ailing. Ruling over Taurus and Libra, Venus helps regulate the throat, thyroid and kidneys.

The planet also has dominion over half the circulatory system the venous supply. And it is concerned with skin texture, its beauty and flawless character. Venus can play a part in diseases of the blood. It rules the venous circulatory systeman intricate series of minute venules of blood vessels that start out as being barely visible and then branch out. The veins differ from the arteries in that they are larger, there are. Veins, along with the kidneys Libra and the heart Leo , are especially important to blood pressure in general, partially regulated by niacin.

Weak artery or vein walls as well as aneurysms under proper configurations, are also Venus phenomena. And in some instances Venus seems to have a secondary effect on red blood cells, partially formed by copper. Venus-ruled vitamin E is also valuable in circulatory ailments, such as phlebitis, embolisms, thrombosis and dilation of the vessels of the arterial and venous systems: Venus also governs slack muscle tone in the body.

Although Mars rules the muscles, Venus has an integral relationship with its sibling planet: Mars represents tight, healthy muscles, whereas Venus, its opposite, indicates a potential lack of tone or tightness, soft or weakened muscles; without sufficient niacin, there can be muscle cramping.

Since wrong foods can damage a person just as fast in bodily terms as wrong emotions can, Venus must be carefully looked at in the natal chart. For example, its placement may indicate a person with a "sweet tooth" or one who tends towards obesity.

An individual with a prominent Venus may go on bingesgorging on sweets and gaining weight. Since Venus also deals with the need for love, a person with a poorly aspected Venus may also eat an inordinate amount of sweets to achieve a sense of affection he or she feels is not supplied by others. Venus dictates how we feel about ourselves. If we like ourselves, we'll probably have a good diet; if we dislike ourselves, we tend to abuse our bodies with less than nutritious foods.

B, folic acid and fatty acids vitamin F. Chlorine, cobalt, iron, molybdenum, phosphorus, selenium and sodium. Whereas the Sun is our basic engine, Mars is the gas that fuels it. It is the key planet associated with our physical get up and go, our energy levels. Depending on its placement in a natal chart, Mars can indicate how active each of us is. For instance, in a fire sign Mars may produce extraordinary athletes or aggressive people who must temper their workaholic tendencies with rest in between their furious spurts of activity.

Mars in an air sign can mean great mental energies: Mars in an earth sign often produces people who prefer the sport of sitting in overstuffed arm chairs.

And Mars seems least happy in a water sign: Since everyone needs exercise, Mars will help the medical astrologer evaluate how much and what kind each person needs. This planet is also very important in indicating how quickly individuals can bounce back from sickness. It seems to work best in the fire or air signs.

In earth or water signs it usually indicates slow recuperation. In terms of health problems an activated Mars can mean inflammation, rapid temperature increase and acute onset of ailments.

Depending on which sign it's located in, Mars can also indicate what may be hyperfunctioningin other words, that part of the body, whether it is tissue, bone or organ, that is operating fast and possibly overworking itself so that it will wear out more quickly than other parts.

Mars has dominion over blood: Thus it is a natural ruler for vitamin B, folic acid, cobalt, copper and iron, all of which are essential in the production of red blood cells. Particularly if Mars makes a negative aspect to either Jupiter or Saturn, there may be poor absorption of vitamin B, which is closely linked with cobalt, copper and ironminerals necessary for healthy red blood cells.

Folic acid is also essential for red blood cell production and the proper utilization of energy for the body's management: It is an active planet, symbolizing energy, and fatty acids play a direct part in making sure that the body has the necessary get up and go when we ask for it: Since chlorine is involved with maintaining the acid-alkaline balance within the body, it is natural that Mars have domain over that mineral. Furthermore, chlorine usually compounds with potassium, ruled by the Moon, or with sodium, another Mars-ruled mineral that supports many bodily functions.

Because chlorine is such an active element a Marslike function in itself , it is responsible for muscle, tendon and ligament health other Mars-ruled domains. Chlorine is a highly active mineral, befitting Mars' energy and constant movement: But too much chlorine or too much sodium reflects a typical negative Mars trait, unrestrained aggressiveness: In addition, Mars rules molybdenum, iron, phosphorus and selenium.

It governs phosphorus because of that mineral's engagement in so many bodily activites: Furthermore, the confidence usually attributed to Mars is lessened if there is a deficiency of this minerala person may cower in his or her home, afraid to move from the premises, a very unMartian reaction. Selenium's active involvement within the body also links it to Mars. And the colors produced by selenium in industry are all Martianred, orange and yellow.

The worst indication for any type of surgery is probably when Mars is retrograde. Mars retrograde may mean heavy loss of blood, unexpected hemor-rhaging or a mistake on the part of the surgeon. Since Mars is the ruler of surgeons, when this planet goes retrograde, surgeons are often not their steadiest or most reliable. There will be interference and misdirected attention.

It does not mark a good time for concentration, especially when microsurgery is to be performed. B-6, biotin, cholin, inositol and pangamic acid vitamin B Chromium, manganese and zinc.

The word expansion is usually applied to Jupiter. In medical terms Jupiterian expansion means overeating and lack of control. Whereas Venus rules our taste buds and how we react to certain foods, Jupiter tends to make for gluttons. Jupiter-ruled people may overeat rich foods that are usually high in acid: Medical Astrology sooner or later uric acid gathers in the body and gout is the result. Jupiter can also indicate swelling, abnormal expansion or too much of something. Along with Virgo, which governs the splitting up actions within the organ, Jupiter has subdominion over the liver.

Insufficient amounts of either cholin or inositol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Pangamic acid may help in the alleviation of certain liver ailments, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. Jupiter also rules the fats of the body, their process of breaking down through enzyme reaction and their proper utilization.

Cholin is integrally linked with the proper use and assimilation of fats in the body. Inositol, too, is essential for proper metabolization or fats. Another vitamin instrumental in breaking down fats for utilization within the body is B And if Jupiter is found in Gemini, one must suspect a potential problem in the.

The "new" vitamin pangamic acidalso has much to do with prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol levels, another Jupiter phenomenon, are somewhat controlled by the amount of pangamic acid in the tissue; furthermore, pangamic acid helps regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Manganese is also essential in determining how much cholesterol inhabits the body at any given time. This mineral is an essential regulator of fatty acids, cholesterol and glucose metabolismsall Jupiter-related functions.

Jupiter is tied into the carbohydrate processes in general. Astrological-medical research indicates that people who have sugar-related problems usually exhibit a hard-aspected Jupiter, which can indicate a possible deficiency of chromium, a mineral also concerned with synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol as well as helping to prevent arteries from hardening. Zinc, found in insulin, is also vital to proper carbohydrate metabolism, as is the vitamin biotin.

Zinc has traditionally been considered to be ruled by Uranus, but according to the functions of zinc and the characteristics of Uranus, the two don't belong together. Along with Mercury, Uranus rules the central nervous system. It can be involved medically with spasm, cramping, acute jerking or convulsive movements. Even a severe deficiency of zinc does not manifest such symptoms. Jupiter is a more likely planet for zinc's ruler-ship, especially since zinc plays such an important part in the carbohydrate system.

Zinc is also involved with fertility, which, although a Moon-phenomenon, is still an effort of expansion on a physical basis, and expansion is Jupiter's forte. Not enough zinc can also stunt one's bone growth. Whereas dwarfism is a Saturnian affliction, Jupiter encourages growth and extension of the human frame.

For now, Jupiter seems the logical choice to rule zinc, until we know more about zinc and its functions within the body; then the controversy surrounding the rulership of this mineral may be cleared up. Saturn Vitamins: Calcium, fluorine, sulfur and vanadium. Saturn should be scrutinized closely in any natal chart. Most ailments that manifest are usually associated with this planet. For example, whatever sign Saturn is found in at birth might determine what organ, tissue or area of the body is potentially hypofunctioning that is, sluggish and not working up to normal expectation.

If Saturn is found retrograde, the chances of that part of the body malfunctioning are increased.

The transits of Saturn can also indicate medical problems. The planet takes 28 years to make one complete orbit about the Sun. We "feel" its presence about every seven years, when Saturn's main job seems to be to crystallize any problems or insights, particularly at the ages of 7, 14, 21, 28, 42 and Medical problems, diseases and ailments of chronic.

One of the events partially attributable to the transits of Saturn is the midlife crisis, usually happening between the 42nd and 49th years. During this time, at about 45, the aging process, another Saturn-ruled phenomenon, takes place: If medical ailments show up at about the same time, a person can undergo a period of great trial: Proper maintenance with vitamin C can help turn the tide of this crisis.

Vitamin C does not guarantee a sickness-free life, but medical research has shown that this vitamin is as necessary as life itself. In particular, vitamin C helps form collagen to keep the cells of proper size and shape so that they may go about their business of maintaining bodily. Thus with proper amounts of vitamin C careful diets and nonabuse of our bodies Saturn rewards us with long and healthy lives. Since Saturn is the ruler of vitamin C, it also has an effect on the body's amount of bioflavonoids, whose main function is to aid vitamin C in its work of keeping the collagen healthy and the capillaries elastic and permeable.

It is also my belief that vitamin K works in a synergistic relationship with vitamin C. Saturn retards or inhibits, and, like its ruling planet, vitamin K acts as a coagulant, triggering the intricate process of forming a protein web with which to catch the fleeing red blood corpuscles from an open wound or an internal one: And it's interesting to note that lack of vitamin C can also cause hemor-rhaging because the collagen is broken down so that the cells cannot keep their shapes.

Saturn is synonomous with the frame of anything. It is involved with barriers, banks, enclosures, binds, bonds, gels or adhesives. In medical terms it rules the skin and bones that serve as our frames, the bones that hold the muscles in place and the skin that acts as walls or containers. Because Saturn has dominion over the bone structures of our bodies, including teeth and ears, it rules the minerals calcium, fluorine and sulfur.

As is well known, the bones and teeth need adequate amounts of calcium to keep our frames strong enough to carry us around. Proper amounts of fluorine are also necessary to combat tooth decay and bone damage: Saturn's ability to guard, inhibit and block out is a positive attribute in. And sulfur's influence over the skeleton, the skin, bones and cartilage of the body in general is substantial.

Furthermore, lack of sulfur may create arthritis, another Saturn-ruled phenomenon, or it may damage the hair and fingernails, also under Saturn's sway.

Finally, sulfur plays a part in the protein processes of the body, and proteins are under Saturn's domain as well. The position of natal, progressed or transiting Saturn also has an effect on the quality of one's skin.

Just as Saturn acts as a barrier, the skin, if properly healthy, serves as a barrier against the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, allowing us to tan instead of burning severely. If Saturn is well-aspected, particularly by Venus, which rules vitamin E and is concerned with the youthful beauty and elasticity of the skin, ample amounts of PABA should be available in the body.

But when Saturn is negatively aspected, there can be a PABA depletion that allows the skin tissue to become vulnerable to the Sun's rays, and changes in pigmentation and other skin-related ailments begin to surface. Moreover, without enough PABA the skin dries up, becomes scaly, itchy, ulcerous and infected.

Although the nervous system is Mercury-guided, the actual impulses that leap from one nerve synapse to another are ruled by Uranus. People with strong Uranuses tend to buckle under stress or to react to it more strongly than other people.

Thus they may be in continual states of nervousness, unable to relax. Such stress can cause the Uranian portion of our bodies to disentegrate. These people need to learn to unwind through exercise, meditation or some other form of biofeedback: Depending on what sign it occupies in the natal chart, Uranus may point to possible spasm conditions within the body. In other words, the tissue or part of the body that the sign rules may undergo spasm.

If Uranus is retrograde, it's even more possible that at some point in the person's life he or she can expect to have a sudden hypo- or hypercondition. This type of ailment is usually brought on by an emotional, physical or mental shock or other unexpected circumstance such as surgery or accident. Early detection of the possibility of the condition, testing, physical checkup and correction can do much to alleviate the spasm. Since Uranus indicates quick culmination and release of any situation, it offers the person hope of complete and swift recovery.

Panthothenic acid and laetrile vitamin B Neptune is an important planet to consider in a medical evaluation of the natal chart. The planet has a propensity to be everywhere yet nowhere: If Mars, inflammatory, feverish, acute, contagious, violent and sudden complaints.

But this definite expression of some dominant planet is by no means an invariable circumstance. It is readily conceivable that a mingling of various forces may prevail, and in the disentangling of these the difficulty lies. There is all the difference as between an elementary atom and a compound molecule.

Now the explanation usually afforded by chemistry in regard to the combination of atoms is based upon the assumption that each atom has a certain definite number of bonds, or poles, analogous to those of the magnet. This quality is known as quantivalence, and an atom may be univalent, bivalent, quinquivalent, etc. If we think of the planetary bodies in a similar sense, and simply as an illustrative conception , we shall take them as the atoms and their quantivalence will be represented by their aspects.

The angles are undoubtedly the pre-eminent points, and the action of those bodies which occupy ascendant, Occident, medium coeli and imum coeli is increased in a remarkable way. There are two other houses which have special significance in disease, viz. The third and ninth houses are also important, since they are concerned with the mind, and mental conditions are responsible for a physical reflection.

For the rest, a planet gains in strength and potency by being elevated above its fellows. It must be borne in mind that the twelve mundane divisions, the templa, vegiones, or mansiones of the geniture, commonly known as the Twelve Houses, are the equivalent of the celestial zodiac. They are the co-significators of the signs. Their powers from a physiological point of view, however, are much less extensive— except in the case of angles ; the Eastern corresponding to Aries, the Northern to Cancer, the Western to Libra and the Southern to Capricorn.

But of special moment is the first named — the ascendent — and evil planetary activity here is always extremely liable to find a morbid outlet on the material plane through the head itself.

But with the remaining houses no testimony must be accepted unsupported by zodiacal endorsement, unless a stellium of planets gives more than ordinary importance to a house.

For example, suppose in a geniture the fifth house were heavily tenanted, then the heart and back would be likely to suffer, although the actual cardiac sign Leo might be unoccupied. The determination would be strengthened and accentuated if the sign containing the affliction in the fifth were of fixed quality. Similarly an over-cargo in the second house would react upon the throat ; in the third, upon the lungs and nerves, arms or hands ; in the fourth, upon the stomach, etc.

The complications resulting from the interplay of these two series, houses and signs, may be more easily imagined than enumerated. Thus, if Libra ascend, and Mars be placed in Aries in the seventh house, then the natural Seventh House is in the mundane position of the First House, while the ruler of the natural First is in the actual Seventh.

This inter- relationship is entered into more fully in The Rationale of Astrology, the Introductory Manual of this Series, and the simile there made use of in reference to it will perhaps be found helpful. The natural strength arises from the sympathy or antipathy which exists between the planet and the sign it occupies. It will be strongest in its own sign and in those signs most compatible with its nature. But from our point of view it will work most havoc when occupy- ing signs with which it has no affinity, thereby setting up discord and producing disorganisation.

For instance, a fiery planet will be out of its element in watery signs, while a humid one such as the Moon will not be disposed to associate favourably with fiery signs. And here may be introduced a doctrine not much regarded by modern astrologers, but yet one which exhibits a phase of planetary activity by interchange that is of considerable importance in numbers of cases which otherwise, i.

I allude to planetary reception by sign. This happens when a couple of bodies occupy signs each of which is the proper sign of the other. If Mars is in Cancer and the Moon in Aries reception takes place. In this instance it is of very evil augury. Each is usurping the natural place of the other, and neither has affinity with the sign it actually tenants. But the matter does not rest here. Its utility lies in the individual application, and goes far to explain many seeming irregularities.

Take the Soli-Saturnian influence. Three allied forms of this will be manifest: The admixtures will of course vary in intensity, but there is a thread of connection common to them all, A table as below will show at a glance the receptions by house of the luminaries. Tables for the other planets may easily be constructed on the same plan. The mean daily motion of the various planets is as follows: Motion is slow or quick as it falls short or exceeds this mean.

Retrograde motion, although only an apparent phe- nomenon, may yet produce some amount of disorganisa- tion even if only because a planet retrograde is then nearest the earth. It implies interrupted sequence, solution of continuity, just as direct motion does con- tinuity and sequence of progression. The writer has noticed that a retrograde Jupiter is robbed of much of its supporting power and cannot be depended upon to sustain life when evil directions are formed.

The stationary position of a planet indicates constancy and duration of effects ; bodies therefore have the sphere of their influence enlarged according as their intrinsic nature warrants, i. This is the power of planets holding each other in aspect at a period subsequent to birth. The directional strength must therefore depend upon a combination of the foregoing, viz. There is a hexis or permanent habit as well as a diathesis or transient disposition.

The hexis is shown in the radix, the diathesis in the direction.


If the diathesis agree with the hexis the disorder indicated is more certain and pronounced: If Saturnine influence, then chronic and cachectic types. Similarly with others. We have gathered that the planets under certain circumstances are inimical to mankind, and that among them some are more virulent than others. And so it comes about that representatives of this latter — Mars, Saturn, Uranus — are the more imperative factors in the production of disease and death.

Not that the other bodies are innoxious when their vibrations are disturbed by antipathetic confliction with others, but only that their malefic powers under such conditions do not reach so high a pitch as those of the bodies mentioned. Also, we have realised that there are three vital centres — Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. But his methods of deciding this point are too arbitrary to enlist unquestioning adherence, and in actual practice do not prove of much utility. In every horoscope upon which judgment of disease has to be given, the following series of investigations must be instituted: It is obvious that there will be static points and kinetic points for each planet, the former represented by its longitudinal degree of location in a sign, the latter by the points to which aspects are thrown.

But the place of the aspect must be met by a distributing force in the shape either of another planet or the cusp of the Ascendant, otherwise the influence is disseminated with- out any result upon the physical organism — that is, so far as the aspect-sign is concerned. As an example we will take a nativity. The heavy numerals indicate that the spaces in which they are found comprise the houses severally designated by the numerals in question.

The diagram represents the heavens as they would appear to an observer in the N. Hemisphere standing with his face to the South, the Ascendant or Rising Sign appearing in the East on his left, planets setting in the West towards his right, and those culminating near the Zenith and towards the South.

Hence the position of the Sun at once gives a clue to the tiaje of day for which the figure was cast. Horoscope of a Male Child. Type of E. Static point Distribution. Here, by reference to the tables immediately succeed- ing the thema coeli, we first note p.

Yet, although the native may appear robust, his constitution is delicate, for not only are the luminaries afflicted, separatim, but they are unfavourably related by the quincunxial aspect. Underneath we observe the three worst types of destructive energy, and where they are functioning by body, and also to what points they are empowered to flasli forth that energy.

First we note Mars with a static position in Cancer and kinetic katabolismic poles in the same sign, Capricorn and Sagittarius, the distri- bution of the energy being among Sun and Neptune; Uranus; and Moon, respectively in these signs. This shows intense martial action. This is a coagulating, depressing, cachectic influence. Thus, while the Sun suffers from the Martial and Uranian radiations, the Moon receives the energies of Mars and Saturn, the former being elevated above the latter.

This implies that there is a lot of unbalanced force and vigour in the constitution, and that the pull of the activities involved will periodically result in disruptures. The organism, in fact, will be required to endure per- verted tonic disorders mostly.

The life-force will bubble up with such dynamic intensity as to come near effecting its own destruction. The solar-martial action in Cancer will produce not only great irritability of stomach, with difficulty in retaining food Byron had Mars in Cancer , but also haemorrhage and acute gastritis.

Neptune and Uranus being concerned too, indicate complications and obscure praeincipients, perverted activity resulting in morbid growths, probably cancerous. Precautions should be taken in regard to malarial and camp fevers.

The third table p. Nervous and pulmonary complaints are betokened: Pleurisy and intercostal neuralgia will also be experienced. The stomach, lungs and nerves are all marked by over- activity, and are here the great centres of disease. Death will be violent owing to the affliction of the luminaries by anaretic bodies.

Space can only be afforded for a few examples — and those of the more regular types, for unfortunately there are cases which exhibit at first sight many seemingly irregular features. The bare hints furnished in those ensuing should be supplemented by a detailed study of the figures themselves, erected from the elements given.

It is chiefly identified with the fixed signs, but especially Taurus and Scorpio. Also, as isolation or detention in hospital is implied, the twelfth house is likely to be prominent, probably containing one of the luminaries or one of the afflicting bodies. The Moon is usually afflicted by Saturn and Sun by Venus. November 4th, , 7. Mercury is on the cusp of twelfth, and Mars is well in same house. The Sun is conjoined with Saturn, Mars and Uranus.

Moon is afflicted by Mars. The ominous state of affairs can be appreciated by a glance at the subpended diagram showing the twelfth and first houses: The child died November 4th, April 26th, , 6. The Sun is in Taurus and the twelfth, opposed by Uranus and applying to a quartile of Mars and a semi-quartile of Venus. The Moon is in the eighth squared by Saturn and Mercury. Three bodies occupy fixed signs, three fixed houses. October 12th, , 8. The signs Taurus and Scorpio are again involved.

The XII. Sun is on the twelfth house cusp and the Moon heavily oppressed in the seventh. October 27th, , i p. The Moon is in Virgo receiving the square of Neptune and the opposition of Jupiter. But we must note that the ascendant ,cc: The child died when the Sun and Mercury completed their quartile aspects to the ascending point.

Some idea of the relationship can be gathered from the appended tabulation. Two characteristic examples follow: December 3rd, , 8. November 22nd, , 5. This was a case of spina bifida also. Mercury, receiving evil rays from Saturn and Uranus ; c the presence of the four bodies mentioned in fixed signs.

In serious cases resulting in death, of course, the aspects are very pronounced. January i6th, , 3. Here we have five bodies in fixed signs. There were croup and diphtheria too. January 22nd, , 9 a. This was a case of congestion of the lungs attended by convulsions. Five bodies are in lung signs.

The Sun is afflicted by a semi-quartile of Saturn, a quartile of Jupiter and an opposition of Mars. November 25th, , died June, Four bodies occupy the fixed sign Scorpio — Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus — in mutual affliction, and receiving the rays of Neptune by a quincunx.

Diseases of or Accidents to the Eyes. The worst signs for the luminaries in this respect are Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius — Taurus and Aquarius being especially constant. It is almost a matter of certainty to find the eyes suffering when an afflicted Moon is located in either of these latter.

Mars will cause blindness by fire, explosion, gunshot, lightning, wounds, smallpox ; Saturn by colds, cataracts, specks, etc.

The Sun afflicted in ascendant is liable to cause cataract. July gth, , 4. Four planets and the ascendant are in these signs. Extreme myopia and astigmatism. July 13th, , noon. Birthplace not stated. Here the Moon rises in Libra in quartile to a culminating Sun in Cancer.

The Moon is heavily afflicted by a sesquiquadrate of Saturn in Taurus , and a quincunx of Uranus also in Taurus. June 27th, , The Moon rises in the end of Virgo in square to Mars and Sun, and applying to the conjunction of Uranus. September 12th, , 5 Lat. The Moon is rising conjoined with Saturn and opposed by Uranus from Leo.

The Sun is in seventh. Blind from birth. Cases in which one or both of the luminaries are located and afflicted in Taurus: August 12th, , 7. Dozens of similar instances could be given. August 13th, , 5. This is the nativity of the poet Philip Bourke Marston. His sight gradually grew worse and was ultimately lost. The Sun is rising in Leo and receives the mundane [not zodiacal] squares of Luna and Uranus and the mundane semi- square of Mars.

The Moon is opposed by Uranus from Taurus and receives the par. Stone in Kidney and Bladder. This is the reason why such as are subject to the condition are often of the melancholy type and affected with hypochondriasis. In Chapter II. It is in the pelvis that stone is formed. April 21st, , 7 p.

Here we find the first degree of Scorpio on the ascendant, and Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in close conjunction on the cusp of the seventh. Both luminaries receive a semi-quartile from Venus, and the latter planet bears a similar aspect to Saturn.

It is true no planets are located in Scorpio. This pair of signs is singularly reversive in action, as we have remarked before. The positions are thus: In this case stone in the kidney was only a secondary form of manifestation.

The specific Taurian zone — the throat — was impressed with the greater evil, the result- ing disorders being diphtheria, bulbar paralysis, and earlier in life quinsies and minor throat affections.

March i8th, , Venus, Saturn and Uranus are conjoined in Taurus and the sixth, and with this exception there is very little affliction in the horoscope. It would have been difficult to diagnose the complaint from the figure, but it is very significant considered by the light of the previous example.

November 7th, , 4. Stone in bladder. Stricture of urethra. Heart and back affected. Scorpio assumes its full dominion here. The last decanate of Taurus rises, and Sun, Moon and Saturn are conjoined in Scorpio near cusp of seventh.

They have passed the cusp and are nominally in sixth. Venus is applying to a semi-quartile of Saturn. Mars is in Cancer on cusp of fourth. It is well to note that in kidney troubles Venus is usually associated with Saturn.

September 4th, , midnight. Reference to the figure of birth will reveal abundant causes for the disorders specified. It will serve our purpose to present the main afflictions in the form of a diagrammatic tabulation in which they can be seen at a glance: Lwigs Bowels n c?

The dotted line an evil aspect not quite completed. Planets in parentheses throw rays from other signs. November 5th, , 4.

Uranus rises in Taurus, a very usual indication of darting pains in the head origin obscure. Sun and Mercury are conjoined in. Venus is in the sixth in Libra squared by Saturn. The kidney trouble emanates from Venus in Libra squared by Saturn.

Both luminaries are afflicted in the sixth house, and the native is a chronic sufferer. Chronic Bronchitis, Epithelioma of Nose opera- tion.

June 21st, , 1. The type of disease is indicated by Saturn, viz. For the epithelioma the ultimate cause of death , we find Mars located in Scorpio nose exactly opposing ascendant, angular and consequently of great power. The perverted action of Moon in Capricorn conjoined Uranus and Neptune , a sign connected with the epithelial tissues, should likewise be remarked.

Chronic Bronchitis, Tumorous Growth in Head. May 25th, , 0. For the bronchitis the Sun and Moon are conjoined in Gemini and receive the quartile aspect from Saturn in Pisces. Gastritis, Removal of Tonsils. October 23rd, , 0. Great irritability of stomach. Martial and Uranian activity in Cancer.

But as these maladies are not really due to some one form of morbid renal condition, the horoscopical positions may not show regular static energy in Libra. But this much may be tentatively ad- vanced: The reason for this prominence of fixed signs and the evil condition of Venus and Jupiter is not difficult to comprehend.

Eye, Suffolk. The vinculi are seen to be as below: The Moon occupies a fixed sign ill. Five bodies and the ascendant are located in fixed signs. August gth, , noon. Tlie pneumonia is pri- marily indicated by Mars in Gemini. The dyspepsia by Moon and Venus afflicted by Saturn in Cancer. For the albuminuria we have this planetary relationship: Saturn is just above the cusp.

Saturn, Mercury and Mars, and applying to the opposi- tion of the latter planet. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. The Sun is receiving the quincunx of Saturn and applying to that of Mars and finally Jupiter. The Moon is afflicted in Pisces. Fixed signs are well tenanted, five bodies holding possession.

A fixed sign Taurus rises and Saturn is close to the cusp. The latter body is on the cusp of sixth, retro- grade, and afflicted by Saturn and Mars. Five planets occupy fixed signs, and a fixed sign is rising. The Moon is in Pisces. This case is also one of diphtheria, scarlet fever and cirrhosis of kidney. For the former see under the remarks on that disease, and compare the state of affairs with the examples there introduced.

The principal consideration is that section of the figure here shown: Cusp of Twelfth House. Moon and Mercury, will both be afflicted, and usually in affliction with each other too. There are, however, many forms of mental trouble. Violent lunatics will be the outcome when Mars is the causative agent ; hypochondriacs when Saturn. There is also a class the subjects of which for a great part of their lives may exhibit brilliancy akin to genius in some direction, more particularly of the mechanically mathematical order, or where rapid calculation and mental subtlety are requisite.

The primary responsibility rests upon the association of Mars with Mercury, especially by the conjunction and opposition. Many lightning calculators, chess players, inventors, mechanical geniuses, cranks, etc. George Bidder, the celebrated calculating boy, may be instanced June 14th, , 3.

Taurus is a sign peculiarly associated with mathematical ability. Gerard de Nerval, the poet and miscellaneous writer, had Mars conjoined with Mercury, but also opposed by Saturn. He committed suicide in a fit of insanity. Morphy, the chess player, had Mercury squared by Mars and Uranus. George III. Mercury was also in conjunction with Saturn. Varicose Veins of Lower Limbs. Moon and Venus occupy Aquarius. The former is in close par. Venus receives the semi-quartile of Neptune. February 21st, , about 10 a.

Venus and Mercury are in Aquarius on the cusp of eleventh a house synchronising with the sign Aquarius. They are opposed by the Moon. Mars throws a cross quartile ray. Pulmonary Consumption. There is general affliction in common signs and houses. Saturn and Mars evilly aspect luminaries according to type. March 15th, , 7. The Sun is in Pisces and on the cusp of sixth, a very frequent position with the consumptive.

It is in par. Mars and Uranus occupy the chief lung sign — Gemini. Saturn has passed into the twelfth house. When the latter planet completed its par. March 12th, , 8. The Sun again occupies Pisces, but this time on the cusp of the twelfth. It is also in par. The throat, too, was affected. December 6th, , 9 a.

In this case the Sun is on the cusp of twelfth in Sagittarius. It is opposed by Uranus from Gemini, applies to a quartile of Neptune in Pisces, and receives in addition the semi-quartile of Mars.

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The Moon is in Aries much depressed by a par. August i6th, , 1. It bears the sesquiquadrate of Saturn and quartiles of Neptune and Mercury. Five bodies tenant common signs. January 21st, , 3 p. Pneumonia, from catching cold. Resolution being delayed, some degeneration in lung tissue took place and there were tubercular foci scattered through the lungs. Many complications. Heart failure and dropsy towards end.

The Moon is conjoined with Neptune in Pisces and squared by Saturn in Gemini from cusp of twelfth house. The Sun is in Aquarius and par. Five bodies in Aquarius, A Remarkable Case. A most interesting study is afforded by the following geniture.

The loose slip containing the figure fell out of an old copy of Lilly some years ago. There were no indications of time or place of birth, but these were evidently at 8. Gastric fever, Brain fever, May. Fever, July. Arm broken, February. Severe blow or fall, i December. Cut thumb nearly off at seven years of age.

Cut nose nearly off, March. Indications of Short Life. The indications of very early death are usually of easy remark to the astrologer. On the average the number of cases is small wherein such indications are liable to be overlooked or misunderstood, but these exceptions demand greater knowledge than we now possess.

It will naturally be expected that infants should suffer more from the severity of planetary influence than adults ; that is to say morbid distemperatures will more easily result from evil transits, positions and directions, on account of the greater tenderness of the several parts.

The period of life is indeed always to be considered in judging the effect of the stars as they form their various aspects by motion subsequent to birth. Old age, senility, have something like a parallel epoch in infancy, but the stellar effects are then of a different order, since the animal body by the actions inseparable from life under- goes a continual change: Whenever the Sun is afflicted by Saturn the vitality is low, and although one such testimony does not warrant the prediction of premature death, yet there is danger in the early years.

If the aspect is close, and forming, the danger is accentuated. Even where this transiting body is the Sun, Moon or Jupiter, the disturbance produced is frequently such as to bring disaster to the infantile organism.

And where a malefic like Saturn is exactly on the oriental or occidental cusp, or upper or lower meridian, a child is often born dead or lives to inspire but a few lungfuls.. We must also bear in mind that some signs bestow weaker constitutions than others, and persons born when they are rising or are occupied by the Sun, have lower vitality and prove more susceptible to the morbid effects of planetary action, than those making their appearance under signs of naturally strong constitution.

The weak signs are Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces ; and in a general way the whole of the common signs are less robust than the fixed. Again, a most critical epoch is the New Moon, and before the contact is made. To this lunar hajamav or nienguante much infantile mortality is referable. The weakness of constitution engendered by the position renders any contemporaneous malefic conformation more stringent still in its action upon the body.

It is there given to show the presumed importance of the pars fortuned as hyleg. Hannah Parnel, March nth, , 12 p. However, it did not live three months, but died on the first of June. Sun, Moon and Mercury are conjoined in a weak sign.

Jupiter and Mercury are quite near to the cusps of first and fourth houses respectively. The Sun is in close par. Thus there are disclosed three of the testimonies previously enunciated as prospicients of early death, viz.

Moon applying to conjunction Sun. Sun also Moon and Mercury in a sign of semi-vitality x and afflicted. Bodies very near angle cusps. A somewhat similar instance is afforded by the positions in the figure below. They are given from the chart which accompanied the communication, as neither latitude nor longitude is stated.

Female ; January i6th, , Died August, Bodies near angle cusps: Saturn culminating. The next case shows a terrible array of evil aspects and positions.

December 21st, , 7 p. A scendt. Spinal meningitis, died January ist, Neptune culminating and near cusp. Note the heavy affliction of luminaries, quite sufficient in itself to negative the idea of life: Q6 h, D.

March 7th, , 2 p. Died Autumn of same year. Moon applying conjunction Sun. Sun and Moon afflicted by par.The Sun is in Taurus and the twelfth, opposed by Uranus and applying to a quartile of Mars and a semi-quartile of Venus. Gastritis, Removal of Tonsils. Morbid Action. Cholin is integrally linked with the proper use and assimilation of fats in the body.

Sol et homo genevant hominem, for this is the solar sign, and equivalent to the fifth house of nativity, which latter is concerned with offspring.

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