Its a Green Tide of rules reveals as we break down the 40k Ork codex and go Ork Codex Rules: Wartrike, Stompa & Stratagems SPOTTED. Ork Datasheet - Evil Eye Stompa - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Errata - Chapter Approved Feral Orks Army List - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online Ork Datasheet - Evil Eye Stompa.

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In Apocalypse, Orks have an incredible numerical advantage over their foes. Against Personnel) – you can learn more about how these work in our first rules preview. This is it – the Orkiest Orks model to ever Ork. The Stompa truly shines in Download your free datasheets and learn how to play. 6 days ago GRETCHIN and most vehicles don't have this rule, but that matters mostly .. Stompa Mob (1 CP): Use on an Ork Super-Heavy detachment to. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns This Ork Stompa variant contains the Head, Klaw and Lifta-Droppa arms, the Belly Ork Gargantuan Squiggoth €.

Shooting as a whole generally got more expensive, and wounding models got harder at the low end. Cheap vehicles became significantly more resilient.

All of these things are significant advantages for Ork Boyz. The "more resilient" light vehicles can no longer be described as "cheap". Most are so much more expensive than they were. The fact that the vehicles are more expensive is actually not all that relevant for Orks; Trukks were simply nonfunctional before because if you went second, it didn't matter how many Trukks you bought- they were all going to die or be immobilized, leaving the squads inside useless.

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I imagine every Ork army will take a weirdboy from now on for the teleport option. Also shock attack guns seem like they could be really nasty. Average strength of 6 at -5 AP? Looking at the Dakka jet I got confused by how it works out attacks, I must have missed this early on, it has assault 3 guns and 3 attacks?

So does that mean 9 shots?

Paper Orks for 40k

I am not sure why a flier has an attack value. So it has 12 shots.

It has an attack value in case it's ever in melee, which it now can be see the "airborne" rule in its entry. The damn thing is the size of a heavy flamer and appears to be the least effective flame weapon in the game!

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Orks(8E)

Vehicles and terrain are unaffected and instead cause the bubble to automatically pop releasing the captured unit as above. If the bubble floats off the table the unit inside is considered destroyed.

The Chukka can fire once every turn and may have multiple bubbles in play. Lifta Droppa: To fire the weapon, choose an enemy vehicle or squadron but not a flier or super heavy vehicle.

If the dice rolled are a triple the Lifta Droppa inverts the tractor beam and throws itself the distance rolled in a random direction described below. Provided the Lifta Droppa has hit, roll a scatter dice.

If a hit is rolled the vehicle is dropped on the spot and takes an automatic penetrating hit. If the vehicle is dropped on another vehicle then both suffer a penetrating hit and the dropped vehicle comes to rest facing in the direction indicated and to the side of the vehicle which it was dropped on.

If the vehicle is dropped on a non vehicle unit, the unit takes 2d6 wounds saves permitted and the dropped vehicle suffers a glancing hit.

Guest Editorial: 10 Reasons Why Gretchin are the Best Ork Unit in 8th Edition

Move the non vehicle unit exactly as though it had been tank shocked. If the vehicle is dropped into impassable terrain it is destroyed.

The vehicle may not be dropped off the table edge. Place a marker at the point of impact. Hits from a Pulsa Rokkit ignore cover. When it has landed, roll on the following table: 1 Dud — The Pulsa Rokkit casing shatters harmlessly on impact.

It has no effect other than making the Mek look stupid. Fire Points: The Stompa has 3 fire points in the hull.The new rules for Kombi-weapons allow these weapons to see a lot more use, as anyone who takes these doesn't have to be so tight-arsed about firing their anti-tank weaponry anymore. Great with Tankbustas.

It has no effect other than making the Mek look stupid.

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I suspect the reason they only do d3 autohits is for balance purposes. You only get one attack with this weapon, if you hit you cause d3 mortal wounds, but the bearer is slain.

Deffkannon: Stompa's big gun. Don't use it for clearing T3 blobs.

Zzap Gun: 2d6 Strength, rolled on every shot. BUT if the target is too far away for your M4" MANz to waddle towards, or you just teleported a wagon full of Nobz who can't disembark the that turn, Boarding Action can help you to at least make something out of it.

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