Latest Current Affairs in April, about Pakistan. Pakistan Current Affairs - Shares. Share Category Wise PDF Compilations available at This Link. General knowledge Book updated for CSS,PMS,PPSC,UPSC, IAS, Military, Navy, Railway and other Competitive Exams In Pakistan Pak Studies; Islamic Studies; Geography; Computer English Science . Download General knowledge PDF here MCQs on Computer Collection of Questions and Answers | PDF. Current Affairs PDF , & – Download Free Capsules. February 24, Also Download the Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF · new gif List of Current Affairs PDF – April Current Affairs Capsule · May.

Pakistan Current Affairs 2015 Pdf In English With Answers

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Current Affairs Latest Month Wise; Current Affairs Latest Month Wise; Current Affairs Pakistan, World Updates; Current Affairs Pakistan. Most Repeated Question Current Affairs - to pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. suggest to improve the electoral system of Pakistan? () . The linguistic burden of English. The amicable solution of Siachen glacier and Sir Creek maritime boundary disputes might harbinger the . World Current Affairs MCQs, Here you will find latest World current affairs Mcqs which are from Current Latest and updated Mcqs of Current Affairs of the world. World Ambassadors to Pakistan, 4. English Mcqs · General Knowledge MCQs · Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs · World Current Affairs MCQs · Pak Study Mcqs.

Analyze and comment?

Visualize the post-Taliban Scenario in Afghanistan and discuss its implications for Pakistan. What reasons would you assign for this success? Discuss the current socio-political and security situation in Afghanistan and its implications for the neighboring countries. Is this a potential threat or strength for the continent? In the present day turbulent World.

Assess the prospects of recent multiple reforms in the context of this statement. Discuss 7. Kalabagh Dam Urdu and the mother tongue on learning is a serious issue requiring serious treatment.

Longer period of political stability is the requirement to institutionalize reformist polices whereas the same has not been available in Pakistan. Discuss how Pakistan is affected by political and economic stakes and nuclear concern of Japan in South Asia?

World Geography

In what ways India-Israel nexus. The linguistic burden of English.

Gender prejudices and women empowerment in Pakistan 5. In the Muslim Societies factors like justice. India-China bilateral relations and India-Iran geoeconomics affect Pakistan? How Pakistan can reduce foreign debt? Suggest mechanism in Pakistan economy to handle external perspective of Pakistan economy. If India is granted Permanent seat in Security Council. Give suggestions to manage political instability in Pakistan What is climate change impact?

What are its implications on Pakistan? How to manage climate change in policy and practice? Analyse and comment on the root cause of rampant corruption in the society. Analyze the problems confronting the Muslim world in the light of this statement. Fawad Ahmad enlightenment. Examine the causes of disturbances in Baluchistan. Post earthquake Scenario October 8.

Aghaz-e-haqooq balochistan package. The issue of central imp. Critically evaluate the causes of Energy crisis in Pakistan and its consequences for the economic growth and social fabric in the country.

CSS Current Affairs MCQs Edition Updated

How can the energy crisis of Pakistan be resolved? Since every election was accused of rigging. Discuss the causes of extremism and militancy in Pakistani society. What is character building?

Assess the factor character building in education systems of Pakistan and give suggestions for improvement. How the corruption be managed in Pakistan? Suggest ways and means for the state organs to overcome these problems. The US President Bush visit to Pakistan had yielded no positive outcome except for promises and pledges.

Pak-Afghan Relations 2. In the current relationship of mutual dependence. How far India factor is responsible for the present state of Pakistan-Afghanistan relations?

American obligations arc minimal while Pakistani ones are substantial Comment. Saudi Arabia and China. Evaluate the significance of water conflict between India and Pakistan in global perspective of climate change. CHINA 1.

That feasible measures would you suggest to bridge the existing trust deficit between Pakistan and India for the resumption of stalled process of composite dialogue. The amicable solution of Siachen glacier and Sir Creek maritime boundary disputes might harbinger the settlement of the core issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. Discuss the importance of Pak-China relations. Communal riots in India 2. How does this relationship effect the political and security environment in South Asia?

Analyze the convergence and divergence of interests in Pakistan —Iran relations since the last two decades. National Interests VS Democratic Values in the context of recent political and constitutional developments in Pakistan. Fawad Ahmad 6. Evaluate the significance of water conflict between India and Pakistan in perspective of water management projects in Indian held Kashmir. How best can the issue of Provincial Autonomy in Pakistan be resolved within a viable Federal Structure?

Discuss 2.

Resolution of Kashmir Issue between India and Pakistan can bring peace and prosperity in the region. Judicious evaluation of examination scripts by the Universities and Boards of Education in Pakistan needs to be ensured. How can it be accomplished? Discuss issues in the higher educational system vis-a-vis 18th amendment in Pakistan.

Or so-called numerous pratiyogitas.

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As GK general studies is also an integral part of CLAT, BBA, AAO, which means that holistic coverage of all the main events of the day which make into the daily news are simply ideal for those exams as well, and its result is a darpan of your preparation.

Now we have been regularly providing English language questions and cover topics like synonyms and antonyms. Besides a majority of questions some are specially of business GK and economics. As we understand that business GK is an important aspect of many exam viz. Bank PO and specialist officers' exam. Victoria What country is often described as being shaped like a boot?

Italy What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Sicily What canal connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas? Suez Canal Island Aviation Services is the Government run airlines of? Ans : Maldives In which country is the Hillary-Tenzing Airport situated? Ans : Nepal Name the country which is the craddle of western classic music, known as 'The land of music'?

Ans : Austria Which country is the leading egg producer in the world? Ans : China Which gorge in Nepal is deepest in the world?Cancel Save. What changes would you recommend to make them modern democratic states?

Current Affairs Notes

The law will be applicable within the Church and has no obligation on individuals to report abuse to civil authorities like police. Suez Canal Post earthquake Scenario Start Test. Ans : China

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