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Feb 17, Download eBooks BioShock Rapture (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by John Shirley Read Full Online. Download 4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren computerescue.info RAPTURE Distributed by: Trabucco International S.r.l. Via Atene, 7 - Zona CEPIM Interporto Bianconese di Fontevivo (PR) Italy.

You just have to try. The conventional line rollers, at every turn of the handle, force the line to twist on itself, causing annoying tangles. The Anti-Twist Line Roller dramatically reduces the line twist problem and reduces the wearing of your line. Antireverse system in use in most reels. Thanks to a lever usually located above or below reel body, you can plug or unplug the operation of the one-way roller bearing that locks the rotor.

With this revolutionary system, the rotor turns at a very high speed while the spool makes its turn up and down at a slower speed. This action delivers perfect parallel winding, thereby avoiding the line tension from normal spooling movements and therefore making longer casting easily possible. The line lay is very tidy with Cross Winder, providing good casting distance and reducing the possibility of tangles.

This system is compatible with the use of both monofilaments and braided lines. The brand new X-Ray reeks represent a major step forward in the low profile baitcasting reel development. XOS All gears are in stainless steel, while the central shaft controls the Slow Oscillation System drive which regulates line winding.

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These characteristics of flexibility and roundness are critical to a braid that was created specifically for casting. Our Pro Team Rapture choose two colours: Miraculous line? Not really, but certainly it is an avant-garde product, destined to gain a solid trust from all users, thanks to its intrinsic capabilities and qualities.

It features an incredible coexistence of compactness and flexibility, the first guarantor of the breaking strength, the second responsible for the correct presentation of the lure. The range of diameters is as essential as perfect: The bright yellow color is highly visible to the user. Dyna Tex high modulus P. The quality we have achieved in this braided line is simply incredible: With this super line is possible to cast at incredible distance, cause of the smooth surface, and thanks to the zero stretch you can detect the most shy bites and easily set the hook even when fishing very far from the shore.

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The molecular structure, combined with the outer silicon coating, reduces the mechanical memory of the line while maintaining an excellent handling and castability. It is therefore ideal for long casting and intensive lure fishing. Fully waterproof, thanks to the special coating that insulates the structure of the line from the environment.

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It is a very low stretch line and it is very suitable for detecting even the lightest bites and rapidly set the hook. The absence of memory and superior abrasion resistance are other very important features. The colour is a dichroic green olive, offering natural camouflage within the aquatic vegetation. Parallel winding in m, the spools are individually packed. SPIN HI-VIZ New high visibility spinning monofilament, specially designed for all those fishing techniques where sensitivity needs to be combined with the absolute visual control of the line.

For this reason, we have worked hard to obtain a high visibility, no memory line and with reduced stretch ratio. With Vertical Jig Mono it is always possible to know how deep you are fishing thanks to different colour every 10 meters, these coloured sections are repeated in six different colour for the all meters length. The great knot strength, the lack of memory and anti-UV treatment, make this line a perfect choice also for spinning.

Wobbling will excite predators producing extra vibrations and flashes. Darting lures must be jerked, adding movement with rod tip. The lure will therefore dart in several directions just like a wounded fish.

During casting action they will move to the tail, increasing casting distance, while during retrieve will move to the head, increasing stability. Full Wire Through Wire construction simply means you have a wire connection from the tow point to the hook hang points. In this way it is possible to scout a larger area. The weights inside the body lure cannot move. In this situation the lure is much less noisy and very useful in over fished venues. Sure Hook Set is a simple but effective solution to guarantee a perfect hook-set and to reduce drastically the hook-pulls.

SHS will help you also to switch between lures in while. The UV rays are emitted by the sun and are always present, both in the night hours and during cloudy days, but only some of these are able to pass through the atmosphere, in particular only the UV-A with a wavelength from to nm reach us.

The UV-A rays do not reach the ground only, but they are also able to penetrate the water column, reaching the depths normally unreachable from the conventional light we are used to. Recent studies have shown the basic biological differences between the human eye and the eye of a fish. While the human eye has a great capacity to distinguish colours and details, the eye of a fish is made to catch better the contrasts and to detect motion.

Colour removed, what remains are shades of grey only. Said that, it was shown that many predators, notoriously active at night, are able to sense the light within the UV-A spectrum. So fish, as well as other animals, perceive the light in conditions in which we are not able to! These lures are made with paints able to reflect UV rays, apparently normal colours for our eyes, but that certainly will not go unnoticed to predators!

The Beetle is the imitation of a terrestrial, that is a bug that can occasionally fall into water and become trout food.

It often happens that exactly this kind of food, alien to the underwater world, is triggering the killer instinct of trout, maybe due to the high number of vibrations produced by the numerous legs that shake in the attempt to get back to solid ground. Some of the colour assortment are natural colours, some other are only partially natural. The lip of the beetle will be useful both if you want to retrieve it steady or if you want it to swim more erratically.

At home in the pristine spots typical of the Native environment, hunting for trout, chub and other predators, as well as in artificial spots typical of the Trout Area, especially in the most vivid color variations.

The Grasshopper is a faithful replica of a live cricket, imitating the countless colorations it can assume and it can be used in creeks and small rivers to catch really big trout. You must apply a much varied retrieve, simulating a cricket panicking for its fall into water. We added, anyway, a lip to this lure, that can help you to change style of retrieve in favour of a more traditional steady one. Even in this case the Grasshopper will still have its own distinctive and original tract.

Made for fishing in streams, in full contact with nature and in spots subject to little pressure, which hold native and difficult fish; in such conditions, the approach, as well as the choice of the right color, always make a big difference.

This small and sinking crankbait features an unrivalled erratic action, perfect when predator fish is not so much active. The wide range of colours and their shape, which perfectly imitate natural prey fish, make it a perfect lure through the whole fishing season.


Creative Power! The cluster colors obtained through the application of grained varnishes, combine various shades to achieve results which have never seen before. Unique in their kind, they can replicate the shades of natural colors, or even invent some new, abstract, ones, able to trigger the attack even in the most apathetic predator, both in spots subjected to high fishing pressure and in natural and unspoiled environments. Exactly as nature creates! The Nature colours are obtained through new production technologies that allow to create any real state of the art miniature, perfect in every detail, that carefully replicate the liveries of natural minnows.

Small sinking crankbait with a lively swimming action, able to entice different fresh water predators, specially like trout, chub and perch.

Colours chosen both for use in wild waters and in commercial fisheries. Series of small lures dedicated to fishing in rivers and creeks. Sized 3,6, 4,2 and 4,6 cm, they are meant to be used to fish predators in every aquatic environment they can patrol for shelter, even in very shallow ones. The Trout Fry balance is excellent, and you can easily verify this by twitching it several times in a row, working with the tip of your rod.

The weight of these lures can seem tiny, but it has actually been designed to allow long casts and display a perfect balance, even in waters affected by strong turbulence. It is a super lure for trout, perch and chub. The cosmetic ranges from super natural ones to the most colourful versions, which are oriented to lake trout fishing.

Variable Hooks: Classic shaped sinking minnow, particularly dedicated to trout, perch and chub both for lakes or slow moving rivers and creeks. Excellent castability compared to its weight. Amazing tight wiggling action. Small sinking rounded crank for shallow still water fishing.

Amazingly effective with trout, chub, perch and black bass. Best performing with slow retrieve, stop and go and some jerking. In this way predators are attracted by what they think to be a wounded fry. The relatively small weight allows a very realistic sinking action. Running Depth: Despite its tiny size, just 42 mm, the Firework is a sinking wobbler.

Due to the high density of its body, it is able to explore water levels from surface to 1 meter deep. The flat sides offer the opportunity to retrieve it in a great variety of styles and to increase vibration through sudden accelerations. This is a deadly lure for trout, chub and perch. Its weight, 4 grams, makes it perfect for fishing faster and wider rivers and for deeper waters, where it can attract bigger predators. We suggest to use this fantastic wobbler in many different environments, from lakes to rivers, without forgetting to give it a chance in salt water too.

Super natural motion. A great Rapture classic in our catalogue from the very first stage and one of the first crankbait to be developed and yet and of the best! It can actually swim up to 0,5 meters deep. Use it to stimulate very lethargic fish in the surface layers, with low speed retrieve. The small size will reduce the splashing sound when cast over long distances, dramatically limiting any fish scaring effect.

It dives deeper up to -2 meters, so 4 times deeper than previous lure. According to your need and to the fish mood it can be retrieved very fast, medium speed or really slow, in all these situation the BB Crank will appeal the predators with a wobbling movement. The super compact body makes this lures fly more distant than other cranks and it enters the water more silently, that is very important in areas where fish is subjected to intense fishing pressure.

Evoque is a typical curved shad shaped crankbait, featuring a small, compact, flat sided body combined with a pronounced lip able to deliver an erratic and aggressive swimming with a tight wobbling action and sudden movements. Deadly effective, Evoque fits most conditions, from large lakes, to canals and rivers too, both trying to catch in shallow water or in deeper stages. The smaller Evoque 40 is excellent for small rivers, both to upstream and downstream fishing, but can be well employed also for lakes in shallow water, to fish over structures and covers, or even fished near edges.

Whilst the larger Evoque DR is ideally suited to deep rivers or moving waters, to target deeper areas where other lures may struggle, as well as to fish in lakes, whether cast or trolled. So if you are looking for a lure able to catch virtually anything that swims in water, look no further! It can dive up to 2,50 meters deep. Deadly if retrieved close to the bottom alternating steady retrieve to short stops, when the Cranky Bleak will tend to rise up to surface.

Most of the attacks will occur while this lure is ascending. The Sniper 50SR features a compact body with an aggressive action that is made to dive into shallow water and sniff out big bass and pike. A finesse crank designed for crashing thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning in open water.

Sniper is affixed with a durable square bill, features a fast wobbling action, reaching the desired diving depth quickly and delivering a deadly deflection able to generate violent reaction strikes. Despite its small sizes, Sniper 50SR is also built with a precise weighting system that allows for long distance casts - even in windy conditions.

Sniper 50MR is a medium depth runner crankbait designed to take finesse cranking to the next level! Perfect for those tough, high pressured spots, Sniper 50MR features a unique design to hunt erratically with a vivid wobbling action and generate strikes from finicky fish. While the precisely shaped lip, weight transfer system, and chunky body work together to get into the strike zone quickly when casting in and around to structure or heavy cover.

Sniper is packed also with an incredibly lifelike scaling pattern, the big Sniper elongated eyes that bass simply love and seal the deal on strikes! Sniper Flat 70SR features a sharp squarebill and a slightly larger body than most of the squarebill crankbaits to help target bigger fish in tougher conditions. Sniper Max 70D is a mid-depth crank bait with a linear body, not too big not too small, that delivers a look and action simply right! Excellent to fish over deep water structure, for suspending or schooling fish, Sniper Max Vibe produces a wild swimming, with much wider wobble than most crankbaits with a fish-attracting turbulence trail matched to a lethal bass rattling sound able to grab the predator attention, without spooking them!

Sniper dive it quickly and sustain its true running depth for the majority of the retrieve. The deflective bill design and its high buoyancy characteristics also allow it to back up and float out of snags. Sniper Max 70D will raise the bar on mid-depth crankbaits! Designed to dive quickly and efficiently to desired depth with less drag than baits of a similar size, the Sniper Max 80XD maximizes your time in the strike zone, while adding a fish-attracting turbulence trail.

A bass sound rattle creates a light yet deep knocking sound as well that provokes strikes without spooking finicky fish. Sniper Max 80XD is designed to succeed where all the other failed! Sniper Max Vibe is the perfect complement to Sniper series.

Sniper Vibe is a lipless sinking crankbait, perfect to fish over deep structure, ripped through grass or burn it in open waters. Perfect for suspending or schooling fish, Sniper Max Vibe produces a wild swimming, with tight wobbling action combined to a lethal rattling sound. It can be fished with a linear retrieve, exploring the water column simply by varying the retrieval speed, or for deeper water presentations you can alternate a steady retrieve by using your rod tip to make the lure rise and fall YoYo Retrieve.

The precise weighting system gives it a seductive shimmy on the drop and allows for long distance casts! Perfect choice for cranking nymphea pad edges in deeper water or the shallow side of rock edges and drop-offs. The size and depth range of Gekko lures make it a very versatile crank bait for many situations.

New eccentric, sinking lure whose shape recalls a mouse. Frenzy swimming action with the possibility to diversify the kind of retrieve. Despite the small size it can attract and actually catch big unexpected preys in strong pressure fishing hot spots. Heavier and so easier to cast than other crank in the market. During retrieve it shows a very pronounced wobbling while the inner spheres produce a lot of vibrations.

BioShock: Rapture

Thanks to the wide bill it is able to reach a depth of more than 3 meters. In waters subject to high angling pressure, where the practice of catch and release is very common, predators learn to associate the rattling to danger, avoiding to attack the noisy lures.

In those conditions Neo Crank Silente comes rightly into play, as its name actually recalls the complete silence of action. The prominent lip profile lets it dive down to considerable depth with slow rolling; in fact, it can be used to explore the area between two and four meters from the surface looking for Bass, Pike, Zander and Perch, specially in cold weather.

We suggest you to alternate moments of regular swimming to the classic stop-and-go, a quite natural attitude that can fool all predators. Eight colors are available to always find the winning solution. Power Point Carbon steel hooks for extreme sharpness and high durability. The compact body of 7 cm weights 14 g and is sinking, allowing to sound deeper water levels. It can be worked jigging vertically or it can be hold in the current to produce an attracting waggling movement.

This lure produces a large number of low frequency vibrations. The compact size of the body together with the perfect positioning of the linking spot on the back give a great tight wiggling action and a superb stability while sinking. Small jerkbait built with extra-loud rattle chambers to bring fish in over long distances. The a wounded minnow action that is effective all year long.


Cast it and reel it straight in, using a stop-and-go retrieve. Small slender floating minnow, which is tremendously effective with trout, perch and chub.

Light weight but still easy to cast and suitable for a big number of retrieving styles. The Gombei presents a small baitfish profile that can trigger strikes from fish not actively feeding.

Small jerkbait destined to both fresh and salt water fishing, where it can also be used for inshore trolling. In river and lakes, is a definitely great solution for trout fishing as well as for all predators in general.

This new minnow features an innovative V-Joint tail wich give an amazing erratic action even during slow retrieve, absolutely deadly when predators are not that active. It can be used in lakes or in small rivers fishing for black bass, perch, trout and asp. Carefully designed for true running perfection and strike-provoking action. The Kickback naturally wobbles and rolls thanks to its unique lip design, specifically designed for this model.

Despite it is a floating lure, its weighted body increases casting distance. It can be used both in fresh water for trout, and in salt water for sea bass. Classic shape suspending minnow that imitates a baitfish. Very attractive in shallow water with slow retrieve and suddenly accelerations and jerks, simulating a wounded fish. The Vibe Shad is avalaible both in floating and sinking version. The floating one is perfect to fish in open waters such in lakes, while the sinking one can be used to sound the deeper levels close to the bottom.

Very effective on a large variety of fresh water predators such as black bass, trout and perch. Brand new minnow designed for the light spinning, available in 5. The unique shape and action, allows to keep the action of this lure very close to the bottom. Retrieve it in margins, with a slow and regular action, where most of the predator fish are located. The results we have achieved with the combination of sizes, shapes, action and holographic colours, will make this small lure your preferred lure for every freshwater predator.

Thanks to the sinking action this minnow can be easily retrieved even in fast running waters. Top quality materials and treble hooks makes this lure reliable in every situation. This 7cm version is available both floating and sinking, with the important features of the Hiroshi family. Perfect action and details let this minnow to be one step ahead!

Both versions can be well employed in fresh and saltwater fishing, delivering unmatched results! From sea bass, especially during spring and summer, to saddled seabream and small size pompanos.

Deadly even in fresh waters, especially for rainbow trout in the lake. Retrieve it irregularly with many small jerks that will trigger the aggressive instincts of predators. A fish which is rapidly increasing its presence and size in all European freshwaters. Despite its small sizes, the heavyweight Shiver can be cast very far to explore a wide area allowing for long and fast retrieve that can entice Asps to attack.

As you can guess from the name the Trouter i san excellent lure for trout fishing, both in lakes and rivers, where it keeps a perfect swim even if very strong stream of water. Its typical movement can be appreciated especially with steady retrieves at moderate speed. In this situation the Trouter can trigger strikes from the shyest trout.

The inner weights disposition gives always a perfect swim and a controlled dead leaf sinking action. It is actually one of the most deadly lures you can use fishing in lakes. It can be retrieved at different speeds: If you stop retrieving the Dexter will sink even more creating a peculiar movement that will trigger trout to bite it with great hungry.

When retrieved faster and with your tip raised, it can swim much closer to the surface and the in intermediate zone. Even in this case occasional pause will make it fall and excite the trout to attack it. Its measures, 28 grams and 7. Heavy lure for fresh water fishing that must retrieved steady with occasional jerks and pauses that will make vary its swimming depth. It is a versatile lure thanks to its weight, 32 grams, and length, 11cm, and it can be attacked by a large number of predators, from pike to trout and zander.

The liveries has been protected by a double layer of transparent coating for extra protection against friction with gravel and rocks. The special L blade allows this bait to reach and keep the desired depth.

The Shaddy action is very good at low speed too and still producing a large quantity of vibrations. It is possible to get the maximum result from this lure retrieving it close to rocks and logs. The L shaped lip gives a high stability during jerking action. Shad built for fishing in shallow water, terribly effective on trout and other freshwater predators.

The careful choice of colors has been addressed by many field tests. To get the most out of this lure, we recommend a straight retrieve with few long jerks. Sinking all-round lure that can be used in a variety of ways and situation.

Very effective when retrieved at different speeds.

The rattle system with big steel balls attracts predators from long distance. Classic shape sinking minnow with squared lip that provides a wide wobbling action. Nevertheless it is possible to jerk it even at high speed to simulate a wounded baitfish. Thanks to its aerodynamics shape and weight in relation to length 95 mm and 12 g it can be casted very far.

Big inner rattles produce loud sound and vibration that attract predators in low visibility or muddy water. Great with black bass, zander and asp. The Jerky is a floating bait that can dive up to 1 meter deep. Due to its small size and to the perfect balance it can be used in a number of conditions.

Very effective when slowly retrieved. Perfect imitation of the most common saltwater fish baits, this lure can easily handle big fish thanks to the heavy duty and totally saltwater-proof components. Retrieve it steady and fast alternating some stops to excite the predators and stimulate them to bite.

Its shiny finishing and brilliantcolours makes this suspending minnow extremely appealing. It is an allround lure good in every season of the year in a variety of situations and for all predators.

This lure should not miss in your tackle box. It dives up to 2 meters deep and can be alternatively retrieved and stopped to obtain the best results. During the stop this floating lure will tend to raise up to the surface stimulating the attack. The ratio between weight and length has been accurately chosen to get the best casting performance.

Perfect for bass, trouts, asps, chubs and perches. BLEAK is a floating stick bait that can dive up to 1 meter deep. The colour assortment together with a realistic action makes this minnow form lure useful in a great number of situations. It can be used to target a large number of predators both in shallow water.

Very good casting performance. One-piece floating minnow designed primarily for trolling fishing both for saltwater and freshwater predators. The particular shaped lip and the weight position allow the lure to reach easily the desired depth, producing an excellent and deadly effective swimming action. Big inner rattles produce loud sound and vibration that attract predators from great distances or in low visibility or muddy water conditions. Hellraiser is a big floating minnow great for trolling fishing primary for pike fishing or saltwater fishing.

It reaches easily the desired depth, whilst the big inner rattles produce loud sound and vibration that attract predators even in low visibility or muddy water conditions.

Jointed and lipless sinking swimbait. It can really swims as soon as it enters water, even if let sinking on its own. A slow steady retrieve accented by rod tip movements will take it alive, while a soft rattling will excite predators curiosity. Observe it carefully during retrieve and you too will think you are staring at a live fish!

Brand new sinking jerkbait designed from the Rapture Team with pike fishing in mind! The two sizes and weigths fit most of the fishing conditions you may be faced to, from large lakes, to canals and rivers too, both trying to catch in shallow water or on deeper stages.

The swimming action has been coupled to the maximum attention to details, with a great colour chart offering from vivid colours mostly suited to coloured waters to naturals colours perfect to be fished on clear conditions!

Sharper Jerk will definitely grab pike attention! The slow sinking action allows to fish at different water levels and to retrieve at different speeds to achieve differents goals. During our test we used this lure with steady retrieve alternating few breaks to let the Silent Shad sink for few seconds with really good success on black bass, pike, big trout, asp and catfish too.

Top quality components and quality treble hooks makes this swimbait totally reliable. All sizes come with two different actions: Pro Series Swimbait displays a sinuous movement and an amazing realistic finish resulting as a sure winner bait even in clear water and spooky fish.

The FT version floating , being heavy and bulky, is more suitable for use with casting rods and reels. A slow top water retrieve during Summertime will produce great success.

Surface lure with peculiar big reversed lip designed to produce big splashes into water with a special action in between a WTD, a crawler and a popper! In the end a wake lure that produces a lot of noise and vibrations that cannot simply be ignored by predators.

Best in test for blak bass and asp. Pencil lure, just deadly when the water starts to warm up in late Springtime and during all Summertime. Good lure for black bass, perch and asp. Very effective in salt water too. Retrieved regularly in the midwater or with a WTD technique in the shallow water is deadly effective, mimicking the frays that feeds on the surface. Great castability. The LP Pop is a very effective top water lure equipped with rattler.

Finished with realistic colours. The shape combined with a perfect balance will allow unparalleled casting distance even in unfavorable wind conditions. One-piece floating lipless stick bait with great 3d eyes to enhance its attractive power. The classic cigar shaped construction allow to reach great distances when casting and produces a perfect wtd action on the shallow waters. Top Water Hooks: One-piece lipless minnow with a great castability compared to its weight.

Great crystal colors, excellent side to side action, imitating frays feeding on the surface. Perfect for the WTD retrieve techniques. Sinking lipless minnow with high specific weight. Thanks to its shape it can be casted very far where, especially in lakes, lake trout and chubs are not used to see a lure. Third point - I'm a sucker for rules lite, character driven games, and this delivers, especia [ Greg S. This is the most clever, original setting concept I've seen since Day After Ragnarok.

The Storyweaver system might be a little narrative-heavy for some players like mine , but you could ju [ Erathoniel W. I'm gonna start this review off with a disclaimer: The concepts of Armageddon and rapture are those things that are sort of a theological black sheep. Some people believe in them, others don't, and anything involving a biblical apocalypse is somewhat [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale.

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Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.


Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. The result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching. However, any text in a given book set on a graphical background or in handwritten fonts would most likely not be picked up by the OCR software, and is therefore not searchable.

Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. We essentially digitally re-master the book. Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high. It's the problem of making a copy of a copy.

We mark clearly which print titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed download decision about the quality of what you will receive. Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable.

Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. Most newer books are in the original electronic format. Both download and print editions of such books should be high quality. To use them, you must activate your Adobe Reader software. Click here for more details. Here is a sample of a page from a watermarked book: The benefit you get by reading this book is actually information inside this reserve incredible fresh, you will get information which is getting deeper an individual read a lot of information you will get.

Rapture without we recognize teach the one who looking at it become critical in imagining and analyzing. Rapture having great arrangement in word and layout, so you will not really feel uninterested in reading.

PDF File: Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.Artista rods feature ergonomic reel seats, designed to improve sensitivity, enhance casting accuracy and offer an excellent comfort in every situation.

When you want to target a really big fish, or you know you will have a long and struggling fight, the Intruder series is what you need.

Find out more on page Designed according to the HPR concept High Power Response , which gives the rod a greater speed of response of the top section during both cast and strike, they offer a powerful body and an extremely sensitive tip, connected by a spigot joint.

But the most welcomed message is the strike of the predator, the first goal of the Rapture testers who strongly wanted this series of long rods, with Extra Fast action, intended for long range fishing with hard and soft lures, at ease in Pike and Zander spinning but also in the Seabass hunt from the cliffs.

Ideal for lovers of fishing on the move with lightweight lures.

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