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From that High Council.

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T h e previously unencountered Kroot were defending their enclave on the planet of Krath, although they were hopelessly outnumbered. Intending only to observe, the Tau were drawn into the battle as both the Air caste Admiral and Fire caste Commander could not bear to watch the honourless Orks bludgeon their way to victory. Quickly deploying their superior fleet, the Tau destroyed the ramshackle greenskin ships. Too late, however, they realised that this was merely E J the vanguard of a mighty invasion force that was closing on them in an encircling pattern.

T hus began an extended war, both in space and over several planets, later named the War in the Place of Union, for it marked the first time the Tau and Kroot fought side by side. Auto-response probes were launched o:o explore the gulf of empty space past the mar.

That pledge, and the cooperation between the two races, is still honoured today. It was the alliance T he Second Sphere Expansion was to prove even more with the Kroot, however, that made the largest difference, as dynamic than tl1e first, pushing further into space and in a short period of time , the Fire caste armies were swollen establishing over a dozen new septs. During this time, by billions of additional warriors to aid the fight for the a legend arose from the Fire caste, the greatest military Greater Good, albeit in a more mercenary fashion than was thinker and strategist of his age, and perhaps of any considered ideal.

He led his warriors to swift victories, and star ystems fell before his campaigns of Only the Earth caste had failed to reach their prescribed conquest. Man goal. With engineering centres in every sept working and Tash'var, owe their exi tence to Puretide's brilliant of the econd Sphere septs, such as Elsy'eir diligently, the Earth caste provided innumerable strategie , and it was his masterful counter-attacks that innovations, but the invention demanded by the Ethereals warded off the Ork invasion that threatened to overrun - faster propulsion-technology to drive starcraft- eluded them.

Tau Empire 8th

At last, the quantum leap came from Fal'shia Sept, Au'taal Sept. It wa aid that even the Orks grew to fear facing an army led by Puretide, for while the greenskins where they finalised development of the ZFR Horizon loved to fight, the master tactician tole much of the joy Accelerator Engine. An ingenious design, this powerful new from their battles with his eva ive, yet hard-hitting tactics.

It was Pure tide's application of strategy and military theory were this device that would usher in the next phase of progress. T he last breakthrough of the Second Sphere Expansion was the successful crossing of the Damodes Gulf, a mysterious region to the galactic east that had long thwarted all attempts by the Tau to pass through. With a faster fleet and armies buoyed by an influx of Kroot After a long and subtle campaign, the Tau Empire had Carnivore squads, the Tau Ethereal Supreme, Aun'Wei, peaceably encroached upon many planets within the area declared the massive build up to be complete.

With a single of space known to the humans as the Timbra sub-sector of command that was heard throughout the Empire, the Segmentum Ultima. Tau launched the Second Sphere Expansion. Branching outwards from each of the hub centres of the First Sphere The bitter and destructive wars that were soon unleashed colonies, great fleets speared into the dark, spreading the there were unlike anything the Tau had ever experienced, Greater Good to worlds that from distant T ' au were mere and that bloody fighting marked the beginning of the end specks of flickering light.

As a result, its people have become tenacious and hardy. Known as the woTld 'between spheres' the sept world was settled near the end of the Second Sphere Exp ansion, as it took a long period for the Earth caste machines to make the air breathable. Major Air caste fleets and rn any defence platforms are docked around the sept world. T'olku is known joT its rnany large Ethereal temples, as well as the alien institutes, where many alien ambassadoTS an br ought to be instructed in the w ays of Tau culture and society before being assimilated back into their respective homeworlds.

Guided by their Ethereals, each caste had overcome every obstacle yet encountered, and none could doubt Tau ascendancy. On the far side of the Damocles Gulf, however, the Tau faced an enemy unlike any other, and the epic clashes that followed heralded the beginning of an entire new age of battle.

The leaders of the Fire caste called for war, Imperium of Man is the largest realm in the galaxy, although but it was Aun''l a. The or has been forgotten over its history.

The region of space Water caste were around the Damocles Gulf is just such an area, a wilderness loyal to the Imperium, in inuating themselves into the courts where the Tau Empire had found room to take root. Evenrually, a score of worlds within The Tau first encountered free captains, pirates and lost to each other. Alien human colonies that had regressed so that they had long caste technology, flowed through these markets in blatant to integrate themselves into human worlds the Imperium were rradin with the Tau, even in preference oods, and especially coveted Earth forgotten their origins and any connection to their distant contravention of Imperia!

The time soon came to birth world. Those initial contacts ranged from friendly initiate the econd phase of. It was some time before the Water caste came to grasp the fact that the Upon tho e worlds that were deemed ripe, Water caste humans they encountered were merely the lost remnants envoys whispered well-rehearsed words into willing ears.

Worlds claimed by dissident humans were soon bore fruit as, one by one.

It Imperium. It is conceivable brutal.


The Tau were condemned as a dangerous xenos that the Tau could have encircled the crusaders, but at the pecies and the Damocles Crusade was launched to expel them from the region. The Imperial forces were vast, Ethereals' insi tence, the Water caste opened a dialogue and agreed a truce, allowing the invaders an unimpeded retreat.

T'OLKU T'olku is known joT its rnany large Ethereal temples, as well as the alien institutes, where many alien ambassadoTS an brought to be instructed in the ways of Tau culture and society before being assimilated back into their respective homeworlds. Even as preparations were underway, warning signals flashed across the Tau Empire's relay lines.

An foe had returned in numbers beyond imagination; the Orks were back. As the first scans were picked up, the Earth caste technicians believed their sensors were malfunctioning, for the size of the greenskin fleet was staggering. The Ork invasion was composed of some dozen separate Waaaghs!

Only the decrepit state of the Orks' spacecraft and their incessant in-fighting allowed the Tau Empire time to react. Whilst many of the Tau panicked over the immensity of the looming threat, there was one who saw that, as always, if the Empire worked together, they could defeat even an invasion of this magnitude.

Aun'Vanow Ethereal Supreme - remained as calm as still water.

Codex Tau Empire 7th

He gathered the leaders of every sept in order to form a comprehensive plan of action. Those septs closest to the Ork threatVior'la, Sa'cea, and Tau'n - would combine forces in a delaying attack. Behind them, all other septs would rush troops and starcraft towards the front to serve as the next wave of counter-attacks. As the united Tau advanced to confront the oncoming Orks, initial engagements took place along the outermost regions of the Empire. The Tau navy launched hit-and-run attacks to lure pursuing Ork ships within range of orbital defence stations.

The combined firepower of fleet and orbital bases caused heavy Ork losses, although everal stations were destroyed when Ork sabotage ships crashedinto the vast structures, allowing numerou greenskin to disembark and wreak havoc. Fire Warrior defenders were soon deployed aboard the remaining orbital ration and many desperate battles in the depths of space ensued.

As the individual clans of the greenskins separated to follow their own pursuits, the fighting spread aero s pace and over more than a dozen surface locations.

Centuries before, when the Ethereal High Council knew that Commander Puretide was rapidly degenerating and would soon die, contingency plans were put into motion. The Eartl1 caste had long been preserving Puretide's memoriesseeking to build an AI holograph that would look, act and most importantly, think like him. At the time, however, there was no assurance that this would successfully replace the indispensable instructor.

So, as a safeguard, it was ordained that everal of Puretide's top students would be placed in tasis- a time-proofing process that was then newly devised b the Earth caste.

This meant that, in future times of war or expan ion, the empire could still call upon masters of the art of war. Now, with the largest Ork invasion ever seen already within their borders, Aun'Va determined that a leader of great destiny was needed. Of her generation of Fire Warriors, there was only a single rival who could match O'Shaserra's boldness and tactical abilities.

That other warrior, O'Shovah, was not frozen, but rather chosen for glory, leading the Tau's expeditionaqr force to reclaim their colonies after the war with tl1e Imperium.

With their uperior weapom-y and the cohesion of their force , the numetically infelior armies of the Tau had been able to check the disorderly Ork hordes. It was a talemate, as the disparate greenskins could not gain the momentum or unity to drive towards a sept world, and the Tau could not eradicate the aliens from their realm.

Codex Tau Empire 7th

After a daring string of victories, she earned control of a command- a formation of many cadres. By the time Sa'cea Prime's largest moon, Vay'harra, was proclaimed clear of Orks, Commander O'Shaserra's name was already becoming well known. From there, she led major victories on the dawn worlds of Kormusan, and finally on the K'resh Expansions. With each triumph, more Tau forces were freed to apply additional pressure to the fractionalised greenskin forces.

After the total massacres of the K'resh Expansions, the power of the Orks was broken.

The Great War of Confederation, as it came to be known, lasted a dozen years and firmly established a new hero in the hearts and minds of the Tau. Her penchant for infiltrating battlefields and launching deadly ambushes was already legendary. A bright new future for the Tau lay ahead.

She seemed to be everywhere at once, driving her forces onwards.Plus pathfinders have what looks like a few different types of forward deployment and ML range is 36", so I figure they don't need to move much. The Farsight Expedition, as it came to be known, ran into Beyond that formidable ring of floating fortresses are the unexpected difficulties with Orks who had taken advantage of Farsight Enclaves.

Many human worlds constraints proved a barrier as well, for the actively sought out annexation, their people Earth caste have constantly been seeking desperate to escape the tyrannical grasp ways to develop spacecraft with faster of the Imperium.

Intending only to observe, the Tau were drawn into the battle as both the Air caste Admiral and Fire caste Commander could not bear to watch the honourless Orks bludgeon their way to victory. It was Pure tide's application of strategy and military theory were this device that would usher in the next phase of progress.

They couldn't just say it has 2? Ok, I wasn't going to mention that you replied to the wrong guy, but then I see you got three likes for quoting me, but original comment didn't. The Forces of the Tau section is sub-divided into to two parts. For example, a cadre practising Kauyon might set up an attack along a known enemy advancement, placing a team far forward to inflict some initial damage before falling back.

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