Guy teamed up with Peg Fitzpatrick, who he says is the best social-media person he's ever met, to offer The Art of Social Media–the one. Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Social Media (Excerpt) PDF, MB or yourself, social media is near the top of what will determine your success. The Art of Social Media PDF Summary by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick explains the basics of social media platforms, as well as how you.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Absolutely a must read for any marketer Inc. About the Author. Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, a graphics-design. See the Glog! Download The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki, Peg Fitzpatrick pdf ep: text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU. By now it's clear that whether you're promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure.

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Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0 Average score. Your result has been entered into leaderboard Loading. Answered Review. Question 1 of What is the platform that is least tolerant of hashtags?

Who owns Slideshare? What the largest number of pictures you can add to a tweet?

How long is a Vine video? Who downloads followers?

Which of the following is NOT a dating social media platform? What is the sincerest form for social-media flattery? What number of hashtags are allowed per post on Instagram? How many characters are allowed in a tweet? Can you promote or sponsor a post on your personal Facebook profile?

The Art of Aggressive Social Sharing

Where do you swipe left or right to meet the next person of your dreams? Which would be the best twitter handle for Guy Kawasaki? Which Internet celebrity posted a Google-Glass picture of himself taking a shower? What is Facebook Mentions?

Guy Kawasaki

Tumblr is a popular microblogging service where you can do the following: Organic reach is down across the board. Where can you pay to promote your content? Guy first advocated repeating tweets in.

Many people decide whether to follow or not based on the picture and name. So, if you want to give yourself a better chance of creating an initial pool of followers, put enough thought into your profile picture and names.

When you are coming up with a name, do not try to be smart. Many things that are funny today can become embarrassing in the future.

#ArtofSocial Media Street Team Resources

So, keep it simple. The best option is always using your own name. After you have chosen the name, the next step is to create a vanity URL which will allow for your profile to be identified as more than just a random string of numbers.

At times, it will not be possible to get a unique URL which is the same as your name, since it may have already been taken, but even in such cases try to find something as close as possible as you can.

Once you have done the previous two steps, it is time you consider your profile picture.

Pictures are important since the name is something you may share with many other people, while the image will make you recognizable. Now, this is just the start.

The real job begins from this point on. The name of the game is called content. In order to make people follow you, you have to share content that they will also want to share.

Also, in order to keep their interest, you will also have to keep posting relevant content. Relevant content is something that people care about and find helpful or entertaining.

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Sometimes, you can share interesting content from other people, since there will be times when you will not feel like you have anything to say. However, never forget the importance of original, self-created content. When you are creating your content, remember that the internet has changed users and they have a much shorter attention span that they once had, so it will be best if you keep your posts short and sweet. Lastly, do not forget to engage with your audience by replying to their comments and show that you care about their support.

Social Media Presence is a Business 2. Think About Your Audience 3.

We tend to not take social media as something serious, or at least not as something as serious as traditional channels. However, you can only be noticed if you go pro and learn the tricks that can help you stand out from the crowd. Think About Your Audience As it is with any product and service, you have to think about your customers, or in this case your fans.

Posting things that only you find relevant will not bring you any results, so make sure you know what your audience wants and give them exactly that.Buzz Blog Press Contests.

Social Media Presence is a Business 2. I would recommend this book to business owners to the most advanced Power Users.

In The Art of the Start, Kawasaki takes you through every phase of creating a business, from the very basics of raising money and designing a business model through the many stages that will eventually lead your company to doing the right thing and giving back to society.

Once I started, I read it right through. Which social media site is inhabited mostly by teenagers with an obsession of Benedict Cumberbatch and John Green? Pass it on! Twitter and Facebook have more than 1 billion users worldwide, each. Meet Peg Fitzpatrick!

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