STORY, ENGLISH, MULK RAJ ANAND. Coverleaf: 0. Identifier: TheLostChild. Identifier-ark: ark://t1dk01v Ocr: ABBYY FineReader. ENGLISH, STORY, MULK RAJ ANAND. THE LOST CHILD - ENGLISH - MULK RAJ ANAND. by: MULK RAJ DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. The Lost Child. Mulk Raj Anand. It was the festival of spring. From the wintry shades of narrow lanes and alleys emerged a gaily clad humanity. Some walked .

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by Mulk Raj Anand 17 editions - first published in Cover of: Download DAISY · Cover of: Album of Indian . Cover of: The Lost Child. ABSTRACT. The first story which automatically selects itself as an illustration of what Anand wrote best is 'The Lost Child'. This poetic short story does not have. In the present unit, we shall analyse 'The Lost Child' - a short story written by another Indian English writer, Mulk Raj Anand. The author was born in Peshawar in.

The mother is aware of his love affair with the butterflies and asks him to not wander off far and away. The motherly care adds more beauty to the context of the beauty of the scene.

The boy returns to his parents and accompanies them on the sidewalk. However, his attention again flirts with new pursuits, little worms and insects. He swings and chases after them. The mother again warns him about not running off far. The parents decide to rest near a well in a grove and sit on its edge. They were provided shade by a humongous banyan tree.

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

It was vast in tots spread and its branches dominated over other smaller trees like Gulmohur etc. The child, unaware of their whereabouts, loses his way this time and reached the fair instead. He is oblivious to the fact that his parents had decided to stop for some rest. Lost in the Distractions In the midst of the fair, his attention is fixed on the sweetmeat seller who is exhorting customers to enjoy the sugary delight of his sweetmeats.

The boy begins slavering for his favourite burfi. He is aware that his desire and limits his confession to a faint whisper and moves on. Then, he sees a flower vendor and balloon seller. He shows a great understanding of his circumstance and does not linger too long at any of his desired allurements. Now, he meets a snake charmer. The man has a flute and a snake.

Mulk Raj Anand

The child reaches a roundabout. He can see it whirring round and round. There are plenty of men, women and children having the time of their lives riding on it. His nerve breaks at his attraction and he turns around to plead his parents to allow him to enjoy the ride once.

To his utter dismay and horror, he does not find them there. He is all alone and deserted in a crowd of strangers. The Dawn of Reality In his fearful astonishment, he runs all over hunting for his parents.


Tears trickle down his face, his turban is undone and his clothes are drenched in dust and sweat. His desperate attempts to relocate his parents find no sympathy in a crowd of the strangers which is consumed in self-indulgence, frolics and merrymaking.

He gets tired, rests and dries his tears only to start running again. He keeps yelling for his mother and father, in the hope that they may hear his mournful cries.

A Sympathetic Stranger He reaches a temple but the huge crowd at the door knocks him off of his feet. Lying on the ground he is almost trampled over by the crowd of devotees when someone helps him to his feet.

The child is overcome with grief and emotions and cannot stop wailing. Two coconut trees had fallen on the roof of their house.

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This was a blessing in disguise, because the tender coconuts from the trees kept the trapped family from starving in the several days that followed. For the next two days, Prashant sat huddled with his friends family in the open on the rooftop.

They froze in the cold and incessant rain; the rain water washed away Prashants tears. The only thought that flashed through his mind was whether his family had survived the fury of the super cyclone.


Was he to be bereaved once again? Two days later, which seemed to Prashant like two years, the rain ceased and the rain waters slowly began to recede.

Prashant was determined to seek out his family without further delay. But the situation was still dangerous, and his friends family pleaded with Prashant to stay back a little while longer.

But Prashant knew he had to go. He equipped himself with a long, sturdy stick, and then started on his eighteen-kilometre expedition back to his village through the swollen flood waters.This perversion of human among themselves.


Anand think in terms of breaking off from the does not descend into gross propaganda chain. There are plenty of men, women and children having the time of their lives riding on it.

He yearns to play with them but his desire is dismissed by his father. The child, unaware of their whereabouts, loses his way this time and reached the fair instead. His mother offers a warm and tender reply and asks him to look at the beautiful setting instead. As time passed, the sturdy common sense as also they discarded the foreign themes and compassion for the waifs and strays of style and developed an original style and humanity; in all his novels one can observe subject matter.

The sympathetic man comforts the child and tries to console him.

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