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Vaibhav Lakshmi is a miraculous Vrat for achieving happiness, peace, wealth and Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Katha Book in English Vaibhava Laxmi Puja (Set of 8. Vaibhava Lakshmi is one of.. vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in kannada procedure to perform Sri Lakshmi pooja on Fridays. in english transliteration. PDF eBook Download Pooja Vidhanam Tamil PDF on The Most. - download Sri Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrata Puja & Katha (Pack of 5) book Language: English; ASIN: B01FVQS; Package Dimensions: x 12 x cm.

Supreme Mother Adhi Laxmiji! Be merciful to all, as you had favored Sheela. Fulfill the Desires of all. Goddess of Victory, ViJaia Laxmiji!

Be merciful to all, as you had blessed Sheela. Bless all with bliss. Mother of Prosperity, Aaishvarya Laxmiji! Heroic Mother, Veer Laxmiji! Be merciful to all, as you favored Sheela. Goddess of harvest, Dhanya Laxmiji! Goddess Santan Laxmiji offering children! Be merciful to all, as you had favored Sheela Fulfill the desires of all.

If there is no married woman in the family, any woman or unmarried girl can observe this Vrat. It should be celebrated according to Shashtras performing proper ceremonies after the observance of Vrat on Friday as decided at the time of the oath.

This ceremony is very simple to be preformed. If the Vrat is not observed according to proper ceremony described by the Shastras, one does not achieve its award or fruit. Her incarnation of Dhan Laxmi itself is Vaibhava Laxmi. One should bow down ones head to each and every incarnation of Goddess Laxmi given above. And also, while observing the Vrat one should pay homage to Shri Yantra. Then only it is fulfilled. If one doesnt want to take the least trouble to observe Vrat, Goddess Laxmi also doesnt take any trouble for her or him and she doesnt show any mercy to such person.

One should observe the Vrat for as many Friday as decided by oneself at the time of oath. One should place a rupee coin if one has no silver ornament. Goddess Laxmi would bless you more if you give more books as gifts to more women, and the Vrat of Goddess Laxmiji would spread more and more. And at the end, one should observe the Vrat for as many Friday as decided at the time of oath. One may eat fruits or take meals once a day. The weak persons may observe the Vrat having food twice a day.

The important thing is that one should have full faith and devotion in Laxmiji that Goddess would certainly fulfill the desire. Most important point to note is one doing the Vaibhav Lakshmi vrat should do it with full faith, and emotion. Confidently pray taking an oath that Mother will fulfill my desire. The Story of Vrat Many years ago there was a very big city.

Lakhs of people lived there.

In ancient times, people really lived the happy social life. They used to meet and sit together and enjoyed themselves. In those days, people used to lead the life completely in different way.

People of this city were totally busy engaged in their own personal worldly affairs. The elements of holy devotion, benevolence, sympathy and affection all these virtues were rarely visible in the cultural life of the society. Innumerable vices had spread in the daily-life of the citizens living in that city. Wine and gambling, race and speculation, illegal relations and various guilty misdeeds were done by the people living in that city.

There is always a silver line hidden among the black clouds in the sky. The lightning of the eternal hope spreads into the thousands of dark clouds of disappointments. Inspite of so many vices prevailing in the social life some pious people lived the virtuous life like the lotus in the muddy water of the pond.

Among all the virtuous people, Sheela and her husband also lived pious worldly life.

Sheela was of religious nature living the contented life. Her husband was a humble fellow having good character.

Sheela and her husband lived honestly. They never abused or displeased anyone.

They were happy to utilize their time in worshipping God. Their worldly life was ideal and people never got tired while praising them. Thus she had been passing her life happily. It is said that the end of the misdeeds is quite strange. Who could read the words of fate written by the Goddess of Fortune? A king becomes a poor man, and a poor man becomes a king. By the destiny, in just a moment, such a great change can be done.

As a result of misdeeds done, Sheelas husband got the company of bad friends. It is said that the man is influenced by the company he keeps. Due to the influence of the company of bad friends, Sheelas husband dreamed to be one of the wealthiest people gaining crores of rupees. As a result he misled his life and became as good as a beggar instead of becoming the wealthy person. He followed evil ways of immorality and began to ruin his life.

He indulged in drinking wine, gambling, and race, speculation that had spread in the city-life. His friends were also on the same immoral path. He began to waste his money in the way of immorality. And at last he lost all the savings and also the ornaments of his wife. Once there was a golden time when he was passing his life happily with his wife and they were utilizing the time in worshiping God.

Now there was a great change in their life. They became so poor that they could not get food to satisfy their hunger. Moreover Sheela had to suffer much due to the abusive language of her husband. Sheela was a polite and well-cultured woman. She had suffered a lot because of her husbands misbehavior. But keeping faith in God she began o bear the sufferings of unhappy life.

Unhappiness is followed by happiness and happiness is followed by unhappiness in this worldly life. That is the eternal truth. Having faith in the eternal truth of the happiness and unhappiness, Sheela forgot herself in praying and worshipping God, she was hopeful for future happy life. While she had been passing her unhappy time of her life, one day at noontime someone came knocking at her door.

She began to think, who would have come to my place as I am so poor and have nothing with me? Still however, inspired by Aryan religious culture of welcoming the guests at the door, she stood up and opened the doors of her house. To her wonder, she saw an old woman standing in front of her. She was a very old woman.

Her face was dazzling with the glow of divine light.


Her eyes were dripping with the glow of divine light. Her eyes were dripping the nectar of love. Her majestic face was overflowing with the compassion and love. Sheela experienced immense peace in her heart though she was not acquainted with her. She was full of delight. She welcomes her and gave her the only torn mat and requested her to sit with hesitation.

The old lady said, Sheela! Dont you know me? Sheela humbly said, Mother, I feel delightful to see you and experience peace in the soul, as if I have been searching you for a long time, but it seems that you are not known to me!

With a smile the old lady said, why! Did you forget me? Every Friday I used to come to the temple of Goddess Laxmiji, when there had been singing praise of the Goddess.

There we happened to meet each other! Sheela was full of sorrow, as her husband had gone to the immoral way of life. She had stopped going to the temple of Goddess Laxmiji. She felt ashamed to get associated with others. She tried much to recollect the memory of that old lady.

But she was not successful. After a while, the old lady said to Sheela, How sweet you had been singing prayer of Goddess Laxmiji in the temple amidst the devotees! Now days you are not seen there. Hence I have begun to think the reason for it. At last I have come to see you. Hearing the kind words of the old lady, Sheelas heart moved and her eyes were full of tears. She began to sob painfully. The old lady moved near her and began to console her striking lightly on her back with love.

The old lady said to Sheela, My dear, happiness and sorrow are like the heat and shadow of the Sun. Happiness and misery come one after the other. Please have patience and tell me all about your sufferings.

You will feel exempted from your pains, and will get the remedy for the same. Hearing the consoling words of the lady, Sheelas heart felt peace and comfort. She said to her, We were very happy in our life and enjoyed ourselves with the bliss in our heart. My husband was also having a good character. By the grace of God, we wee pleased with our financial position.

We used to utilize our time in worshipping God. But by our ill luck, my husband was influenced by his bad company. At last he ruined the life by going on the path of immorality: drinking wine, speculation, gambling, race, intoxicating drugs etc. Gajesh had no influence L G V G. Have you followed it? He had no degree of L G V G. No relative of his own or paternal uncle had been on good post. Having wandered here and there for the employment, Gajesh got frustration within one year only.

Belonging to be the member of middle class family, he could not afford to remain unemployed. The members of the family also began to murmur with discontent. Gajesh was very confused, as he could not decide what to do in that situation. One day Minaben, living in the same street, invited Vimalaben at her place, as she had observed the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat, and she was to celebrate it. Minaben marked the forehead of seven women with the red turmeric, and applied some grains of rice.

She also gave a book of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat as present to the seven women and gave them sweet dish of rice, which was offered to Goddess Laxmi. All the women discussed about miracles of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. After some time all the women went to their places. Vimalaben also returned home with the book of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. Having finished the household work, she began to look into the book. She also saw the Shree Yantra-the amulet of Goddess Laxmi. She recollected the memory of their past prosperity.

Her father used to keep the Amulet of Goddess Laxmi in the treasury. He used to say that the Amulet had been the mystical form of the Goddess Laxmi. She devotedly applied her hands to her eyes after touching the Amulet. At once she experienced some divine change in the mind. She got inspiration to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. While turning the pages of the book, she found the various incarnations of Goddess Laxmiji.

She touched devotedly the photographs of the Goddess and then to her eyes. She recollected that her mother had been telling that Goddess Laxmiji got satisfied if her various incarnations were devotedly seen by any one then Goddess Laxmiji resided in the house.

Vimalaben began to think, should I observe the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat? She collected the information about the rites to observe the Vrat from the book. Just then Gajesh returned home. Vimalaben showed him that book and entreated him to observe the Vrat. Gajesh loved his mother very much.

He replied positively to respect his mother. Mother and son both took oath to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat for eleven Friday and began the observance from that very Friday. He went for the interview on Tuesday. He was happy with his interview. He got the appointment letter on the Friday. Thus at last he got the decent job. By the grace of Goddess Dhan Laxmi, Gajesh got the promotion after a quarter year and a month. He began to get higher salaries very promptly.

Thus by the pious power of Vaibhava Laxmi, Gajesh obtained the decent job and good salary due to speedy promotion. She was intelligent and had the sweet tongue. No body could stand with her regarding the efficiency of her work. Inspite of that, clouds of calamity fell on her. She had two sons. Then all of a sudden her husband met with an accident. He lost both his legs. His right hand became invalid. It was for show only. Luckily he could save his life.

Malatiben had to take over all the responsibilities of the family. She had passed four or five years of her married life. Hence they had not saved a big amount. She owned a flat only. She was very much perplexed with miseries. But she did not let her husband know the least about her embarrassment by her behavior. She encouraged her husband by cheering him up.

Happiness leads you to the goldsmith and unhappiness inspires you to go at the feet of Lord Rama. According to that proverb, Malatiben surrendered to God Rama. Only by the grace of God, one can come out safely through such calamities.

She began to ponder as to what to do to find out safe way. All of a sudden she remembered that her Sushiben her maternal aunt, used to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat and used to celebrate it whenever she happened to be in difficulty.

She praised the Vrat very much. Once upon a time her maternal aunt had invited her at the time of celebration of Vrat and had given a book of Vrat too. The book of the Vrat! She had kept it in one of the corners of her cupboard. Malatiben at once got up and found out that book. She read the rites of the Vrat and also the miracles of the Goddess. She began to think, "Should I observe the Vrat? Goddess Laxmiji would certainly show me some way.

On the fifth Friday Reema, her friend of college-career came to visit her. Both talked about their happiness and unhappiness with each other. Start a beauty parlor. Again your hand is that of an artist.

What a great art you have achieved! You can spare one room from your flat for your beauty parlor. Our next door neighbor wants to sell out the furniture and other equipment of the beauty parlor. Our neighbor wants to go abroad and she wants to sell everything as soon as possible.

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I have good relations 17 with my neighbor. She would give you at concessional rate and that too by installments. She immediately asked her husband about the same and got his permission, and within a week only, she started her beauty parlor at her place.

By the grace of Goddess Laxmi, her beauty parlor got established very well. Thus by the pious influence of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat Malatiben could find the path of progress. Within a year her financial condition was at the top and she started a new air-conditioned beauty parlor downloading the neighboring flat.

Such is the wonderful power of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. She had lost her younger son of two years age, when she had gone for the holy bath at the fair held at Kumbha. She tried hard to inquire about the child.

She gave advertisement in the newspaper and also on television. She went from one city to another and one village to another in search of him. While searching, a year passed. All the savings and ornaments had been used up in searching him out, but he was not found at all. The whole family was overcome with grief. They had lost the interest in the family-life.

All day and night, the heart of Hemlataben and her husband had been burning in the terrible disappointment. They did not like to go anywhere. Anyhow they passed their days in distress. One day they went to market to download the books for their elder son. They happened to see a book named Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat.

In their presence, four or five women downloadd seven copies of that book and went away. They became curious about the same. They too downloadd one copy of that book and returned home.

Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrat Book

After finishing household work, they began to look into the book. They saw and read about the Shree Yantra the Amulet of Goddess Laxmi, the photographs of various incarnations of the Goddess, the rites to observe the Vrat, and wonderful incidents of the pious power of the Goddess. Hemlataben began to think, "Should my lost son return home if I observe this Vrat? Let me do it. Goddess has been always kind. She wants only deep devotion. Inspite of all my worldly efforts, I did not get anything.

Now let me entreat Goddess Laxmi". While pondering, tears dropped form her eyes and said, "Oh! I shall perform it devotedly and shall give one hundred and one copies of this book as present to women. But my merciful Mother! Get me back my lost son". Thus she took an oath and began to entreat the Goddess.

After having lost the son, both the husband and wife talked the least with each other, as if they had been observing silence they were 18 speechless. From the following Friday, she started to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat according to the rites as described in the shastras.

She had not prepared any sweet dish since a year. But on that day she prepared the sweet dish of wheat flour and molasses and offered it to the Goddess. At dawn, she saw a large garden with a foundation of colored water in the dream. She saw her lost son in the garden. In the morning, after taking bath, she bowed down her head to the photograph of Goddess Laxmiji, and to Shree Yantra.

Then she kept her hand above the flames of the lamp and applied it to her eyes and sang the prayer of Laxmiji. She narrated the details of the dream to the Goddess speaking to her self only.

She offered a coconut at the feet of the Goddess in the temple and again narrated the dream to herself. Then she returned home from the temple and told about the dream to her husband. I had once visited it. The Goddess herself has given me the hint by showing my son in the dream. My heart says to me "let us go there. The elder son was entrusted to her paternal aunt. They went to Vrundavan Garden of Mysore. They began to search with anxious eyes.

At that time she was uttering "Jai Ma Vaibhava Laxmi" in the heart.

And a miracle happened. They saw their son playing with a child in the garden, where she had seen her child in the dream. A couple was sitting beside him. From their facial appearance they seemed to be Madrasi.

Running to the child, Hemalataben embraced it and began to weep sobbing herself. That Madrasi couple was amazed and stood there being dumb. Their son began to weep with fear. Hemalataben was consoled and calmed down by her husband. Then he told every thing about their lost child to that couple and showed them the cuttings of the newspaper. We did not know how that child had come into the train.

But the child was crying much. After doing certain procedure, Hemalataben and her husband returned home safely with their lost son. Once again the family was full of joy and happiness. Afterwards she used to prepare some sweet dish and used to offer it to Goddess Laxmi every Friday.

She celebrated the Vrat after having completed the observance for twenty-one Friday and gave books of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat to women as present. Such is the miracle of the holy power of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat.

Most of the women of her caste were handsome and beautiful. Also they were financially not well. Sonali passed her degree examination, but they could not get her married.

Radhaben and her husband were becoming anxious, as Sonali was growing older in age. Sonali was expert in cooking and smart in all extra activities. She was very wise by nature. But unfortunately, she fell short in the matter of marriage. Other girls of her age had already got married and had become mother of one or two children. Gradually she began to despair.

It was not possible for them to get Sonali married with any youth of their caste only. One day, Sonali went to see her friend Hema. At that time Hema was reading a book. Sonali said to her, "Hema, what you are reading? My neighbor Lataben today celebrated the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. She gave the copies of this book to all women. I also got it as the present and I am reading it.

Hema gave the book to Sonali. Probably I may also get married. The third day of dark half of a lunar month of Vaishakh has passed, so my marriage is not possible in this season. But if the God may show mercy on me, my marriage may take place in the next season.

Do you want to observe the Vrat? You certainly observe this Vrat. By the power of this Vrat, desires of four or five persons have been fulfilled. You take away this book. It was Friday after two days.She also gave a book of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat as present to the seven women and gave them sweet dish of rice, which was offered to Goddess Laxmi.

She was intelligent and had the sweet tongue. Then she began to describe how to perform the Vrat. Probably I may also get married. Having seen the shadow of sorrow on our faces, he said with a smile. This tradition dates back to the Vedic age; the Brahmans perform the Agnihotra ritual chanting the verses from the Rigveda. Did you forget me? I also got it as the present and I am reading it. During the day she didnt defame any one.

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