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So a mate told me WHTW is based from 8th Edition army books. As far as lore goes, a great source is the Warhammer Wiki. of Chaos 8th, Beatsmen 7th, High Elves 8th, Ogre Kingdoms 8th, Vampire Counts 8th. .. old rulebooks available in a high quality PDF set, and everyone's go to source would be. Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, Warhammer, Warhammer logo, Citadel, the Citadel particular Army Book describes the High Elves of Ulthuan. Warhammer Army Book - (Games Workshop) - High Elves. Home · Warhammer Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF The Complete Book of Elves. Read more.

I have more knights and terrain to paint, and I'm planning to start a Vulpa Legi And after that I got t It has been ages since my last game of Kings of War so I am really happy to post this battle report!

Even more so that this time I played again Tetnis didn't know what the This may seem a bit 'out of the blue' for anyone who follows this blog regularly, but I assure you that this has been br Ever since I read "Know No Fea This mission was Cloak and Shad I now realise some errors from the Kickstarter and have cancelled the funding Hugely annoying terrain to build.

I think game day payoff will make it worth while. The bridge is built, and is an impressive kit by I posted my photo of the Urbie from my last post i Every army or warband needs a standard bearer I did well in regular season going 6 wins, 1 loss, and Forbidden Power!

So I think this is a pretty big release for t First of all I want to say thank you to Battle Bunnies for letting me use this channel to promote Drakenheim; Emerging Empires. It really mea So, I thought it was about time I have been hard a work with the biggest commission I've ever had.

I am painting an entire Sylv Everyone who downloadd one was very happy with it, and we thank you! They end up truly being the jack of all trades of the three, operating just as well as a defensive ranked unit as an offensive charging unit. Also with S6 from Great Weapons swinging at I5 due to ASF negating ASL , 3 ranks of them is enough to make most monsters cry send them up against that Giant your opponent is so proud of and watch him cry as they hack out his kneecaps while singing a jolly tune about how they're hacking away his kneecaps.

Take them in big units with the Banner of Eternal Flame and you're ready for anything. They're very good as far as heavy infantry goes, and well worth your time. If your strategy revolves around Swordmasters or Phoenix Guard, White Lions are worth considering as a secondary choice to flank.

Therefore, if your Daemons of Chaos opponent likes Tzeentch and its flaming attacks Warpflame, Anon, not Flaming anymore , take these guys and see him cry.

If you're playing a defensive list, they're probably not worth your time, but offensive lists can generally find a place for them. On the charge there's not much that can hit harder, and while they're no Blood Knights they can certainly keep going in melee.

Still, stick with prodding the enemy flank as your goal with them. As of new Army book however they are better shots than archers while only being 3 points more, and get Scouting and Skirmish so they have become useful at War Machine hunting and taking out annoyances like Spirit Hosts. Put a Noble with Shadow Armour and The Reaver Bow in the unit to give them that little extra fire power cheaply or just give the Reaver Bow to a Shadow-walker [the unit champion] to do it even more cheaply.

Throw Alith Anar in with them and you've got Elven Vietcong. Generally speaking, Shadow Warriors still don't have much of a place in your army.

Reavers are better at putting the hurt on enemies and getting away, and Special is not the category you really want to put ranged options into. Tiranoc Chariot: These aren't bad on their own terms but when compared to the other major option for Chariots, which is better in nearly every applicable way other than not having a ranged attack, Tiranoc Chariots get a thumbs down.

Still, Tiranoc Chariots aren't bad and if you're in the mood for a cheap chariot 70 points , this is for you. They are very adaptable with longbows, spears, and very good movement. It should be noted that High Elf Chariots are among the most reasonably priced money wise units that GW has, and if you get a Chariot but use it as a White Lion one you get extra horses to put Lords or Heroes on.

Apparently nobody has noticed that you can take these in units of three. Well, you can take these in units of three, so they're not that bad compared to the other chariots in the army. Note that a character on a chariot still can't join a unit of Tiranoc chariots. Tomb Kings can only do it because they have a special rule for that. As with all Chariots, if you're playing defensively they won't help much, but they really work fantastically on the charge.

Each one costs points, down 20 points from 7th edition. Lothern Skycutter: It's a flying Tiranoc chariot with an extra crewman but each one has a bow compared to the longbow of the Tiranoc. The Roc not an Eagle, a Roc hits harder and has an extra attack, and all this comes at only 25 more points than the Chariot.

But that's not why you take a Lothern Skycutter. Three words: Flying Bolt Throwers! It's a 25 point upgrade to have one of the crew man it, and it's what you're looking for in this choice.

Unlike the regular Bolt Thrower however, this one is a bit different. For one, there's only one type of fire, a single bolt which has half the range of an ordinary Bolt Thrower with 1 Strength less, same D3 wounds and ignoring armor saves, BUT can be fired whether it moves or not.

It's beautiful, isn't it? Consider carefully. Note that if you're gonna take a single Tiranoc Chariot, you might consider an Bolt Thrower-less Skycutter, if you can find 25 points. Probably worth those points. It does have good range, and it is your only war machine, and now that each one is 30 points cheaper it's a lot less painful setting up a defensive position on your side of the map. It does however depend upon lots of protection to be effective as it is a primary target for magic and shooting, and only has two wounds.

They're more resistant to shooting than Eagles and can probably cause more damage long-term. Not a great unit, but if you're in the mood, they don't generally hurt. Concentrate fire to bring down big things like monsters and characters, volley fire to eliminate enemy chaff and infantry blocks. Great Eagle: Used to be the only chaff the High Elf army had, but now you've got Reavers and Silver Helms as options in this respect as well.

At a mere 50 points 65 after upgrades , it's easy to field a couple eagles in any game higher than These guys are still the champions of war machine hunting, redirecting, and mage hunting, but they die easier than Silver Helms and it's hard to argue with the Reavers having a ranged attack on top of that role so the primary use of the Great Eagle is now to do the same role but save points a group of 5 Reavers without bows would cost 80 points and with bows would cost 95 points, a group of 5 Silver Helms with Shields would cost , and all 3 choices fulfill the same role to different capacities.

With T4 and W3, they're kinda survivable, but don't expect them to survive through the end of the game. They are the ultimate sacrificial units in the chaff slot, and can usually slow down other units and kill at least their points worth, with their two S4 attacks coupled with ASF and Armor Piercing. A unit of Shadow Warriors can fulfill it's role to an extent as well, but Eagle are still preferred. Sisters of Avelorn: The sites are closing in. They have flaming arrows that hit at S4 and cause a -1 armor save when you fire on the Destruction-aligned armies, and all that with BS 5.

Volley Fire is an option as well. For 14 Points this is a deal and they can shoot out of 3 rows and reduce everything in 24 inches to a burning pile of whatever.

When coupled with a Handmaiden giving them fast shooting they are even better, because running without penalty to shoot is always a boon.

Also, they're sexy. Still they are only as tough as normal archers so don't except them to take much punishment. Flamespyre Phoenix: If you're taking the Flamespyre Phoenix, you should really scroll up and read the section for it as a mount for an Anointed of Asuryan.

That's really how you want to play it, otherwise the Frostheart is what you are looking for. You are paying an extra points for a rider who is completely useless when the Phoenix is doing flyby burning, which is how you should usually be using it. Just take the Flamespyre alone and concentrate on flyby and charging smaller units.

Frostheart Phoenix: When you get old, you get cold more often it seems, this is especially true if you were a fricking blazing Phoenix, since you become a freezing Phoenix.

It is tougher and stronger than its younger version but can't drop napalm and loses its "I'll be back" ability. So it costs a fraction more and if you want to have your monster stay alive instead of maybe coming back to life this is your choice.

Causes Terror, which is great. Its chilling aura is insane. For all intents and purposes almost it has T7 in combat and if it assists another elven unit that unit will experience the joy of Pseudo T Although it can pull chaff duty, that's really not where you want it unless you're just looking for more time to fill the enemy with arrows and bolts.

Frosthearts should be with your main force, hitting whatever needs to be weakened the most after it's already in a fight with your anvil force. Did I mention the rulebook, templates, and artillery dice? download two of these treasure troves, then sell the Skaven packaged with the rulebook. With that alone, you can probably recover the costs of the boxes.

After that, you get 20 Lothern Sea Guard, 20 Swordmasters, 10 Reavers, 2 Mages, and 2 Princes on Griffons but those can also be run as Princes or Nobles on Eagles or even as just a regular Great Eagle if that's how you're going to go about it. That's the perfect start to any high elf army. After that, start browsing site. Search Warhammer High Elves by ending soonest, crunch the numbers so you know Games Workshop's price per model, then factor in shipping.

With patience, you can assemble a High Elf army at a fraction of the price downloading new would have cost, and you can even get some of the nifty old metal minis to be proud of! Army Composition[ edit ] A High Elf army must either be defensive or offensive, having a mix between the two means that your opponent is only ever facing half of your army at any one time. The good news is, however, that once the focus of your army has been chosen there is still a lot to choose from and a lot to tinker with.

Whichever approach you take you need to think about what you are going to do if the enemy has the same plan, or at least refuses to do what you want.

While your awesome defensive army with lethal flank charges and such might be awesome when your opponent foolishly charges his whole army towards your block of spearmen, if you're playing against a dwarf gunline who's plan is to just never move then you're going to have problems. All lists need to have a plan for handling war machines which are to be expected from every opponent and some number of units to help you control the enemy movement.

A few great eagles and a unit of reavers can find a place in almost any army for exactly this reason. Yes, your army needs to be focused but it also needs to be realistic. You need to be able to get some units out on the flanks to clog up charge lanes or divert shooting while your combat dudes jog across the board. If you don't do this then even the best defensive list will get outmaneuvered and the best offensive list will get pulled out of position by enemy chaff. You don't want to spend a lot of points on these units, but they need to be there unless you have an extremely good reason not to have them.

The any-roll-of-a-six-to-wound-ignores-armour-saves thing fails to offset its points cost. Star Lance: 30 points, better than a lance. Excellent for a kick-ass charge, good on a dragon or a griffon as all you will be doing is charging. Getting the Giant Blade from the rulebook will give you that strength in following rounds of combat however.

Strider is nice in itself, but unless you're going with Shadow Warriors he'll be on his own if you use Scouts. Still a very good choice, especially for a hero e. BSB in a unit. Nice way to spend ten points as it essentially downloads you another wound if you lack a save. Enchanted Items: Moranion's Wayshard: 50 points for Ambushers that is also applied to a unit of up to 30 Spearmen or Archers that the model is in.

A unit that can hold its own behind enemy lines? Yes please. Khaine's Ring of Fury: Soul Quench as a bound spell with 3 to cast for 25 points.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition.pdf

The best thing about this is the Ward save you get at the end, but a cheap magic missile is good too. Cloak of Beards: 10 points to cause Fear is brilliant. Against Dwarfs it causes Terror instead and blows up their magic items, but gives them Hatred against you.

Arcane Items: Book of Hoeth: 55 points to re-roll one dice for casting and dispel attempts that are not 6s. Gives you a surprisingly good magic edge, might seem pricey but why should your Prince get his toys and your Archmage be left with nothing? Ward then had the balls to make this banner give stubborn to dragons within 12 inches.

Warhammer high elf army book pdf

DoC players, Skaven players and Wood Elf players won't play with you if you use this. Empire player passing by, if you bring this banner I won't play with you either. Dwarf player here, I wouldn't play with you either. I don't think anyone will.

A lot of players will whine at you, but keep in mind you're just using the tools your army's got. If someone says they won't play with you because of a certain magic item, it's time to find a new gaming group.

Note that despite it sounding like a slow weapon that would negate your ASF, it doesn't.

Obsidian Blade: 50 points to ignore armor, great for tailoring your list but as a list you intend to stick to through thick and thin you don't want it. Take if it you already took the Giant Blade or if you need those 20 points for something else. Once again, you don't need more attacks you need stronger ones. Fencer's Blades: WS 10 for 35 points, but you can't use a shield with it. The Prince has a WS7, and thus this isn't that great when you could bump up his Strength or even his Attacks.

Noble and Sea Helm have WS6, better but still not good. Handmaiden shouldn't be in close combat, but in theory if she gets there her WS5 can benefit from this Reaver Bow should be on her instead of course.

Some people have suggested sticking these on a Mage or Archmage since they can't use shields anyway and this can get them out of trouble, but that's debatable. It might be worth it on a Dragon Mage, since they usually end up in combat.

Could be good, could be great in a tailored list. Spellthieving Sword: For each wound a caster receives from this weapon, they lose a random spell. Generally speaking facing a wizard in close combat means a dead wizard. That being said, if you can manage to get into it with a named character especially the likes of Morathi or Malekith you could put some pain on them.

Problem generally is that most casters who can't kill in one turn such as Vampires, Chaos Warriors or Ogre Kingdom casters you are going to want more strength or attacks or more survivability against. Even if this does work there's no guarantee you get a spell that matters. Because that's what High Elves are lacking alright. Berserker Sword: Bearer has Frenzy and cannot lose it. Extra attack and Immune to Psychology. Neither of which are things High Elves need. Keep scrolling.

Personally, I'd just pay a few points for a Halberd instead. Gold Sigil Sword: Makes your attacks 10 Initiative in close combat. Fairly nice, but Strength is still better. Biting Blade: Armor piercing. Inferior to Strength, not bad though. Not worth your time.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

Shrieking Blade: Bearer causes Fear. It's not bad, useless for anyone in a Phoenix Guard bunker, but it's nice as an anti-horde measure. Tormentor Sword: Grants Stupidity to a monster or character hit by it. Only really useful against armies loaded up on those options, so it's a tailoring list option that's questionable otherwise. Warrior Bane: Whatever gets hit by it loses an Attack to a minimum of one. It's like it came straight from our list. It's okay, not mandatory, but not a bad selection.

Stick it on someone designed to just not fucking die, make him stand in front of Alarielle so she can heal a wound every turn, and you've proxied Tyrion on foot. If you already took Armor of Caledor, worth looking at, but why are you taking 2 damage-taking characters? Turns your character into a challenge god. Nice if that's your plan or if challenges are your fear.

Glittering Scales: Light Armor, causes -1 to hit the wearer in close combat. Surprisingly good. Pair it with the Lion Cloak and you have nothing to fear from ranged combat. Not bad if you think you'll face it. Spellshield: Magic Resistance 1. Not 20 points nifty, but not terrible. Stick with Dragon Armour. Costs the same on a Prince and half the price on a Noble and has an improved save against breath weapons and fire.

The only time this is a better option than Dragon Armour is if you want to combine with a lion cloak. If you took the Lion Cloak but still want the fire resist, here you go. Enchanted Shield: It's a shield, it grants 2 armor instead of the 1 armor a normal shield gives. It's a great option. Not bad, not great. Very nice option, but it limits your offensive choices due to it's 45 point cost.

Obsidian Lodestone: Magic Resistance 3. For when the Banner of the World Dragon just isn't enough. If you take Banner of Avelorn instead, this is far more worth considering. Still okay. Obsidian Amulet: Magic Resistance 2. Eh, not bad.

Not great either. Dawnstone: Reroll failed Armor Saves. Now they're going to have to get snakeeyes to hurt him. Oh fuck this is so worth the points it hurts. Not really worth it. Obsidian Trinket: Magic Resistance 1. Still not bad, still not good. Not bad as a way of finishing off those last 15 points.

Again, not a bad way of using up those last points on survivability. Otherwise, no go. Useful as a 5 point choice if you took Lion Cloak. Pidgeon Plucker Pendant: Misspelled name, odd item. Tailor lists only really. Luckstone: Reroll a single failed Armor Save.

Magic Standards: Rampager's Standard: Reroll your charge distance dice if you want. Stick it on cavalry. Wailing Banner: Unit causes Terror. Emulate Phoenix Guard on your non-Phoenix Guard. Pretty good. Ranger's Standard: Grants Strider.

Ignore dangerous terrain. March your horde wall of death across the map with impunity. A nice choice. Razor Standard: Grants Armor Piercing. Put it on Special choices.

Swordmasters in close combat under this are beyond description. Normally you want to avoid getting stuck in a fight all game, but if that's the plan here's a way to bump up your victory chances. Lichborne Pennant: Magic Resistance 1. Not bad for a mage bunker. Do you really need Leadership 10 on anything?

If Alith Anar is your general and he bites it this can help, but really it's not worth it. Banner of Eternal Flame: Just like most armies, feel free to take this and stick it wherever you want except Sisters of Avelorn, since they already have it's effects. Gleaming Pennant: One use, reroll failed Leadership test. Why are you failing Leadership?

Maybe tailored against an undead army, otherwise no. Scarecrow Banner: Causes Fear on Flying enemies. Tailored list only, but that moment that a giant dragon runs shrieking from a scarecrow on top of a flag being woven around by a spearman you know you've experienced the joys of Warhammer Fantasy.

Most Dragons cause Terror, all cause Fear at the very least, leaving your Fear-causing unit to instead take a Fear test. Useful against anything smart enough to Fly but not insane enough to cause Fear Mostly just eagles then? If you were playing a VERY large game and your entire strategy was magic and stalling for magic to work, you might use this.

As it is it's a mon'keigh's bad transcribing of the Book of Hoeth. Feedback Scroll: Instead of a dispel attempt, you can use this one-use item to roll a dice for each power dice used to cast it. Great for a tailored list, and worth considering otherwise to take out an opponent's only caster and let you work the winds unopposed. Scroll of Leeching: Instead of a dispel use this one-use to add dispel dice equal to the number used to cast the spell.

Not a standard gear choice however. Feedback scroll is more useful in many scenarios. Enemy wizard rolls a d6, must get their level or lower so a level 1 mage needs a 1 to resist, a 3 mage needs a to resist, Teclis only suffers a 6 roll or they turn into a frog. They can't cast spells as a frog, all magic items stop working, all stats except wounds become 1. Each turn roll a d6, roll of a and the mage becomes a biped again. VERY fun item, and a surprising thing for such a thing is that it's actually pretty good if you save it for when you can kill that mage in close combat.

Could be fun when you two-dice dwellers or purple sun if the winds are low or your opponent didn't think those last two dices were dangerous. Wand of Jet: One use, increases a casting result by d6 after you're done rolling. This can help cause a IF and miscast too. It's an extra magic dice in the bank for when you need it, and not bad but there's better options for getting more magic juice.

Forbidden Rod: One use, add d6 more dice to your magic at the beginning of your magic phase, but the user takes d3 wounds with no armour saves. Banner of the World Dragon protects. Anyone with the Arcane Items page in front of them probably won't let that slide. I know I wouldn't. Trickster's Shard: One use, start of magic phase. If an enemy mage tries to dispel a spell, you roll a d6 and on a 5 or 6 they take one wound. Not great really.

It can be useful sort of if you're rolling a lot of augments at once turn 1 Walk Between Worlds on everything makes this viable. At 25 points though, it's kind of a waste.

Earthing Rod: One use, reroll the result on the miscast table once. Obviously you don't want this if you're running Banner of the World Dragon. Otherwise it's not bad if you're gonna be blasting away with your Archmage. Dispel Scroll: 25 points, auto dispel the enemy spell unless it's an Irresistible Force spell. All armies consider this to be a staple, but it's a bit less important for us since there's other options. Power Stone: One use. Used prior to casting a spell, adds two more bonus dice out of thin air to the attempt.

Great for if you got a shit winds roll a turn you really need to crank out a spell. Sceptre of Stability: Misspelled name, one us item to increase a dispel result by d6 after you've rolled. Pretty neat for 15 points against another big magic army. Can net you more power dice, but not a big use item.

Still, 15 points isn't much to spend for that kind of thing. Great for protecting something high priority like an Archmage or a Prince on a Dragon. Likewise, if you're mainly after countermagic, level 2 mage plus Staff of Sorcery saves you 30pts from a level 3 mage and leaves your Lords allowance for a Prince on Dragon.

They also have stupidity. But if you really want a wizard on a Star Dragon for some strange ass reason Fozzrik's Fold Fortress: points, so your entire magic item allotment for a Lord. After deployment zones are agreed but before armies are deployed you can put a Watchtower or similar building agreed upon by both players as appropriate, but must be the same basic size as the Watchtower in your deployment zone.

For any other troop type it's not great. But in games with objectives, you might be able to argue your opponent into letting you count this as an objective from turn one. Take it if you base your strategy around it.

Arabyan Carpet: Infantry or monstrous infantry no you can't let your horse ride. Has the Fly rule, cannot join units.

At 50 points you may as well just mount up on an Eagle or Gryphon. You should probably nut up and bring Korhil instead, but if you already are and want a second unit to be Stubborn it's not bad.

Healing Potion: One use to drink at the start of your turn, recover d6 wounds. Since you have very few characters with enough wounds to make it useful, you should rely on the Lore of Life attribute to heal instead. Or bring Alarielle. Featherfoe Torc: Flying creatures and riders must reroll to hit you and your unit in close combat.

Take it in a tailored list against the likes of Malekith or other High Elves. Ruby Ring of Ruin: Bound spell with Fireball. Take the High Elf magic item version of it if you're going to bother since it does pretty much the same thing and will give the users unit a ward save. Terrifying Mask of EEE! Since most High Elves have almost max LD and some characters have the same, there's no downside.

Great at discouraging people from fucking with a unit that can't deal in melee or you don't want to keep in melee Sticking this on a Lothern Sea Helm among Core is pretty great, or ANYONE running with Lothern Seaguard since this can win an extra turn of shooting for them.

Potion of Strength: One use, used at the start of any players turn. Take on a Prince, Noble, or anyone with the Reaver Bow. This is more for an Archmage or Mage stuck in close combat, or a Prince who's going into a suicide charge.

Since Ward Saves are common to us, it can be a detriment. Still good if you don't have one however. Not great, but it's only 5 points so there's no real threat to taking it and it CAN come in handy. Potion of Foolhardiness: One use, start of turn. Gets Immune to Psychology and Devastating Charge for a turn. Potion of Speed: One use, start of turn. Magic[ edit ] The new High Magic is probably one of the most aggressive lores in the entire game now, Soul Quench makes Fireball lovers cry.

Fiery Convocation is, in a game version promoting the use of hordes, extremely powerful; except against ogres and full knight Brets giving Bretonnians at least one advantage in the modern game and once it's been cast, your opponent will probably need to abort his next magic phase to dispel it if he cares about his burning minions.

High Magic also has Apotheosis, which heals a wound and grants Fear to the target making your badasses into glorious bastards.

Walk Between Worlds makes a unit Ethereal and get 10 more inches of movement to deliver a unit directly wherever it needs to be. Hand of Glory is a nice augment, Arcane Unforging is anti-character in the best way, and finally Drain Magic lets you undo whatever spells your opponent is using to manipulate the field of battle goodbye undead augments.

For the rest of the lores, usual stuff applies. Lore of Life is a consistent favorite nothing like watching those 5 Phoenix Guard he worked so hard to kill get back up as is Lore of Shadow. High Elves aren't really set up for offensive Magic outside Dragon Mages so you should generally go with support spells to protect your expensive units, rather than offensive spells.

An important thing to remember is that you should not be building your list around using magic to support this or that unit, you should be putting magic into your list in order to augment the units that are already good. T7 Swordmasters might be awesome, but imagine how awesome that would be on a unit that doesn't need the support to be that good.

Plus there are always factors that might get in the way of you casting a spell when you need to, so don't take a unit assuming you can make it better by augmenting it with magic; Take a unit that's already awesome without the magic.

Magic Tactics[ edit ] In this section, I'll list the multiple ways to use specific Lores in conjunction with our units. Some Lores of Magic are flexible and unique, while some are more focused on specific strategies and units to make them work.

Either way, you'll find use of them here. In the modern game buffs and hexes are generally the order of the day, offering a lot of value for the dice invested. Especially for high elves who have incredibly powerful units, buffs can send your dudes into the stratosphere.

Direct damage spells are still worthwhile but the really powerful ones have either short range, are only effective against specific units or have high casting cost so you need to pick lores that your mages can realistically get good mileage out of depending where you put them and what you expect them to achieve and don't just think in terms of getting the mage a high body count.

There are two styles of magic that exist for High Elves in my opinion: Balanced and Specific. Balanced Lores provide buffs and hexes that cover a large area of High Elf weaknesses. Specific Lores depend on certain army builds to bring out their true potential.

These Lores include Life, Death and Beasts. I'll explain more below.Korhil, Captain of the White Lions: Korhil's main advantages are as follows: He's cheap but 10 points costlier in 8th and he's Stubborn and thus grants this to any unit he joins. A giant unit of Sword Masters with T7 and Regen can mow through most units in the game.

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In the meantime, I highly recommend taking a look at what Eden Reforestation Projects is doing. Expensive, multi-wound models with low initiative can be destroyed with Pit of Shades.

The sixth edition rendered these obsolete. For the first time I did both days. Just remember that the Sea Helm's reforming rule only works if you elect to hold, losing you a stand and shoot. Some might be good enough to be used as re-directors or warmachine hunters too.

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