I tried going through the "Host Routing Table" and hitting "Register Now". It just says "Registration Message Sent!" and nothing ever happens. "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Of like bold,curve and germini without BIS/BES one can still manage to use the native browser to surf the internet but incase of tour it is not. The Service Book is a collection of service records stored on a BlackBerry smartphone Contains settings for the BlackBerry Internet Browser Service such as a.

Browser Service Book

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Please Login to Remove! Hello. Just got this storm browser button missing .called switched my plan to a bberry plan still no. so im wondering since the service book just stores some pretty basic info for the browser (i have data since opera mini and google maps. Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the.

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Akom's Tech Ruminations Various tech outbursts - code and solutions to practical problems. Random Entry: I recently installed Opera Mini which works great for most things , but some time after that I noticed that the built-in Browser no longer works and produces the following error message: Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser on your device Took me some time to sift through the various responses on forums and various advice.

Create one if you've never done this before click service books Click send service books Register Device Click options Click advanced options Scroll down and click host routing table Press menu key Choose register now You can now exit. You should receive an happy email shortly As for me, the first one did the trick. The second one including resetting device did nothing.

You'll get activation emails on your device Pull the battery and it should be fine after a reboot NOTE: Never fear - just click the newly restored Email Setup on your blackberry and you'll see what to do, and voila - everything is back to normal, even the online account.

Thanks for the info. It really helped!

Common causes and solutions of browser Event ID and Event ID on domain master browsers

Thanks this worked great for me too. I appreciate it.

Had the exact same message suddenly appear - could not access the browser. The first technique worked perfectly - thanks! You rock! Also, this is a poor troubleshooting technique because the Browser service itself is being used to troubleshoot a browser problem. And even if this piece of the browser does not have a problem, the list that is returned may be out-of-date by as much as 36 minutes.

If a master browser cannot be found, you can force an election by stopping and starting the Browser service on a domain controller that is on the server's segment. In a few minutes, run this test again.

The master browser is the first server in the chain of communication that must contain the missing server's name. This test determines if the master browser has received the server's Host Announcement frame. Also, you can reboot the server to force a Host Announcement frame. Determine if the PDC has received the server's name from the master browser.

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For the PDC to respond to this announcement to obtain the server's name, it must be able to resolve the master browser's computer name. For the server's master browser to obtain the domain-wide list from the PDC, it, too, must be able to resolve the PDC's computer name.

Name resolution in both directions is critical. If any of these steps does not work, resolve the name resolution problem. Determine the master browser on the client's segment. Do this by using the same steps as in step 1, but on the client's segment.

Determine if the master browser has the missing server's name on the client's segment.

To verify this, map a network drive to the PDC. If either of these tests does not work, resolve the name resolution problems. Determine the backup browsers on the client's segment.

Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service

To reduce the demands on the segment master browser, when a client requests a browse list, it will choose a backup browser if one is available. Therefore, it is more likely that all the clients will use backup browsers. There are two ways to determine the local backup browsers for this segment. For all clients on this segment to retrieve a reliable browse list, you must check every backup browser for the missing server's name.

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The backup browser role is the most dynamic browser role. Master browsers instruct potential browsers to become backup browsers depending on the browser load. Wait 12 minutes and then repeat steps 6 and 7. For additional information about how the computer name might not exist in the browsing list, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Computer Name Missing in the Browsing List Multihomed Issues For the PDC to build a single domain-wide list, it cannot be a multi-homed server.

Each master browser on remote segments will establish a connection to the PDC.

Because there is no guarantee that every master browser will choose the same interface on the PDC, the PDC must be single-homed so that a single domain-wide list can be built. Also, all master browsers must be single-homed. Every 12 minutes, the master browser connects to the PDC and requests the domain-wide list.

The master browser then issues a Master Announcement Browser frame to the PDC telling it to connect to the master browser and obtain its local lists. However, because the PDC does not maintain separate IP addresses for each interface on the master browser, when the PDC connects to the master browser, it only obtains the list of computers and servers that are collected on that particular interface.LinkBack URL.

Contact the hardware manufacturer and update the network adaptor drivers and agents to the latest available versions.

General Series Discussion - Bold. See the "Workaround" section for information about how to disable the Computer Browser service. Why do I need a payment method to start a free trial?

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