Lihat di sini untuk Contoh Tes Listening TOEFL Beserta Audio MP3 Kunci Jawaban. Sesi structure and written expression terdiri dari 40 soal. 40 soal itu terbagi. SOAL TES TOEFL DAN PEMBAHASAN JAWABAN - Download as PDF File Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban. Unduh sebagai DOCX, PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Structure and Written Expression-Model Lihat di sini untuk Contoh Tes Listening TOEFL Beserta Audio MP3 Kunci Jawaban.

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A single copy of this Handbook is distributed free to all students registered for a TOEFL ITP test. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in. practice TESt. tOEFL you take the actual TOEFL test, you will not be allowed to take notes soal + pembahasan secara lengkap. Soal Tes TOEFL dan Kunci Jawaban Structure & Written Expression (Model Test. Contoh soal toefl dan kunci jawaban pdf. Download Soal Tes.

C She's shopping for a carpet. D She's thankful she has a rag. B Jane's cousin often visits San Francisco. C Whenever there's a holiday, Jane's cousin goes to San Francisco. D Whenever there's a holiday, Jane leaves San Francisco. A He'd really like to have something to eat. B Because he's weak, he can't eat.

C It's been weeks since he's had anything to eat. D He hasn't felt like eating for weeks. A Traffic should not be allowed. B She thinks that the traffic should stay outside.

C She agrees that the traffic is noisy. D She'll stay outside with the man. A The headings for today's reading assignment. B The chance to make the headlines. C Her reading ability. D The daily newspaper. A The bus trip is only five minutes long. B The man missed the bus by five minutes.


C The man should hurry to catch the bus. D The bus was five minutes late.

B She'll definitely fail. C It's always possible. D She shouldn't say anything about the class. A She gave Tom money to pay the rent. D She was given money for the rent. C Tom borrowed money for the rent.

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D She had some money to lend. A The cake is extremely good.

B He never tasted the cake. C He wished he hadn't tasted the cake. D The cake has never been very good. At the corner she ran into another car.

She ran to Carl because she cared. She unexpectedly met one of her relatives. Carl was running from place to place. A She shouldn't leave her purse here. B She's probably in the apartment. C Her purse must not be in the apartment. D She left without taking her purse A The landlord failed to collect rent on the first of last month. B The tenants absolutely must pay rent at the beginning of the month.

C The landlord will not fail to collect your rent on the first of next month. D It is important to call the landlord about rent on the first of the month. A Martha s jobs are easy. B It's easy to hold two jobs. C It's better for Martha to have two jobs. D Martha should slow down. A The plane took off just after he arrived. B He arrived just after the plane took off. C He wasn't in time to catch the plane. D He arrived too late to catch the plane. A He agrees with the woman's suggestion.

B Parking is not free on the weekend. C It is not necessary for them to park. D He thinks they don't have to pay. A He is eager to leave his job. B He is unhappy at the thought of retiring.

C He couldn't be unhappier about retiring. D He is retiring too soon. A He got the car he really wanted. B He didn't get a new car. C The car that he got was not his first choice. D He didn't really want a new car 27 A Mr. Drew pointedly asked the president about the committee.

B The president pointed to Mr. Drew's head. Drew became head of the new commission. Drew was committed to the president's appointments. B She wasn't furious. C She felt there should have been more fairness. D She was extremely angry. B The plates did not need to be washed. C The man would not be ready to go. D The dishes would not be done. He knew that grapes were cheaper than cherries. He didn't know that grapes were cheaper than cherries.

He bought grapes because they were cheaper than cherries. He didn't download either grapes or cherries because of the price. Part B Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations. After each conversation, you will hear several questions.

Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book.

A Attend a football game alone. B Go to a sporting event. C Eat in the cafeteria and study. D See a play. A It's the final game of the season. B It's better than the drama department's play.

C It's a very important game. D It's close to the cafeteria. A A play. B A game. C A study group meeting. D Dinner in the cafeteria. A Saturday night. B After dinner in the cafeteria. C Sunday afternoon.

D Maybe next weekend. A Trash orbiting Earth. B A trip by an astronaut to the Moon. C The overabundance of garbage on Earth. D Becoming space scientists. A From a lecture. B In a magazine article.

C In a book. D On a television program. A 17, pounds B 3, tons C 3, pounds D tons A She will be able to travel in space.

B The problem will take care of itself. C Scientists will find solutions to the problem. D The junk will fall to Earth.

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Part C Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several talks. After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. Here is an example. Wood began drawing animals on the family farm at the age of three, and when he was thirty-eight one of his paintings received a remarkable amount of public notice and acclaim.

This painting, called "American Gothic," is a starkly simple depiction of a serious couple staring directly out at the viewer. Now listen to a sample question. A narrator What style of painting is known as American regionalist? Now listen to another sample question. A narrator What is the name of Wood's most successful painting? A On the first day of class A Later today A Journal and magazine articles B Books from outside the library C Books listed in student journals D Both books and journals A Two B Three C Five D Seven A Seasonable, with warm summers and cold winters.

B Fairly constant and moderate. C Very humid. D Extremely hot year-round. And too a very efficient teacher C. But he teaches very good in addition D. However he teaches very good also 8. Because they receive money differently and different types of shows B.

For money and program types C. In the areas of funding and programming D. Because the former receives money and has programs differently from the latter 9. For a larger profit margin B. In place of to earn more money C. To gain more quantities of money D. And instead earn a bigger amount of profit Have taken slumps and rises in recent years B.


Has been rather erratic recently C. Has been erratically lately D. Are going up and down all the time Is that windows have been eliminates while air conditioning systems have not been perfected. Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa kalian lihat contoh soal beserta pembahasannya pada preview dibawah ini.Listen to an example. What the students majors are. Do not take notes or write in your test book at any time.

You learn from the conversation that the man thought the exam was very difficult and that the woman disagreed with the man. To break thick ice, an icebreaker boat moves fast enough to ride up on the ice, under its weight. Sesi structure and written epxression terdiri dari 40 soal dengan lama pengerjaan soal 25 menit. Her masterpiece of writing D.

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