Dr. Bob and the good oldtimers by Alcoholics Anonymous, , Alcoholics Anonymous World Services edition, Hardcover in English. Dr. Bob and the good oldtimers: a biography, with recollections of early A.A. in the Midwest. by: Alcoholics urn:acs6:drbobgoodoldtime00alco:epub:4ba7eb0d -8dafc-bd3b-c73ad4d3 DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers: A Biography, With Recollections of Early A.A. in A.A. in the Midwest/B-8 free download pdf,Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers: A.

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Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically Download and Read Free Online Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers: Pass It on Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers: Pass It on by Alcoholics Anonymous Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books. alcoholics as Dr. Bob, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous- DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers. Many years later, Dr. Bob's son, Robert R. Smith (nick-. PDF from RECOVERY at University of the Visayas, Cebu. DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers DRBOB A biography, with recollections ofearly A.A. in the.

Our co-founder was in the same position as any other A. Both the individual and the larger history unfolded partially from A.

General Service Office in New York City-but chiefly from face-to-face talks with relatives, friends, and acquain- tances of Dr. Bob and with pioneer members of Midwestern A. The locales of these interviews included, not only Ohio and Dr.

To all the people who shared their memories, the Fellowship owes a debt of gratitude Subscribe to view the full document. Contents I.

These two guys aren't the messiah. They describe themselves as merely two drunks trying to stay sober. I imagine forming AA was disorganized, chaotic, and messy.

May 24, Dick Harding rated it it was amazing I enjoyed this very much. It was simply told.

I am amazed at the effort that both Dr Bob and Bill put into the program. They and their families gave everything they had both financially and physically to the success of AA. It turned out to be far too rancorous and the debate was tabled for a year.

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It came back in and turned into a two day debate about listing these special purpose or special composition groups. A delegate from Canada then moved to list gay groups in the World Directory. And the motion was passed, virtually unanimously to 2. The battle was over. The issue was first raised with Bill in Boston in and it was finally resolved in , twenty-five years later. Notice of the conference was published in the AA Grapevine Calendar and over people attended, some from as far away as Vancouver.

Subsequent conferences have drawn up to two thousand people and have been held in places like New York and San Francisco. In the General Service Conference actually voted not to publish a pamphlet for gay and lesbian alcoholics.

By that time there were over three hundred cities in the United States which specifically listed gay and lesbian special composition groups. The answer is very simple: yes and no.

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We AA secularists are not a special group precisely because our primary message in our fellowship is one of inclusivity: that an alcoholic is a member of AA if she so declares regardless of belief or lack of belief. Here is the Agnostic AA Preamble: AA agnostic meetings endeavour to maintain a tradition of free expression, and to conduct a meeting where alcoholics may feel free to express any doubts or disbeliefs they may have, and to share their own personal form of spiritual experience, their search for it, or their rejection of it.

In keeping with AA tradition, we do not endorse or oppose any form of religion or atheism. Interestingly, the Literature Subcommittee which in was working on a proposed pamphlet for and by agnostics and atheists in AA felt the same way. And if anything the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of AA within AA has grown rather exponentially in the last four decades. Or vice versa.

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Just saying.I don't even come close to what they have done. Addiction researcher Griffith Edwards holds that, in his opinion, Jellinek's The.

That was the beginning of a new life, a fuller life, a happier life than I had ever known or believed possible. There is quite a kerfuffle. Following his return to New York, Northup wrote and published this extraordinary book, one of the few accounts of American slavery written from the perspective of a man who had been free before being enslaved. According to Bob K, its core message was: Alcoholism is a disease, and the alcoholic is a sick person; The alcoholic can be helped, and is worth helping; Alcoholism is a public health problem, and therefore a public responsibility.

Shelves: recovery My Al-Anon sponsorship group has a monthly book study and we read this book in Our co-founder was in the same position as any other A. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Arcade, Good Books, Sports Publishing, and Yucca imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.

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