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Nothing says "I Love You" more than taking a rocket to the moon and back! This is another flipbook we made to just help tell your love how much you love. As a belated wedding present, he gave her an adorable custom flip-book that illustrated their love story, which began online and then turned. Flip Book book online at best prices in India on computerescue.info Read Knock Knock Hello, Love! Flip Book book reviews & author details and more at computerescue.info

Because the sequences are loop animated, after coloring or redrawing, you can create GIFs like this! The sequences were designed and animated by Jossie Malis, co-founder of Flipboku and best known for his award-winning animated series Bendito Machine.

Maybe you've come across this video from the first flip book we created for the show a couple of years ago.

Find out more here. If you observe the flip book in closer detail, you will notice that the edges are cut in a specific way, so that you can swap between the different sequences. This is the key to the optical illusion that gives Molecularis its unique feature of showing you six different animations in just one flip book.

You'll have a blast watching people's faces when they see Molecularis for the first time and try to understand how it works! You can switch between sequences by placing your thumb either in the upper corner, the center or the lower corner of the front edge of the book.

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Also, be sure to leave a little space on the right so your thumb doesn't obscure any of the drawings as well. It really is so annoying if you accidentally mess up the order of the pages and spend hours of your time sorting through the minor differences to try and reconstruct the story.

All of the time can be saved if you just simply number the backside corners of the pages as you go. This will not be visible as you are flipping through your book and if your pages ever get mixed up, it will be a simple fix.

I had this happen to me several times as I was making my book so I highly recommend doing this. Picture 2 Third - Create some drawings for any reoccurring patterns that you may encounter making your flipbook.

In my case, the entire thing is a reoccurring pattern so I made sure to make a couple of initial highly detailed stencils of the ground, the dinosaur walking, the birds flapping, and the cacti so that I could use them without wasting time trying to meticulously draw each frame as neatly as I did the previous one.

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This will allow you to enter each person's name individually with their particular item. Please check your spelling carefully, as custom-printed and personalized items are not returnable.Shares Flip books have been around since the late s and are now recognised as one of the earliest forms of what is today referred to as interactive media. Both iPhones and Androids have this capability.

While making the video, guests may dance, wave, blow kisses or make up skits. This cool flipbook, by artist BloodyRenegadeX, takes Sonic the Hedgehog on an incredible journey, which is spread out on both the front and back of the paper.

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This will allow you to enter each person's name individually with their particular item. Nothing says "I Love You" more than taking a rocket to the moon and back!.

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