Form 16B is a TDS Certificate which certifies the amount of tax deducted // 04/” text=”Download Form 16B in PDF Format” ]. Traces facilitates the downloader of immovable property to download Form 16B after registering on TRACES as taxpayer. The downloader of the property would be required . FORM NO. 16B. [See rule 31(3A)]. Certificate under section of the Income-tax Act, for tax deducted at source. Certificate No. Last updated on.

Income Tax Form 16b Pdf

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Every person who is liable to income tax is required to pay tax and file income tax return. However, income tax laws in India provide for. Form 16B is a TDS Certificate which reflects that the amount deducted as TDS on Property by the downloader has been deposited with the Income Tax Department. Form 16B which is a TDC certificate reflects the amount that has been deducted as TDS on property that has been deposited by the downloader with the Income Tax.

By filling the details, this will generate an application request number and an application is received.

The request will be processed after few hours. Click on downloads tab and then on Requested downloads as shown in image. Download the.

The form is available inside the. Notes TDS is not deducted for the agricultural land but under some conditions, it is deducted.

What is Form 16B?

The amount should be deducted at the time of credit of the money or actual payment, whichever is earlier. Thus, the above section is applicable to all including individuals. However, Individuals not requiring tax audit under section 44AB are not required to deduct tax at source under any other sections of the income tax act and therefore are not required to obtain a TAN.

Tax deducted under any other sections relating to tax deduction at source requires the deductor to deposit the tax by filling of Challan No.

Due Date for Issuance of Form 16B

Therefore, the Income Tax department has clarified that requirement of TAN as per section A, would not be applicable for deductor deducting tax under section IA. The form can be filled online and payment of tax can be done using the e-payment gateway or by submitting Form 26QB to any authorized bank. Once the PAN is entered, the category of transferee individual, corporate etc.

It is the key, so special caution should be exercised while entering the PAN. Other details like address, email , mobile number The details of property bought like the address etc. There are selected authorized banks through which the downloader can pay the tax deducted at source. The payment can also be done by downloading the form and approaching a bank branch. On making the payment, a Challan is generated which have details like challan No, amount paid, bank name, date of payment etc.

Such certificate needs to be issued within 15 days after the due-date of paying tax and challan Form 26QB.

The same would have details like the TDS certificate number, name of the deductee seller , PAN of the deductee, acknowledgement number, total transaction amount, transaction date, amount of TDS deposited, date of deposit and date of booking.

Then submit the request for Form 16B.

The request number is generated. Education Cess and surcharges if any Rebate under Section 87, if applicable Relief under Section 89, if any Total amount of tax payable on income Tax deducted and the balance tax due or refund applicable Types of Form 16 Other than Form 16, there are 2 other types of Form 16, which you will receive for earning income other than salary: Form 16A: Form 16 is a TDS certificate which reflects TDS deducted on the salary income by your employer.

Form 16A provides details of the income earned and TDS deducted and deposited on such income.

Form 16B is a proof that the TDS deducted on the sale of the property has been deposited with the Government. What are the eligibility criteria for Form 16?

According to the regulations issued by the Finance Ministry of the Indian Government, every salaried individual who falls under the taxable bracket is eligible for the Form Hence, in these cases, the company is not under an obligation to provide the Form 16 to the employee.

However, these days, as a good work practice, many organizations, even in these cases, issue this certificate to the employee as it contains a consolidated picture of the earnings of the individual and has other additional uses as well.

Certificate for tax deducted at source under section on sale of Immovable Properties

How to Download Form 16? Form 16 can only be downloaded and issued by your employer.

All salaried individuals are eligible to get a Form 16 from their employers. Also, the employer should issue Form 16 before the due date of May 31 of every financial year. For a salaried person, Form 16 is of utmost importance from income-tax point of view.

The details mentioned in this Form are required for filing of Income Tax Returns.

With this certificate, the taxpayer can easily prepare their income tax return in India, by themselves, without seeking the help of Chartered Accountants or financial planners. This is more applicable for individuals, whose only source of income is the salary that they receive from their organization.

Form 16 can be used to verify whether correct taxes are deposited in the govt.

Hm Are You a Human?

Also, it is not only a proof of TDS but is also looked upon as document of importance for tax compliance. It is the only document that an employee has to furnish to prove that he or she has paid tax and can be shown as proof during any income tax related scrutiny. Banks, other lenders and financial institutions also accept it as a valid income proof.

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For the purpose of loan applications, many financial institutions require this document as a part of their verification process. Many organizations require Form 16 of the previous employer in that same financial year to be submitted to them, as part of their onboarding process. This helps them to ensure that they calculate the tax payable correctly as the income tax slabs change depending on the total earnings of an individual in that year.TAN refers to the number assigned to an account responsible for the deduction and collection of tax.

Select corporate payer and non-corporate payer and fill the necessary details. The Income Tax Department holds the deductor responsible for the deduction of tax at source as per the rates as prescribed under section to of the Income Tax Act.

Components of Form 16 One of the most important income tax forms for salaried individuals is Form However, these days, as a good work practice, many organizations, even in these cases, issue this certificate to the employee as it contains a consolidated picture of the earnings of the individual and has other additional uses as well.

TDS is not required on immovable property where the sale consideration is less than Rs. Form 16B is one of the TDS certificates to be issued by the deductor under Income-tax Act, to the deductee in respect of tax deducted and deposited to Government.

Preserving Form 16 Although Form 16 is not required to be attached as a supporting document while filing income tax returns, it is necessary that the document is preserved for at least 6 years from the end of the relevant assessment year.

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