Download the Venice & the Veneto eBook of Lonely Planet's Italy guidebook from computerescue.info Italy - Venice & the Veneto (PDF Chapter). Look Inside. You may have heard that Venice is an engineering marvel, with marble cathedrals built atop But Venice refuses to retire from the inspiration business. Explore Venice holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Imagine the audacity of building a city of marble palaces on a lagoon – and that was.

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Download the Cannaregio eBook of Lonely Planet's Venice & the Veneto guidebook from computerescue.info Venice & the Veneto - Cannaregio (PDF Chapter). Lonely Planet Italy Veneto Venice - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Lonely Planet. Venice accordingly. You can download this guide freely from the web-site www. computerescue.info The words in red can be clicked This Gui- de is free because it is a.

On the left bank. The side entrance of the Ateneo San Basso. Modest dress is essential for visiting the basilica. Or sit and savour an expensive coffee at Florian p or Quadri p Enclosed by the basilica and the lonelyplanet.

Piazza San Marco. You may not enter with any kind of bag either. For more than years. This means covering your arms and wearing skirts or pants at least down to the knees. Two buildings along is Palazzo Dario. The basilica. The interior of the basilica is simply dazzling. Another day could be dedicated to an excursion out of town: Padua and Verona are the two most obvious candidates. Exploration of the Castello area should be a priority.

A drink in nearby Campo Santa Margherita is a must. They feature the Madonna with the Apostles. The following day could start with another pair of classics: Burano and Torcello in a single busy day.

Work started on the mosaics in the 11th century and continued until well into the 13th century. Back in the thick of things. After all this. Early birds could manage to fit in the classic trio of Murano. The Tesoro Treasury. It drips almost precious stones.

It was enriched and reworked in Constantinople in To the right of the high altar is the entrance to the sanctuary. The lower level of the walls is lined with precious Eastern marbles and above this decoration the extraordinary feast of gilded mosaics begins. Cannaregio is also a great spot to simply explore aimlessly.

Through a door at the far right end of the narthex. Four Days A third day could be devoted to exploring Cannaregio. More were added in the 14th and 15th centuries in the baptistry and side chapels and. For a change of pace. The views from the top are spectacular For admission prices. On the south side are the Procuratie Nuove Map pp—5. It was inaugurated in Italian 9. The former main entrance and now exit. The bridge is named because of the sighs prisoners made on their way into the dungeons.

Established in the 9th century. The clock face. Doge Marin Falier would have appeared there had he not lost his head for treason in Leading from the courtyard. Piazzetta di San Marco. The Itinerari Segreti Secret Itineraries. Stretching from Piazza San Marco to the waterfront. Much of the building was damaged by fire in but Antonio da Ponte who designed the Ponte di Rialto restored it.

Originally a marketplace. On the small terrace atop the tower. Piazza San Marco Off this room is the Anticollegio College Antechamber. The main reading hall is a sumptuous 16th-century creation. Through this museum you first access the Museo Archeologico. The route takes you through various splendid rooms to the immense Sala del Maggior Consiglio Grand Council Hall on the 2nd floor. In the frieze on the wall depicting the first 76 doges of Venice. Napoleon converted this building into his royal palace and demolished the church of San Geminiano at the west end of the piazza to build the Ala Napoleonica.

French Giacomo Casanova got five years but managed to escape. An opportunity came up to move into a nice place. Masters courses could be created. Thus the intrigues of meaningful looks from windows! Behind the main altar itself is another of his contributions.

Do you see all those tiny houses in front of us? All attached and yet each has its own little entrance! Women especially were kept on a short leash. Biotechnology and other hi-tech companies could be encouraged to come. Venice was a little like Hollywood. It would take so little. And I needed space and quiet to concentrate on writing.

Instead of rebuilding it as it was. It was ugly anyway! Obviously things are different today. Campo San Salvador Why did he come back? Just as American filmmakers confidently make films about any epoch or culture. You know. At the same time. How we ran for it when the local coppers chased us!

The Chiesa di San Salvador Map pp In 18th-century Venice. It takes less time to get to Mestre than to move around Milan. In his early 30s he left for Milan. Scarpa grins wickedly. Campo della Salute 1b.

She left behind the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Map pp Kandinsky Upward. Duck northeast to admire and climb the graceful 15th-century external spiral staircase at the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo Map pp Campo San Fantin Giacometti and Ernst.

And well it should be. Tour times are volatile. Corte del Bovolo Palazzo Venier dei Leoni It was reopened in late Bottle of Vieux Marc. Campo Santo Stefano Ultima Cena Last Supper. Campo di Santa Maria del Giglio. Picasso with such Cubist efforts as Pipe.

Wander around the sculpture garden with works by Moore. At the bottom end of the square. Caino e Abele Cain and Abel. You need to book. Originally called Ultima Cena Last Supper. Dominating the entrance to the Grand Canal. The foyer. Peggy Guggenheim called the unfinished Palazzo Venier dei Leoni home for 30 years until her death in Room 1 contains works by the early 14thcentury painter Paolo Veneziano.

For other admission prices see boxed text. Rooms 6 to 10 contain works of the High Renaissance. Magritte and Bacon are all represented. First raised in You can pick up mirrors to carry around to avoid getting a sore neck while inspecting the ceiling paintings Old Testament episodes.

San Polo Campo San Polo A broad staircase by Massari ascends from the ground floor to the main floor and on to the ballroom. Tintoretto devoted 23 years to decorating the building. Campo dei Frari. Campo San Rocco. Of its numerous works of art. Tiepolo also had a hand in the 16th-century Scuola Grande dei Carmini Map pp At the end of the Zattere.

There has been a market here for almost years. The 17th. His dramatic Assunta Assumption. Campo San Sebastian The area around the Ponte di Rialto Map pp—5. Just behind the Frari is another treasure chest. In its southwest corner is the Chiesa di San Polo Map pp It is a popular spot for the traditional summer sunbathing and the evening passeggiata stroll.

Locals bring their children here to play. The main sight is the 18th-century Santa Maria del Rosario. Carlo Goldoni. Around the walls are scenes from the New Testament. Fondamenta Rezzonico Fondamenta delle Zattere Designed by Baldassare Long- hena and completed by Massari.

Campo Santa Margherita Built for the Confraternity of St Roch in the 16th century and decorated with more than 50 paintings by Tintoretto.

Calle dei Nomboli. Start upstairs Scarpagnino designed the staircase in the Sala Grande Superiore. Extreme overcrowding combined with building-height restrictions means that some apartment blocks have as many as seven storeys but with low ceilings.

Cross the iron bridge from the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo to reach the Fondamenta degli Ormesini and turn right. Salizada dei Specchieri Santa Croce In front of the main altar is a wooden crucifix by Veronese and on the wall at the rear of the central apse.

Artists include De Chirico. Although there has been a bridge at the Rialto since the foundation of the city. Do it! Venice has the dubious honour of having furnished the world with a new and sinister word after the area called the Ghetto.

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo. Most easily accessible from the Fondamenta di Cannaregio. The three synagogues visited on the tours are the Schola Canton Map p The long pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the train station and Piazza San Marco crawls with tourists — few venture off it into the peaceful back lanes.

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The Museo Ebraico Map p In a broad. This area in Venice was once a getto foundry. In after the fall of the Venetian Republic. They were locked in at night by Christian soldiers and forced to follow a set of rules limiting their social and economic activities. The collection lays a heavy emphasis on Italian and particularly Venetian art from the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

Cannaregio b. Further east the Jesuit church. Jews were allowed to live wherever they chose. According to local legend it was founded on 25 March Virtually in the middle of the market. Tintoretto is buried with other family members in the church. Also inquire at the museum about guided tours to the old Jewish cemetery on the Lido.

This is a truly peaceful part of Venice and there are some interesting bars and some good restaurants along the Fondamenta. Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni. Klimt and Moore. Not far away. They did retain full freedom of religious expression. All but one are by Titian Across the street is the tiny 12th-century Oratorio dei Crociferi Map pp Campo dei Gesuiti Visible from the Grand Canal. As you move east. Its baroque interior features walls with inlaid marble in imitation of curtains On the 2nd floor is a series of fragments of frescoes saved from the outside of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi p The other Almost directly south is another enchanting square.

Known as acque alte. The waterside has been raised to 1. There is nothing new about the phenomenon disastrous floods have been recorded since at least the 13th century. There are three main types of flooding: It was consecrated in They will be activated when floods of 1. Serious floods are announced several hours before they reach their high point by 16 sirens throughout the city and islands. Similar work is being done along parts of Riva degli Schiavoni. The latter two are caused by heavy rain.

From here it is a quick hop eastward over a couple of bridges into the neighbouring sestiere of Castello. Campo Santa Maria Formosa Rebuilt in by Mauro Cordussi on the former site of a 7th-century church. In Pietro and his son Tullio Lombardo executed the carvings on the choir stalls.

Since Venice has sunk by more than 23cm some claim the real figure is anything up to 60cm. When floods hit.

In the Cappella del Rosario. If the flood level exceeds 1. Codussi put the finishing touches on this Renaissance gem. For lesser floods. The beautiful stained-glass window the largest in Venice in the south transept was made in the 15th century in Murano to designs by various artists.

When all this is finished. The controversial plan to install 78 mobile flood barriers known as the Mose project at the three lagoon entrances is scheduled for completion in Climate change could cause a global rise in sea levels of 40cm to 60cm by Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo. At the eastern edge of Venice. It is still partly navy property. Campo San Francesco della Vigna Campo del SS Redentore Riva San Biagio The walls of the ground-floor hall are decorated with superb paintings by Vittore Carpaccio.

The Museo Storico Navale Map pp Campo San Zaccaria Venice was known for its religious tolerance. Tryphone and Jerome.

Among those to find refuge were Slavs from across the Adriatic. On the 2nd floor. Some suggest the name refers to the Jews who lived here prior to the creation of the Ghetto. Designed and built by Jacopo Sansovino. The ticket for the museum gets you into the Padiglione delle Navi Ships Pavilion. Giudecca Originally known as the spina longa long fish bone because of its shape. Count Gerolamo Querini donated the mansion to the city in The dockyards were founded in and at their peak were home to shipping companies and employed up to On the third Saturday in July.

Calle dei Furlani a. Among the exhibits is a gondola that once belonged to Peggy Guggenheim. The Festa del Redentore Feast of the Redeemer.

Campiello Querini Stampalia Rich Venetians later came of their own accord to build villas on the island. Vaporetti Map pp—9. The Arsenale Map pp—9 was the greatest medieval shipyard in Europe.

The island is most easily reached by the Vaporetto 42 Vaporetto 41 the other way from Fondamente Nuove. You can see glass-workers in action in several outlets along Fondamenta dei Vetrai and a couple on Calle Bressaggio.

Piazza Torcello. The impressive mosaic of the Virgin Mary in the apse dates from the 12th century. Its art treasures include works by Tintoretto: Piazza Galuppi It is also possible. The methods of the craft were such a well-guarded secret that it was considered treason for a glass-worker to leave the city.

The Veneto-Byzantine cathedral. Vaporetti 82 and N night call at San Giorgio Maggiore. Burano Famous for its lace industry. Fondamenta Giustinian 8. Sergei Diaghilev and Igor Stravinsky. Burano is a cheerful fishing village. Campo San Donato. The industry was moved to the island of Murano in the 13th century because of the fire hazard to the city. Torcello This delightful island. Murano civiciveneziani.

Look for the Fornace Furnace signs. Venetians had been buried in parish plots across town. Founded in the 7th century and rebuilt in the 11th century. Ferrovia and other stops. Until then. At first dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Among those pushing up daisies here are Ezra Pound. Starkly set on a pure gold background.

Built between and Both buildings date from the 13th century and together they formed the nerve centre of temporal power in Torcello.

This leads to Campo del Ghetto Nuovo 2. Gondolas are available near main canals all over the city. The rates are for a maximum of six people — less romantic but more affordable. Chioggia is a firmly practical town. If you want to stay closer to the northern end of the island and the vaporetto stops. Head south again before moving eastward to I Gesuiti 5. The Lido The main draw here is the beach.

Turn left once over the bridge and right down Calle del Ghetto Vecchio. Some of the beaches at the southern end of the island. From central Venice. Several travellers have reported successfully negotiating below the official rates. You might trundle through on your way south to Chioggia via Pellestrina. The adjacent. Across the square.

Climb the bell tower for lovely views. Make a tour of it and take the long road! As far as Ponte delle Guglie 1 you have no choice. Continue eastward until you reach the hospital and turn down Fondamenta dei Mendicanti to reach the mighty Chiesa di SS Giovanni e Paolo 7.

Kids might get a kick out of the boats and model ships at the Museo Storico Navale p Some museums should work too. Istituto Venezia Map pp The sculpture garden at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection p may prove an educational distraction while you indulge your modernart needs. Map p and the Giardini Pubblici p have swings and the like. Parco Savorgnan part of Palazzo Savorgnan. The city is varied enough to keep even the most recalcitrant juniors interested.

Dorsoduro A short stroll west takes you past the Ponte dei Sospiri 9. Campo Santa Margherita. Calle della Chiesa. As you stand below the column bearing the statue of the winged lion of St Mark After the decorating course. Calle delle Botteghe. Dorsoduro a offers language courses and one.

Climbing towers is usually a winner. A zigzagging route takes you through Campo di Santa Maria Formosa — with its eponymous church 8. Some of the stuff grown-ups like.

The APT tourist offices see p offer a series of guided tours. January and the period between Carnevale and Easter. For more information. The feast Low season for the average Venetian hotelier means November. For some there is a dip in July and August as well.

The Regata Storica Historic Regatta is a series of gondola and other traditional boat races along the Grand Canal preceded by a spectacular parade of boats decorated in 15thcentury style. Every other year the city hosts a less well known but equally prestigious architecture biennale. RiViviNatura Map pp Thursday and Friday. The next one is in They take place in Italian at 11am Monday to Saturday.

Apartments are another good option to consider. Christmas and New Year. On 21 November. If you are having trouble finding a hotel room. The starting dates for Carnevale in the next few years are 13 February Gondola regattas and other activities serve as the build-up to a spectacular midnight fireworks display. It is held on the first Sunday in September. Monday to Friday. You can join free tours for a biblical explanation of the mosaics in the Basilica di San Marco p Calle dei Vitturi. Venice and Amalfi take turns to host this colourful rowing event.

The Venice Biennale. This timetable is subject to change. Tours in English are at 11am on Monday. The former maritime republics of Genoa. Carnevale is largely the preserve of tourists. Book in advance year-round in Venice but particularly in May.

From Campo San Luca. Via Montello 6. Corte Zorzi Of the five locations. Some enjoy views over the Canale della Giudecca. Another worthwhile site is www. Calle delle Schiavine Corte Lucatello Space is a tad tight.

Italy - Venice & the Veneto (PDF Chapter)

La Calcina Map pp Residenza Junghans Map pp All rooms. Residenza Abazia Map pp This charming hotel has a smidgen of garden attached and looks across to Giudecca. A little aged.

See also p If you can get one of the rooms on the canal side. Fondamenta Misericordia. Student residences are open from mid-July to mid-September. The bar hums on summer nights. Residenza Jan Palach Map pp Iron bedsteads are attached to particularly comfy beds with orthopaedic mattresses — no chance of backache in this enticing hideaway. Take breakfast in a cosy room with red leather banquettes. Fondamenta Zattere ai Gesuati Cannaregio Punta Sabbioni.

Carnevale- themed rooms in a key location close to the Bacino Orseolo. The immaculate rooms with parquet floors and timber furnishings are sober but charming.

Calle delle Botteghe Terzo Ramo della Palada The front door is on a narrow rio river just in from the Grand Canal. The others are: Residenza Maria Ausiliatrice Map pp Fondamenta San Gioacchin.

Via Moranzani Locanda Art Deco Map pp Hotel Galleria Map pp Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. Calle Marcona b. Locanda Antico Fiore Map pp San Polo a. Among the best are one with canal views and another with a roof terrace. There are no singles but the price drops in small rooms without canal views. Cannaregio Alloggi Gerotto Calderan Map p Tastefully designed rooms each have modern artworks. Calle Priuli Out the back is a magnificent Venetian garden.

Calle del Traghetto de la Madonnetta. Salizada San Pantalon. Corte Vedei Pensione Guerrato Map pp The bright. In some you will find exposed ceiling beams. Ruga due Mori. Out the back in the garden where breakfast is served in summer.

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The hotel has clean. Domus Orsoni Map p It offers a large range of rooms with a commensurately bewildering battery of prices depending on size. The undulating terrazzo alla Veneziana Venetian-style floor using a marble-chip and plaster mix and heavy timber doors with their original locks lend the rooms real charm. One on the ground floor has a private corner of the garden. Santa Croce 42a. Cash only. Campo San Geremia Mosaic fantasies decorate the bathrooms. Palazzo Cavagnis. Locanda Leon Bianco Map pp Fondamenta Contarini.

Rooms are mostly well lit and of a good size. Double rates depend on the room. Most rooms look out onto a garden or courtyard. Corte Leon Bianco Castello Foresteria Valdese Map pp The sunny. Many rooms boast original ceiling frescoes. Three sunny suites on the 4th floor can sleep up to four and have a terrace. From some you catch glimpses of the Grand Canal. Hotel Dalla Mora Map pp Ristorante La Bitta Map pp The menu is a Mediterranean mix and even the vegetable side orders are inspired and plentiful.

Venice is about the most expensive city in Italy for eating out. Naranzaria Map pp Cantina do Mori Map pp Oniga offers imaginative pasta firsts such as the tagliollini done with spring onion.

Ganesh Ji Map pp Campo Bandiera e Moro A Venetian osteria is a cross between a bar and a trattoria. Fondamenta della Croce La Residenza Map pp Fondamenta Rio Marin. No prawns here. Search out little trattorias and osterie tucked away along side lanes and canals away from the main tourist centres. Campo San Giacometto. Oozing history. Campo San Barnaba Osteria La Zucca Map pp You can also take a seat for a robust meal.

The main hall upstairs makes quite an impression with its candelabras. Catch vaporetto Calle del Tentor. Forget it.

Lonely Planet Italy Veneto Venice

Osteria alla Botte Map pp San Polo and Castello. But a good slow one can be had on the pleasant canal terrace. Some osterie also serve full sit-down meals. Calle Bissa Calle dei Assassini Sit on the square. A sprinkling of good places can be found in Dorsoduro and the Giudecca. Flesh-eaters are also well catered for. Better areas to look include the backstreets of Cannaregio. Giudecca Ostello Venezia Map pp Calle Lunga San Barnaba a.

Book well ahead. Vini da Arturo Map pp Campiello del Tentor Ponte San Provolo Anice Stellato Map p Enoteca Mascareta Map pp This place doubles as a lively bar at night. Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa Campo San Luca. Unfailingly fresh ingredients are used to create a combination of classic and inventive local and more broadly Italian cuisine. You can get decent full meals at lunch and dinner and snacks throughout the day.

Calle del Pistor Local gondoliers still hang out here. Both the desserts and bread are homemade and are renowned around town. Brek Map pp Calle Michelangelo 53c. Wander in for the cicheti. Salizada San Stae. Go on. Lord Byron and Henry James used to take breakfast here separately. Osteria dalla Vedova Map pp You can dine in the garden out the back. Calle Larga dei Bari.

Fondamenta della Sensa Drop by for tea or cicheti. Grocery shops. Calle della Regina. Alaska Map pp Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi. San Marco Piscina Frezzaria. Have a Bellini in the place of its invention!

Centrale Map pp About the only chance to catch cinema in the original language is during the September film festival see p Teatro La Fenice Map pp Campo San Fantin. A good general site for theatre information is at the city council website. Check the monthly listings magazine VeNews.

Everyone who is anyone and passing through Venice usually ends up here sooner or later. Strada Nova.

You can generally also call ahead or book online. Cinemas Theatre. Look also at www. Folks spread out into the square with their tipples. La Traviata or love duets with top operatic performers in the intimacy of a centuries-old mansion on the Grand Canal. Tickets to many Venice theatres can be acquired online at www. Fondamenta Barbarigo o Duodo. Fonda- novenezia. It is one of a half dozen bars around here that attract locals like bees to a honey pot. Various outlets are indicated on the San Marco.

Calle Vallaresso. San Marco b. Films are generally dubbed. There is food too. Further from the centre. Campo Santa Margherita in Dorsoduro. Paradiso Perduto Map p Muro Vino e Cucina Map pp Theatre and musical events continue throughout the year in Venice. Campo Cesare Battisti. The accent is on objects you can use at home rather than florid artistic pieces. Venini and Carlo Moretti. Passengers are advised that this is a shared transfer and you may be required to wait up to 30 minutes before transferring to your water taxi and onto Venice stops.

Your adventure begins in the Cannaregio neighbourhood, one of the few remaining residential areas of Venice, known for being a popular afterwork meeting spot for thirsty locals. We will take a gentle stroll around and chat about its 1, year history and your local guide will offer suggestions on other things to see and do during your stay. A ride in a traditional, stand-up traghetto gondola is next as we cross the Grand Canal the way the locals do. Once in Rialto, the food tasting can begin! A briefing on local products at the market only available in the morning tour preceeds our first stop at a small eatery, owned by a group of young locals with a passion for experimenting with traditional recipes, giving them a modern twist.

Expect dishes such as black ink calamari, polenta with seafood or seasonal vegetables served in elaborate dishes. A few secret, hidden spots near the Rialto are up next, which will demonstrate the importance of moving just one street away from the tourist hordes, to get a little slice of Venice to yourself. The tour will end at the iconic Rialto bridge, which is surrounded by great restaurants and shops. Your guide will be happy to help you with recommendations for continuing the fun or with directions to help you back to your accommodation.

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Auronzo di Cadore, Province of Belluno, VenetoEnjoy an optional easy walk or sit at the rifugio and enjoy the view of this spectacular mountain range -Duration: Lago di Misurina, Auronzo di Cadore, Province of Belluno, VenetoEnjoy an easy walk around the lake or stop by a cafe' and enjoy the view of this magnificent lake Duration: Lago di Braies, Braies, Province of South Tyrol, Trentino-Alto AdigeEnjoy an optional walk around the lake or sit down at one the cafes by the lake and take in the magnificent view season visit - we visit this lake when the tre Cime di Lavaredo is closed from Nov until mid May Duration: When your time in the city comes to an end, simply board your shared water taxi at the nearest of the 11 boat stops see Itinerary for a list of stops to your hotel in either central Venice or Venice Lido at a prearranged time.

To make a booking, you will need to advise your flight details as well as your Venice accommodation details. Your transfer will be confirmed instantaneously and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver. Approximately 24 - 48 hours prior to your departure from Venice, you will be required to reconfirm exact pickup time and place the contact number will be provided on your travel voucher. The tour is composed of two parts and allows you to discover the lesser-known places of Venice and to try a means of transport found only in the city!

Starting with a walking tour of the city, you will explore the area around Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge. Learn about the top attractions and stop for photos in front of Venice's cultural centerpieces such as Teatro la Fenice, Scala del Bovolo and Rialto Bridge. Your guide will determine the exact itinerary, depending on the day.

After your walking tour get ready to hop aboard a classic gondola boat for up to 6 people and enjoy a minute ride through the famous Grand Canal Salute area as well as the smaller canals around the neighborhood of Fenice. As you glide along the Grand Canal, marvel at the glamorous bank-side palaces and churches and hear tales about how it became Venice's most important thoroughfare.

The gondola ride ends by disembarking at Vallaresso Station in Dogana. Venice walking tour does not include entry to the monuments. Welcome to Venice. Epic Grandeur Never was a thoroughfare so aptly named as the Grand Canal, reflecting the glories of Venetian architecture lining its banks. Defying Convention Eyeglasses, platform shoes and uncorseted dresses were all outlandish Venetian fashions that critics sniffed would never be worn by respectable Europeans.

Top experiences in Venice. Food and drink Salvmeria in Castello. Riviera in Dorsoduro. Pasticceria Dal Mas in Cannaregio.

Trattoria Corte Sconta in Castello. Anice Stellato in Cannaregio. Ristorante da Guido in Venice.Santa Croce Enclosed by the basilica and the lonelyplanet. Effectively he was on the cusp between Gothic art and the remarkable creative explosion that was still decades away — the Renaissance. Next, enjoy a relaxing one-hour cruise along the Grand Canal of Venice via water taxi. Launch map view. No code necessary - make your selections and see the discount at checkout. It is still partly navy property.

Fondamenta Rezzonico In the frieze on the wall depicting the first 76 doges of Venice. The island is most easily reached by the Vaporetto 42 Vaporetto 41 the other way from Fondamente Nuove.

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