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Let us rephrase the rule a little bit by saying "Always spin the ball as hard as possible. Do not be concerned with line and length as that will come with sustained practise".

In other words - be a spin bowler. Spin the ball until your fingers bleed. Do not worry if you bowl plenty bad balls - that will come right with time - the important thing is to let the ball rip.

The problem with focusing on line and length first is that it is really difficult to try and spin the ball once you start bowling a steady line and length. The problem is that most well meaning coaches discourages young bowlers from spinning the ball hard. They watch them in the nets or a middle practise and they struggle to maintain line and length.

Abstract Background: The shoulder, particularly the glenohumeral joint with its predominant reliance upon soft tissues for stability is prone to injury among the cricketers who bowl regularly.

These shoulder injuries are more common in spin bowlers than fast bowlers. Purpose: To compare the glenohumeral internal and external rotation range of motion differences between fast bowlers and spin bowlers. Conclusion: External rotational difference is significantly different between fast bowlers and spin bowlers but not internal rotational difference.


Level of Evidence: Keywords: External rotational difference, glenohumeral internal rotational deficit, glenohumeral joint, internal rotational difference.

These forces as well as the frequent repetition of the overhead throwing action produce severe stresses on the muscles, bones, and joints of the upper extremity. During bowling in cricket, the internal shoulder rotators are involved in the acceleration phase of the arm through concentric contractions, while the external rotators are involved during the deceleration phase.

These soft tissue adaptations may allow anteriosuperior migration of the humeral head, accounting for the development of subacromial impingement and shoulder pain. Therefore, overhead athletes should be monitored for motion changes throughout their competitive seasons. The proper bowling swing is on a straight plane, like a pendulum.

The hook is caused by a combination of two forces, side rotation and revolution. These are the result of the way you release and rotate your fingers, not any movement from your wrist! Getting the Thumb Out When throwing a hook, use the same approach technique that you are already comfortable with.

You first need to remove the thumb from the bowling ball , which should happen right as you make your final step with your foot. This is an important step for a hook shot, because your middle and index fingers are the ones that will be dictating the hook. If you leave your thumb in for too long, it will be very difficult to control.

Finger Lift After removing the thumb, the weight of the ball will be transferred to your fingers and the ball will be at the lowest point of your armswing.


At this time, you remove the middle and ring fingers from the ball, while simultaneously turning them counter-clockwise for right-handers and clockwise for left-handers. It should be a swift, natural flicking motion of the fingers, and they should come up and to the side of the bowling ball.

This is known as lift and it gives the ball more force while allowing you to control your shot instead of weakly dropping it onto the lane.The aim must be to drop the ball just out of a batsman's reach and to give him as little time as possible to deal with it.

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I always enjoyed pitting my brains against the top-class batsmen. Again, being a senior bowler and wanting to keep the ball straight, this is important to you.

Humour the batsman if he has a particular hit but be sure you have safe fieldsmen in the position where a catch may be put up. The number one rule in spin bowling Filed in:. Or do you spin the ball a lot but find it hard to control were you bowl?

[P.D.F] How to Spin (Storey Basics) [E.B.O.O.K]

What happens? Menno Gazendam has nabbed the top spot recently while Gary Palmer remains solid.

With the right type of ball, grip and technique, you can be a highly effective bowler and continue to increase your scores. In wrist spin the bowlers appear to rotate the bowling shoulder internally, while the arm circumducts.

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