This is called Subjective Communication and is covered in the next . You cannot use Subjective Communication to make an .. 7 more pdf's containing more. í Subjective Communication ☆ PDF Read eBook free by Jose Silva. Title: Subjective Communication. Author: Jose Silva. Format Page: Kindle Edition | 46 . Get the FULL “Subjective Communication” PDF for Free Here: => http://www. “All you really need.

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Subjective • Subjective I steepen you know that Learn how to use your mind to communicate with your body to keep it. Also by John C. Maxwell.. of the evening, as Steve and I were walking to our car, he said to me How Successful Artful Persuasion How to Command Attention. download Subjective Communication on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Then, there was the experience with my old partner. Brilliant code writer, but a real pain in the back side to deal with.

How to Influence People: Subjective Communication - Trans4mind

He was constantly trying to cut my commissions or put me under his thumb. It was always his way or the highway. So, we tested this new technique on him. He completely reversed his attitude within one week! At a big show down meeting to slash commissions…he totally capitulated. So effectively. So, we did the only thing a sensible salesman could do. We went into the Portal every single morning.

We pumped the sales for all they were worth. And we never told another soul how we were doing it for 8 years. Based on Quantum Physics this course will show you how to connect with your prospects on an energetic level before you even pick up the phone! I keep statistics on my calls, too. This product is phenomenal and worth the price.

Gary Shortall whose Impersonator Booking Agency went from the bottom to the top in three months said: I think we were on Google. Not much business down there. Our business is booming. Thank you. Did you know that most trainers are only teaching you one side of selling. They teach you the physical or mundane side of selling. Prospecting, cold calling, setting appointments, dressing for success, meeting and greeting, networking, gaining and maintaining control, establishing credibility, presenting compelling presentations, overcoming objections and, of course, closing, closing, closing.

And granted a salesman needs to know these things. Now, to be honest most sales trainers do touch on non-physical or quantum selling when they talk about your attitude. We all know a prospect can feel our desperation and insincerity. Seven reasons why this simple process works so effectively: Because Quantum Selling is born from the same science that is currently flooding the world with change… Because Quantum Selling is not confined by time and space… Because Quantum Selling taps into a higher state of consciousness… Because Quantum Selling eclipses old-world selling practices… Because Quantum Selling enhances all your sales efforts… Because Quantum Selling reaches to the heart of all human connectiveness… Because Quantum Selling relies on the most basic of all human needs….

We give you simple protocols to follow. Do them once a day and record what happens in your log. You will amaze yourself and your friends. Imagine watching your sales increase dramatically, overnight.

Without spending a fortune on advertising. Imagine your website reaching the first page of Google without downloading expensive SEO programming. Imagine increasing your sales…and income! Quantum Selling members have done exactly that. We have done exactly that. We all use it every day.

Yet, no one was applying it to the social aspects of our lives. So, my daughter and I tried something really crazy. We applied Quantum Theory to our telephone selling efforts. We went from making 30 calls a day each to making a half-dozen total.

Instead of talking to only one person out of 30, we talked to nearly everybody we called.

And not only did they take our calls they were pre-sold when they picked up the receiver. We stopped working 10 hour days and started going to Disneyland. Or taking long lunches. We secured and retained long time customers with very little effort. We baffled our competition. In fact, the public company that bought us out said that Penelope and I had outsold the entire sales department. More money, less work.

BTW — QS works even if the persons first language is not your own. Her higher self obviously understood, because she laughed so much the next ten minutes I think it made her day, and of course I got my documents in record time. I just said merci Madam. QS is such a blast. Much love from us both. Nick and Priya On the French Rivera. Here has been the challenge of late.

He's Not That Complicated™ PDF, eBook by Sabrina Alexis & Eric Charles

The company has been having struggling reps call me to discuss how I did it. The last guy who called me was from Texas. Guess what — I do not make cold calls. The manager from Texas wants me to come down and talk to his team about how I do it. I had a request 2 weeks ago that a rep wants to fly in and shadow me for a day to show him how I do it. Not bad for a 44 year old from the wrong side of the tracks who does not have a college degree. Kevin Des Moines, Iowa.

It was a wonderful experience for all of us. I felt such love and peace. It was amazing. My lovely wife Diane had just told me that she saw yellow and orange sparks. And now she was questioning whether or not she was doing it right. And yet Diane still has questions. If you do the exercises and your intent is to open the portal, then you will. You are what you think. Quantum Selling is about connections to other humans on another level of reality.

Not only do you have the problems of speech and culture but you also no idea what the place looks like. You have to feel your way around.

Get a sixth sense for the ambience. What you experience in the portal will be unique for you. You may see visual events much like a movie. Like a jolt of electricity running through your body. I get that a lot when the pulse comes back to me.

You can always ask for a confirmation. Then allow yourself to receive the return energy. This is a new experience. Relax and enjoy it. I had been working very hard using another real estate training program that was not giving me the results that I had hoped for, no joy in the process and very costly.

Then I made a visit to the Pauleys and my eyes , ears and heart were opened to the way all abundance is supplied and multiplied by Divine Intention, Intervention and for the highest good of all concerned. The secret is in the connection and this course gives you the simple but necessary tools for doing so.

This is easy to apply and is a very stress free way of life. My business is expanding each day and I am now adding an associate to our team. I have more business and less stress as I draw to me only the things that are for the highest good of all parties and release and let go of the rest. Blessings, Barbara J Holbein. The first one for example is intended to teach you how to reach an Alpha mind state. Another is intended to establish a fundamental understanding of the process using only the simplest actions.

And the last exercise is intended to expand your thinking and open doors of possibility. Yes, the guided exercises are short for a couple of reasons. One, they are teaching exercises with a specific purpose. So we keep them short to teach the process, simply. You can be very effective opening the portal even for short periods of time. Should you do it longer?

Absolutely, if that feels good to you. Make this process work for you. Now, I will say that one of the benefits of staying in the portal longer is that you have more time to absorb all the goodness coming back. Remember this is not a one way sales pitch.

This is a joint venture between you the seller and those you are selling. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to close the portal before they have received. They give, but forget to receive. Of course, time is not the deciding factor. But for most of us it takes awhile to relax and open up enough to allow yourself to receive.

So, if you feel like taking longer, you probably should.

Also write this: The more you do them the more confident you will become. I hope this helps. Hello Tom, Diane and Penelope, Thank you for being such awesome, generous and courageous teachers! I am a graduate of your quantum marketing course from earlier this summer and then most recently I received the quantum selling course last week the day before my birthday!

For the past few days that I have been doing the open the portal exercises, I feel some powerful shifts happening including a healing and having a joyous intimate relationship again with my girlfriend.

So I did the exercise of showering everyone in that company with white light and aknowledging and honoring my connection with certain individuals there. He answered the phone immediately and I expressed my eargeness to doing busieness with them again and he enthusiastically agreed to helping us get back on board with them as a preferred equipment vendor. Contracts from this company are usually in the tune of 6 to 7 figures annually.

In any case, putting money to the side, I was just delighted to connect with this individual again and so was he with me. Some wonderful things are happening in my life as well as yours my friends. John Gitonga Mutungi. Hi Tom and Penelope, I had an amazing experience this past week..

After that, I have met people who are literally guiding me to people interested in having a better life through this way of doing business, and I am really shocked. I have done RV Remote Viewing in the past, but never applied the skills to something specific like this. You are doing for everybody way more than what you advertise, and you are helping thousands of people have a better life in all aspects. Thanks again, Emilio Karam. Think back to some flyer or letter you received in your mail.

As soon as you glanced at it, you felt one way or another about the service. When you or anyone you hire creates a marketing document, they put their thoughts and feelings into what they create.

And people will sense it. When you know what you want, are clear about having it, and can feel the energy of what you want, you will begin to pull it to you. And when you clearly feel this energy, you will create marketing pieces that convey it. When I wrote a sales letter for a software product that I totally believed in, I got staggering results. As a result, over six percent of them sent in checks. In the world of direct mail marketing, that is excellent. But when I wrote a sales letter to offer a service I did not believe in, I got nearly no replies.

The same writer created both letters. But my lack of belief in the second item was conveyed to people. All I saw was a dark photocopy of the original flyer. When I spoke to others at the seminar, all of them said they had the same feeling.


I saw the flyer and knew I was supposed to be here. The people who put on the seminar were clear about what they wanted. That confidence appeared in their brochures. And the people came. Contrast that with a company I worked for at one time who wanted to put on a seminar about Internet marketing.

This company was after only profits. There was no caring in their business and no sincere desire to serve people. That attitude showed up in their brochures. When they put on their event, they expected over two hundred people to attend. Only twenty people showed up. An ad can help you market your business. It can become another voice working on your behalf. One day I was having dinner with Jerry and Esther Hicks and a friend. We were talking about marketing in general and advertising in particular.

I dropped the ad until we hired more staff. Jerry and Esther have hired me to write their ads because they know I believe in their work. Sandra consciously infuses her ads with her energy. She actually sits and meditates over her ad, sending her energy into the ad. As a result, her ads have a magnetic quality to them. She once told me that people hold on to her ads for as long as seven years.

There was just something about her ads that made them memorable. Again, who you are inside creates the results you get outside. Even your marketing pieces carry your energy.

How to Influence People: Subjective Communication - Trans4mind

Get clear, feel the energy of what you want to do, be or have, and you will naturally go in the direction of manifesting what you want. Dan Poynter is a dear friend and internationally recognized expert on self-publishing. Dan also conducts weekend seminars in his home on how to self-publish and market your own book. One day Dan called me for my help. Notice what Dan was doing. Try this experiment to prove it to yourself Years of experimentation in our laboratory prove that the process not only works, but in some cases the results are almost beyond belief!

You know that a Mr. Bloggs will be interviewing you. As you go to sleep you instruct your subconscious as follows: I will wake up when I am in contact with Mr. You repeat this statement times to make sure your subconscious gets the message. You repeat the following slowly and clearly in your mind: Mr. Bloggs, you know I am the best person for the job. I have all the qualifications and by employing me you will make life easier for yourself…..

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Convey the entire message as if you were sitting there in front of him. Finally see him shaking your hand and congratulating you on getting the job. Then go back to sleep. When you meet Mr. Bloggs the next day you will be somewhat amazed at the friendly reception you get providing you have subjectively communicated correctly.

A young student of mine got a job this way. There were 22 applicants and she was the least qualified. Not only that, they wanted someone around 10 years older with existing experience.

Nevertheless she was offered the job… right after the end of the interview. I used a lot of subjective communication when I was selling real estate years ago. This was during a property slump and nobody in the office was making sales… except me!

The method here is to program your mind as you go to sleep to wake you up when it is in contact with the largest group of likely downloaders. Then you mentally explain to them how great a particular property is and why they should download it.

You repeat your address and who you are at least 3 times so that the message sinks in. Chances are, the next day potential downloaders will contact you left, right and centre to view the house. You then use subjective communication once again to help sell it to one of these people and you finish off by visualizing a sold sign on the property. Please note that they will only download this property if they are genuinely interested, but somewhat undecided. You help them make up their mind!

You cannot use Subjective Communication to make an unwilling person download the property. They have to be initially receptive to a download of this kind. Login Help. Subjective Communication: Your rating: Author's Bio: Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Email Address:. Forget those Hypnosis Myths! Everything about hypnosis for losing weight Indecisiveness?

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Lifestyle Tricks For Disney Travel. Methods Of Traveling. All-inclusive Family Resort. All rights reserved. Your e-mail:Then she heard about SC, so she decided to try it. However, it just seemed like Tony was always interested in other women.

Contrast that with a company I worked for at one time who wanted to put on a seminar about Internet marketing. When you smile or frown you affect the emotions of others. We sustain this reactive mode of thinking until we finally go to bed at night. Oh yes, we used Quantum Selling for collections. People picked up on the signals in the air and responded.

Nancy saw him accepting her invitation to a local gathering. If for any reason you are nervous about exploring the full capabilities of your mind potential, then put this report down and walk away… it is not for you. You will note that I purposely exaggerated the mental demands and flashes, because she needed an exaggerated positive mental attitude in order to overcome her natural and acquired handicap.

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