Masquerade to requieM. Clans. seCts and Covenants. disCiplines traits and systeMs. CharaCter Conversion. VaMpire translation Guide™ table of contents. Vampire Translation Guide - Have you always wanted to include the Ravnos into your Requiem PDF + Softcover Color Book (Premium). The Vampire Translation Guide is a sourcebook for both Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: Vampiretranslationguide PDF: $

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I just happened to notice a quick blip on the radar this week that White Wolf has released the Vampire Translation Guide pdf which was. guidelines for building vampire family trees and creat- ing sibling vampires. Expand tion as seen in the TV series House, M.D. Translation of this genre into. A Rosetta Stone for converting elements of Vampire: The Masquerade to the 1, Vampire Translation Guide PDF, Vampire: The Masquerade 3 · White Wolf.

This book explores vampires who transcend history, who see the rise and fall of leaders and even nations. An Elder might have endured frenzy in the burning of Atlanta, or have strangled Jack the Ripper with his own two hands. This book provides guidance on playing Requiem in a whole new way, with new powers and hooks into mortal society out of reach for ordinary characters.

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In style and philosophy a matching volume to V CtL2- The Huntsmen Chronicle Fiction Anthology— As with the other nWoD Anthologies, this one will also be released to the web in order to tease the new Changeling 2nd Edition and provide a richer look at the perils of the Hedge and the terror of returning to a home you no longer know.

There are the ghouls, blood-junkies with incredible powers. Revenants, the self-aware yet ever-hungry by-blows of reckless feeding. And the dhampir, the impossible children of vampires with mortals. Half-Damned explores each of these as playable characters, with their own unique abilities and place in the World of Darkness.

This book can be used as both in-game and out-of-game accessory, as both a prop for live-action play or just heavy-RP tabletop play and a resource for players and Storytellers. In the pages of this book, the author has entombed a number of secrets, tips, and guidelines on the Arisen condition, not merely as reference or curio, but also as a means of helping others reach Apotheosis.

Everything from the core books of both games appears accounted for…. The big topics tackled here is stuff like Generation vs.

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Blood Potency. Masquerade was all about Generation how far your vampire was descended from the original, the higher the effectively weaker.

Requiem, on the other hand, had Blood Potency which effectively works the same way, but in reverse you start off young, with little power, and then as your grow more experienced you rise in potency. The other biggie topic addressed is Humanity and Paths of Enlightenment.

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A lot of this is just a question of preference, with minimal system conversion necessary. Character Conversion: The final chapter provides the Step-by-Step guidelines for a Masquerade to Requiem, and then Requiem to Masquerade character, including a follow-along example character being made with each step.

The chapter finishes off with the two example character sheets. From what I read through, though, it was written in the same familiar tone any WoD fan of either edition will recognize.

The Vampire line in particular I have had a few years worth of successful chronicles under my belt with, both as a player and a Storyteller, for both systems. Matter of fact, my online persona Rev. Lazaro came from my old vampire character, who to this day was one of my favorite roles.

But the truth is, for me and a few of my players, trying to go back to Masquerade rules felt clunky and cumbersome. The Vampire Translation Guide is like a dream come true for me and some of my players.

In a good way. So is it wrong that now I want to see a Mage Translation Guide?The more you use your political ties, the weaker they become.

Vampire Translation Guide

Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. Publication History Vampire: The Masquerade 1st Edition was published in , and various setting and scenario books were released around the same time.

Diabolic Sire: 2 pt Flaw Your sire is engaged in acts that could cause a tremendous uproar in the Camarilla. These strict codes define every aspect of their devotees' existences.

From what I read through, though, it was written in the same familiar tone any WoD fan of either edition will recognize.

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