Al Fiqah Ul Akbar. Urdu Imam Abu A. Topics فقہ اکبر اردو fiqah e akbar urdu. Collectionopensource. ترجمہ و شرح فقہ اکبر اردو. Book of Imam e Azam Abu Hanifa. IdentifierFiqhUlAkbarUrdu_ Identifier- arkark://t0kt1zt OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi Fiqh-e-Akbar Imam Abu Hanifa RA. Mufti Muhammad Shuaibullah Khan مولانا مفتی Download: times. Share this book by Email. Download as PDF. 0.

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Modern translations of Imam Abu Hanifa's al Fiqh al Akbar have attributed “The Imam expressly states in his own work Al-Fiqh al-Akbar that the “Qur'an is. Al Fiqh Al Akbar (URDU) By Imam Abu Hanifah (r.a). Read Online. Version 1. Download. Version 1 [ M]. Al Fiqh ul Akbar. الفقہ الاکبر. فقہ اکبر. Click Online Read And DownLoad · Click To DownLoad · Online Read. Share this article.

80 Books on Sunni Creed according to the Hanafi Madhhab

The list also demonstrates that the Sunni-Hanafi scholars have always taken the issue of Aqida Islamic creed as a priority in order to disseminate the truth haqq over falsehood batil century after century.

Many of these works also address in a nuanced and academic way the deviations in terms of creed by members of the 72 deviant sects attached to Islam, as well as defending the status and standing of the early Hanafi school as being a true advocate and representative of the early Muslims Salafus-Salihin in terms of sound creedo.

A lot of these works also address the patently false notions spread by open enemies of the Sunni-Hanafi school in this age who claim to be the real advocates of the Salafus-Salihin in this age of trials and tribulations.

The following list is also downloadable as a pdf file at the end.

See below for a number of commentaries on this text. The author was one of the students of Imam Abu Mansur al-Maturidi d. A copy is held in Markaz al-Malik Faysal no.

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A manuscript copy is held in al-Maktaba al-Mahmudiyya no. The manuscript mentioned by Hajji Khalifa was dated AH.

Fiqh-ul-Akbar Bengali translation

There are many manuscript copies of this commentary in several libraries. The author deems it pertinent to write this book because of three reasons.

Firstly, he takes issues with the many voices from within and without Islam that are calling for an Islamic reformation. It is only through understanding and emulating the lives of these pious savants that some of the ethical and moral principles that have been lost can be restored.

Secondly, information readily available through high-speed medium is not [ilm but short lived data, devoid of any substance and missing the personal touch of a wise master. Through this book, the author wants to remind us that true [ilm can only be sought through slow and painstaking study where knowledge is passed from heart to heart.

The author draws a distinction between Abu Hanifah and later Hanafi scholars. Abu Hanifah is someone who understood the context as well as the text; he made a distinction between the spirit of the law; and his understanding of the law is not partial but holistic.

The scholars will find a precedent for this in Abu Hanifah, who paradoxically, was neither a Hanafi nor a professional Hanafi mufti. This is a streak that one can implicitly see throughout the work pp.

Sharh al-Fiqh al-Akbar (Abul Muntaha) شرح الفقه الأكبر لأبي حنيفة النعمان

One of the major drawbacks, that this reviewer has noticed in some traditional Islamic circles, is that people tend to treat the works of the scholars as if they were all written in the same era; working with the same hermeneutical devices and employing terminologies that are ossified in time. This kind of attitude towards the sources leads to misunderstanding and unfounded criticism, as the author has shown.

Abu Hanifah cannot be blamed for following a hadith deemed to be weak by later standards if those standards were not available in his day and age. If the Hanafi School is founded upon those standards used by Abu Hanifah, then it is not fair to judge the actions of its followers through later developments.

This is a very important subject as it will put a lot of minds at ease as to why Abu Hanifah does not, seemingly, follow sound Hadith.

This reviewer has a few personal observations. Abu Zahrah opines that some of the topics discussed in the work seem to have developed after Abu Hanifah.Other Products. Through this book, the author wants to remind us that true [ilm can only be sought through slow and painstaking study where knowledge is passed from heart to heart.

A copy is held in Markaz al-Malik Faysal no. He was noted for his exceptional grasp of fiqh, and is said to have laid its foundations.

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Hence, they are born on the fitra in this state in which they were initially exposed to the environment of belief therefore they are conditioned to believe.

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