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Many of the younger nations lack the means to apprehend fugitives. The order operates under the belief that it must have the right tools for every situation. As a result. The Winterguard remained largely isolated until the rise of Nerath. Although it prefers to capture fugitives alive. Commandant Lathiel quickly realized that predators. Despite its name. Every member of the order is an ensnaring swordmage. After Nerath disintegrated.

They also assigned a company of their finest ensnaring swordmages. Though Lathiel would live forever. They constructed a prison in a remote corner of the natural world. One side effect of the agreement has been the gradual dissemination of spells that Lathiel developed over the centuries. She successfully negotiated with the empire to allow the Winterguard to operate legally as bounty hunters within its borders.

Forced to witness her friends and comrades die of old age. During the waning days of the Kinstrife Wars. The Winterguard quickly punishes those who fail to abide by either of these directives. After completing their apprenticeships. Many in the order want to believe that Cendriane could be reborn. In addition to bounty hunting. What led you to join the Winterguard? Are you a descendant of one of the original eladrin members or a recruit from another race?

What are you feelings toward the fallen kingdom of Cendriane? Are you hunting down anyone in particular? If so. In return for faithful service. Some of the marshals spend their time adventuring. The burden of proof is quite high. Streetwise Personal Quests: Apprehend a wanted fugitive.

In these cases. Within their territories. Swordmage stopped some members from attempting to restore the ancient city-state on their own. Because of the severity of this punishment. Associated Language: Elven Associated Skills: Commandant Lathiel convenes a hearing at which the petitioner must justify the request to Lathiel and a tribunal of her trusted lieutenants.

Dragon Magazine

On top of requiring its marshals to send a monthly remittance back to the prison. Commandant Lathiel frequently rewards successful marshals by assigning them lucrative contracts and taking care of any additional expenses.

Sometimes Lathiel assigns several marshals to a single territory. The size of the territories is determined by local geography. When this happens. Cheating a fellow member is grounds for expulsion from the order. Aegis of Ensnarement: When you deactivate the aura. Binding Aegis Outlaws rarely travel alone.

With a wave of your blade. The ground in the aura is difficult terrain for your enemies. Implement Standard Action Ranged 10 Target: One creature marked by your Swordmage Aegis power Attack: Intelligence vs. In addition. Aura Minor Action Personal Effect: You activate an aura 2 that lasts until the end of the encounter or until you deactivate it as a free action. The triggering enemy Attack: Daily F Arcane. By manipulating the magic of your aegis. Weapon Free Action Melee 1 Trigger: You teleport an enemy to a square adjacent to you on your turn.

If the target starts its turn adjacent to a creature other than you and is within 10 squares of you. If it manages to escape. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn. Commandant Lathiel has created a number of innovative spells. After fleeing. Implement Immediate Interrupt Ranged 10 Trigger: An enemy that you can see and that is marked by your Swordmage Aegis power willingly moves away from you.

Isolating Aegis Most fugitives escape because someone assists them.

Basic Information

Reflex Hit: You need to respond swiftly when that happens. Half damage. Dimensional Cleave One of the first lessons taught by Commandant Lathiel is that fleeing criminals attack anyone who gets in their way.

Dimensional Cleave Swordmage Attack 1 You teleport your enemy into the path of your waiting blade. You can use a free action to teleport up to 10 squares to a square adjacent to the target and use a melee at-will attack power against it. Encounter F Arcane. Teleportation Standard Action Ranged 10 Target: One creature marked by your Swordmage Aegis power Effect: The target is immobilized save ends.

Will Hit: AC Hit: The magic of your aegis creates an invisible tether between you and your enemy. Add your Constitution modifier to the damage. The target is then immobilized until the end of its next turn.

Aegis of Ensnarement If you hit with this attack. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter or until the target is no longer marked by your Swordmage Aegis power. Level You reduce the target to 20 hit points or fewer. You reduce the target to 30 hit points or fewer. One of her signature moves is her subduing technique. The attack can score a critical hit on a roll of 18— Lvl 5 1.

By focusing the arcane energy of her aegis of ensnarement. Eladrin—Beyond the Spiral Tower. Swordmage Master Dimensional Cleave As you increase in skill. Arcane Familiars of Athas. Grandmaster Dimensional Cleave Your mastery of swordplay and arcane magic rivals the skills of Commandant Lathiel herself. The target drops to 0 hit points and falls unconscious. Christopher Perkins Producers Christopher Perkins.

You reduce an enemy marked by your aegis of ensnarement to 10 hit points or fewer with an attack.

Dragon Magazine

You can perform the Enchant Magic Item ritual as if your level were two higher. Once per day. Ritual Caster feat. Ritual Feats You study ancient magic that originates from sources that transcend classifications such as arcane or divine. If you have the Alchemist feat. Three times per day. Schwalb Illustration by Kieran Yanner A ritual is a complex ceremony.

Your skill gives you deep insight into creation. When you would normally make a skill check or use a skill check modifier as part of a deception ritual. Creation Mastery You know how to shape eldritch energy rapidly into objects and patterns. Learning these rituals is painstaking and time-consuming. Binding Mastery Binding rituals compel other creatures. When interacting with creatures that have an origin other than natural.

This article details new ritual feats and rituals. Deception Mastery Ritual magic provides you with new ways to conceal things and mislead others. This alarm can send a mental signal to you or make an audible ringing sound. If you succeed on a Heal check to grant a saving throw. Your enemies cannot hide from you. If a Tiny or larger creature enters the warded area without speaking the password. Whenever you make an Arcana check.

While holding a tiny bell 5 gp. When a mental alarm triggers. Your skill with them has made you mystically tougher. Nature check. You can also master and perform divination rituals as if your level were four higher. Travel Mastery Your affinity for magically crossing distances grants you the ability to go from one place to another with ease.

When you have to make an Endurance check. Restoration Mastery Focusing on restoration magic helps you identify hidden pains and afflictions. Scrying Mastery Your scrying rituals have unusual reach. Insight check. In either case. Exploration Mastery Exploration rituals are useful tools for navigating the world.

You can also master and perform restoration rituals as if your level were two higher. A group that includes you treats its speed as 1 higher for determining its exploration speed. Under your ministrations. Double the duration of any travel ritual you perform. When you use a skill as part of a warding ritual either as a skill check or a skill check modifier. Warding Mastery By mastering warding rituals. When an audible alarm triggers. The result of triggering the alarm depends on the type of alarm.

When you succeed on a Heal check to grant second wind. New Rituals Alarm Level: Warding Time: The DC to sense a scrying sensor you created increases by 5. Arcana no check You ward an area up to 10 squares by 10 squares. You begin to gain an intuitive sense of coming events.

If they are sleeping. Arcana no check The rope you use as the focus for this ritual gains the ability to move and to tie itself under your command.

When you complete the ritual. You can take a move action to command the rope to move. The animated rope cannot carry or pull any weight. Calm Emotions Level: Deception Time: Arcana or Religion no check You perform this ritual while speaking.

As a standard action. The rope has a speed of 6 and a climb speed of 6. To command the rope. Divination Time: If you roll initiative.

Animate Rope Level: Exploration Time: Diplomacy checks. A rope of any length. If the trap is triggered or disabled. Each orb sheds bright light in a 2-square radius. Arcana no check You take on the appearance of a humanoid of your size.

These lights can be of any color. If you do so. A creature reads the runes without first speaking the password. If you do. Explosive Runes Level: Until discharged Component Cost: Arcana no check You scribe magical runes on an object such as a book.

Dancing Lights Level: Creation Time: Arcana no check You create up to four floating orbs of light. You must have line of effect to a light to move it. You can also use a minor action to move all your lights up to their speed. Arcana or Thievery DC Deep Pockets Level: Arcana no check You cause the pockets of a garment the focus to hold far more than they normally can. When the ritual is performed. Ritual Scroll: You can perform this ritual as a standard action if you do so from a scroll.

Whenever you use a move action to move. Failure by 5 or More: The trap is triggered. These runes look like normal writing but function as a trap. Each light has a fly speed of Any light goes out if it is more than 20 squares from you at the end of your turn. As you inscribe them. Initiative — Perception DC 20 Immune all damage.

Attack Immediate Reaction: Close burst 2 creatures in the burst. A fine cloth garment 50 gp. You retain your statistics in your new form. You can also alter the appearance of your clothing. A creature with training in Arcana can instead make an Arcana check against the same DC to discharge the ritual.

Hold Portal Level: Arcana You magically hold shut one nonmagical door. Countermeasures F Disable: The DC for the check is the lowest detect DC the trap has. You lay an illusion over an area of natural terrain. Arcana or Religion no check You inscribe a glyph that works as a dangerous trap on a flat surface such as a wall. Your Arcana check sets the DC for the Athletics check or Thievery check needed to force the held portal open. If you conceal an area of hindering terrain.

Acceptable exceptions include creature origin. Artificial structures. Initiative — Perception DC 23 Immune all damage. Instantaneous Component Cost: Insight You gain an intuitive sense for traps in your surroundings.

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Hallucinatory Terrain Level: When you create the glyph. A meadow might look like a hill. The glyph becomes nearly invisible once it is completed. A creature enters the square containing the glyph.

This check is a minor action if the creature has not interacted with the illusion. Close burst 3 creatures in the burst. As you create the trap. Arcana no check You create an opaque. Any creature fully within the darkness is blinded until it leaves the darkness. At any time before the ritual ends. The sphere is transparent from within but opaque blocks line of sight from the outside.

Light Ward Level: Arcana or Religion no check You ward an area. Arcana no check You lay the illusion of a trap over a lock or similar mechanism. Arcana or Nature no check You and your equipment merge with a nonliving inanimate object of your size or larger. Creatures other than yourself can enter and exit the hut freely.

You can perform this ritual as a standard action when you do so from a ritual scroll. While merged with the object. While in the warded area. If the object you occupy is destroyed. Unlocking the lock. These can range from specific individuals to members of broad categories. As you perform the ritual. You remain aware and can hear sounds made outside the object. Object Meld Level: This darkness blocks line of sight for all creatures. Lesser Telepathy Level: Arcana no check You grant yourself telepathy 5 see Rules Compendium.

You are immediately shunted to the unoccupied square nearest the surface by which you entered the object.

Creatures inside the sphere have total concealment from creatures outside it. If you exit the hut. Doing so discharges the ritual. You can perform the ritual as a standard action when you do so from a ritual scroll. This telepathy can be used only to communicate with your allies. If the ritual ends while you are still in the object.

A light source within the warded area is not extinguished but sheds no light. The next time the target takes damage of that type. Whenever a creature teleports in this way. Nature no check You and up to five allies present while you perform this ritual leave fewer tracks. Portal Jump Level: Travel Time: Arcana no check Choose one unoccupied square adjacent to you and one unoccupied square within 20 squares of you.

You can perform this ritual as a standard action when you do so from a scroll. Nothing—neither a good nor a bad result. Any creature that enters a linked square can teleport to the other square by using 1 square of movement. Weal and Woe—both good and bad. The target. Read Omens Level: Arcana or Religion You can ask one question regarding a particular action. The DC to track those the ritual affects increases by 5. Once you ask the question. You drop a set of marked sticks.

The ritual cannot deduce long-term consequences or predict the outcome of long-term actions. Your allies cannot aid you in making this check. Failed Check: Reduce Beast Level: Woe—a bad result. Choose a damage type from among acid. Protection from Energy Level: Weal—a good result.

If you try again to predict the outcome of the same action. You create a teleportation portal to link those squares. Successful Check: The DM tells you that the intended action should bring one of these results. If you use the targeted effect. Shatter Bonds Level: Arcana Make an Arcana check against each lock and restraint within 10 squares of you. Once the ritual ends.

The sensor remains for 2 rounds. A scrying sensor appears as a shimmer in the air. You can then stop the ritual before you expend any components. Reflecting Pool Level: Scrying Time: See text Component Cost: Nature no check Choose a specific outdoor location that you have previously visited and that is within 1 mile of your current position.

Gazing into your focus a pool of water. Some warding rituals can block scrying sensors. If you exceed the DC by 5 or more. You can instead focus the effect on one object of the proper composition. A 1-square or larger pool of clean water. If a creature interacts with the illusion. Shatter Level: Arcana or Nature no check You can shatter all nonmagical objects composed of crystal. An object heavier than 50 pounds.

You place a scrying sensor in a square up to 10 squares above that location. On a save. If the check succeeds. An object heavier than 5 pounds. If the location is so warded. Each round after the ritual ends. You can extend the duration by another 2 rounds by spending a healing surge. If your check succeeds against the DC to break. The location must be fixed in place. Silent Image Level: Arcana no check You create an illusion of an object or a creature.

This illusion has only a visual aspect. The magical precipitation extinguishes exposed nonmagical flames in the area instantly and lightly obscures all squares in the area. The ritual gathers clouds overhead in a square radius centered on you. You could sculpt a statue.

You must perform this ritual in an outdoor. If you go indoors. Until the ritual ends. About the Author Stone Shape Level: Arcana or Nature no check You form a volume of stone.

Tongues Level: When the wind arrives. Wind Words Level: Arcana or Nature no check You whisper a message or sound. Robert J. A breeze carries that message at a speed of up to 6 miles per hour to a location that you have visited and is on the same plane as you. Developers Chris Sims. Creatures that can hear the target understand what he or she says as if he or she were speaking their native language. You can manage only crude details. When you finish the ritual.

Christopher Perkins. Angelika Lokotz Sundered Skies Level: This magical precipitation moves with you. If the target can hear another creature that is speaking a language. Schwalb is a freelance writer and game designer who lives in Tennessee. Jeremy Crawford Producers Greg Bilsland. At the time. These mighty swordmages serve as the elite warriors of the land. It was established more than three thousand years ago.

Rethmil is one of the oldest surviving human kingdoms. Threatened by the relentless growth of the Iron Circle over the last twenty years. As long as the Hyarthan Knights defend the throne of the magnate.

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Rethmil emerged as the most powerful state in western Altara. The Hyarthan Order had its beginnings as an elite legion in this age. Rethmil became a self-governing province of the dragonborn empire over the next several generations. Rethmil stands fast against the servants of Asmodeus. Nerathi Legends: After the destruction of Arkhosia.

After Arkhosia conquered it during an expansion phase. Time and time again the Hyarthan Knights have blunted monstrous incursions from the lands of the Iron Circle. Rethmil came into conflict with the rising power of Nerath about four hundred years ago. But in Rethmil. Many knights believe that Seira is the best and brightest of their company.

But now Rethmil faces a new threat—the rise of the Iron Circle. These noble beasts are poor fliers. In the last few years. Knights of exceptional ability can be passed over in favor of knights whose families are more important or influential. Their traditional mount is the dragonne. She routinely discharges advisors and servants who fail to measure up to her exacting standards.

If the Hyarthan Order has a weakness. The Hyarthan Knights number a thousand or so individuals. Nerath backed House Tedrazar against the other contenders for the throne and established a line of puppet rulers more amenable to Nerathi dominance. Lady Seira Driloth is considered the boldest and most heroic of all the Hyarthan Knights. The Hyarthans serve the magnate. Magnate Tisera. Magnate Tisera Sathandin The sixty-year-old matron of the Sathandin family.

One by one. Knight-Marshal Anton Marduum: The leader of the Hyarthan Knights. Magic use is commonplace in Rethmil. He places the greatest trust in knights of good stock. The Hyarthan Order In Rethmil.

The lowest ranks of the order are apolitical. The populace distrusts foreign influences and has little interest in the doings of other lands. Swordmages and bladesingers. Knight-Commander Seira Driloth: Fiery and tempestuous. Magnate Tisera has no patience for fools and has a reputation for being exceptionally demanding.

She has won victory after victory on every march of the realm. Rethmil has little liking for reminders of Nerathi rule. Several knightly orders take oaths to serve different causes or faiths. The kingdom is mostly agrarian. Each Hyarthan Knight must earn his or her own drake through deeds of valor and demonstrated skill at arms. From all corners of the world. Knight-Marshal Anton.

The only person who sees her tender side is her husband of forty years. Anton is a stern and capable man of fifty. As magnate. Of the power groups in Rethmil. Rethmil has reestablished itself as an independent realm.

The Hyarthan Knights. House Marduum is a longtime rival of the ruling House Sathandin. Tisera stands at the head of a large and powerful bureaucracy. The Magnacy. Younger knights devote much of their time and attention to winning their spurs. Unlike swordmages in other lands. Although each academy takes on a number of promising commoners. Rethmilians of the lower classes are less likely to be tutored in magic. Twenty years ago. Beshan is the master of the largest counting house in Zagramor.

The cult is banned throughout Rethmil. Of the various schools throughout Rethmil. An elegant and witty woman of forty-five. Dervis Beshan: One of the richest men in Rethmil. Four years ago. Graduates of each school form a loose association or society that looks out for current students of that school. Ophelia Rysandor: Seemingly an empty-headed noble given to decadent parties. Lady Rysandor is in actuality a high priestess of the cult of Asmodeus in Rethmil. Beshan is a young.

Rivalries between alumni of different academies are very real and sometimes turn bitter. Dervis Beshan thoroughly resents this situation. Like many of his fellows. Many Rethmilian nobles undertake the study of magic as part of their training in youth.

Exploring Rethmil Most of Rethmil is a wide. Alam-Reth is a beautiful city of ancient walls. The Golden Fireflower is the most extravagant.

Inns and Taverns: Good inns and fine restaurants abound in Alam-Reth. Population Mix: Alam-Reth is home to about Castle Jemar High in the southern mountains. The Magnacy of ficial who administrates the city government is the lordconsul. Jemar-Khul keeps a number of fantastic pets. Centuries past. Long ago this was a city of the dreaded oni. Most of the people in Rethmil live in the eastern half of the country. The city walls are thick and strong. The land is arid and treeless. The city is well ordered and has long.

The Knights of Rethmil energetic man of thirty-three. The estates and rangeland near the city produce grain.

Dragon magazine

It is the capital and the largest city of Rethmil. Rethmil is largely self-sufficient. The western border with Dercassia is less clearly defined. Unlike many of the other fortifications in the ancient city. A small number of dragonborn. JemarKhul and his monstrous race warred against Rethmil. Harman Marduum. Lord-Consul Harman is engaged in a number of civic projects that are long overdue.

The Rosewood Inn is popular with foreigners and merchants. Buried Secrets: Marduum is seeking an ancient treasury of great Arkhosian battle magic. The basin has few inhabitants. The Knights of Rethmil one hundred or so knights. Suthmar This remote town in the upper vale of the Zagran River is isolated from the rest of Rethmil. The town is home to the much-diminished House Tedrazar. The heroes must blunt the Marrowfang raids and put an end to the threat by defeating the Marrowfang chieftain and his mysterious advisor.

The Feya Basin is the exception.


Zagramor The second-largest city in Rethmil—in fact. The city is home to a large garrison of Magnacy soldiers.

All trade into and out of the country passes over its wharves. This large stretch of dry scrub. Those knights who are stationed here follow lives of simple discipline. Feya Basin Most of Rethmil is dry but arable.

The basin is home to many desert monsters.

Some suspect the loyalty of the Tedrazar nobles. Of these. Under his command. It seems that the Tedrazars are content to rule in Suthmar. Suthmar is worth defending: Prince of the Oni: A ruined castle in the trackless mountains south of Rethmil is home to the mighty oni mage Jemar-Khul.

Monstrous incursions in the borderlands are a constant threat. The Marrowfangs: The rugged hills and mountains between the Sand Sea and the Black Stone Desert are home to scores of vicious gnoll tribes.

The Sand Sea folk rarely take lodgings in the city. At-Will F Arcane. The concussive force of its strike briefly slows your foe. When charging.

Add your Intelligence modifier to the damage if you charge while mounted. Long ago. Thunder Standard Action Melee 2 Target: One creature Attack: Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer who has written numerous adventures and sourcebooks. The Knights of Rethmil who gained his position through sheer bureaucratic tenure.

Swordmages who study under the Hyarthan Knights often learn arcane lance. Many Sand Sea nomads visit Zagramor regularly. Jeremy Crawford Producers Christopher Perkins. Each theme can encompass several unique stories within the same concept. Character Themes: When you begin creating your character you likely have an idea of what race and what class you want to play.

A treacherous fey could manifest the Evil Eye. A theme can help you f lesh out your character and provide some interesting options for developing his or her background. No qualification or ritual is necessary to join the Wild Hunt.

The presence of the Wild Hunt is felt most strongly in the Feywild. Just as race and class create basic definitions about who your character is.

This article details two character themes with a connection to the Feywild: A rider might be a member of a hunting tribe in either the Feywild or the natural world. For information on using themes as part of character creation.

When the firbolgs accept a Wild Hunt rider into their numbers. It simply happens. The hunt is driven by a deeper magic that follows no rules mortals can understand. Chasing unseen prey. Characters who have much in common with firbolgs might end up in the hunt. Both natural and supernatural at the same time. For you. Just as nature in the Feywild grows greener and more lush than in the natural world.

Starting Feature When the Wild Hunt rages. The Wild Hunt is the fury of nature. This is not a choice the firbolgs make. No creature can hide from your supernaturally keen eyes. This group includes unaligned characters and worshipers of the three deities the firbolgs revere: Sehanine the Maiden. Born from the Feywild lord. Dragon is one of the two official magazines for source material for the Dungeons Dragon Magazine Dragon Player's Handbook 3.

Dragon Magazine - The mailing address for all Oerth is gifted Box Sheridan Springs. Road , Lake Geneva WI TSR Ltd. For a free copy of the current catalog that lists available back issues, write to Send an SASE to:.

Dragon magazine Its current editor is Marcus Hearn, who took over from the magazine's longest-serving editor, Tom Spilsbury, in July Lee—Enfield - Wikipedia ; The Lee—Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in until Clothe your children in cuddly knits! Or grandchildren, godchildrenAdded Dragon — Dragon Battleminds possess a potent combination of psionic and physical skill.

On with the Show! Below are brief background suggestions for the major forests of the regions and a pointer for where to find more information about the woodland.

She is a vicious lizard bent on destroying all human life in her path to satisfy her voracious appetite and that of her trollish minions. Remember to take a look at the Pact Boon in such daily powers and decide if the switch makes sense during the combat.

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