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All four products offer plug-ins for Microsoft Word. Table 1 shows platforms and browser compatibility. All four products offer a web-based version that works with recent versions of popular browsers. Some tools offer plug-ins for other browsers as well, and all offer browser add-ons bookmarklets, extensions, etc. The Mendeley browser add-on functions only with the online version of Mendeley; the Zotero add-on requires the desktop version for full functionality; and the EndNote add-on can be used in the desktop and online versions.

Of the four products, only EndNote and Mendeley offer mobile apps. While RefWorks and Zotero do not have mobile apps, they do have mobile-friendly sites. All four tools allow users to import files of references from databases or other citation management tools.

Users can search within databases, mark references to save or export, and select from a variety of options to add references to their preferred citation manager tools. Each of the products has direct export options for at least one of the following databases: Users can also use the browser add-ons to automatically import references into their reference collections.

The add-ons for Mendeley, RefWorks, and Zotero allow users to import references to their reference collections from multiple databases. Depending on the database, users can select individual references or batches, and the references and associated PDFs are imported. When displaying a list of PubMed search results, Capture Reference only imported all references on the page; it did not allow us to select specific references to import.

Capture Reference did not work at all for us with a list of results from Google Scholar. The only way to import these results was to open each one and then capture it. It also did not directly capture bibliographic information about web pages as easily as the other add-ons did. When we attempted to import information about a web page using Capture Reference, it created an RIS file that we then had to import into EndNote, whereas the other three add-ons added information about web pages directly.

The tools also offer several other ways to add references. EndNote and RefWorks also allow users to search databases and library catalogs from within the application and import selected search results.

EndNote offers an extensive list of free and commercial databases for searching. As of this writing, the new RefWorks only offers PubMed and the Library of Congress as search options, and, when tested, neither search option was functional. According to the RefWorks lead product manager, institutional account administrators can allow users to search any database that is accessible via the Z He also indicated that ProQuest is building application programming interfaces APIs to integrate RefWorks with other ProQuest tools such as Summon and Primo, which should increase in-app search options [ 5 ].

All four applications allow users to create standalone bibliographies in virtually any word processor, including Google Docs. With EndNote, users can create a standalone bibliography by selecting citations and an output style, and copying and pasting into a word processor document. Both Mendeley and Zotero allow users to drag references from the desktop client into a word processor, where they will be formatted according to the style that users have selected, the quickest and most user-friendly method of bibliography creation.

RefWorks includes a feature that allows users to generate a bibliography from a batch of references in a folder, but that feature did not work when we tested it, leaving no way to generate standalone bibliographies from citations.

More commonly, users create bibliographies from in-text citations in a manuscript. All four tools offer Microsoft Word plug-ins to support this functionality. Table 1 provides details about which tools work with other word processors.

In EndNote, the bibliography is automatically generated as the citations are inserted into the document. In Mendeley, RefWorks, and Zotero, inserting a citation and creating a bibliography are separate steps, and at least one citation must be added to the document in order to create a bibliography. All four products made occasional small errors in citations, especially when we cited web pages, but Mendeley performed especially poorly, omitting key information from web page citations, such as date accessed.

Each tool offers different options for adding PDF documents. All four systems allow users to add PDF documents by dragging and dropping them into their reference collections and by attaching them to existing citations. Mendeley monitors the contents of these folders and automatically adds any PDFs to reference collections.

All four products can generate metadata from PDFs to create a citation record, but they use somewhat different methods to do so. The Launcher service must be running to use full-text search. The SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service propagates the service account information to each filter daemon host process that it launches. Click the Log On tab of the dialog box, and then select or enter the account under which to run the processes that the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service starts.

You may be using an account that does not have login privileges on the computer where the server instance is installed. Verify that you are logging in with an account that has User rights and permissions on the local computer. If named pipes functionality has been disabled on the local computer, or if SQL Server has been configured to use a named pipe other than the default named pipe, the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service might not start. I was searching for all of my Excel files in a directory and its sub-directories.

It found only some of the Excel files. I, then, went directly to the sub-directory where I knew one of the files I was looking for resided.

I, then, performed the search in that directory. Even though I was staring at the file name in the list before the search and I was in that directory where it resided, this piece of junk could not find that Excel file. Really, how does Microsoft stay in business. Windows Explorer is a fundamental application that is essential for using Windows.

Windows 7/8/10 File Search Indexing Options

For it to not be reliable is really unforgivable. If I didn't hate the whole Mac concept so much being a slave to a "benevolent" company like Apple …. Well the consensus seems to be well and truly against your opinion of: My reply would be exactly the same as that of Crow: I have gone back to Vista where I am in charge of what the thing does — and I can find my files as well.

I actually did a search on Google today to find a better third-party option for searching Windows 7 as I will be re-installing this OS on a friend's PC later and need to find a lot of stuff to back up before doing it. The fact that I came looking for a different search option says it all. I came across this and had to comment.

I am in fact going to jump on the "your lying" bandwagon because as Marikhen, the first and last sentences are lies. I found this site to be the one to answer my question about how to find files within a date range: There are some tidbits to wade through in this thread that add to the desired solution like "content" , but this thread is way too lengthy to find the solution.

Gimme a break. For the boner guy who mocked how another person names their files: Work style can be and should be individualized to however a person achieves the desired result best and "best" is defined by the one doing the work.

What makes sense to one person or in one work environment may not necessarily work for another person or in another environment. We people in the workforce rely on download!!!!

In my case as with sooooo many others in the real workforce I stepped in inherited mounds of files: I, like so many others, NEED diversity with quickness, thoroughness, choices in our searching capability. You've got to be kidding that W7 is better than XP. It ignores punctuation. That's bad for developers who want to search the Javascript command, "document. Why would I want to search a file "type" all the time? I cannot turn off that option to search a file type. I tried to find an email address by searching " mysite.

Simply stated, the search on Windows 7 is worthless to me. It needs to be put back to something useful, like the XP search. Win 7 unfortunately defaults to an indexed search, which is fast but not very useful. To Fix this:. I am using PCs since the early 80's, and always looked for the perfect search facility. Give it a try. It is a free open source program, no background services, does not consume resources continuously, very clean install, and after indexing user controlled it finds files in a second.

Very flexible and effective for my several millions files on my PC. Can't live without it. Ha, this is a funny post. I think he was just wanting to get us riled up. I guess everyone is different! Like others I stumbled across this article while trying to make the wholly useless windows search actually "search" for what I wanted. It seems the only ones sending comments are people who can't figure out how to use search, or are having some other kind of problems. I got here cuz I'm using windows vista or 7 or whatever it is tonight.

My own machine is XP. I have noticed that the search f n is absolutely lame. Why would you ruin something that works? I am also learning Office Please kill me! My problem tonight is this machine that I am on is near full on the main hard disk. I can't find any of the tools that I am familiar with to explore this drive and try to trim the fat.

When I left click the hard drive I can see some folders. When I right click on each individual folder I can choose properties. When I add up space supposedly allocated to these folders it adds up to about 20 GB. Properties of the drive on 'my computer' says that the drive is almost full with about 68 GB on the drive. It was very, very difficult to solve this problem since I could not find any know-how answers onlinr. I had to experiment and experiment on my own, until I discovered how to do this.

Open the Directory you want to search for the word. Then in the search area, type in the particular word you are doing a search on. When the search is completed, you should be able to view all the Files or Folders that have this word.

I guarantee that it will work! It has for me, and I have many, many files on my computer. It does take a little more time than Vista, but it includes all the files, and if you open the Preview Screen on the right , you can view each file until you find the right one you are looking for! Everything you will need! The Windows 7 search enging is total junk. So is Bing. It's all a part of the "Lame Software Group" which includes popular titles like iTunes.

Total Junk. I can't believe anyone would try to learn the Windows 7 search. I use FileSearchEX and save on aspirins. I truly dislike the way Windows Search goes downhill and becomes more difficult as each new version of Windows comes out.

Looks like the way to search the C drive is to go to the index options in the control panel and add a space as one of the search options on the c: It seems to over-ride windows feeble attempt to control your search capability. Windows search is completely useless and I routinely disable it on my users systems — it is nothing but toxic poison, period. With each release of a product Microsoft seems determined to kill any remotely useful features and replace them with defective garbage and Search is no exception.

Finds nothing. Does nothing. And don't get me started on the other features in Windows 7 that are utter junk — the idiotic Start Menu, the taskbar, the aero glass nonsense — all a complete waste of time. I've found the only way to make Windows 7 remotely usable so I can actually work and not bother with pinning crap here and there really, Microsoft?

That's your big innovation? We've been able to put shortcuts to programs and sites anywhere in Windows since '95 so please stop the congratulatory self-back-patting over that drivel is to set performance options to "Adjust for Best Performance" and use a free program called "Classic Shell" which lets you bring back some of the actually useful features of Windows XP and before, which Microsoft seemed determined to kill off.

I have read a lot of the comments here regarding the 'search' facility in windows 7. I didn't read all of them as there are a lot. It seems that the overwhelming majority of comments concern the complete and utter uselessness of the Windows 7 search function.

I am frankly astonished at how useless it is. I have to use a PC with a MS operating system my apologies that I cannot tell you what it is but I try to ignore the PC op syst and just get on with my work at work and the calls to 'IT help' are many and various. I tried that in the top right hand corner search option of windows 7 and it did find a few of the hundreds on the drive that I was trying to search.

Frankly, not what I wanted to do. SO frustrating! It makes me so mad! Is there a 'direct contact' to MS to make them aware of this? Perhaps they aren't concerned as long as they have our money? Thanks for reading. I can't really take seriously anybody who starts with the line "The built-in search feature in Windows 7 is significantly better than the horrible search options in Windows XP". It's one of the worst things about Windows 7 — and heaven knows there's some stiff competition.

Thankfully I got to this article as I've been busy finding all the other stuff telling everybody how great Windows 7 can be. I was actually beginning to convince myself that now would be the time to unwrap my 7 update box and switch from XP on my perfectly capable 5 year old Dell. Blessings to all. XP is still the best opsys from MS and it now seems whatever comes next from MS will be worse and worse.

Issues like sidebar colors are still there. I had to use W7 because laptops come with it and had to download many vendor programs for searching, file management, firewall, among other things. My 6 yr old nephew is amused by the bells and whistles of W7 like aero while my 10 tr old nephew isnt and for serious users such junk is totally uselless and W7 is at best a horrible modification of Vista with same routines at the background, just some facelifts.

I think MS lacks talent for better products than XP. I tried to send a christmas card and no background music option anymore? That proves it. The Windows 7 Search is actually incredible.

After Indexing my entire C drive Excluding Program Files like Windows suggested and in the "Tools", "Folder Options", "Search", selecting "Always search file names and contents" and also "Include compressed files"…there's no way any other search is faster.

Lets say the file you're looking for is called "Computer". Search you're C: I wonder how much MS paid off this writer to declare the search feature is better — it used to be so simple and functional — it was called the File Manager. MS has made so many decisions for the users it just doesn't work anymore.

Searching inside files used to be an option.

Maybe I can undo this, but why do I need to relearn a program I used to know how to use without issue? That is the MS policy in a nutshell, make users relearn a program every 2 years and like the nazi propaganda org keep saying it is better. MOST of the world, the majority! I have also suffered the loss of indexing and search of most of my document folders such as My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, whilst still receiving results for lesser folders like Searches, Games, etc, and for my little used Public folder tree.

Even thought there were , files supposedly indexed.

In my case, these missing folders were all of my personal data folders such as My Docs, My Pics, etc. UsersUsername mydocs etc. After days of futile net searching forums such as this, I eventually tried one of the many suggestions relating to adding the SYSTEM user with Full Control to those folders, if not there already.

I thought I had tried this in the past without success. These are all indirect links that point elsewhere, aka, Symbolic Links. As I did the above, I had Explorer open and set to the root of my Data drive. So, as I added the above security permissions to each of the missing folders, they immediately started appearing in the Explorer search window. Changing the permission of those folders as referenced under more indrect locations like Favorites Folders or Libraries, did NOT seem to work for me.

I had also rebuilt the index a few times, as well. After I made the Secuirty change as noted above to the other folder My Docs, etc , the files in the Public tree also started appearing more consistently. Further, attmepting to change those folder permissions anyhwere else but directly in the specific drive tree did not seem to work.

That is, working with those folders as they aappear under Favorite Folders or Libraries, did not seem to work for me. Perhaps I weas doing something wrong. Regardless, the changes I made today whilst working directly on the folders under the Hard Drive tree, did work and all results are now being shown. One other thing I did prior to all this was to do a Reset Search.

I do not know what command does this. I did so and my Indexing parameters were all reset to minimum which was different than what I had. Users Username which did not have it.

Specifically, for me, these folders were those that were redirected by Windows to my custom location like My Docs, etc. I have to agree with most of the comments and that is Windows 7 Search is rubbish. I have the choice at home of using Windows XP, but at work we have now gone over to Windows 7 and it is so frustrating trying to search for files.

Previously with windows XP it was so simple rght click on a folder and search for the file. Why change it, when it worked so well?

I think its unbelievable that they have designed it like that……. And then do a search for SearchMyFiles on the internet. Built in support for Windows ME. Have an older race car game with steering wheel that dies in 7, Vista, XP due to how they handle audio. Fix it please.

Need to game! Whether people say it or not, these are the major things people want fixed. Haven't read every entry in this thread, but I get the message loud and clear, and I ditto the majority opinion. The problem with Win 7 search that everyone writes about still exists. Scoffer, the first entry, was in December, Where's the fix already? Firstly, I automatically have to go in a remove ALL of those locations from Windows Search, because it's taken upon itself to add them automatically because they're libraries.

Sorry, it's a POOR piece of software which is not very well thought out, written or executed. If this software is based on Microsoft SQL, then I'm sorry Microsoft but your Main Database product solution is terrible I know this isn't Microsoft obviously, but who knows someone might see my gripe.

That's one of the things that makes them a terrible software Company compared to the likes of Apple who seem to appreciate users concerns and adopt changes to their software quickly. I used to be good with autoexec. Now to search in Windows7 you need to use keywords. I discovered the following I could not find this in any description or blog.

I will try to explain the best I can.

Set the Service Account for the Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher

As I write this, I realize how horrible is to try to describe this, so bear with me. First challenge: If you click that you get several options including:. Across the top of the main window you see the headers or names of the columns that are displayed. For example:. Once you understand how this works you can search from any starting point. I've used Windows since 2. Aside from Windows Live, the search in Windows 7 is the biggest pile of crap Microsoft has ever written.

Aside from the issues of the "index" becoming out of date two seconds after the indexing service finishes grating your hard disk for nine hours, it actually doesn't find any of your files. Even more annoyingly, while it's searching it will show "No items match your search" yet doesn't display any indication that the search is still running, so you have no way of knowing whether it's still looking, or it's finished, or the file does really exist but the indexing service needs another nine hours to find it.

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Simple way to turn OFF searching within a file?? I don't want to turn off indexing just DON'T want to search within a file. When I see the hard drive activity light is lit and the computer is idle I get paranoid. How do I know when indexing is going on in the background and not some hacker rifling through my files?

In past versions of windows used to be an animated icon in the task bar but haven't seen this in windows7. I went to Linux when Vista was thrust on us. I looked at 7 today, and have decided I made the right choice. Windows has become a nearly useless impediment to all that I want a computer for. Microsoft has peaked twice, 3.

At this point there are really good options out there including hundreds of flavors of Linux, and of course MAC. Why suffer this communist inspired abomination.

Where do you want to go today? For most people it's back to XP. But I simply moved on when I realized that the hardware manufacturers are in on the forced upgrade. I will not let the industry push me around anymore. God I love the open spaces of open source… wooo hooo!!!! It is so unbelievable that they trimmed down all search gui into a single line all as if it needs to be similar to google main page.

You must be a Microsoft Engineer. Only they think the Windows 7 search is usefull. Windows 7 search only searches the first files it finds. Do you also think "Hide extensions for known file types" is a good thing? If so then, "Anna Kournikova" virus. That says it all!! The only reason it was spread is because of the known file type extensions being hidden. America is smart enough to know what a JPG is but not smart enough to know that they don't normally see. JPG because it is hidden. They can't put 2 x 2 together to realize this.

I to join the band wagon regards this all amazing windows 7 search engine, all I want to do is search my external hard drives, simple, no! Even in Vista all I hard to do was put what I wanted into search box and presto, it would look into all drives. I don't want to index all my files or build a bloody library, I just want to be able to do a search and see the results from my external hard drive!

Windows7 search is the best and the worst. The worst in that I've been using 7 for 2 years now and still have to look up online how to use the more sophisticated features which I love! What will really irritate me is by about the time I've memorized some of the more useful features they will change it and I will have to learn the new system all over which will probably go back to one of those stupid wizard type setups that cater to the lowest common denominator with no way to turn it off.

The other thing I find highly annoying about it is that you can't shut off "search within a file" which sucks because I only need this feature about once every times I do a search. Lastly I can't stand it not knowing weather windows is indexing my hard drive or weather I have some type of nefarious type of virus activity going on. Would it be that difficult to put one of those little icons in the task bar that tell you such and allow you to shut off the indexing activity if so desired???

On my pc the indexing takes ages to finish. I tried disabling a folder to be indexed, only to find that I can still search for it later on! I know the Win7 search is crap, but I have to use Win7 at work. Can someone tell me how to make Win7's search functionality only search for what I type and not similarly named files. I did a search for FileName. That definitely seems like a bug in the search code. The problem of not being able to exclude file contents from a search has not really been discussed much in this forum on the Win 7 search facility if 'facility' it can be called!

It is my primary problem. Most of my searches are for folders or file names, NOT file content. So if I want to find a file or folder with, for instance "scan" in the name, I do not want a list of hundreds of MS Office,. The windows 7 search features are a joke.

Windows XP had by far the best file searching capabilities of any of the Microsoft Operating Systems. In XP we could search any drive or media. Something that I have never seen since XP. I once had an issue with a new version of Microsoft Word.

I could not figure out a fix to something that worked fine in the prior version, so I called their support center. They replicated the problem and acknowledged it was a flaw in the program.

I was furious. Microsoft is so huge and entrenched in our world that they suffer little from forcing users to adapt to their idiotic, illogical, unfortunate ways. One of the most basic functions of computers is storing and retrieving information. The "Search" feature in Windows 7 mucks that up into an erratic, nonintuitive, overly complicated mess.

The search feature in WinXP did everything I ever needed it to do. Seems Microsoft has a vast fleet of programmers without any connection to real world users.

They keep churning out "innovative" bells and whistles nobody uses or wants.

They just don't get it or care. There really does need to be some recourse for consumers to be compensated for software that is buggy or does not live up to basic expectations.

Too many are saying the same, but I'm so tired of this stupid search engine that I want to say it too. I'm an IT activities coordinator in a large company, and I'm so fond of Win7 search engine that I'm seriously thinking of trying some McBook, at least for home use. I really cannot understand the ones that say it is good. Haven't they seen anything elese in their lives? The old search may have taken longer but at least you could trust the results. The Windows 7 search will miss finding files that I am looking at when searching that specific folder.

Whoever in Microsoft let this piece of crap get released as the default search tool should be fired.. I have WIn7 64bit on my home computer and 32 bit on my laptop. I can usually find things with the 32 bit but no matter what I do I can't find anything at all using search with my 64 bit version. Been using computers since Bill Gates was a little boy with a big head.

I just had to leave a comment, because this article is a joke, right? I could not believe it. Windows XP search might have been basic, but it worked. They are just one big blunder away , and it will all be downhill from there. Yet, I think Apple will survive much longer. I agree with you and disagree with the OP. The search function in XP is significantly better than Seven's which is basically useless.

I've tried modifying indexing locations but there are certain files and folders that I simply cannot find how in god's name to remove from the exclusions list, and why is that set anyway? I want to search everything on my PC not just a few folders and files!

Furthermore when I look for particular files it ignore my C: I have to choose "see more results" to get it to search the C: I cannot fathom why it does this as both locations are setup to be searched in the options. Seven's search is an utter waste of space IMO.

Get hold of the "Everything" search indexer program, it's free, very easy to use and it works, unlike Windows' garbage version. Exactly, a nice simple search with a wildcard!

So simple with XP, so utterly impossible with Seven? What were you thinking of Microsoft? Always trying to dumb down the user?

Like the equally annoying UAC? What are we, idiots? A year into using Windows 7, I was oblivious to the incompetence of Win7 Explorer search until today. Those already initiated to the ridiculous failure of Win7 Explorer to do its job know where this is headed: Come Monday morning my boss asked me to rerun my search, while he described the berm of snow and ice he cussed chipping away to access the offsite unit.

I reran my Explorer search—still only one box. My search settings revealed nothing so still fuming, I run the internet search that brought me straight to the above article and resulting comments, to which I add: I agree.

I find windows 7 a very frustrating experience. Search is just one aspect of this nutty operating system. See http: In that case you either have to go for second parties tools everything is good but needs to run as admin, Index my Files, etc.

End of the story! Are you stupid? They must be paying you to say this. XP actually found things. Microsoft is digging their own grave.

As an OLD computer programmer punch card mainframes etc who has seen just about everything, I totally agree Win 7 search is useless. This is funny! Windows 7 search is broken! When your job depends on finding a file you will use something a lot more resilient that what 7 ships with.

Microsoft has stepped backward with Windows 7 Search engine. It is overly complicated and will not do simple searches. So why does Windows 7 attempt to provide details of Internet usage that will over-fill return hits? Win 7 search is terrible, a useless disorganized non functional piece of you know what. How can it be said otherwise. They need to start over or just hand over responsiblility for this to third party SW developers.

I am amazed that so many MS programmers could be employed in developing Win 7 and simply miss this obvious boner. I tried to find a folder on a network drive; XP was able to return it instantly, while Windows 7 would not find it after several minutes of seraching.

It was beautiful. What team of idiots thought that to be a problem? In Win-7, why would I wish to build a huge Index File? I decided to index the folder containing essentially everything docs, jpegs, ppt, pdfs I use, creae or work on daily. It took half a day to complete the process, after which the entire folder vanished from C: I unhid the C: My backup routines did not, of course, know where to find it, so I had to change the command arguments therein.

Is there any way, btw, to reverse this, restore my monster folder to its original location without reinstalling everything? Well, I have read three-quarters of the comments here after being incredibly frustrated by fruitless searches using the search box immediately above the Start button.

But this is clearly not the way to Search in Win 7! My computer has indexed just over 46, items. Then learn to search by opening Explorer and going to the top-right corner.

Type in a search term and, bang, very soon every document, every picture, anything with that search term will be listed with the search term highlighted in yellow, along with other details.

Very impressive. Works fine for me.

I found that after a 2-second google search. I turned indexing on using the main article and now my searches on the C drive work fine in both the Windows menu and Windows Explorer.

I have to disagree with you. It was easy to use and easy to learn. I cannot understand what all the moaning is about. I have just acquired Windows 7, which has its faults, admittedly, but Search is not one of them. In XP, what did you do? You put in a word contained in the file, and started Search.

So you installed Google Desktop, which found everything very quickly incl. However, it took up a lot of disk space and disks were smaller then. So you then de-installed that, and went on to install Windows Search 4. It only takes about 20 minutes to index a whole HD.


You must of course tell it to index the right things, which is a nuisance, certainly, and not for total greenhorns. But otherwise, I fail to see the problem. I am not. Add me to the list of people who think that Windows 7 search is crap. What the? I checked and the external drive is checked under the indexing search options on the start button. Why did they take xp and make this crappy windows 7.

I hate it! I agree with the majority. Have been using xp pro for years on two machines, and do photo and video editing, and am constantly being asked to fix other peoples machines. This is a great program for people that watch movies, and mess about with phones and so on, but certainly not an OS for work, and not for fixing. The search engine is total crap.

Seven is liked by people who have too much time on their hands to jump from this type of thing to another. I found this website while trying to find a solution to searching drives C and D together, as in XP. If 7 is so great, why are there so many people running concessions all over the internet selling or giving away open source to put back into 7 what you had in XP.

If you are playing, have fun.Document and choose Delete ; make sure that you have the correct key, and click Yes on any prompts. Haven't read every entry in this thread, but I get the message loud and clear, and I ditto the majority opinion. Click Save. Fix it please. This article is a sad joke. While the article didn't explain anything answering the bulk of the complaints, someone did when they said you can just add content: The intent of this article, which admittedly contains several factual statements, is as I said earlier, a lie.

Here's what I know. If you use "Effective File Search" software with Win7, it adds a right click option. But I simply moved on when I realized that the hardware manufacturers are in on the forced upgrade.

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