Particle size also affect the texture, taste and rheology of oral Flowability: The flow properties of powders depend on the particle size. Micromeritics and powder rheology pdf - Ample guitar g keygen software Micromeritics - Free download as Powerpoint computerescue.info). Hosokawa Micron Corporation Micromeritics Laboratory ,. Shoudai late the rheological behaviour of powder flow in the energy saving requirements.

Micromeritics And Powder Rheology Ebook

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Please, help me to find this micromeritics and powder rheology pdf to excel. . I found one site (database) with millions of pdf ebooks, programs, music, films, etc . Micromeritics Definition: It is the science and technology of small particles. 18 Dose uniformity Good flow properties of granules and powders are important in. Freeman Technology, a Micromeritics company, specialises in powder flow testing solutions and has nearly 20 years' experience in powder behaviour and.

The other compendial methods of powder flow characterization which includes measurements of bulk and tap density which is semi-quantitative.

Shear tests have widespread use in engineering and soil industries, however, is very time consuming and not very reproducible for elastic powders. However, it suffers from a major limitation which includes narrowness of the disk which makes significant particle-wall friction and is not a true representation of pharmaceutical mixing or filling process.

So far no single test has been accepted as a standard for measurement of powder flow.

Very recently powder rheometers are also being investigated to measure powder flow 13 , The method is indicated to explain potential impact of processing factors on particulate systems.

The principle of the instrument includes force-displacement measurement through the powder bed.

In the manuscript, flow behavior of powders is measured. Cohesivity of powders influences the flow of powders and sometimes causes difficulties in powder flow.

2nd Edition

However, static charges during filling operations cause very fine powders to flow off and therefore moderate cohesivity is sometimes desirable, especially if the fines contain an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The quick and easy measurement of cohesivity of powders will thus be very useful which can be done on the powder rheometer.

In addition, the tendency of the powder to agglomerate or form lumps is measured using caking test. The author reviews theory development, the influence of friction, topographical surface roughness, and contact mechanics. A portion of the book deals with sliding or rolling contact and collision.

Bharadwaj, Woodhead Publishing, This book focuses on modeling and simulation tools pertinent to drug product manufacturing, especially those that can result in significant process improvements and cost savings. The author includes case studies, modeling principles, the role of modeling in manufacturing quality risk management, and modeling applications for continuous manufacturing and biologics.

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering, Anthony J. It covers basic principles so scientists can easily convert bulk products into patient-ready dosage forms.


Pharmaceutical Process Scale-Up, Michael Levin, Marcel Dekker, This book details theory and practice of transferring pharmaceutical processes from laboratory-scale to pilot-plant and production-scale, reflecting rapid changes in the field. Drawing on the experience of contributing researchers, the book employs dimensional analysis as a unified scientific approach to quantify similar processes on different scales.

Topics include tableting scale-up and compaction, regulatory appendices, risk evaluation, and validation.

Mechanics of Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosols, W. Finlay, Academic Press, This book provides in-depth information on common aerosol-drug delivery devices, including nebulizers, dry powder inhalers and propellant metered-dose inhalers.

micromeritics and powder rheology pdf to excel

The author details aerosol behavior in the respiratory tract including evaporating and condensing droplets as well as lung geometry, inhalation patterns and fluid mechanics. Paul, Victor A.

Kresta, Wiley-Interscience, The authors detail the trade-offs among various mixers pertinent to their specific applications: gear, top-entry, side-entry, bottom-entry, on-line and submerged mixers.

The book contains a CD that shows mixers in action along with a usage overview. Principles of Powder Technology, M.

Rhodes, Wiley, This reference presents the fundamental engineering properties of materials that are essential to design and operation of industrial equipment and processes.

It is the maximum angle that can be obtained between the freestanding surface of a powder heap and the horizontal plane, as shown in Figure 2. Such measurements give at least a qualitative assessment of the internal cohesive and frictional effects under low levels of external loading, as might apply in powder mixing, or in tablet die or capsule shell filling operations.

Figure 2. Static angle of repose The fixed funnel method uses a funnel that is secured with its tip at a given height, h, above the graph paper that is placed on a flat horizontal surface.

Powder or granulation is carefully poured through the funnel until the apex of the conical pile just touches the tip of the funnel. The radius of the base of the conical pile is then determined to calculate the angle of repose Fig. Powder is poured onto the centre of the dish from a funnel that can be raised vertically until a maximum cone height, h, is obtained Fig.

The repose angle is calculated as before. Dynamic or kinetic angle of repose Angle of repose methods, which result in a so-called dynamic angle, are preferred, since they most closely mimic the manufacturing situation, in which the powder is in motion.

Tilting box method: A sandpaper-lined rectangular box is filled with the powder and carefully tilted until the contents begin to slide, as shown in Figure 2. The maximum angle that the plane of a powder makes with the horizontal surface on rotation is taken as the angle of repose. Rotating cylinder method: A typical dynamic test involves a hollow cylinder half-filled with the test powder, with one end sealed by a transparent plate.

The cylinder is rotated about its horizontal axis Fig. The curved wall is lined with sandpaper to prevent preferential slip at this surface. As mentioned previously, flow of coarse particles is also related to packing densities and mechanical arrangements of particles.

Hence, a good auxiliary test to run in conjunction with the repose angle test is the compressibility test, as discussed previously see Fig.The fluid bed granules were lubricated at 0. We are very satisfied with the performance of this equipment, the technical Ing Jakub Hlosta Technical University of Ostrava Our FT4 apparatus is a wonderful equipment allowing fast characterisation of numerous powder flow properties in various conditions of mechanical stresses.

In addition to this, the support from the team at Freeman Technology has given us an applied understanding of the technology, and has ensured that our This equipment is necessary to choose the appropriate filling technology on basis of a product sample.

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