Oxford Textbook of Public Health (5 ed.) Edited by Roger Detels, Robert Beaglehole, Mary Ann Lansang, and Martin Gulliford. A newer edition of Oxford. We welcome the fifth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Public Health, first published 28 years ago, which now represents an obligatory. Oxford Textbook of Public Health, Fifth Edition Edited by Roger Detels, Robert Beaglehole, Mary Ann Lansang, and Martin Gulliford ISBN

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Sep 17, , M. Hernandez-Avila and others published Oxford Textbook of Public Health, Fifth Edition. Oxford Textbook of Public Health 4th Edition (21 March ): By Roger Detels, James The fifth section presents the techniques for applying these scientific. A fifth edition of the hugely successful, internationally recognised textbook on a must in any library of a public health department we do need the Oxford.

This section also provides useful chapters needed for program evaluation, such as cost-effectiveness in chapter 7. The section also provides an excellent review of environmental health.

However, for future editions, the editors should consider adding chapters that address important public health issues regarding food safety and environmental sanitation and hygiene.

A distinction made by the authors is the reference to public health laboratories as key components in monitoring population health threats. This book clearly establishes the paradigm of prevention and health promotion as fundamental to the mission of public health. As such, the book describes and emphasizes the following paradigm of public health: to impact environmental, social, behavioral, and lifestyle factors and to ensure equitable access to health care.

This book provides a compilation of reliable, well-specified, and effective strategies derived from knowledge accumulated over the last 25 years that can be used to monitor emerging public health problems, to intervene, and to determine the consequences of interventions.

Two elements may be worth exploring further in this book. One is the different facets of tertiary prevention, focused on rehabilitation, which has lagged behind in the field of public health and is more oriented to clinical practice and care. Another is palliative care; public health can contribute to improving the quality of life of patients and their families when they are facing life-threatening illness and the treatment of pain. Google Scholar. Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce.

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Oxford textbook of public health

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Oxford Textbook of Public Health 5 ed. Latest edition 6 ed. Bibliographic Information Publisher: Mar DOI: Read More.

Front Matter Preface to the fifth edition Introduction to Volume 1: The scope of public health Introduction to Volume 2: The methods of public health Introduction to Volume 3: The practice of public health List of contributors Volume 1 The scope of public health Section 1 The development of the discipline of public health 1.

Srinath Reddy Section 2 Determinants of health and disease 2. Green and Robert A. Hiatt 2. Khoury, and Ron Zimmerns 2. Shetty 2. Gorbach 2.

McMichael and Hilary J. Bambrick 2. The global burden of disease approach C.

Murray, A. Holland 3. Dayrit and Maia Ambegaokar Section 4 Public health law and ethics 4.

Oxford Textbook of Public Health

Protti 5. Siegel, Fred B. Wood, John C. Scott, and Julia Royall Section 6 Epidemiological and biostatistical approaches 6. The foundation of public health Roger Detels 6. Diez-Roux 6. Weiss 6. Javier Nieto 6. Friedman and Eleanor B. Schron 6.

Sullivan 6. Hoggatt and Sander Greenland 6. Anderson, T. James Nokes 6. Berkelman, Patrick S. Sullivan, and James W. Buehler Section 7 Social science techniques 7. Concepts and applications Dean T. Jamison 7.

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Peter Figueroa Section 8 Environmental and occupational health sciences 8. Population surveillance, vaccine studies, and the microbiological laboratory Frank Sorvillo and Shira Shafir 8. Lioy 8. Goldstein 8.

Luepker and Kamakshi Lakshminarayan 9. Robinson 9. Kelsey and Marian T.

Hannan 9. Kukull and James Bowen 9. Knight and Hester J.

Ward 9. Kamb and John M. Douglas, Jr. Morrow and William J. Moss 9.

Heymann Section 10 Prevention and control of public health hazards Advanced Search Find a Library. The volume introduces readers to important topics related to the determinants of disease occurrence and outcomes, such as globalization, genomics, infectious diseases, and health services as key indicators of population health. Critical Care Surgery. McMichael and Hilary J. Oxford Urology Library. Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology.

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Srinath Reddy Section 2 Determinants of health and disease 2. Moss 9.

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