SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY EIGHTH EDITION SAUL KASSIN John Jay College STEVEN FEIN Williams College HAZEL ROSE MARKUS Stanford University. CENGAGE. Learning·. Social Psychology: Australian and New Zealand edition. 1st Edition. Saul Kassin. Steven Fein. Hazel Rose Markus. Kerry Anne McBain. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Social Psychology | Social psychology Saul Kassin at City University of New York - John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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Social Psychology 10th 10E Saul Kassin Author(s): Saul Kassin; Steven Fein; Hazel Rose Markus ISBN ; ISBN Saul Kassin / Steven Fein / Hazel Rose Markus . textbook, and because the field of social psychology covers such a diverse set of topics, there is no way. social psychology australian & new zealand first edition saul kassin steven fein hazel rose kassin fein markus social free download here social .

In matters relating to the unconscious, psychology owes a debt of gratitude to Freud. After some resistance, social psychologists have also come to realize the importance of the consciousunconscious distinction when it comes to self-esteem, priming, stereotyping, prejudice, attitudes, ambivalence, social influence, and other core topics. Hence, we describe recent work involving the Implicit Association Test, or IAT, and the ongoing debate about what it measures, what it means, and what behaviors it predicts.

Evolutionary Theory We continue in this edition to represent various evolutionary perspectives on human nature, at the heart of which is the notion that we humans, like other species, have an ancestral past that predisposes us, albeit flexibly, to behave in ways that are adapted to promote survival and reproduction.

Evolutionary psychologists today seek to explain a wide range of social phenomena—such as snap judgments in social perception, prejudice, helping, aggression, beauty, mate selection, and romantic jealousy.

To some extent, this perspective is still controversial. To another extent, it has become part of the mainstream, with respected journals filled with studies and critiques of evolutionary psychology.

This edition fully integrates the approach, its findings, and its limitations with the rest of social psychology. Cultural Perspectives On the heels of our highly expanded coverage of the last edi- tion, we have continued in this edition not only to cover but to fully integrate current research on cultural influences in social behavior.

Social psychologists have long been fascinated by similarity and difference—among cultural groups and between racial and ethnic groups within cultures.

Social Psychology, 8th Edition

As the people of the world have come into closer contact, researchers have broadened their scope from the situational snapshot to a fuller account of people in their cultural milieu. Cultural phenomena, once marginalized, are now fully integrated into social psychology.

As in our previous edition, every chapter now contains one, two, or three sections on the role of culture. These sections appear within the body of the text and are richly accompanied by photographs, not boxed or set apart. As social psychology is now a truly international discipline, this book also includes many new citations to research conducted throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world.

We believe that the study of human diversity—from the perspectives of researchers who themselves are a diverse lot—can help students become better informed about social relations as well as about ethics and values.

Connections with Current Events To cover social psychology is one thing; to use its principles to explain events in the real world is quite another. In different ways not yet fully discernible, so did the more recent and severe economic recession and the U.

More than ever, we remain convinced that connecting theory to real life is the single xxi xxii Preface best way to heighten student interest and involvement. The eighth edition, like other editions, is committed to making social psychology relevant. Almost every page includes a passage, a quote, a figure, a table, a photo, or a cartoon that refers to people, places, events, social trends, and issues that are prominent in contemporary culture.

These highinterest items are designed to further illustrate the connectedness of social psychology to a world that extends beyond the borders of a college campus. Social Psychology and Common Sense In an earlier edition, we introduced a fea- ture that we remain excited about.

These answers are then explained at the end of each chapter. We think that students will find this exercise engaging. It will also enable them, as they read, to check their intuitive beliefs against the findings of social psychology and to notice the discrepancies that exist.

The Organization Of all the challenges faced by teachers and textbooks, perhaps the greatest is to put information together in a way that is accurate and easy to understand.

A strong organizational framework helps in meeting this challenge. A strong structure thus facilitates the development of conceptual understanding. But the tail should not wag the dog. Since organizational structure is a means to an end, not an end in itself, we wanted to keep it simple and unobtrusive. Look through the Table of Contents, and you will see that we present social psychology in five major parts—a heuristic structure that instructors and students have found sensible and easy to follow.

The book opens with two Introduction chapters on the history, subject matter, and research methods of social psychology Part I.

We realize that some instructors like to reshuffle the deck to develop a chap- Preface ter order that better fits their own approach. There is no problem in doing this. Each chapter stands on its own and does not require that others be read first. The Presentation Even when the content of a textbook is accurate and up-to-date, and even when its organization is sound, there is still the matter of presentation.

Both the list and the glossary provide page numbers for easy location of each term.

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The test bank portion features an extensive set of multiple-choice questions and essay questions with sample answers. Three types of objective questions are provided—factual, conceptual, and applied—and all answers are keyed to learning objectives and text pages.

PowerLecture with JoinIn and ExamView This one-stop lecture and class preparation tool contains ready-to-use PowerPoint slides enabling you to assemble, edit, publish, and present custom lectures for your course. PowerLecture lets you bring together text-specific lecture outlines and art from the eighth edition along with videos or your own materials, culminating in a powerful, personalized, media-enhanced presentation.

The ExamView assessment and tutorial system is also available, which guides you step by step through the process of creating tests. Book Companion Website This dynamic website gives students access to a variety of study tools, practice activities, web quizzes by chapter, and more to encourage review and test preparation.

To visit the companion website, go to www. Robust communication tools—such as a course calendar, asynchronous discussion, real-time chat, a whiteboard, and an integrated e-mail system—make it easy for your students to stay connected to the course. If the textbook does not include an access code card, students can go to www.

Revealing Psychology This feature provides a series of social psychology video segments that are informative, engaging, and fun. Journal of Applied Psychology. Eyewitness identification: Retrospective self-awareness and the accuracy confidence correlation. Eyewitness identification: Victims versus bystanders. A verbatim copy of the 30 items used in this survey of eyewitness experts.

Links To address problems with eyewitness identifications, the U. Department of Justice assembled a working group of police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and research psychologists. To learn more about the psychology of eyewitness memory and behavior, visit the following interactive web sites.

Editorial Reviews

A Scientist-Practitioner Approach. Steve M. Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications. Essentials of Abnormal Psychology. He is an author or editor of several books including: Interested in social-psychological causes of wrongful convictions, Dr Kassin pioneered the scientific study of false confessions.

His work is cited all over the world, including by the U. Supreme Court. He has received several awards for his work on false confessions and has served as a consultant in a number of high profile cases. He has also appeared as a media consultant for all major news networks and in a number of documentaries, including Ken Burns' film, The Central Park Five.

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I ordered it for a class and it was fine. However, this was probably the most long and boring read for me out of all of my textbooks and I've had history and stats classes that required lots of reading. The text was small, the material was wordy, and the information was arranged in a strange way that made it really frustrating to take notes.

I typed up my notes instead of writing them by hand, because the information would be given out of order and I'd have to go back and add sections of notes. This was an interesting subject, but way the information was given made me dread reading the textbook.

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Paperback Verified download. I am concerned about this book, it states right on the front of the book that it is unauthorized to sell this book within the U.

So I am unsure why it is being sold on site. This is a black and white copy, its a copied edition.

Which doesn't bother me, I already have pdf version of the book. However, I am concerned about owning an illegal copy. I would like feedback on if this could get me in trouble in anyway Otherwise the book is perfectly fine.What makes social psychology different from these artistic and humanistic endeavors is that social psychology is a science.

However, this was probably the most long and boring read for me out of all of my textbooks and I've had history and stats classes that required lots of reading.

A comparison of experts and prospective jurors. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Btw I had a test to study for and I was very unprepared! Which doesn't bother me, I already have pdf version of the book.

To another extent, it has become part of the mainstream, with respected journals filled with studies and critiques of evolutionary psychology.

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