SOYAL. ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. ®. AR (H) / AR (H) /. AR(H) / AR (H) / AR (H). V e x1 e x1 f x2 f x2 f x2 c x2. A. A1. A2. A3. SOYAL. ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. ®. ARH/ARH/. ARH/AR- H/ARH. V e x1 e x1 f x2 f x2 f x2 c x2. A. A1. A2. A3. B. E. B. C. F. C. AR (H). Illuminated Touch-Panel & Metal. Access Controller. Ingress Protection: IP Indicators: 3 LED and 1 beeper. Weatherproof design, can be used in.

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ARH/ARH/ SOYAL ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM ARH/ARH V Contents ARH [Touch-panel Metal Housing] 1 Product 2 User. ARH. ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM RFID solutions. Proximity & Smart cards. Hardware & Software OEM/ODM Service. Features. 2 sets of Auto-Open. ARH - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. VARIOS.

RS communication port.

Stand-alone or being a part of ARE. AR H.


Page Warranty. God such as floods, fire, etc.

SOYAL shall, at its option, either repair or replace product s which prove to be defective within the warranty period. Tubing: The communication wires and power line should NOT be bound in the same conduit or tubing.


To reduce this effect. Soyal Proximity Reader - Brigent ; 5 ARH locate inside the secure area for use as an exit controller, the auxiliary reader locate exterior wall for use as an entrance reader, but not directly behind ARH. For best reading distance, offset the ARH and auxiliary reader by about 50 cm above and 12 m below suggestion value.

Notice 1.

Leading Supplier Of World-Class Quality Carbon Steel.

Tubing: The communication wires and power line should NOT be bound in the same conduit or tubing. The power for controller may be unstable when the lock is activating, that may make the controller malfunction.

The standard installation: Door relay and lock use the same power supply, and controller use independent power supply. COM N. DC24V1Amp N.

Enable the security trigger signal: 34 2. Disable the door open button input.

Please refer to the 20 DDD of function default value. User address: and pass code: , input 12 PPPP [e.

When he represent into the door will become invalid , then he needs to set the reset. Auto Open Time Zone Door will keep open after the first flashing card. Setting Up the Arming Alarm conditions: Application: 1.

Arming is enabled 1. Door open too long: Door is open longer than door relay time plus door close time. Alarm system connected 2.

Force open Opened without a valid user card : Access by force or illegal procedure. Door position abnormal: When power is off and then on, controller on arming bffore power off. Card only 2.

Please select the compliance,first.Of these metal seated ball valves supplied, some are floating design, while the rest are trunnion mounted with extension bonnets for low to high temperature service.

Ferritic stainless steels are non hardenable Fe Cr alloys.

In fact, many consider the alloy H one of the easiest metals to weld because titanium reinforces its shape and it does not easily crack. DC24V1Amp N.

The primary alloying additions are chromium and nickel. X means the device is disconnected Off-line.

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