Disney Fake Book. OVER SONGS. FOR PIANO, VOCAL, GUITAR,. ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD, AND. ALL “C” INSTRUMENTS. (Fake Book). Since its founding, the Walt Disney Company has made music a cornerstone of virtually every part of its business. From animated feature films to. The Disney Fake Book, 3rd Edition [Hal Leonard Corp.] on computerescue.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Fake Book). This third edition features even.

Disney Fake Book

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Film music songbook for C-instruments or vocals Disney songs in lead-sheet style, Melody in notation, With chords and texts, Format: DIN A4, Spiral bound. Setting A Startup Form Or Procedure. Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table of Contents http Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table o. Read The Disney Fake Book - 3rd Edition by Hal Leonard LLC for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone.

A - ra - bi - an Nights - like A - ra - bi - an days more of - ten than not are hot - ter than hot in a lot - ta good ways.

A - ra - bi - an Nights 'neath A - ra - bi - an moons, a fool off his guard could fall and fall hard out there on the dunes. Which pets are known to nev - er show their claws? Which pets get to to hard - ly an - y flaws?

French Na - tur - al - ment! The A - ris to 0th - ers tip their hats? Which pets are.

Which pets know best all the gen - tle so - cia1 gra - ces? Which pets live on cream and lov - ing pats? Na - tu - ral - ment! They show a - ris - to - cat - ic bear - ing when they're seen up - on an air - ing, and a - ris - to - cat - ic flair in what they do and what they say!

Wher- ev - er I wan - der, wher - ev - er I roam, life. When you - pick a paw - Paw or pric - kl - y pear, 3. So just try to re - lax Oh yeah! The bees are buzz - in' in the tree to make some hon - ey just for Don't pick the prick - ly pear by paw, when you pick a pear, try to use the Don't spend your time just look- in' a - round for some - thing you want that can't be me. You look un - der the rocks and plants and take a glance at the claw. But you don't need to use the claw when you pick a pear of the found.

I'll tell you some - thing true.

The Disney Fake Book - 3rd Edition

Look for The you! Be Our Guest! Put our ser - vice to the test.

Tie your nap - kin 'round your neck, che - rie, and we pro-vide the rest. Soup du jour! Hot hors d'oeuvres! Why, we on - ly live to serve. Try the grey stuff, it's de - li - cious!

Don't be - lieve me? They can dance! Go on, un - fold your men - u, take a glance, and then - you'll Be Our Guest, oui, our guest! Reef ra - gout! Cheese souf- flk!

You're a - lone and you're scared but the ban - quet's all pre - pared. No one's gloom - y or com - plain - ing while the flat- ware's en - ter - lain - ing. I lo tricks 1i. And it's all in per- fect taste.

That you can bet! If you're stressed, it's fine Slower, melancholy din - ing we sug - gest. Re Our Guest! Life is so un - He's not whole with -out a soul to wait up - on.

Ebdirn gone. Ten years, we've been rust- ing, need- ins su muc.


Most days, we just lay a - round the cas - tle. Flab - by, fat and laz - y. You walked in, anci oops - a-dais - y! It's a guest! Sakes a - live, n,ell. I'll be blessed! And my denr, that'sfine with me.

Whilethe cups do their soft - shoe-ing, I'll be bub-hling! I'll be brew-ing! Heav-en's sakes! I s that a spot? Clean it up! She's our guest!

Our com - mand is your re - 4 quest. With your meal, with your ease. While the can - dle-light'sstill glow-ing let us help you, we'll keep go - ingcourse by Bb Bb7 Ba - by mine - don't you cry.

All those same peo - ple who scold You, D. Raised in the woods so he knew ev - 'ry tree. Kilt him a b'ar when he was on - ly three. Da - vy, Da - vy Crock - ett, the man who don't know fear! Look - at the skies; - They have stars - in their eyes - On this love - ly Bel - la Not - te. So take the love - of your loved one. You'll need it a - bout this time To keep from fall - ing like a star When you make that diz - zy climb. There goes the bak - er with his tray, like Townsfolk: Look there she goes that girl is strange, no Townsfolk: Look there she goes that girl is so Pe - a1 ways, ques tion.

I Ev - 'ry morn - ing just the Ncv - er part of an - y With a dream - y, far - off same crowd, look since the morn - ing that we came 'cause her head's UP on some cloud. Good mom - ;ng, Belle! Man I: Don - jour. Good day. Ian I: How is your fam - 'ly? Woman Bon - jour. Man How is your wife? Woman Ill: I need six eggs! That's too ex - pen sive. There must be U ' I more than this pro - vin - I I cia1 life!

Bare - ly e - ven Gm friends, then some-bod - y bends un - ex - pect - ed - ly. Just a lit - tle change. Both a lit - tle scared, nei-ther one pre-pared. Beau-ty And The Beast. Tale as old as time. Bit - ter-sweet and strange, find-ing you can change, learn-ing you were wrong. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Beau - ty And The Beast. Moderately C - Wheri you're the Hest Of Friends hav - ing so much fun to - geth - er, you're not hap - py game, you could clown a - round for - ev - er.

Nei - ther e - ven a - ware - you're such a fun - ny pair. If on - ly the world would-n't get in the way, - if on - ly peo- ple would just let you play. They'll say you're both be - ing fools, you're break- ing a the rules. Put 'em to-geth-er and what have you got? Bib- bi - di-Bob-bi - di-Boo. It - '11 do mag - ic be- lieve it or not, Bob-bi - di-Bob-bi - di-Boo.

Sa - -ia - ga - doo - la means men-chic- ka boo - le-roo, but the thing- a - ma- bob that does the job is Bib - bi - di - Bob - bi - di- Boo. Put 'em to- geth- er and what have you got? So we drink a toast to the - - Ban-ner we love most, may it proud - ly wave on high! We will sing all night- and all day! O Wonderland Music Company. We glide grand far be - low the roll - ing tide, when you're danc - ing on thc sand, se - rene each glance thru the hub - bly blues and green.

It's love - ly hob - bing a - long, hob - bing a - hub - hles o - vcr with ro - mance. It's love - ly bob- bing a - long, bob- hing a - long on the hot - tom of The Beau-ti- ful Hrin - y Sea. How plcas - ant shim- mcr-y shin - y, Beau-ti- ful Brin - y Sea! It's bet - ter not know in' and I The o - pen road - is my friend. Lis - ten close while I ex - plain ex - act - ly what to do.

Step up to the t u b , it ain't no digrace. Pull up yoursleeve- an' get them inplace. Scoop up the wa - ter an' rub it on your face an' go I blud-dle-ud - dle- ud - dIe- ud - dle - um - durn. Now pick up the soap - an' don't try to bluff. Work up a lath - er an' I when ya got e-nough, with your mouth full of wa - ter ya snort an' ya snuff an' go blud- dIe - ud - die - ud - dle - ud - dle - urn - durn. Ya douse an' ya souse. Al - though you're cold an' wet when you're done,- ya got - ta ad - mit that it's I good clean fun.

SG splash all ya like, - it can't be de-nied. L You'll feel might- y slick - as soon as you're dried. For it's I good for the soul an' good for the hide t' go blud-dle - ud - dle - ud - dle - ud - dle - urn - durn. Step urn - durn. Bb FIA rn Timon: And they don't have a clue. They'll fall in love and here's the bot-tom tine: Our tri - 0's down to two. The sweet ca - ress of twi-light; there's mag - ic ev- 'ry-where. So man - y things - to tell - her, but how to make - her see the truth a - bout- my past?

He's hold - ing back, - he'shid - ing. But what? I can't- de- tide. Can You Feel - The Love. The world, for once, - in per - fect h a r - m o - n y with all its liv - ing things. Steal-ing through the night's un - cer-tain-ties, In short, our pal is doomed. Blue Shad - ows On The Blue moon shin - ing through the trees, - and a plain - tive wail from the dis - lance comes a - i driR - in' on the eve - nin' breeze.

Move a - long, blue I shad - ows, move a - long.

Sheet music The Disney Fake Book - 4th Edition

Soon the dawn will come and you'll be on your way. I know you're 'ti1 ev - 'ry wave is warm and bright. My 'soul is lost and drift-ing, but the clouds are lift - ing. Don't give up you have some-where to turn. Soon you'll see a gold - en stream of light.

A cold and friend-less tide has found YOU, don't let the storm - y dark-ness pull you down. I'll paint a ray of hope a - round you, cir- cling in the air light - ed by a prayer.


Keep hold- ing on, you'll make it. That's my ci - gar. You'll steal - a - nud - der. Kid B1ink: Hey bum-mers, we got work - to do. Since when did you be - come - me mud - der? Ah, stop yer bawl-in'! Who - ast - Moderately Bright Mush: Try Bot - tle Al - ley or - the har - bor. Try Cen- tral Park, it's guar - an - teed. Try an - y bank-er, bum - or bar - ber.

Met this girl last night Move your el - bow! Pass - the tow - el! For a buck- I might! Ain't it a fine life, - 3 I Car - ry - ing The Ban - ner through it all. A might - 1 fine life, - 6 Car - ry - ing The Ban - ner tough and tall. Ev - 'ry morn - ing - we- 3 - goes where we wish- es. We's- as free as fish - es. Sure- beats wash-in' dish-es. What a fine life - Car- ry - ing The Ran- ncr home free all. It takes a Who ain't a - fraid to use - his fist! Summer stinks- and win - - ter's wait - in'.

Wel-come to - New Yawk. A might-y chums.

I'm no snooz - er. Bsus B E1n7sus A7sus A7 - likes liv - in' chan-cy. Har - lem to De - Ian-cey. You shall - be saved. D D IIMother: Pat - rick,- dar - ling,- since you left me Racetrack: Some- thing to wake me up.

I got-ta find an an - You - call that a head- line? We need an earth-quake or - a wave. Hey stu- pid that ain't news. It's a fine life Car-ry - ing The Ran-ner through it all.

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A might - y fine life- A might -? I was gon-na startwithtwen-ty but a doz-en '11 be plen-ty. I II See the head - line: Whata fine life - Car- ry - ing The Ban- ner. It's a fine life - fur-therthan I reck-oned, by the court-house, by the sta-bles on the cor-ner some-one beck-oned and I go get 'em Cow-boy. It's a fine life - Car- ry - ing The Ban-ner, it's a fine life -. Go get 'em Cow-boy! Car-ry - ing The Ban-ner. It's a fine life - Car-ry - ing The Ban-ner it's a You got 'em, now boy!

Ev - 'ry mort-gage and lease I will re - val - u - ate. From this vil - lage be - low you I'll in - crease their in - t'rest rate. You'll eat noth - ing but cake mar - ry - ing me, you luck - y girl. You have caught me to - day - ev - 'ry cent we will drain. You'll be in on the take- - in a gen - er - nus vein. Come now, what do you say - in our Cas - tle In Spair?. Chim chim-in - ey, chim chim-in - ey, chim chim cher - oo!

Good luck will rub when I shakes 'ands with you, or blow me a kiss and that's luck - y, too. Though I spends me time in the broom for the shaft and a brush for the flue.

Though I'm cov - ered with soot from me! On the roof - tops of Lon - don, coo, what a sight! V From the day we a r - rive - on theplan - et and blink- ing, step in - to - the sun, there's Gm Fsus F k U I more to see - than can ev - er be seen, - more to do than can ev - er - be done. There's far too much - to take in -here, more to find than can ev - er be found. But the sun roll - ing high - through the sap - phi - re sky - keeps great and small on the end - less round..

Have you ev - er heard the wolf cry to the - hlue corn moon, or asked the grin - ning hob - cat why he grinned'? Come run the hid - den pine trails of the If you cut it down, - then you'll nev - er know. Cin - der - el - la, - you're a sun - set in a frame.

An - y-one can see a throne would be your pro- per place. Cin- der el - la, if you give your heart a chance it will lead you- to the king - dom of ro-mance. There you'll see your dreams un - fold, Cin-der- el - l a , Cin-der- el - la, - in the sweet- est sto- r j ev - er told.

The curl of' her lips, - the ice in her stare; - all in - no-cent chi1 - dren had bet - ter he - ware.

The Disney Fake Book: 2nd Edition

This vam - pire - bat, - this in - hu- man beast, - she ought to be locked - up and nev - er re - leased. Cru - Vil. Hup hi'o Hup two three juur, dress it up, '0 three four.

Hup 11r.

Oh the aim of our pa - trol, is a three jbur, dress it up IIVO three jbur. By the ranks or sin - gle file, ov - er I three four, col- umn left march! For to march and drill, ov - er field and hill ev - 'ry jun - gle mile.

Oh we stamp and crush, thru the un - der - brush does - n't mat - ter where. You can hear us push, thru the deep - est bush pa - chy - derm pa - rade. But we'd ra - ther stroll to a wa - ter hole is a mil - i - ta - ry goal!

For a fur - lough in the shade! And a cow-boy needs a hat, needs a hat, needs a hat. And he ough- ta have a boots, fan- cy boots, fan- cy boots. And a set of shin- y spurs, shin- y spurs, shin- y spurs.

And he ough-ta have a rope, have a rope, have a rope, if he wants to keep a - rid - in'. Now a cow - boy needs some song, have a song, have a song, if he wants to keep a rid - in'. Now if a cow - boy's got a horse, and a hat, and a rope, and a pair of fan - cy boots, shin - y spurs, and a song, Then there's ver - y lit - tle else in this world that he needs if he wants to keep a - rid - in', rid - in' a - long.

I - mag - ine that rus - tic lo - ca - tion, the hills and the ev - er- green trees, and mead - ows of clo - ver to run and romp o - ver, We'll snug - gle close in the eve - ning in the glow of burn - ing logs. And all night long we'll hear the song of crick ets and frogs. Can't wait to be - gin - our sweet liv - ing that's in - our Dal - ma - tian Plan - ta - tion home.

We firm - ly plant our guard - ians of beau - ty in the land. We nur - lure with kind - ness. We stan - dard for true de - moc - ra - cy. So pride. I So he care - ful, gals and guys, take this tip and you'll he wise, if you want to min - i - mize con - fu - sions.

Don't jump, jump to con - clu - sions! Now in the ci - ty where I lived I had a care - less friend, who We had a coun - try square dance, and a doz - en vill - age boys You've heard a - bout the race be - tween the Tor - toise and the Hare, and start - ed 'cross the street so hap - pi - ly. He thought be - cause the light was But Kate, she wait - ed till too Well this is the ex - cep - lion green, late to no car would cross his path, to pick her date be - cause our rule 'cause Mis - ter Hare, but that's where he was wrong un - for-tun-ate - she thought she'd rate the lo - cal mil - lion - he should have kept on jump - ing till he!

Y, awe. Be - cause he She He should have jumped to the con - clu - sion. I don't get it that's con - fus - 'n'! I'm just kid - ding, gals and guys, what we said he - fore was wise, if you Don't jump, jump to con - clu - sions. When a pro - blem comes to you take your I time and think it through, and what - ev - er else you do, don't jump! Jump to con - clu - sions! It's a duck - blur.. That's for - cer - tain. Ev - 'ry day they're out there mak-ing Duck-Tales.

Tales of dar - ing do, bad and good - luck tales. D-d - d-dan - ger, watch be - hind you. What to do? Just grab on to some Duck-Tales. Ev - 'ry day they're out there mak-ing duck-tales. Not po - ny tales or cot - ton tales, no Duck-Tales. In d r e a m you will lose your heart - aches; - what - ev - er you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your d r e a m and some - day - your rain- bow will come smil - ing through.

You see I washed them The min - ute af - ter I was born I did - n't have a night - ie. So I tied my whisk - I chased a pole - cat up a tree way out up - on a limb. Classroom Resources. Reference Books. Music Software. MIDI Controllers. PA Speakers. Greetings Cards. Music Stands. Guitar Accessories. Instrument Stands. Series A-Z. Publishers A-Z.

Do not delete this link. Large image. Item No. A product from Hal Leonard. Since its founding, the Walt Disney Company has made music a cornerstone of virtually every part of its business. From animated feature films to theme parks, music has always been there to help tell the story and make the magic. This fourth edition features even more Disney favorites, including hits from their most recent movie and television releases.

Product Details Songlist Reviews 0. Hal Leonard Series: The Real Book Instrumentation: Piano, Vocal and Guitar Product Type: Book Only Release Date: You Can Fly! There are no reviews yet. Write a review. Quantity Discount. Quantity is required. Quantity is invalid. In Stock Usually ships in 24 hours. Add to basket. Add to wish list. Tell a friend. Products from the same series. The Real Book - Volume I 6th ed. The Real Book: Selections From Volume 1 Item No.

Over , sheet music titles, musical instruments and accessories available delivering worldwide! Your Account. Our Service. Our Policies. Get to Know Us. Payment Options. Connect with us. All rights reserved. Contact Us. Privacy Policy. Hal Leonard. The Real Book. Piano, Vocal and Guitar.

Product Type: Book Only.Close X Learn about Smart Music. West 0' the Wide Missouri This fourth edition features even more Disney favorites, including hits from their most recent movie and television releases. Your video is in XX format and is playable on most pre-installed video players. One of these items ships sooner than the other. We'll instantly send an email containing product info and a link to it.

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