HOW THIS CODEX WORKS. Codex: Grey Knights contains everything you need to collect a force of Grey Knights Space Page 7 Like the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes, the Grey Knights are few in number, a mere handful when. Grey Knights Codex 8th - Free Download. The 7th edition Games Workshop codex did do some good, Now the 8th edition Grey Knights codex has. МБ. 26 7 мар в · Ana Asensi . Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space

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txt, word, rar, kindle, ppt, and pdf report. codex grey knights 7th - alienhsu download or read: codex grey knights 7th pdf ebook epub mobi page 1 grey knights -. Codex Grey Knights - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 5 Grey Knight Grand Master .. 7 Grey Knight Brother-Captain. CODEX PDF WORDPRESS Space marine grey knights codex pdf The Grey powered by Wikia Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Grey Knights(7E) - 1d4chan Wall | .

Select an Grey Knights Infantry unit, that unit can immediately fight for a second time. All the Relics of Titan that you include must be different and be given to different Grey Knights Characters. Wisdom of the Ancients: 1 CP Use at the start of any phase. Select a friendly Grey Knights Dreadnought. Select a friendly Grey Knights unit with the Combat Squads ability that has 10 models. That unit is immediately split into two separate units, each containing 5 models.

Roll D6 for that mortal wound and each mortal wound inflicted for the rest of the phase. That model can immediately either shoot as if it were his Shooting phase, or fight as if t where his Fight phase.

Teleportarium: 1 CP Use during deployment. You can set up a friendly Grey Knights Infantry unit or Grey Knights Dreadnought in the chamber instead on the battlefield.

One Grey Knights Psyker can attempt to cast one additional psychic power this phase. They can still teleport right onto the battlefield, still one in five can drop all his weapons to grab an Incinerator, Psilencer or Psycannon instead, and they are still viable for Psyker spam this edition with Smite , but do not excel at it. However, they desperately want to be in CC, but have a terrible weakness in their statline: only one attack per model, two on the Justicar.

This can be mitigated with Falchions, seeing as they are free now, and still definitely worthwhile despite the lack of AP compared to the sword and hammer. A solid unit overall, if somewhat fragile. These will generally completely outperform a Terminator Squad at the same points offensively, particularly since Terminators don't have Relentless anymore. Since they also get Objective Secured, these should be your go-to for muscling in on an objective. This is arguably one of the most efficient units in the codex.

The ability to deep strike, smite, and then fire off 20 storm bolter shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you have a Grandmaster at hand to reroll the ones.

Then you can pair it with the Psybolt Strategem, and have 20 heavy bolter shots instead. Just be aware that they have the same old crummy durability as all marines, and your PAGK will get sneezed off of the board if anything glances their way in future turns. Additionally, man squads are sub-optimal thanks to potential leadership losses and wound allocation, so position wisely if you want to bring them for the Psybolt stratagem. Terminator Squad: They're still the famed Terminator troops of yore, now with two wounds instead of one, which was something they desperately needed, though still not nearly enough to deal with the likes of plasma.

However, even with a small price cut from Chapter Approved, these guys will still ask you to mortgage your house to afford bringing any.

Grey Knights Special Rules

Every single one of them can take a Sword, Halberd, Stave, or a pair of Falchions for free, or grab a Daemonhammer for 13 points, and one in five can take a Heavy Weapon, replacing his Storm Bolter. That being said, bearers of something with d2 and higher with good AP are the bane of their existence and are generally better dealt with using Strike Squads. Also, these guys are not cheap enough compared to Paladins to justify the difference in power. Just take Paladins instead.

Beta Bolter Discipline rule also gives them equal bolter output to 2 Strikes outside of 12" and on the move now. In this multiwound edition, 1 multiwound model are inferior to several models of the same price. With 3 wounds apiece, 3 attacks, and the ability to bring 2 heavy weapons per 5 men, these guys can dish out some serious punishment while tanking through virtually anything the enemy can throw at them.

They start out in a unit of 3, but as with any other squad, you can pay points to add more, which effectively acts as a tax if you want to use them as a heavy weapons platform. With the right buffs from an HQ, an Apothecary to shore up their lost wounds, and a variety of methods available to transport them across the board, these guys are going to be a serious wrecking ball to delete whatever they come across.

As always, be wary of tarpits, and remember that Gate of Infinity is wonderful for delivering their strength wherever you need it. Unlike the rest of your squads, you want to bring Halberds rather than Falchions on these guys.

As for which power to give them, it's fairly close between Gate, Hammerhand, and Sanctuary. Pick your targets before the battle, and pick your power accordingly. Otherwise, take Gate, it's flexible and hard to go wrong with. Actually, Hammerhand is useful on a relatively small number of opponents, but against those opponents, it can make the difference between your Paladins wiping out a unit or wasting a round of combat.

I suggest giving the squad Gate or Sanctuary, and giving Hammerhand to whatever Ancient, Apothecary, or Grand Master is babysitting them. That way, the Paladins can get HH when the need it without sacrificing Gate or Sanctuary, which they will need constant access to.

Brotherhood Ancient: Introduced in 8th as the Grey Knight equivalent to the Chapter Ancient that Space Marines can field, this guy starts out with the Brotherhood Banner that was previously exclusive to a squad of Paladins.

Keep in mind that he is a single model unit independent of a squad, meaning he charges independently and stands the chance of getting separated from the men he's there to assist. This also means he can be singled out by enemy charges and shooting, if you aren't careful in turn. Still, AP -2 with d3 damage is better than smacking daemons around with a flagpole like he used to.

Due to the rule giving you bonus attacks on a "per model" basis, you'll get much more mileage out of this guy sticking him near a unit of Strikes, which doubles their combat output. Apothecary: As with the Brotherhood banner, this guy's buffs were once exclusive to Paladin squads, and is likewise now a unit of his own.

What this means is he now has the option to heal and revive all keyword GREY KNIGHTS infantry units in a radius around him; your power armored squads will finally receive the relief they've always asked for. If this fails, however, he can't do anything for the rest of the turn while he collects the gene seed of his fallen comrades.

This can potentially change the outcome of crucial battles when he heals Draigo to full health, or revives a Paladin in time for the squad to force an enemy off an objective. Same notes as before, however; make sure he isn't left behind, and place him carefully so the enemy can't single him out. Honestly one of the best units in the army, with how expensive GK units are the efficiency of this unit is insane.

Grey Knights 8th Edition

He can take a single Falchion as well, or swap out his Stormbolter for a special weapon or the Relic Storm Bolter.

You're probably better off taking the normal version unless you're desperate for heavy weapon saturation. Purifiers: Utterly incorruptible and pure even by Grey Knight standards, these white-helmeted wielders of psychic flame now come with missing kneecaps thanks to the nerf bat beating they took this edition.

Down to Leadership 8 9 for the Knight of the Flame in place of Fearless, a measly single attack - though the Knight of the Flame keeps his 2 - and still without the benefit of the Teleport Strike rule, these guys are only further hampered by their one special psychic power, Purifying Flame, going from a 9" Nova to targeting the closest enemy unit in 3", and all this on top of a hefty price INCREASE. Thankfully, as Purifying Flame is now a modified version of Smite, it isn't subject to the Rule of 1, meaning that, even in Matched Play, you can cast it as many times as you like without restriction, and mortal wound spam is no joke - plus, this unit does know a second power of your choosing.

Purifying Flame does d6 Mortal Wounds to the closest unit in 3", which means that, despite the lower Attacks, they can still pack a punch in close combat.

As with Crowe, despite their lack of Teleport Strike, Gate of Infinity is great for granting them some desperately needed mobility, short of carting them around in a transport. It's also worth mentioning that the Brother-Captain's Psychic Locus rule doubles Purifying Flame to 6", and boy can those 3" make all the difference. Even disregarding all of my griping, they still aren't a bad choice, but they certainly aren't amazing. Remember that you can always run a 10 man squad and Combat Squad all the heavy weapons together, assuming you want to avoid Purgation Squads to save on Heavy Support slots.

Keep in mind -- though squishy, and immensely less powerful in close combat, the ability to do d6 MORTAL wounds is seriously incredible. Set two squads of them up in a Land Raider, and when it gets charged to stop it from shooting, pop out and deal, on average, SEVEN mortal wounds to whatever's smashing your ride.

Assuming this kills it -- it should, unless you're dealing with TEQ -- your Land Raider now gets to fire as normal, and your Purifiers can hide behind it to block line of sight and hop in next turn, never once leaving yourself vulnerable.

Got a Swarmlord to deal with? Seven mortal wounds should do it. Daemon Prince? Seven mortal wounds should deal with it.

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Give them some Falchions and charge whatever's left, and these guys should be able to wipe any single unit in the game. So hey, use that savings and take Crowe and the relic banner giving you 14 mortal wounds on just smites. On top of all that you are also doubling your close range effectiveness and giving you an additional psychic power from Crowe. All this for barely 70 ish points more from pre CA load out.

They are a notch more expensive than the standard Dreadnought though, rolling in with Smite, 1 power from Sanctic, the ability to cast 1 power per turn, and deny 1 of your opponent's. Want a teleporting Dreadnought?

Now you can. Stick it in a Stormraven and give it a twin heavy flamer and a mounted flamer besides for a hilarious 3d6 Overwatch shots. Thanks to the variety of options they have, Dreadnoughts are effective at filling whatever role you might need them for, though they shine at wiping out tough infantry, monsters, and vehicles. The standard Dreadnought combat weapon gives you 3 damage per smack, and with 4 attacks at Strength 12 after shooting, they are damned capable of tearing up whatever you throw them at.

The new Vehicle statline gives these guys some real durability, but watch out for power fists and their equivalents, as those 8 Wounds won't last forever against the likes of multi-damage weapons. While Psyfleman Dreads aren't in the new codex, it is still legal to use the Index profile, as with the Storm Shield Librarian.

Venerable Dreadnought: Mostly the same as regular Boxnought.

Grey Knights

Unyielding Ancient can be used to ignore Mortal Wounds from Perils. These are also one of your best and only sources of heavy shooting, and they're damn good at it. With Gate of Infinity, you can either fling your LR across the board, or you can get you Lascanonns where they are needed most.

Give this one a twin lascannon, a missile launcher, and Astral Aim. As stated directly by GW, you may continue to use the Psyfleman Dreadnought from the Index, even though they're not in the new codex. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons currently, also in the index. The signature Dread of the Grey Knights, it's basically a Venerable Dread armed with a heavy psycannon, a stormbolter or incinerator, and with its CCW replaced with the Nemesis Doomglaive, which is "only" S9, but compensates with 1d6 damage average: 3.

Since you'll want it to be in melee range at all times, it's best taken with the Incinerator to maximize its close combat effectiveness. Don't forget that the obligatory heavy psycannon is a tasty 2 damage per wound, meaning it can actually lay down some reasonable firepower on the way to carve up your enemies. The Doomglaive can take one power from the Sanctic Discipline. You'll never have to worry about getting tied up when you are needed elsewhere, since you can just teleport into the best position.

In short, if you take another power than Gate, you're doing it wrong, especially when considering how much easier it makes getting into combat. Servitors: Why bother with these things? Just take AdMech or Astartes allies.

If you are trying to fill out a detachment to get Brotherhood of Psykers or Objective Secured, these are the cheapest things you can take, full stop, even if they are otherwise useless in their own right. It should be noted that these guys ARE your only Infantry units with ranged weapons of Strength higher than 6, and range greater than 24". It's not the best strategy by any means, but if you are already bringing a Techmarine for some reason, 52pts for the two Plasma Cannons could end up plinking unexpected wounds on things.

With a buff of that magnitude, the chances of actually delivering your payload of marines without first getting blown to smithereens is drastically increased, and on top of that, you can assault out of them now! As even vehicles can now charge, you can even use these things to soak up overwatch fire post-disembarkation before your squad dives in, and perhaps even run over a few feet while you're at it.

Drive them up the board, pop smoke for a buffer against enemy shooting, and get your Knights where they need to go without first getting shot to pieces.

Also of note is the new and improved Self-Repair rule; on a roll of a 6 at the start of your turn, the Rhino regains a single lost wound! This will help a bit if you're getting plinked to death by small arms fire, but don't expect it to win you the game. Razorback: Likewise borrowed from Vanilla Marines, this is a shootier Rhino with a transport capacity of 6, as the rest of the space filled with loads of totally-not-dangerously-volatile ammunition for the guns up top.

Though it has access to the same options as their brethren listed above, Razorbacks are privy to a far greater degree of firepower; each one is shipped stock with a twin-heavy bolter, as well as the option to replace it with a twin lascannon, twin assault cannon, twin heavy flamer, or the ever-schizophrenic lascannon and plasma gun combo.

Since twin weapons simply double the amount of shots, these things are now capable of dishing out some serious dakka against a variety of targets. Keep in mind, however, that should you decide to use it as anything more than a mobile gun platform, that firing on the move while transporting your troops will cause it to take a hit to its ballistic skill, though this is less of a concern given how many more shots you'll be throwing downrange each turn.

Codex Grey Knights

Despite their increased durability, they are not invincible, and given the threat they present with their cargo of force weapons and deadly hull-mounted guns, expect to see them taken out as soon as your opponent can manage, unless of course you provide other, more pressing threats.

Grey Knights Vortimer Pattern Razorback Forge World : Someone finally remembered these existed and realized it actually made sense for us to mount our signature special weapons on our own vehicles. Nowhere near as flexible as the vanilla Razorback, but we still have access to those anyway. Thanks to Chapter Approved increasing the points cost on the twin psycannon by more than three-quarters of its original cost, this is really not worth considering any more. For fuck's sake, the gun now costs two-thirds of a Rhino.

Nevertheless, brave Grey Knights can still hop through enemies as though they are not in their path, and have a respectable movement of 12" while being pretty scary in an assault once again, only 1 attack, better pack those Falchions , doubly so with Hammerhand. That said, deep striking anywhere on the board can potentially prove more useful than a 30" shunt, as it can not only carry you farther, but also deliver you from unwanted close combat bar brawls - and remember, this unit has both.

Use the shunt to your advantage when the final turn comes around so you can reliably grab the objectives on the far end of the table. These guys also pack some further usefulness in that starting them on the board grounds your force and allows more of your units to set up in reserves, and they don't suffer from getting left behind, as they can immediately redeploy to join the rest of your forces in an army-wide alpha strike reminiscent of 7th Edition's Nemesis Strike Force rules.

Alternatively, remember that you can just use gate of infinity on anybody else in your army and not pay extra for extra-expensive-extra-squish PAGK.

They do ignore units and terrain and now with the big faq 2 units with fly cant charge trough units Speaking of FAQ changes, the shunt now has renewed viability, as it makes them one of the few non-flyer units that can move significantly up the board during turn 1 and one of even fewer that can do it without burning command points , whereas the deep striking units that used to do this are going to be stuck off the table until turn 2.

Sure, you could use Gate of Infinity, but you can only use it once per Psychic phase. The only Space Marine flyer without hover, it's an anti-air flyer that honestly sucks against most other aircraft since most of it's anti-air guns have minimal AP and low to moderate damage. Don't bother with it, stick with the Storm Raven. Stormraven: If you're going to bring a heavy vehicle, this is the one to bring.

One of our best and only sources of high-damage anti-vehicle weapons; load it up with Twin Multimeltas and Twin Lascannons, combine with the integral Storm Strike Missiles, throw on some hurricane bolters if you can spare the points, and go tank hunting.

It has enough weapons that hit hard to even deal with ie, cripple enemy flyers, despite the -1 to hit them. Plus, it has superior transport capabilities, with 12 spots for infantry, interceptors, and terminators, and even a dreadnought if one's in your list. All of this helps lower your deployment drop count, which increases the likelihood of getting that all-important first turn, and Grey Knights need every advantage they can get. Cheaper than the Storm Raven, but no transport capacity, no power of the machine spirit, and substantially less durable.

Two of these cost more than a Storm Raven but have less fire power and arguably the same survivability. Again, don't bother, stick with the Raven.If he rolls higher, nothing happens.

They need lots of close support, which you can offer them in spades; just don't turn them into armour paint , FFS! That unit is immediately split into two separate units, each containing 5 models.

They start out in a unit of 3, but as with any other squad, you can pay points to add more, which effectively acts as a tax if you want to use them as a heavy weapons platform. There is so much arcane add-ons to it that it no longer resembles the original design. Worth noting that Forge World provided the Grey Knights with a variant called the Vortimer Pattern which mounts a twin-linked Psycannon that thanks to being a vehicle always puts out 4 shots at maximum range for 30 points more than the basic TLHB.

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