A Visit From the Goon Squad. Home · A Visit From the Goon Squad Author: Egan Jennifer. downloads Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB. NATIONAL BESTSELLER National Book Critics Circle Award Winner PEN/ Faulkner Award Finalist A New York Times Book Review Best Book One of the Best. Jennifer Egan's spellbinding interlocking narratives circle the lives of Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and record executive, and Sasha, the.

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A Visit from the Goon Squad. View PDF. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Jennifer Egan's spellbinding work circles Bennie Salazar, an aging former. for organizing fictional space, postmodernism with its immanent playfulness,. selfYparody, selfYirony, and plurality is challenged by the contemporaneity which . [P.D.F] A Visit from the Goon Squad [Ebook, EPUB, KINDLE] By Jennifer Egan. A Visit from the Goon Squad. A Visit from . Author: Jennifer Egan. Pages:

Sasha was adjusting her yellow eye shadow in the mirror when she noticed a bag on the floor beside the sink that must have belonged to the woman whose peeing she could faintly hear through the vaultlike door of a toilet stall. Inside the rim of the bag, barely visible, was a wallet made of pale green leather. It was easy for Sasha to recognize, looking back, that the peeing woman's blind trust had provoked her: We live in a city where people will steal the hair off your head if you give them half a chance, but you leave your stuff lying in plain sight and expect it to be waiting for you when you come back?

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It made her want to teach the woman a lesson. But this wish only camouflaged the deeper feeling Sasha always had: that at, tender wallet, offering itself to her hand-it seemed so dull, so life-as-usual to just leave it there rather than seize the moment, accept the challenge, take the leap, fly the coop, throw caution to the wind, live dangerously "I get it," Coz, her therapist, said , and take the fucking thing. Sasha no longer took anything from stores-their cold, inert goods didn't tempt her.

Only from people. What they needed to do was switch things around in her head so that the challenge became not taking the wallet but leaving it. That would be the cure, although Coz never used words like "cure. Of course, these questions could have been resolved on Google in less than a minute, but they were useful questions according to Coz , and so far, Sasha had resisted.

The couch where she lay in his office was blue leather and very soft.

Excerpt: 'A Visit From The Goon Squad'

Coz liked the couch, he'd told her, because it relieved them both of the burden of eye contact. It seemed like a weird thing for a therapist to admit.

When people are on the couch. Into space. She'd glimpsed the wallet, tender and overripe as a peach. She'd plucked it from the woman's bag and slipped it into her own small handbag, which she'd zipped shut before the sound of peeing had stopped.

She'd flicked open the bathroom door and floated back through the lobby to the bar. She and the wallet's owner had never seen each other. Prewallet, Sasha had been in the grip of a dire evening: lame date yet another brooding behind dark bangs, sometimes glancing at the flat-screen TV, where a Jets game seemed to interest him more than Sasha's admittedly overhandled tales of Bennie Salazar, her old boss, who was famous for founding the Sow's Ear record label and who also Sasha happened to know sprinkled gold flakes into his coffee-as an aphrodisiac, she suspected-and sprayed pesticide in his armpits.

Postwallet, however, the scene tingled with mirthful possibility. Sasha felt the waiters eyeing her as she sidled back to the table holding her handbag with its secret weight. She sat down and took a sip of her Melon Madness Martini and cocked her head at Alex.

Now he studied her. Alex wore black cords and a white button-up shirt.

A Visit from the Goon Squad

He was a legal secretary. On e-mail he'd been fanciful, almost goofy, but in person he seemed simultaneously anxious and bored. She could tell that he was in excellent shape, not from going to the gym but from being young enough that his body was still imprinted with whatever sports he'd played in high school and college. Sasha, who was thirty-five, had passed that point. Still, not even Coz knew her real age.

The closest anyone had come to guessing it was thirty-one, and most put her in her twenties.

She worked out daily and avoided the sun. Her online profiles all listed her as twenty-eight. As she followed Alex from the bar, she couldn't resist unzipping her purse and touching the fat green wallet just for a second, for the contraction it made her feel around her heart.

But do you think about how it makes the other person feel?

A Visit from the Goon Squad

She made a point of doing this now and then, just to remind Coz that she wasn't an idiot-she knew the question had a right answer. She and Coz were collaborators, writing a story whose end had already been determined: she would get well.

She would stop stealing from people and start caring again about the things that had once guided her: music; the network of friends she'd made when she first came to New York; a set of goals she'd scrawled on a big sheet of newsprint and taped to the walls of her early apartments: Find a band to manage Understand the news Practice the harp "I don't think about the people," Sasha said.

She'd told Coz the plumber story about a month ago, and he'd found a way to bring it up at almost every session since. The plumber was an old man, sent by Sasha's landlord to investigate a leak in the apartment below hers.

He'd appeared in Sasha's doorway, tufts of gray on his head, and within a minute-boom-he'd hit the floor and crawled under her bathtub like an animal fumbling its way into a familiar hole.

The fingers he'd groped toward the bolts behind the tub were grimed to cigar stubs, and reaching made his sweatshirt hike up, exposing a soft white back.

Sasha turned away, stricken by the old man's abasement, anxious to leave for her temp job, except that the plumber was talking to her, asking about the length and frequency of her showers.

Sasha's nose began to prickle; she shut her eyes and pushed hard on both temples. Opening her eyes, she saw the plumber's tool belt lying on the floor at her feet. It had a beautiful screwdriver in it, the orange translucent handle gleaming like a lollipop in its worn leather loop, the silvery shaft sculpted, sparkling.

Sasha felt herself contract around the object in a single yawn of appetite; she needed to hold the screwdriver, just for a minute. She bent her knees and plucked it noiselessly from the belt.

Not a bangle jangled; her bony hands were spastic at most things, but she was good at this-made for it, she often thought, in the first drifty moments after lifting something. And once the screwdriver was in her hand, she felt instant relief from the pain of having an old soft-backed man snuffling under her tub, and then something more than relief: a blessed indifference, as if the very idea of feeling pain over such a thing were baffling.

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Not special anymore? Safari — Lou takes his children, Rolph and Charlene, and his new girlfriend Mindy, on a hunting safari in Kenya.

Set in , the story is told in the third person, mostly from Mindy's perspective. You Plural — Jocelyn and Rhea visit Lou on his death bed.

Set about a decade in the past, told by Jocelyn. Set a few years in the past, told by Scotty. A to B — Stephanie, Bennie's wife and a publicist, and her brother Jules, visit Bosco, an aging rockstar. Set a few years in the past, told in the third person from Stephanie's perspective.

Selling the General — Dolly, a washed-up publicist, enlists formerly-famous starlet Kitty Jackson to help soften the image of a murderous dictator who has hired Dolly. Set in the present, told by Dolly.

Jules Jones Reports — Jules interviews Kitty Jackson, as he has been hired to write a magazine article about her. However, as their lunch is drawing to a close, Jules convinces Kitty to go for a walk with him in Central Park, where he assaults her.

Set a few years in the past, presented as a magazine article that Jules writes while in prison. Set a decade or so in the past, told in the second person from Rob's perspective. Goodbye, My Love — Ted Hollander is in Naples, ostensibly looking for his niece Sasha, who disappeared two years before. However, Ted is using the all-expenses-paid trip as an excuse to visit museums and see art.

Set about a decade and a half in the past, told in the third person from Ted's point of view. Pure Language — Alex, an audio technician, is hired by Bennie to find 50 'parrots' — essentially people paid to feign fandom — for Scotty's debut show. Set about 15 years in the future, told from Alex's point of view in the third person.

Is a kleptomaniac. Marries late and moves to the desert to raise her two kids. Bennie: Interested in the music business.

Later creates his own record label. Lou: A music producer, and Bennie's mentor. Has many different affairs, marriages and children. Scotty: Member of the Flaming Dildos as a teenager, continues on the margins of society in later life.

Achieves a level of musical success as an older man. Stephanie: Bennie's first wife. A member of a country club she resents, but where she enjoys playing tennis.

Dolly: Publicist in pursuit of fame who loses her business in disgrace. Eventually opens a cheese shop upstate. Lulu: Dolly's daughter; unsure of father.

Replaces Sasha as Bennie's assistant in the final story, set in the near-future. Kitty: A hugely successful teen star who becomes jaded and harsh after Jules assaults her.

Later does a publicity job for Dolly.Ryan Britt wrote a commentary in Tor. Following the same lines, Egan depicts Scotty Hausmann at the end of the text as an old man who is bound to give his first gig. This woman was the type who annoyed people without meaning to; apology shadowed her movements even now, as she followed Alex to the concierge's desk.

Is that so? Time is a Goon: remorse and nostalgia If we are to blame someone in the course of this research, that is time, spanning 50 years, which might be source of changes beyond the music business. Marries late and moves to the desert to raise her two kids.

It is a novel of memory and kinship, continuity and disconnection. For example, the author gives life to Bosco as the man who wants to arrange a tour, which might set the end of his life, meaning he wanted to die onstage.

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