SCRUM in five minutes. THERE IS A LOT OF TALK ABOUT SCRUM AND AGILE DEVELOPMENT METHODS. ”A simple frame work for managing complex. The ScruM TeaM performs the actual work of problem solvers and designers. the team normally consists of people – a group size that experience and. They have an excellent short paper called: Scrum in 5 Minutes. On my laptop, I can run this PDF in full screen mode as a slide show and use it.

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Certified Scrum Coach and Scrum employs an iterative, incremental approach to optimize predictability and “Scrum in 5 minutes”, Softhouse Nordic AB. Free download page for Project CymruCRM's Scrum In 5 computerescue.infoA joint development between authorities in Wales to produce a common, open, CRM. Scrum consists of 3 roles: product owner, ScrumMaster, and development team/ engineering team. Daily Scrum / Stand-‐up meeting should be only for 15 mins . and as the name goes, the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and

This includes for instance not spending time writing unnecessary documentation the project form creates good conditions for fast mouth-to-mouth communication. XP has a different approach - it is more a method that deals with how to work in the project.

Softhouse - Scrum in 5 Minutes

The basis consists of twelve practices, where pair programming and test case production before coding are two examples. Lean Development deals more with how to organize the entire company s development activities at management level.

These agile methods can therefore be considered complementary, where lean Development deals with which comprehensive principles should apply for the entire development organization Scrum deals with how the project is organized and planned XP deals with how to work with programming.

Experience from a multitude of various projects shows that this does not happen. The reason is that the principles are easy to understand and the team has visible deliveries every 30 days. The shared responsibility for all parts of the code also makes the Scrum Team s members more motivated to adhere to set routines and rules.

Can Scrum only be used for smaller projects? No, the method can be up-scaled by putting together several smaller projects to form one larger.

A so-called Scrum of Scrums can include hundred of programmers, organized in dozens of Scrum Teams. How do you start? A common way of starting is to send one or more people on a course to become a certified Scrum Master.

Many companies offer these types of courses nowadays. Another alternative is to start a pilot project and let someone with experience from a previous Scrum project serve as mentor for the Team, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

What happens if you don t finish on time? Scrum does not allow a delivery date to be altered!

Upcoming Scrum Courses

If you are behind, you delete items in the Scrum Team s Sprint Backlog and if you are ahead you can ask the Product Owner for more tasks. Does a Sprint have to be 30 days? Not necessarily, but it should be the same length throughout the entire project.

Plus, experience shows that 30 days about 1, effective hours for an experienced group is a good compromise between a comfortable work pace and adaptability. Scrum has no role with that title. A project manager that leans toward administration is commonly found in the role of Product Owner.

Those best suited to coaching will probably be more comfortable as a Scrum Master. How does Scrum and CM mix? Well functioning CM routines are needed in a Scrum project, but normally there is no dedicated CM role.

The operative CM process is handled by the self-organized development team. To slim the CM process, continuous integration and automatic tests are used to automate as much as possible. Is Scrum a method just for software development? Not at all! The method can be adapted for all different types of projects for instance newspaper production or medical engineering development.

Where does the word Scrum come from? Scrum is a rugby term for the close-knit shoulder-to-shoulder formation a rugby team forms to jointly move the ball forward. The word was first used by Takeuchi and Nonaka in a famous article published in the Harvard Business Review in which they described the most successful product development projects in Japan. Burn-down Chart, a diagram that monitors how much work remains to implement a segment of the software being developed during a Sprint.

The purpose is to keep work flowing smoothly and eliminate any impediments. Empirical, based on experience. Agile development, a methodology for software development which emphasizes, among other things, adaptability, short paths between ideas and implementation, and simplified forms of collaboration.

Sprint Retrospective, meeting about 3 hours held after each Sprint. The Scrum Master and the Scrum Team review both what went well and what should be improved in the next Sprint.

Predictive, foresighted in this context, project goals and schedules based on a prognosis of external factors made at the beginning of the project. Product Backlog, current to-do list that contains the project s goals and priorities.

Managed by the Product Owner. Product Owner, the person responsible for the product s Product Backlog and that the project is working with the right things from a business perspective. Release Backlog, the same as a Product Backlog, but restricted to a release of the product.

Scrum Master, the team leader for the Scrum Team. Organizes its work itself and lacks a formal group manager. Sprint, the iteration comprised normally of thirty days during which the Scrum Team concentrates on realizing the goals defined by the project s current Sprint Backlog. Sprint Backlog, a to-do list for a Sprint. Consists of the assignments that the Product Owner has defined as having the highest priority.

Is given its final structure during the Sprint s first day at a meeting between the Product Owner and the Scrum Team. Sprint Review, an informal meeting about 4 hours at the end of a Sprint during which the team presents and demonstrates, if relevant for management, customers and the Product Owner what has been created during the Sprint.

Timebox, a period during which something is to be carried out. A Sprint is a result of timebox thinking. Deadlines may not be exceeded parts of the assignment are deleted instead.

Estimated work remaining 70 Burndown 60 50 40 30 20 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Days How much work left in scheduled tasks is marked daily on a burndown chart.

Enthusiasm is high among those who work with agile methods. It is no exaggeration to say that agile development is becoming the de facto standard in global IT. Where older methods try to be predictive and try to anticipate future needs, agile methods are adaptive and adjust quickly to new demands. A working endproduct is the only measure of success. Another important principle is simplicity and lean thinking. According to agile thinking, a heavy workload is not a goal in and of itself — it is more important to avoid unnecessary work.

Kanban is a powerful tool for organizations or teams who want to streamline their workflows.

Scrum in 5 Minutes

Kanban charts on-going workflows. Extreme Programming XP takes a different approach — it is more a project working method. It has twelve procedures called practices at its core.

Since Scrum is a framework and does not describe how to carry out tasks, it is common to combine Scrum and XP. Another agile method is Lean Software Development which has its roots in lean and just-in-time production in the manufacturing industry. Experience from a wide range of businesses demonstrates that this is not the case. The reasons are twofold.

Second, a sole person, the Product Owner, dictates what to develop. The shared responsibility of all parts of the code also encourages Development Team members to follow certain rules and practices. Is Scrum only applicable to smaller projects? No, the method can be scaled up by combining several small projects into one larger one. How does one get started? The best way is to enlist the help of an Agile Coach who can train and support teams during one or several sprints.

Although Scrum looks simple, it is not always easy to create a good Product Backlog, plan a Sprint or become a high performing, self-organizing team with strong commitment to results and continuous improvements.

What happens if you do not finish? In Scrum, the schedule is never adjusted!

If something is not completed within a Sprint, this unfinished task is moved to the Product Backlog. On the other hand, if tasks are being completed ahead of schedule, the Product Owner can allocate more work.

Must all Sprints have the same duration?

Yes, they must. Varying Sprint timeboxes also make it more difficult to establish a steady work rhythm. Is there no Project Manager role in Scrum? Is Scrum just a method of software development? Not at all! The method can be adapted to all types of projects such as within publishing or medical technology development. We have seen Scrum used successfully in everything from book authorship and board game development to vacation planning.

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Where does the word Scrum come from? Scrum is a rugby term referring to the dense shoulder-to-shoulder formation a team deploys to jointly move the ball forward. Is the Scrum Master responsible for delivery? The responsibility for delivery is shouldered by the Scrum Team as a whole.

However, it is important that the Scrum Master not bear this responsibility because it complicates the self-organization of the Development Team. Can a person hold two Scrum roles?However, it is important that the Scrum Master not bear this responsibility because it complicates the self-organization of the Development Team.

Is the Scrum Master responsible for delivery? SonicAgile also includes a Scrumboard which displays the list of Stories selected for a Sprint and the tasks associated with each story. As new work is added to the Product Backlog, the Release Burndown chart slopes up. Burndown charts typically do not always slope down over time.

Experience from a multitude of various projects shows that this does not happen. Ricardo says: A central concept for agile methods is adaptation to chang- ing external factors. Your email address will not be published.

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