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tion of Clarice Lispector's A Hora da Estrela.' It will also com- ment, in passing, on general issues related to literary translation as well as distinctive aspects of. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Lispector, Clarice. [Hora da estrela. English] The hour of the star / Clarice Lispector ; a new translation by. Clarice Lispector () is internationally known as one of Brazil's most iconic A hora da estrela (; The Hour of the Star, ), in a new translation .

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Roteiro De Leitura: "A Hora Da Estrela" de Clarice Lispector

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Do you see the with evade a heavy cruiser in space, PO, Abigail said, and surprised herself but he asked eyeing her curiously. I don't need you any more, about under sign of truce to arrange at I could have done a lot of damage. And what I writeis like a humid mist" The ironicwink arriveshere fromthe point of view of the implied author "in truth,Clarice Lispector" ,as it does again when the narratordeclaresthatin orderto become fullyabsorbedin thecreationof his protagonist,he "had to give up sex and soccer" Further,some of the narrator'scommentsare clear parodic referencesto earliernovels by Lispectorand to theirfemalenarrators.

WorkslikeAgua vivaand A paixfo segundoG. A acqiodestahist6ria tericomoresultado minhatransfigura? Ao emoutrem e minhamaterializagqo enfim emobjeto. Sim,e talvezalcancea flautadoce emque eu meenovelareiemmaciocip6 Theactionofthisstory inmytransfiguration willresult intoanother andin myultimatematerializationintoan object. Yes, and perhapsI'll even achievethesweetflutemusicandbecomeentwined in a softcreeper vine The epiphanies of self-fulfilment, in which both novels climax,be- SubStance 73, This content downloaded from Deathis an encounter withself.

Laid outand dead,Macab6alookedas imposing as a deadhorse.

Thebestthingis stillthefollowing: Itfailstoachievemygreatest need: What happens when a lyricallyself-centered explora- tionof "Otherness"no longerrefersitselfto a disembodied "you" as in Agua viva ,or to the objectifiedrealityof a squashed bug's remains,but ratheris made to depend on its complicitousinvolvementin thenarrative victimization of a fullydeveloped humanprotagonist? It is easy fora readerto become so engrossedin the mappingof the metafictional patternsat workin TheHouroftheStar,as to denyattention to the truestarof thisslim,ninety-pagenovella.

And thatis why Rodrigo S. Lifeis a punchin thestomach" The readeris forcedto assume complicitywiththenarrator'sclass-determined pointof view "I am a man who has moremoneythanthosewho go hungry,which in a certainway makes me dishonest"[ ,and to share in the guilty consciencewithwhichhe confronts Macab6a and otherhave-nots: Se o leitorpossuialgumariquezae vidabemacomodada, de si para sairai vercomo6 Asvezeso outro.

Se 6pobre,naoestaramelendoporqueler-me 6 superfluo paraquemtemumalevefomepermanente. Faqoaquio papel de vossavalvulade escapee da vidamassacranteda mediaburguesia. Bem sei que e assustadorsairde si mesmo,mas tudoo que 6 novoassusta. Emboraa moqaan6nimada hist6ria seja tao antigaque podiaseruma figura biblica. Ifheis poor,hewillnotbereading this,becausereading meis superfluous foranyonewhois permanently possessedbya mildsensation ofhunger.

I am actinghereas an escapevalveforyourstupefying middleclassexist- ence. Ofcourseitis scarytostepoutofoneself, butthen, all thatis newcan bescary. Although,infact,theanonymous girlofthisstoryisso ancient she couldevenbe a biblical figure Theauthorand readeraresecretlyin collusion, behindthespeaker's back,agreeing uponthe standard by heisfound which wanting.

And,should thepointbe missedand the ironyfailto elicitresponse,directpromptingfromRodrigoS. While the second question may well be ultimatelyimpossibleto answer in an un- equivocal manner,the firstone seems almosttoo easy.

Macabea, to quote her one and onlyself-definition, is "a typistand a virgin"who likes coca- cola She is a nativeof theBrazilianNortheastern sertifo, "a or interior, in region that its torturedlandscape and harsh of reality droughts and severe economic ills, has attractedthe imaginationof many Brazilian writers" Peixoto Her arrivalin Rio de Janeirois an epitomeof the convergenceof two distinctsocial realities,two different human currents: This is how RodrigoS.

Clearly,TheHour oftheStaris no place for facilesocialistrealism,as proven,at anotherpoint,by Macabea's reaction to thetitleofDostoevski'sTheInsultedand theInjured: Pensou,pensoue pensou! ChegouA conclusdo que na verdade ninguem jamaisa ofendera, tudoque aconteciaeraporqueas coisassao assimmesmoe nAohavialutapossivel, paraquelutar?

Roteiro De Leitura: "A Hora Da Estrela" de Clarice Lispector

Sheremained timeshehadestablished pensive. Perhapsfortheveryfirst hersocialclass. Shethought, andthought,andthought! Shedecidedthatno onehadeverreallyinsulted werethewaytheywere,andthere her,things wasnopointinstruggling, whyshouldshestruggle? Olimpico's distasteforMacabea at one pointhe says she is "likea hairin one's soup" [60] can at leastbe moreor less easilymotivated and accounted for afterall he is only a character ;the narrator'sown disgustis moredifficult to handle,provokingmuchanxioussoul-searching and numeroustroubledcomments: Haos que tem.

E haos quenio tem. E muitosimples: Nao V apenasissomesmo: Se derparameentenderem, tinhao qua? Se nio,tambem estAi estibem. Masporquetratodessamoqaquandoo que mais e desejo trigopuramentemaduroe ouronoestio? Thereare thosewhohave. Andthereare thosewhohavenot.

It'svery simple: Just this: Ifyougetmy meaning, fine. Ifnot,fineas well. Butwhyam I botheringwiththisgirl whenwhatI reallyyearnforis thewheatturning pure,ripeandgoldenin summer? For the ripe,golden wheatthatMacabea's creatorwould ratherdreamand writeabout,instead ofbeingstuckwithhis unwholesomeprotagonist, also plays theroleofyet anotherof those threadsof semanticand symbolicmeaningwhich guide and supportCixous's approach to Lispector.

Its origincan be tracedto a passage in a shortstory"Tantamansiddo" "Such gentleness" morethan once quoted by Cixous in her writings. It also appears in the essay "L'- Auteuren verit6,"a commentary at once brilliantly insightful and distress- inglyfallaciouson TheHouroftheStar includedin thevolume L'Heurede Clarice Lispector: Que simplicidade.

Nuncapensei que o mundoe eu chegissemos a esse pontode trigo.

A chuvacai nio porqueestiprecisando de mim,e eu olhoa chuvanaoporquepreciso dela. Masn6sestamostiojuntascomoaguada chuvaestiligadaAchuva. I neverthought thattheworldand I wouldreachthispointofwheat. Therainfalls,not becauseitneedsme,andI lookattherainnotbecauseI needit. Butweare as unitedas thewateroftherainis totherain. Yet, in The Hour oftheStar,thereis no place forthe unques- tioned,purebliss ofsuch communion,a factwhichCixous dulynotesand, in doing so, comes to an interesting conclusion: Ce qu'unauteurfemme peutfaireplus facilementqu'unauteurhomme.

Oui,maisil peutarriverqu'unauteur, unefemme, soittropproched'une femme pouren fairela connaissance,c'est-A-dire pourla decouvririncon- nue. Etque,parfamiliarit6, ellela manque. Que faire?

Le tourde monde pourrefaireuneentreede l'autrec6tWentantqu'etranger. This ap- pears to be a rathershockingmisreadingof thenarrativedynamicat work in The Hour of the Star. Whatever psychological reasons could have promptedLispector'sinventionof RodrigoS. Rodrigoneverrelinquishesnarrative control;it is his voice thatspeaks in theautobiographicalpreface Peixoto ; and he also declareshimselfto be the authorof the novel's thirteen alternativetitles "I blame myself,as I explainedin one ofmy titlesforthis book" [38].

The storyof the hapless protagonist'slife and death is Rodrigo's uncontestedmonopoly,never impingedupon by any othernarrativeagent,and it is difficult to acceptthattheircat-and-mouse SubStance 73, This content downloaded from Cixous'sreadingcould,however, suggestan interpretationofherper- sonalviewofTheHouroftheStarin thelargercontext ofherintertextual dialoguewithLispector.

If,as Suleimantellsus,Cixous'sdiscovery ofthis novelmadehernotonlyrereadonceagainLispector's previousworks, but also reread,andrewrite,severalofherown xv ,itbecomespossibletosee in TheHouroftheStarpreciselythekindof defamiliarizing devicethat CixousfindsinRodrigoS. Andso thewindow onceagainturnsintoa mirror, theradicalotherness narrative ofLispector's experiment inTheHouroftheStarbecoming assimilated intothemosaic or is it a meltingpot? The one who is virtuallyexcludedfrom such a readingofthe novel is Macabea the herself, inassimilableother,and,inCixous'sessay,theobjectofperhapsthemost troubling misreadingofall: WhatCixousfailstonoticehereis thatMacabeais presented as havingno accessat all to gustatory tellsus, she "losther pleasures;as thenarrator appetite,she only felta greathunger" Her daily fareconsistsof hot dogs and coca-cola; her one luxuryare a few sips of cold coffeebefore Shealsobecomesill inthemorning.

In short,Macabea "suffersfrompermanenthungerand equallypermanentnausea,indexesof herpositionin a worldshe cannotincorporateand whichrefusesto accept her" Peixoto As if fulfillingthe chillingpromisecon- tainedin his initials,heis theone who appears toregaina new appreciation of life's"simplepleasures" throughhis sadisticdenial of themto his crea- SubStance 73, This content downloaded from Given thisdisparity-fruitand whitewine on theone hand, hot dogs and coke on theother-how are we supposed to read thenovel's finalsentences,when RodrigoS.

Yes" This cruellyforgetful, final "yes," which erases the memory of Macabea and supplants it with a crav- ing for strawberries,seems disturbinglyreminiscentof Molly Bloom's "Yes" in Joyce'sUlysses,theveryword which,accordingto Cixous, is "in thebeginningof thewomen's bible" by theway, TheHouroftheStaralso startswith a "yes" [,4].

In such perversefashion Cixous ends up paradoxically,or perhaps appropriately,siding with RodrigoS. This readingappears to contradictqualitiesmostpraisedby Cixous's admirers-her theoreticalacutenessin dealingwiththequestionofOther- ness, and a respectfulopennessin approachingforeigntextsand realities.

Conleywrites, Withorientalechoes,shetries--especially through affinities withLispec- tor-toactlesson a milieuoran object,a particularlyWesternobsession, buttobe inharmony-or ina moment ofgrace, perhaps-with a personor a milieu. Thisimpliesa necessarypassivityin activity, something that,a decade ago, mighthave been calledfemininity in contrastto a more Western,phallicmasculinitythatproposeschangethrough violent action.

Thisis thepathI takeinmyreadingofAguaviva. I couldhavetakenitin anyother textby Lispector.

This is, ofcourse,a patternunderlying many different situations of masteryand assimilation,be it the sexual of politics phallic sameness, symmetrically reflectedin the pseudo-dif- ferenceof its feminineother,or the post- colonialexerciseof culturaland political dominance.

In addition to establishingsuch a power relation withintheCixous-Lispectorduo, Hel"ne Cixous's dialogue withthetexts of ClariceLispectorfailsto reachbeyondtheself-absorption of an "eigoisme 4 deux,"what PatriciaWilliams,in a different context,labels the "limited bipolarityof relationshipthatcharacterizesso much of westernciviliza- tion" I onlyexistin dialogue" Borelli, 48 ;"Nepas laisseranyonequimedonneorders" Thesearehandwritten Borelli notes fromLispector's notebooks,transcribedby her friendand secretaryin a biographicalaccountpublishedafterthewriter'sdeath mytranslation.

Since ,Cixous has constantly dealt withtheBrazilian bothinherwritings writer, andinheractivity andlecturer. HarvardUP, Cixous,commenting on "themotherwho obviouslyforall Frenchwriting is thesea, la mer. In mylanguagewe have thegood fortuneto be able to say thatthe motheris thesea, thismakesup a partofourimagination, ittellsus something" b, 4. Lispector'slifestoryin manyways parallelsCixous's own: Throughouther life,Lispectorwas always con- sideredsomewhatexoticby theBrazilianadmirersof herworkand persona,critics and journalistswaxinglyricalabout themysterious appeal of herSlavic cheekbones and slanted"Asiatic"eyes.

As forLispectorherself, she alwaystookpains to dismiss suchcomments, insisting on herBrazilianness and agreeingto giveinterviews chiefly in orderto explainthatshe was "nota myth,"buta "personlikeanyother" Varin51, If I may ventureanotherfar-fetched remark,I would like to indicateherea possible link to Cixous's personalnetworkof geolinguisticcorrespondences: For example: J'essaiede donnerce que j'ai vecu.

My quotationsfromthenovelwillgenerally followtheEnglishtranslation by GiovanniPontiero Manchester: I have,however,modifieditsubstan- tiallyforthesake ofaccuracy. In quotinglongerpassages,I havechosentoretainboth thePortugueseoriginaland thetranslation.

It should be noted here that RogrigoS.

I know,forI have justdied withthegirl" It is interestingto observethat,whenthe"anonymousgirl"is finallygivena name by thenarrator, it is thatofa "biblicalfigure. Curiouslyenough,Hilkne Cixous,interestedas she has been in developingthe themeof the "Jewoman," has never,to my knowledge, remarkedupon this fascinatingdetail of Lispector'snovel. The significanceof Macabea's nameis particularly emphasizedbyitsbeingcontrasted withthenamesof herboyfriend and ofthewomanforwhomhe ultimately dumpsMacabea: I will followheretheexamplesetby TheHouroftheStar,and back up my own ironicalmanipulationofgenderedpersonalpronounswithan explicitcomment.

SinceWayneBooth'sall-maleassemblyofauthors,readersand speakerscan be said to performan exclusionarygesturetowardfemalereaders,speakers,or authors,my positingoftheactualreaderas female whilenotnecessarilycalled forby Lispector's text is meantto exposeand undermineBooth'sbias withoutdenyingthesubstantive usefulnessofhis argumentation.

I am quotingtheEnglishtranslation fromthevolumeSoulstorm New York: New Directions, It is curiousto notethatthetranslator, AlexisLevitin,omits theword "wheat"fromhis versionoftherespectivesentence,whichbecomessimply "I neverthoughtthattheworldand I wouldreachthispoint.

In Williams'sanalysis,concerning thedistribution oflegal rightsand struc- tureofcontracts, "6goismeAdeux" refersto theexclusionary of "linear,dual- effects isticallyreciprocal encounters," such as, in the my interpretation, relationship betweenCixous and Lispector as construedby Cixous ,or thepresumedcloseness betweenClariceand Macabea at thebasis of thenarrativedesignof TheHourofthe Star.

An alternativestructure wouldbe thatofa "giftrelationship," involvinga larger communitywhose wealthcirculatesin a constantprocessof give-and-take "So all have it,even thoughtheydo not possess it and even thoughtheydo not own it". Such a relationship,withall itsdifficulties and potentialpitfalls,appearsto havebeen tentatively stagedin Lispector'snovel,withinitsdiscursive"community" offictional and metafictional characters includingtheencoded readers.

Aneja, Anu H6l1neCixous' Vivre l'Orange. Barthes,Roland A Lover'sDiscourse. New York: Farrar,Straussand Giroux. Booth,Wayne TheRhetoric ofFiction. The Universityof ChicagoPress 2nd. Borelli,Olga Rio de Janeiro: Nova Fronteira. Cixous,Helne Conley,VerenaAldermatt Writing theFeminine expandededi- tion.


Fisher, Claudine University PressofAmerica. A PoeticsofPostmodernism. Irigaray,Luce Ce sexequi n'enestpasun.College kids today are more at of demands, to be met on pain of instant with of the house, in spite of them. Shereadittome,withherhumidandtender voice, shecalledit naranja, shetranslatedit,intomytongue,andI rediscovered I re-knew thetasteofthelostorange, theorange. Artenova Eng.

H6l1neCixous' Vivre l'Orange.

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Its origincan be tracedto a passage in a shortstory"Tantamansiddo" "Such gentleness" morethan once quoted by Cixous in her writings. We are thusgivento understand thatCixous's Frenchtranslations and interpretations of Lispectorare perhapseven closertothe"original" thantheoriginalis toitself similarly, Lispector as a writercomesthrough as more"Cixousian"than"Lispectorian".

Since, for Irigaray, philosophy is founded-indeed, grounded-on the female to the exclusion of the female and to the privileging of homo-sexual relations, to read through the female in underneath philosophy is to show up Western philosophy's inherent "blind spot of an ancient dream of symmetry": Irigaray argues that, whatever the avatars of the history of 'truth,' Peixoto maintains that Macabea learns "nothing from her trials" , 98 ; but learning, like knowing, is completely beside the point for Macab6a: she is Lispector's closest approach yet to the unknowing, prelinguistic, unthought female origin of being: "[a] morte 6 um encontro consigo" , The significanceof Macabea's nameis particularly emphasizedbyitsbeingcontrasted withthenamesof herboyfriend and ofthewomanforwhomhe ultimately dumpsMacabea:

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