Welcome to the Adventurer Conqueror King System, or ACKS. (pronounced “axe” ). .. power as compared to the original RPG, for example, so that a reasonably. Adventurer Conqueror King System - Your Journey from Adventurer to DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Dwimmermount (ACKS version) - The gates of Dwimmermount have DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!.

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Autarch's Adventurer Conqueror King SystemTM fulfills the promise of the original fantasy role-playing game by providing This was the first time Autarch has adapted an ACKS product to 5E. All of our products are available at and DriveThruRPG in PDF and print-on-demand. DriveThru RPG Autarch Store. Below is an array of downloads available to enhance your ACKS experience and make playing and judging more convenient. Author: gregoj, Free Download, 25 Mar PM, pdf, MB, Hex maps . DriveThru RPG Autarch Store. Adventurer Conqueror King System (henceforth, ACKS) is a second-generation Old . I wrote this review after a two-day-long read of the PDF.

The print and tables are look like they were printed on home office inkjet a printer running out of ink, they are muted and hard to read. The hard cover binding is fine but the paper and printing is just awful.

We here at Autarch don't control the quality of the printing process unfortunately - it's standardized at each tier - but if you email us at support autarch.

Thanks for checking out ACKS. Thank you for offering superior customer service. Specifically, the images e.

Elf, Gnome, Ghoul cover up text. Is it possible to correct this?

Thank you in advance. Critiques - March 11th, Excellent OSR system with a strong focus on 'high level play' meaning political play where you become kings, archmages, high priests, merchant princes, and crime lords.

If you want to be able to constantly play the 'game of thrones' with many f [ Tavis , Free Download 28 Feb Tim , Free Download 23 Jul Beragon , Free Download 15 Mar Click here to subscribe via Patreon: download Now! What People Are Saying!

Adventurer Conqueror King is Here in PDF

It is a font of ideas - not only setting ideas, but presentation and preparatory ideas, not only for someone who would want to create their own dungeon, but for someone just setting up a sandbox environment, and wanting some structure to hang hexes up on Take it as it is and you'll enjoy it just as much as if you dismantle it first; either way you're getting real value.

Interacting with monstrous or human NPCs in a non-combat function is well rewarded, exploration delivers results, and the "solving" of the dungeon; with secret doors, traps, and treasure extraction all in play, is baked in.

New and experienced Judges will find this example invaluable. It's really big, and it's full of pulp science-fantasy flavor.

On a recent reread I was struck by suddenly realizing the formula for maximum spell damage being dealt to a unit is based on what percentage of the unit the spell's area of effect can cover. I had to stop reading for a few minutes while I admired it.

If you are running ACKS, this book will help tailor make the system to your world.

If you are on the fence about ACKS, check this book out. Its flexibility and substance just might make you a convert.

Adventurer Conqueror King - PDF Download

The tools and information presented inside this huge tome are aimed at helping achieve this goal; and with success, I must say. The world of Dwimmermount is called Telluria, and the lore and history of the setting are tied inextricably with the history for the megadungeon.

There are many oddities to the dungeon that appealed to me, and every level is designed consistently with the history that is provided. Perhaps the best part, though, is the conceit that wizards can build dungeons somewhere probably not directly under their tower , wait for monsters to settle inside, and then send adventurers inside to harvest their parts.

It sounds tremendously inefficient both for the PC hoping you get a sufficiently interesting creature! I'll come out and say it though, the thing that got me fired up with the book-love was the extensive list of templates.

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I think they claim there are of them. An ACKS template is basically some pre-selected options that speeds up character generation and gives the character a bit of early flavor. The templates take it the rest of the way, by adding a preconfigured set of starting equipment, starting money, and suggested proficiency selections. The systems maths is robust enough that it doesn't fall to pieces if you breathe on it, but simple enough that you only need to do simple-addition-up-to in play.

And we did it crowdfunded and with substantiative fan base interaction and customer feedback. Nowadays game consumers seem to prefer more flavored, setting-based content. Strongholds, domains, and even mercantile ventures are addressed.

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Yes, your character may just outgrow the dungeon life. If you play in any fantasy type RPG and are interested in building your own campaign, many of the tools are here.

This finely crafted piece allows you to view mass combat within your game. It is up to you to focus the lens, choosing when to pull back and see the whole of a war campaign and when to zoom into a single battle.

The rules of D W work seamlessly, allowing a group to flow back and forth between both rule sets as the story of the game and their interest demands.

Battles is that point of light you get after focusing what's good about wargaming through the lens of DND. It's quick, flexible, and dead simple to pick up for anyone that's rolled dice with purpose Campaigns still has a lot of use for you - if you ever want your game to feature war as a backdrop, or have the PCs interact within that war, or your players have ever wanted to take a mass of henchmen and mercenaries to a robber knight's keep - and you want that war and those battles to be as simulated as the PCs actions are - if you want it to be gamed and real, you still want this book.

There are rules for building castles, establishing and ruling domains as well as wizard's sanctums and thieves guilds , and trading -- just about anything a high-level, power-hungry fantasy character might be interested in pursuing. Adventurer, Conqueror, King is a very cleverly designed game whose rules are quite compatible with most retro-clones, particularly Labyrinth Lord, making it extremely valuable to any player or referee looking to add any of its rules to their existing campaigns.

This is good stuff and well worth a look. You get complete rules for just what kind of stronghold each class can make, how many followers it will attract, what every little bit of it will cost, how many peasant families you can attract and support, and what kind of revenue you can collect. On top of that you get rules for how to expand your domain, what kind of various expenses are involved on a regular basis, rules and tables for being a vassal of a lord or king, morale rules for your dominion to see if the peasants are revolting, rules for building and running villages, towns and cities, and building and managing markets.

Battles does for mass combat what Steve Jackson did for tactical combat with Melee and Wizard. Even better, the basic system of armor class, hit points, and d20 to-hit rolls will be immediately recognizable to most role-players. This is a very big deal, an achievement on par with the development of playable megadungeons.

Search form Search. All rights reserved.The cover is in color; the art throughout the book is consistent with the cover art, although in black and white.

The Player's Companion will now have 25 new spells plus guidelines for making your own - or, rather, deciding which spells your characters attempt to research have a hope of succeeding as planned, which will be balanced by an unexpected disadvantage, and which are obviously beyond the pale.

It is a font of ideas - not only setting ideas, but presentation and preparatory ideas, not only for someone who would want to create their own dungeon, but for someone just setting up a sandbox environment, and wanting some structure to hang hexes up on RPGnet Member. Highly recommended. If you've already pledged to this project, look for a backers-only update with the latest draft in the next few days! This finely crafted piece allows you to view mass combat within your game.

This is perhaps the most-anticipated future release from Autarch, and as a way of saying thanks for your support we'll give you an advance look at the glories that are to come.

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