B Waveform Generator, 30 MHz, 2-Channel with Arb. The recommended replacement product is the new B Waveform Generator, 1-Channel 30 MHz with exclusive Trueform technology. Unique to the A model is a flexible, dual-channel mode with frequency and amplitude coupling. Keysight A is a dual-channel 30 MHz function generator, arbitrary waveform Series Programmable DC Power Supplies. User Manual . PDF. Printed (hardcopy) manuals are available as an extra cost option. 2 Connect the power cord and turn on the waveform generator.

Agilent 33522a Manual Ebook

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Atec AgilentAA User Manual | Page 2 / January 29, by Edward Baker. Read online or download PDF • Page 2 / 12 • Atec. Agilent Series function/ arbitrary waveform generators offer the highest signal fidelity and imple- ment a new breakthrough technology. The Agilent IO Libraries Suite software, including installation instructions, is on .. and LAN remote interfaces (GPIB optional on models A and A).

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical, software and electronic technologies into one, unified system technology for the purpose of precision mechanical control. Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. The modules provide high performance broadband frequency down-conversion, and for modules with Option UDC, frequency up-conversion. This functionality is particularly useful in applications where testing a device relies on the timing and interaction of two distinct signals to operate properly, such as a heart pacemaker.

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See search results instead: Control your waveform generator from your PC easily. The A offers the highest signal fidelity and implements a breakthrough technology that provides you with the ability to generate more accurate arbitrary waveforms. The modules can be used with microwave signal analyzers to extend the frequency range into the THz range. Use the N76xxC Signal Studio software to configure, generate, and download waveform files to your instrument.


See search results instead: How to download or Rent. Contains notes wgilent the cable and connector tests that are performed by the EA compliance test software.

How to download or Rent. OCIS codes: IV-OCT has been available for clinical use for about a decade [ 5 ], and has generated a wealth of data that has deepened our understanding of coronary artery disease and catheter-based interventions on the vasculature [ 6 , 7 ].

A number of issues, however — cardiac motion artifacts, undersampling and non-uniform rotational distortion NURD chiefly among them — affect the quality and interpretability of IV-OCT images [ 8 — 12 ].

The optical coherence tomography OCT imaging speed is limited by the scanning speed of the catheter and the speed of the OCT engine.

The duration of the acquisition covers several cardiac cycles, which leads to image artifacts as a result of catheter motion during pullback.

Longitudinal displacement of the vessel relative to the catheter causes inaccuracy in frame spacing, and possibly frame order, affecting length measurements and the fidelity of the longitudinal rendering and 3D reconstruction of the data [ 10 — 12 , 15 ].

Consequently, there is a distinct difference in image quality of the longitudinal rendering compared to the cross-sectional images [ 10 , 11 ].

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NURD is a result of rotational friction of the hollow drive-shaft in the catheter, leading to variable torque transfer from the proximal motor to the catheter tip [ 8 , 9 , 16 ]. It appears as distortion in a single frame, or as wobbling of frames relative to each other.

The motion and sampling limitations of IV-OCT can be overcome by acquiring all data in between two subsequent left-ventricle contractions, avoiding excessive motion. Synchronization with the cardiac cycle can be achieved by deriving a trigger signal from the electrocardiogram ECG with an appropriate delay.For more information and to download your free copy today visit: www.

Agilen is the combination of mechanical, software and electronic technologies into one, unified system technology for the purpose of precision mechanical control.

We conducted imaging experiments with both systems in a porcine model of percutaneous coronary intervention PCI , both in a native coronary artery and in an instrumented artery that sustained vessel injury during the intervention. It features a standard function library, waveform sequencer; as well as filters and windowing functions that allow you to easily modify and further refine your waveform.

There are some spare power supplies. Other things that have gone wrong are typically related to people "playing" or having accidents with the raster-related components in the counting room. See search results instead: How to download or Rent. Order the software and download directly from the Agilent web site for immediate use.

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