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Still no one can say that there is not real love. For example, about the soul and the mind of the animals we know so little that any appreciation - it would be chance speaking. We only know their unconditional love for humans.

The boy looked at the ceiling, scared and puzzled, and then he looked around. He turned brighter seeing the doctor. And his face was disappointing. Do not worry.

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Doru did not recall from the psychiatric internship such a case. He was trying to put a diagnosis to this boy.

It all depends ultimately on how you manage to trick and make 'peace' between illusions and disappointments. If you manage to give it equal quantity, you are a sociable person, if you do not, you join the loneliness. When the illusions broke down one by one, I realized that I was unable to cope with the disillusionment and so divorced.

Arta compromisului.

Arta conversatiei 2. Saruta pamantul acesta 3. Pe apa sambetei 4. Arta compromisului 5.

Ileana vulpescu - Cumpara cu incredere de pe Okazii. Carte Arta conversatiei - Ileana Vulpescu, Ed. Tempus Va prezentam un interviu exceptional cu doamna Ileana Vulpescu, Al doilea roman al dumneavoastra, Arta Conversatiei a patruns din primul Cele mai frumoase pasaje din carteaWhen you're alone, it's up to you to furnish your loneliness.

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Noi, doamnă doctor, cînd o să murim?

Thought clarifies you to yourself and maintains the ambiguity between you and others, an essential element of relationships both with those who are close and with those who make up the broad setting of your life. And his face was disappointing.


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