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Editorial Reviews. Review. A cartoon drawn with such supreme artistry, and a text layered with . Astérix is a classic comic, and even as time has moved on, it is a fun read. My daughter loves the story and is all into Romans and Gauls now. Download Asterix adventures in PDF (English). The complete Asterix and the Golden Sickle. ( MB) ( MB) Other Asterix comics. Asterix or The Adventures of Asterix (French: Astérix or Astérix le Gaulois, IPA: [ aste?iks l??olwa]) is a series of French comic books written by René Goscinny.

Asterix the Gladiator. Asterix and the Banquet.

Asterix and Cleopatra. Asterix and the Big Fight. Asterix in Britain. Asterix and the Normans. Asterix the Legionary. Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield. Asterix at the Olympic Games. Asterix and the Cauldron. Asterix in Spain.

Asterix and the Roman Agent. Asterix in Switzerland. The Mansions of the Gods. Asterix and the Laurel Wreath. Asterix and the Soothsayer. Excelente primer tomo para presentar a Asterix y su mundo, favoreciendo a los galos y delirando bastante a los romanos. Apr 14, David Sarkies rated it liked it Shelves: The first Asterix album 14 April Now that I have the complete Tintin collection I decided that I would get my hands on the other comic book series that I liked as a child, which surprise, surprise, was Asterix.

I am sure many of you already know the premise behind Asterix, but since this is the first of the albums I thought that I might run through it anyway.

There is one little village on the coast of Gaul that just The first Asterix album 14 April Now that I have the complete Tintin collection I decided that I would get my hands on the other comic book series that I liked as a child, which surprise, surprise, was Asterix. There is one little village on the coast of Gaul that just does not seem to be able to submit, so the Romans built four camps around the village and attempt to look for a way to bring them under the authority of Rome.

This is the first album and it does show a lot, especially after you have read a lot of the others. In a way it seems very deficient, however we must remember that this is the first and we are seeing an introduction to the characters and the setting.

In a way this is something that could only come out of France. It is amusing, silly, and the use of puns is very clever. This is seen a lot more in the later comics, though here the main antagonist, the centurion Crismus Bonus, gave me a good chuckle when I first encountered him.

Most of the comics, when dealing with the little village in Gaul, will only have one of the camps. The four camps are Aquarium, Totorum, Laundanum, and Compendium.

The camp that has the focus of this book is Compendium. As you read more and more of the comics you will encounter the style that Goscinny who wrote the dialogue, Underzo did the drawings uses. Each of the nationalities have their own little prefix, the Gauls having 'ix' at the end of all of their names most likely being taken from the Gaul Ubercheiftain Vercingetorix and all of the Roman's names end in 'us' most likely taken from the name Julius, though other Romans of note also have a name ending in 'us' though you should note that not all of them follow that convention, though in the books they will generally have two names, such as Calligula Minus, the poor Roman that is picked to spy on the Gauls.

The plot of this comic involves the Romans trying to find out the secret of the Gaul's ability to resist their might, so they disguise a Roman as a Gaul who sneaks into the village, finds the potion, and then returns back to the camp as strong as ever.

Upon learning of the potion, they kidnap the druid Getafix there are lots of puns like this, Vitalstatistix the chief, Fullyautomatix the blacksmith, and Cacofonix the bard. Asterix, who learns of this must then sneak into the camp to get the druid back. It is rather amusing, especially how the mighty Romans are scared stiffless of the little Gauls, and in many cases Asterix uses his ability to bluff to enable him to get around and reach his goals.

Of course, upon learning of the potion, Crismus Bonus decides that to have this power would give him much more influence back in Rome, so decides to go his own way to depose Ceaser and set himself up as dictator. Okay, the history in these stories is really bad, particularly since at this point Ceaser would have been fighting the civil war. There simply did not seem to be a period of peace where Ceaser was ruling unchallenged, but this is a really minor aspect. These comics are not to teach history but to entertain.

Jun 28, Jonatan Iversen-Ejve rated it it was ok Shelves: Asterix is definitely one of my favorite comic book series of all time.

Asterix (Collection) ()

I've only come to like the albums more as I grow older, and seeing as I reread them at least once a year I thought it only right that I take a shot at reviewing them as well.

Keep in mind that I read the Swedish editions and might get a few names wrong. I'll try to stick to the English names as much as I can. So, here goes. Asterix the Gaul is the very first album, and it shows. For me the whole thing always felt like some so Asterix is definitely one of my favorite comic book series of all time.

For me the whole thing always felt like some sort of a trial run before the real series starts, both in art style and storytelling. In fact, you can tell that Uderzo developed his drawing technique throughout the story by comparing the first couple of pages with the last one - characters like Asterix, Getafix and Julius Caesar all look drastically different towards the end, and more like their usual selves that we've come to know.

While these books have never been known for very intricate plots, and instead focused more on their humor and cultural satire, this one is probably one of the weakest in terms of story. It revolves around the Romans trying to figure out the secret of the Gauls' great strength, kidnapping the druid Getafix to acquire it for themselves.

Asterix comes to the rescue, and the two of them decide to teach the villains a lesson. The biggest "issue" with the main premise of Asterix is that since the main characters have super strength, any form of adversity must be something our heroes can't overcome by simply punching their way through. This is often solved by having them look for some kind of MacGuffin or otherwise face a more intangible problem, so I'm usually completely fine with this. Here, however, the resolution comes relatively early on in the story, with the rest of it mostly consisting of the two Gauls messing around with the Romans just for the heck of it.

I might have been fine with it here as well if the story and humor had been enough to save it, but aside from a couple of funny moments it's actually rather dull and unexciting. Likely a huge part of why I'm not very fond of this one overall.

So, is there anything good about this album? The pacing is odd, the art style subpar, and Obelix isn't even in half of it! I think it deserves some recognition for being the beginning of something great. The interstellar dust cloud that gave birth to our brightest stars, if you will.

Some of the longest running gags can even be found here, like Cacophonix horrible singing or Obelix pouting over not getting any magic potion, and running gags is part of what makes Asterix so brilliant.

It's something I will get more into as I continue these reviews, for sure. All in all I wouldn't exactly recommend it to new readers as there are better places to get started, but Asterix fans should definitely give it a read if only to know how it all began.

Apr 19, Ridwan Anam rated it liked it. Wer kennt es nicht, wer hat es nicht schon als Kind gelesen? Feb 21, Morgan rated it really liked it. Reading a 3-in-1 edition, but writing a mini-review for the first volume. I think it was this one I read Latin version in elementary school. I remember liking it then, but of course I didn't really get into the comic because it was in Latin and not English. I should state the comics themselves were originally in French.

The collection of the albums of Asterix the Gaul

I liked the fist album in English. I thought it was funny. You can tell this is a early story though. I will defiantly be reading all the Asterix. Apr 06, Maria Carmo rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This very first volume of Asterix is so very funny, and it is like a taste of what is coming with this series: Definitely worth reading this series! Maria Carmo, Lisbon, 6 April View 2 comments. Mare bucurie! Jan 12, Ill D rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Wannabe Gentlemen and Scholars.

I recently sifted my way through the top comic book lists here on Goodreads. Following a quick trip to my local library I finally got my hands on this.

Oh by. What a let down! Beyond dated, this faux-comic classic spends its first half establishing a minor litany of characters. A buffoonish sidekick, a grizzly old magician and a pint-sized hero, the titular Asterix are presented with pathetically puerile characterizations deserving o I recently sifted my way through the top comic book lists here on Goodreads. All set within the era of the Roman Empire, Asterix makes for a bizarre mish-mash of the slap-stick and the historical.

When unfunny humor is followed up by literal Latin, this makes for a jarring read. Subjectively you may or very well may not enjoy the art or politics within either of the aforementioned yet, on an objective level the level of talent and influence cannot be denied Conversely, Asterix has little going for it beyond its induced nostalgia which has propelled it unfairly I might add to top comics lists around the world.

Sep 10, Abhiram R rated it it was amazing. It's been a long time coming but I finally got around to starting with the Asterix comics! Asterix the Gaul was hilarious - a classic tale of outwitting the enemy army with sheer cunning and a little bit of magic, of course , I couldn't help but draw parallels with the grim story of Iron Man and how he escaped his own captors with the help of Ho Yinsen, the scientist to Asterix's Getafix. Except with more than a shade of humor.

Looking forward to rest of the series. Sep 05, Manas Maity rated it really liked it Shelves: Asterix the Gaul is the first book of a series that took comics to a new height.

Since I have read it after enjoying a few others in the series, it is difficult to make an unbiased review of it. However, with the benefit of hindsight it may be said that the characters have 'arrived', but to be properly fleshed out and filled up.

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Particularly Obelix, who is quite slim, if not so thin. We are sure though that consuming more than one boars at at time, he has made a promising start towards his perso Asterix the Gaul is the first book of a series that took comics to a new height.

We are sure though that consuming more than one boars at at time, he has made a promising start towards his personal fulfillment. The Romans are also immature in their villainy and theatrics and surrender rather 'immaturely'. Again, with the benefit of hindsight it may be said that a good and promising start has been made. Readers also enjoyed. This is the story of the time Asterix and Obelix came to America and had no idea. Nobody Understands Anybody The real humor of this book comes from the culture clashes of people speaking different languages not being able to communicate with each other.

It leads them to crazy conclusions, and ridiculously funny situations. The best part of the book, for my money is near the end. Asterix and Obelix flag a ship down to come save them. Ultimately, both sides want the same thing — to get on the boat and go home. They wave their hands and talk slowly and simply, but nothing gets through. Obelix even points this out in one panel.

The reason why this book succeeds is just the way Goscinny structures the story. It works from the structure of the story.

This is the biggest cheat of the book. It was published in What we get is a relatively generic representation of Native Americans that hits just about every stereotype you could ask for and represents no single tribe. They sleep in teepees. They build totems. War paint decorates their faces and bodies. They climb through trees and hunt for local animals. They regard people from the new world with suspicion, but eventually try to marry off one of their daughters to Obelix.

The Swiss.Asterix and the falling Sky. The art improves from here, and our heroes look a bit different before they evolve Asterix vs. Obelix even points this out in one panel.

The comic has strategies, cultural superiority and talking down to the Germanic tribes or Romans. The series first appeared in French in the magazine Pilote on 29 October Other Editions The publisher responds to an inquiry by the National Anti-Doping Agency NADA in Germany, who was able to demonstrate years of extensive doping of the popular cartoon characters.

The protagonist, the titular character, Asterix, along with his friend Obelix have various adventures. They stand no chance against the magic potion in close quarters.

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