Welcome to the Blender Manual! This is the manual for the 3D animation software from This site can be downloaded for offline use: Download the. A few months ago I revamped my old project about converting the whole wiki manual to PDF format (& others) for version +. Most people. Animation. . This manual is a good start, though it serves more as a reference. . - November First Manual published.

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Certain window managers also use the following hotkeys. So ALT-CTRL can be substituted for CTRL to perform the functions described below if a conflict arises. This manual is written to serve the wide array of Blender users. Blender Development Blender User Manual Tutorials Books Scripts Blender 3D Manual a - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read book online for free. This page in other languages - (ar) | Català (ca) | Czech (cz) | Deutsch (de) | Dansk (dk) Finding Groups for a Vertex.

How to Add a Module To add a module such as a tutorial or reference page to this book: Edit the Table of Contents section below and add a list item with a descriptive wikilink. If you're creating a tutorial and are unsure where it belongs, put it in the Miscellaneous Tutorials section. After saving your edit, follow the redlink to create the module and begin adding content to it. To make it easy to read the book in sequence, each module should have navigation links to the previous module and the next module.

Provide these links by transcluding the NAV template at the top and bottom of the page, as shown on the demo page. If you expect the module to be moved elsewhere in the sequence, you can skip this step. Preview your work. When you're satisfied with it, use the Save page button to add your new module to the wiki.

If you provided navigation links, update the NAV templates on the previous and next modules, if they exist. If you didn't provide navigation links, please ask someone to insert your new module in an appropriate place.

One way to do this would be to create a talk page for your new module and type your request there. Images Images are a vital part of Blender tutorials. Before uploading an image: Search Wikimedia Commons or look in the appropriate Commons category to see if the image you want to use already exists.

Uploading duplicate images is wasteful.

Before uploading a general image such as an icon or button or if you want an image to use as an example, look in our image portfolio. Remember to attribute the work of others.

How to Join the Team If you want to join our WikiBook team, go to the team page for information and advice. Retrieved from " https: Noob to Pro Shelf: Blender 3D Shelf: Open source software. Hidden categories: Blender 3D Subject: Open source software Subject: Namespaces Book Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Policies and guidelines Contact us. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia Wikiversity.

We estimate there are in excess of two million users. This manual is written to serve the wide array of talented people that use Blender:. A wide range of age groups, from teenagers to oldsters use Blender, and the user community is fairly evenly divided between novice and professional graphic artists; those occasional users as well as commercial houses.

We can divide the 2-D and 3-D teams that produce movies and animations further into individual job categories. Those that use Blender include:. Director - Defines what each Scene should contain, and the action animation that needs to occur within that scene.

Defines shots camera takes within that scene. Modeler - Makes a virtual reality. Material Painter - paints the set, the actors, and anything that moves.

If it doesn't move, they paint it anyway. Animation and Rigging - makes things hop about using armatures Lighting and Color Specialist - Lights the stage and sets, adjusts colors to look good in the light, adds dust and dirt to materials, scenes, and textures. Special Purpose talent - Fluids, Motion Capture, Cloth, dust, dirt, fire, explosions, you know, the fun stuff Editor - takes all the raw footage from the DP and sequences it into an enjoyable movie.

Cuts out unnecessary stuff. Audience Therefore, this manual is written for a very broad audience, to answer the question "I want to do something; how do I do it using Blender?

This manual is a worldwide collaborative effort using time donated to the cause celeb. While there may be some lag between key features being implemented and their documentation, we do strive to keep it as up- to-date as possible. We try to keep it narrowly focused on what you, the end user, need to know, and not digress too far off topic, as in discussing the meaning of life.

There are other Blender wiki books that delve deeper into other topic and present Blender from different viewpoints, such as the Tutorials, the Reference Manual, the software itself, and its scripting language.

So, if a question is not answered for you in this User Manual, please search the other Blender wiki books. Okay, if you must know, the meaning of life is to create , and Blender is excellent at helping you create beautiful imagery. About this Manual This manual is a mediawiki implementation that is written by a world-wide collaboration of volunteer authors.

It is updated daily, and this is the English version. Other language versions are translated, generally, from this English source for the convenience of our world-wide audience.

It is constantly out of date, thanks to the tireless work of some 50 or more volunteer developers, working from around the world on this code base.

However, it is the constructive goal to provide you with the best possible professional documentation on this incredible package.

To assist you in the best and most efficient way possible, this manual is organized according to the creative process generally followed by 3D artists, with appropriate stops along the way to let you know how to navigate your way in this strange territory with a new and deceptively complex software package.

If you read the manual linearly, you will follow the path most artists use in both learning Blender and developing fully animated productions:. Lighting 4. On the one hand, learning what a computer model is, and then learning how to develop one in Blender are two different things to learn.

Learning good lighting techniques, and then learning about the different kinds of lamps in Blender are two different topics. The first, or conceptual understanding, is learned by taking secondary and college courses in art and media, by reading books available from the library or bookstore on art and computer graphics, and by trial and error.

Even though a book or article may use a different package like Max or Maya as its tool, it may still be valuable because it conveys the concept. Once you have the conceptual knowledge, you can easily learn Blender or any other CG package. Learning both at the same time is difficult, since you are dealing with two issues. The reason for writing this is to make you aware of this dilemma, and how this manual attempts to address both topics in one wiki book. The conceptual knowledge is usually addressed in a short paragraph or two at the beginning of a topic or chapter, that explains the topic and provides a workflow, or process, for accomplishing the task.

The rest of the manual section addresses the specific capabilities and features of Blender. The user manual cannot give you the full conceptual knowledge - that comes from reading books, magazines, tutorials and sometimes a life-time of effort.

You can use Blender to produce a full-length feature film, but reading this manual and using Blender won't make you another Steven Spielberg! At a very high level, using Blender can be thought of as knowing how to accomplish imagery within three dimensions of activity:. Animation - posing and making things change shape, either manually or using simulation 3.

Duration - producing a still image, a short video, a minute-long commercial, a ten minute indie short, or a full-length feature film. Skills, like navigating in 3D space, modeling, lighting, shading, compositing, and so forth are needed to be productive in any given area within the space. Proficiency in a skill makes you productive. Tools within Blender have applicability within the space as well. For example, the VSE has very little to do with the skill of animation, but is deeply applicable along the Duration and Integration scales.

From a skills-learning integration perspective, it is interesting to note that the animation curve, called an Ipo curve, is used in the VSE to animate effects strips. For example, there are many talented artists that produce Static-Still-CG images. Therefore, depending on what you want to do, various tools and topics within Blender will be of more or less interest to you. A fourth dimension is Game Design, because it takes all of this knowledge and wraps Gaming around it as well.

A game not only has a one-minute cinematic in it, but it also has actual game play, story line programming, etc. Therefore, this Manual does not address using the Game Engine; that is a whole 'nother wiki book.

Manual Manual index Next: This page has been accessed , times. Installing the Binaries Manual Development Blender is available both as a binary executable and as source code on the Foundation site Categories http: At the main page click on the 'Downloads' section. For the online manual hosted at the wiki, you can generally use the most recent version of Blender located at the Blender Foundation website although all of the features from the newest release version may not be fully updated.

If you are using a published version of this manual it is recommended that you use the Go Search. In the following text, whenever "download" is mentioned, those using the book should instead retrieve Blender from the CD-ROM. What links here New files Related changes New pages Downloading and installing the binary distribution Upload file Popular pages The binary distributions are provided for 6 primary operating system families please click your OS for Special pages Wanted pages more installation info: Some unofficial distributions may exist for other operating systems.

It's not supported by the Blender distribution Foundation , you should report directly to their maintainers: Binaries for the Linux operating systems are provided for two different hardware architectures x86 Intel 1. The static binaries have the 1. This makes Blender run on your system without using hardware accelerated 1. Use the static version if the dynamic version fails! OpenGL is used in Blender for all drawing, 1. For this, you will need OpenGL installed on your system.

This dependency makes a proper and compliant OpenGL installation at your system a requirement. Generally speaking 1. It is ofter possible to work around the poor OpenGL support of 1.

You must have administrator 1. The folders are: B - temporary space for physics simulation information softbodies, cloth, fluids 3 Setting up a user directory structure plugins - added functionality for textures and sequencing 3.

Python, the Scripting Language Python is a general purpose scripting language and there is a special interface to access all of Blender's internal functions from that language.

Scripts are written in this language that extend the functionality of Blender, without having to re-compile and link the binary distribution. These scripts are written by user- programmers.

The recommended version of Python is normally included and installed with the distribution, however you may also download and install it directly from the official Python website , and install it separately. Most functions do not rely on Python ; a notable exception is the Help menu which opens a web browser pointed to a specific location. Help text is not bundled into Blender; you must download the latest wiki or pdf user manuals, found here or at www.

Environment Variables on Windows machines are set in the advanced Systems settings in the Control Panel. When Blender starts on a machine with Blender properly installed, you will see this message in the console window:. The above messages means that you have installed Python and have the full development and execution environment, and will be able to access, execute and run all Python scripts that are bundled or available for Blender.

If you see a different message, such as:. No installed Python found. Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run. Continuing happily. If you want full Python functionality, refer to the Python site for installation instructions. When you install Blender, you must tell the Python module where you put the scripts. If you are upgrading, you probably want to overwrite all your old scripts with the new versions, and not have several versions of the same script hanging around on your PC.

The best place, if you will not be editing them, is to put them in your Program Files folder with Blender:. Do a search on your machine for a file name with the words 'Scripts'. You can leave em there or put them on your desktop temporarily Then go to program files, then to blender foundation, then blender folder, then make a new folder called scripts in the blender folder Drag and drop or copy all the scripts from where ever you put them into this folder.

Make sure to include the 2 module folders in the script file. Then, if you don't know this already, Open Blender 8. In Blender, the top menu bar hides all the preferences.

Drag it down and then you will see a button marked file paths. Once you click that File Paths button a set of path fields will be revealed. Go to the script one and drill down to the script folder you just created in blender where you put all the scripts.

Then hit the button that says 'Select Script Paths'. Then go to the file menu and save as default setting so Blender will remember that the script folder is where you told it to look Ctrl U Be careful though if you have already done stuff in blender at this point every time you start it it will be the default start up.

Windows Quick Install Download the file blender Start the installation by double-clicking the file. This presents you with some questions, for which the defaults should be OK. After setup is complete, you can start Blender right away, or use the entry in the Start menu. In-depth Instructions Download the file blender Choose to download it if prompted , select a location and click "Save". Then navigate to the location you saved the file in and double-click it to start the installation.

The first dialog presents you with a helpful reminder: You will be denied access if you do not have the rights Vista user especially to the C: I have Vista install as Administrator in the file explorer, right-click on the downloaded 'blender The second dialog presents you with the license. You are expected to accept it if you want the installation to go any further. After accepting the license, select the components you wish to install there is just one, Blender and the additional actions:.

Add a shortcut to the Start menu, Add Blender's icon to desktop, associate. By default they are all checked. If you don't want some action to be taken, simply uncheck it. When done, click on Next. The next dialog is where to put the executable files, usually in the C: The next dialog is tricky, and it is where to put user files. These folders save user data, namely temp data like test renders and physics data.

Each user of that PC can have their own, or they call all share one.

SDK Documentation

Select a place to install the files to the default should be OK , and click Next to install Blender. Press Close when installation is over. Afterwards you will be asked whether you want to start Blender immediately. After the files are unpacked, Blender will check for required system components, like DLLs, which you must get from Microsoft or your hardware vendor.

After confirmation, you will be able to run Blender! Just download the. You may want to avoid having it store the animation output or other temporary files on the drive, as it may shorten the life, but otherwise, Blender runs fine.

OSX Install Download the file blender Python 2. If you wish to use the latest version of Python, please refer to the Python section on this page. Mac Users: You now can use Blender by double clicking the Blender icon, or drag the Blender icon to the Dock to add its icon there. Blender starts by default in a small window. If Blender doesn't launch, make sure that you downloaded the correct version; oftentimes, newcomers to Blender will accidentally download the Python 2.

Linux Quick Install Download the file blender Here 2. Pick the one matching your system, keeping in mind the difference between static and dynamic builds. Unpack the archive to a location of your choice. This will create a directory named blender Choose to download it if prompted , select a location, and click "Save".

Then navigate to the location you wish Blender to install to e. If you like, you can rename the resulting directory from blender If you are using KDE or Gnome you can start Blender using your file manager of choice by navigating to the blender executable and double-clicking on it. Select the Menu Editor from the System sub-menu of the K menu.

Select the sub-menu labeled Graphics in the menu list. Click the New Item button. A dialog box will appear that prompts you to create a name. Create and type in a suitable name and click OK. You will be returned to the menu list, and the Graphics sub-menu will expand, with your new entry highlighted. In the right section, make sure the following fields are filled in: The Name field should already be filled in, but you can change it here at any time.

Fill the Comment field. This is where you define the tag that appears when you roll over the icon. Click the folder icon at the end of the Command field to browse to the Blender program icon.

Select the program icon and click OK to return to the Menu Editor. The type should be Application. The work path should be the same as the Command, with the program name left off.

Navigation menu

Click Apply and close the Menu Editor. Click Button , then Graphics, and select Blender or whatever you named the menu item in step 3. To add a Desktop icon for Blender, open Konquerer found on the Panel by default, or in the System sub- menu of the K menu and navigate to the Blender program icon where you first unzipped it.

Click and hold the program icon, and drag it from Konquerer to a blank spot on your Desktop. Select the Graphics sub-menu from the Main Menu dialog box or which ever section you want the Blender icon to be contained in ,.

In the Create Launcher dialog box also fill in the Name: Fill the Name: You can name this whatever you'd like, this is what appears in the menu, but does not affect the functionality of the program.

Blender Wiki Manual

Fill the Comment: This is what is shown on the tooltips popups. Fill the Command: When the mouse is positioned over the icon button it will highlight. There may or may not be an icon for Blender in your default location. You can make one, or look for the icon that goes with KDE. If your installation directory is different, you can search for it using this command in a Terminal or Console:. Once you have found the icon you wish to use for Blender, select it in the Browse Icons dialog box and select the Ok button to confirm it.

Then click the Ok button in the Create Launcher Dialog box to create the new menu and icon item in the Main Menu editor dialog. Make sure the Show item is selected to the left of the newly created Blender entry. Click the Close button to close the Main Menu editor. Now you should have access to Blender from the Gnome Menu as well as an icon assigned.

Blender menu entry location in the menu, then RMB click the Blender menu entry and select Add this launcher to panel. Once that is done the Blender icon should appear on the panel. To add a Desktop icon for Blender, it is almost the same as adding a Panel icon for Blender but instead of Selecting Add this launcher to panel you instead select Add this launcher to desktop.

Irix Install Download the file blender To start Blender just open a shell and execute. For some workstations performance troubles have been reported. Solaris Install Download the file blender Currently no further instructions for Sun Solaris are available. Please use the Blender Website forums for support. Here is 2. Sources are available on the same link. Currently no further instructions for MorphOS are available. Configure your Blender The generic installation of Blender has tons of features and looks pretty cool, too.

When you install an upgrade, there are a few things you want to do:. The top window contains all the User Preferences - click here for more info, including a File Paths tab that you should set up.

Your different desktops are selected from the left drop-down menu at the top of the screen. You can size and reconfigure each of these to suit your particular preference for newbies, the defaults are just fine.

If you click the Render button, to top Output directory is where your animations are put by default , and you might want to point that to your temp directory. Finally, save all your changes with Ctrl U. The key combination Ctrl U saves all the settings of the currently open Blender file into the default Blender file which is usually called. The settings in the default Blender file are read when Blender is first started or when Ctrl X is pressed to start a New file.

If you accidentally change the settings in your default Blender file there are a few ways of getting back factory default settings:. Goto the File menu and select Load Factory Settings, once that is done press key combination Ctrl U to save the newly loaded factory settings to the Blender default file.

If you have an older version of Blender this method may not be available in that case try the second method. Delete the. Setting up a user directory structure If you are new to setting up Blender on your PC, you may want to stay organized, as you will quickly accumulate many models, textures, pictures,. Mushing them all together in one directory leads to confusion, so it is recommended that you spend a few moments creating a few folders to keep stuff organized. The following is a recommendation based on a few years' experience.

There are also free tools to help you manage larger projects i. There are many videos and web pages out there save as a complete web page. I know you want to create the world, but there are already a bunch of models and stuff out there on the www that other creative people have created.

Manual and User Guides: There are a few of these floating around. Also, use this folder to save local copies of these wiki pages for off-line reference.

There are lots of tutorials around and available for downloading. Some tutorials are hosted by individuals and may disappear, so if you find a tutorial that helps you, download it into this directory. Python scripts: Blender uses a scripting language, Python , to extend its functionality.

There are dozens of these scripts that can be loaded by Blender. Blender has evolved to the point where there are complete programs that create wondrous things.

Just Do It!: So now YOU need some of your own space, my young padawan. Compiling the Source There are presently four build systems for making a binary for the different operating systems supported.

See this web page for more information about compiling a custom installation binary for your machine. This link is in wiki format and provides more information as well.

Compiling the Plugins Plugins are dynamically loaded routines that augment functionality in either texture generation or sequencing image manipution. See this thread for more information. Hardware Support Blender supports bit hardware platforms running a bit unix operating system, removing the 2Gig addressable memory limit.

Work is underway to support a Windows bit OS call for developer help! The Interface Manual Development If you are new to Blender, you should get a good grip on how to work with the user interface before you Categories start modeling. The concepts behind Blender's interface are specifically designed for a graphics modeling application and the vast array of features are different and differently grouped from other 3D software packages. In particular, Windows users will need to get used to the different way that Blender handles controls such as button choices and mouse movements.

Go Search. This difference is one of Blender's great strengths. Once you understand how to work the Blender way, you will find that you can work exceedingly quickly and productively.

Some features are familiar, like the top What links here New files menu bar of "File", "Add" However, many other features are quite unheard of in most if not all Related changes New pages other applications. For example: Upload file Popular pages Special pages Wanted pages Blender windows cannot overlap and hide each other, one exception being a small number of mini- floating panels which are transparent, fold-able, small, and dock-able. Permanent link Random page. Blender relies heavily on keyboard shortcuts to speed up the work.

Your screen can be organized exactly to your taste for each specialized task and this oganization can be named and memorized. These key differences and many others make Blender a unique, powerful, and very nimble application, once you take the time to understand it. Blender's Interface Concept The user interface is the vehicle for two-way interaction between the user and the program.

The user communicates with the program via the keyboard and the mouse, and the program gives feedback via the windowing system. The interface can be broken down into several key areas: Windows , Contexts , Panels, and Buttons controls.

For example, The Button window contains Context buttons which show different groups of Panels and the Panels each show groups of Buttons. These principal areas are discussed on the following pages. Keyboard and mouse Manual Development This chapter gives an overview of the general mouse and keyboard usage in Blender and the conventions Categories used in this Manual to describe them, as well as tips on how to use non-standard devices.

Conventions in this Manual Go Search This manual uses the following conventions to describe user input:. RMB right mouse button. NumLock should generally be switched on. A mouse wheel is quite useful, 1. Because Blender makes such extensive use of both mouse and keyboard, a golden rule has evolved among Blender users: Keep one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard. If you normally use a keyboard that is significantly different from the English keyboard layout, you may want to think about changing to the English or American layout for your work with Blender.

The most frequently used keys are grouped so that they can be reached by the left hand in standard position index finger on F on the English keyboard layout. This assumes that you use the mouse with your right hand. Mouse Button Emulation It is perfectly possible to use Blender with a two-button mouse or an Apple single-button Mouse.

NumPad Emulation The Numpad keys are used quite often in Blender and are not the same keys as the regular number keys. If you have a keyboard without a Numpad e. A detailed description can be found on this BsoD page. The Blender Application window may be covering the Console Window. This will most likely result in Blender shutting down or operating very slowly and non-responsively. You can also show a hidden header again by clicking the window frame's border with MMB.

The Window Header can be displayed at the Top or Bottom of the frame. Join Areas. In the screenshot below the Application Frame is indicated by Frame 0 and is light blue with the title Blender in the center of it. The User Preferences window. If you have a fully fledged version of Python installed on your system.

Then with the mouse cursor still over the Window Header. Most of the different Linux distributions have Blender as one of their applications you can install from their packaging systems. The icon at the left end of a header. They show only actions which can be performed.

This screenshot shows the 2 windows on a Windows Vista OS: To set a window header's position. The Blender Console Window may not be visible.

In Linux you are likely to have Python fully installed already. After a while. If you find that the colours you see on screen do not match those mentioned in the Manual then it could be that your default theme has been altered.

This is the header for the 3D window. Current Screen default is Model: By default.. Menus can be hidden and shown via the triangular button next to them. If this happens Blender will not be able to carry out the tasks required of it by the user. Ctrl Space will display the manipulator pop-up. You can resize windows by dragging their borders with LMB.. If this is the case again. All Menu entries show the relevant hotkey shortcut. Blender 2. Resource Information found in the User Preferences header: Gives you information about application and system resources.

Help group and organize related buttons and controls. Screenshot showing the Header popup menu highlighted in yellow. Menus allow you to directly access many features and commands.

If you wish access to the widest range of Python functionality then there are a few ways to obtain it. Interface Items: Labels in the interface buttons. Main Top Menu: Is the main menu associated with the "User Preferences" window type. The Window Header Most windows have a header the strip with a lighter grey background containing icon buttons.

If you press Esc before clicking on one of the menu windows. To return to normal size. Theme section selected. To actually see the information. With the No Header menu item selected. You can now set the new border's position by moving your mouse to the desired position. It can then be set to a different window type.

Editing Panel Group: The bottom window displays panels and those panels are grouped. Here is a list of some of the Blender Console Window messages: Compiled with Python version X. For example if you currently have your Application Frame only taking up half of your screen and want it to take up all of your screen you would need to click on the outer Application Frame controls for maximizing windows. Current frame: Blender is a modeling and animation application.

Checking for installed Python. The Windows version of Python comes with a simple to use installation program. The default Blender scene shows the screen you should get after starting Blender for the first time. Viewport shading: Blender renders the 3D window using OpenGL.

For example. It is a nice visual check to see if you are pushing the limits of your machine. If you come across scripts which seem not to work correctly. We will also refer to the header as the window ToolBar. There are a few ways to hide a Window Header from a window: You can hide a particular window's header by moving your mouse over the Window Header that you wish to hide.

When Blender is started using an icon rather than being started from a Terminal window. Can have multiple functions. One way is to go to http: Flatten faces and edge offset Data Transfer supports transferring data between equal meshes better Absolute grid snapping for the 3D view was added Displace modifier custom normals support And more! Freestyle NPR rendering Freestyle memory consumption was reduced Optimized for space and less memory is consumed in the rendering process. Depending on the scene, actual memory consumption reduction, on average, of 7.

Part of the outcome from project financially supported by the Blender Foundation Developer Fund. Adds 3D-Tiling options to the sculpt tool, in a way similar to the symmetry options replicates the strokes Allows to create geometry that can be tiled seamless.

Other improvements: Camera lens shift support to produce architecture-like two vanishing point renders and to match projector offsets. Angular velocity clamping is now possible, fixed velocity clamping units display 2D Filter now supports integer properties as uniforms New bge.

Arch tutorial

Added options to: Sculpting now allows tiling strokes to create repeating patterns while sculpting. Datablock Previews in. Other minor improvements. Feature Videos Have a look at some of the above mentioned features in the demo videos made by the Blender community.The menu of available options.

Each button on the Buttons header groups panels together into what is called a Context. You now can use Blender by double clicking the Blender icon, or drag the Blender icon to the Dock to add its icon there.

But, the easiest way to solve them is often to delete them, and, if you didn't delete their base objects, recreate them. Clicking this type of button does not perform any operation.

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