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Uploaded by: KIRSTIN have Free Repair Manuals across BMW Models. PDF DOWNLOAD of BMW Factory Service Repair Manuals - BMW 1 Series, i, i, i, i, , 3, 3 Series, , i, i, i, i, i, i, i. BMW motorcycle workshop service manuals to download for free!.

Originally Posted by georgelb. Added a link to my site if anyone needs another mirror Last edited by RallyRcrr; at Appreciate 1. Lieutenant Colonel. The new one just came out, but ill read the old one in the meantime.

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Put that shit on my phone and skim while im on the porcelain throne. Thanks, broham. Originally Posted by RallyRcrr.

E90 Service Manual https: Appreciate 0. My bad, got the year wrong, its Let me know if this was of any help to anyone Going to put this in the ipad since I usually use that for videos when DIYing. Originally Posted by StevenY. Last edited by AndreyT; at You'll have to get Adobe Reader on mobile but it's free. Originally Posted by AviatorBimmer. Originally Posted by AndreyT.

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AFAIK, there are some common maintenance items that the original didn't include but now does.

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I dont remember specifically but some oil leaks, for example, an oil pan gasket. Updated Bentley manual is officially out - now includes Quote:.

You probably need either Windows 8.

I had no problems downloading from the original link. I'm going to order the new one, since I have a , but it's nice to have a PDF copy too. Can't be THAT much different between a '10 and an ' It's not right.

Pay for it like u should. Sorry to be that guy. But it's nicer to have it in print anyway.

BMW Workshop Manuals

Private First Class. Thank you!! All times are GMT The time now is User Name. Remove battery from trunk.

Clean terminal posts and cable clamps with a wire brush. Clean main chassis ground terminal next to battery. Corrosion can be washed away with a baking soda and water solution that will neutralize acid.

Apply solution carefully, though, since it will also neutralize acid inside battery.

Lightly coat outside of terminals, hold down screws, and clamps with petroleum jelly, grease, or a commercial battery terminal corrosion inhibitor. Prior to disconnecting the battery, read the battery disconnection cautions given at the front of this manual on page viii.

Or select your model From the A-Z list below:

Battery acid is extremely dangerous. Take care to keep it from contacting eyes, skin, or clothing. Wear eye protection. Extinguish all smoking materials and do not work near any open flames.

Battery electrolyte should be maintained at the correct level just above the battery plates and their separators.

The battery plates and the indicator marks can be seen once the filler caps are removed. Note: The original equipment battery in E46 models is maintenance free. The original electrolyte will normally last the entire service life of the battery under moderate climate conditions. Battery, replacing The original equipment BMW battery is equipped with a built-in hydrometer "magic eye" arrow.

BMW PDF Workshop Repair Manuals on

Battery condition is determined by the color of the eye: Green: Adequate charge Black: Inadequate charge; recharge Yellow: Defective battery; replace Batteries are rated by ampere hours Ah , the number of hours a specific current drain can be sustained before complete discharge, or by cold cranking amps CCA , the number of amps available to crank the engine in cold weather conditions. In general, replacement batteries should always be rated equal or higher than the original battery.

The battery is held in place by a single hand screw and plate. Note: Always disconnect the negative - cable first, and connect it last. While changing the battery, clean away any corrosion in or around the battery tray. Design characteristics of the convertible body cause vibrations to oscillate in the trunk area.

Therefore, the convertible model uses a special battery and battery retaining mechanism designed for this constant vibration. More battery and charging system Battery, information is in Alternator, Starter. Brake fluid, replacing BMW strictly recommends replacing the brake fluid every two years. This will help protect against corrosion and the effects of moisture in the fluid. Note: See Brakes for brake fluid flushing procedures. Although the brakes are equipped with a brake pad warning system, the system only monitors one wheel per axle.

It is recommended that pad thickness should be checked whenever the wheels are off or brake work is being done. Disc brake pad wear can be checked through opening in caliper: Measure distance A of brake pad "ear" to brake rotor.

See Brakes. Compare to specification below. Unbolt caliper from steering arm to properly inspect: Brake pad thickness A Brake rotors Condition of caliper seal B Condition of caliper slider bolts C Note: Brake caliper removal and installation procedures are given in Brakes. Brake pad lining minimum thickness Front or rear pad Dimension A 3.

Check that brake hoses are correctly routed to avoid chafing or kinking.It must…. Inspect flexible hoses for cracking. This publication is a complete survey of all important specifications and tightening values for cars beginning with models.

It must be placed at the disposal…. Turbo2Pete 1. All wheel drive models: Check front differential fluid level at front differential filler plug arrow.

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