Get answers to frequently asked questions for NOOK Reading Apps. on a NOOK device, NOOK Reading app or from the web, not visible in my Library on the NOOK Reading app? Can I read NOOK Kids books on the NOOK Reading app?. Your Library appears blank or NOOK Books are missing. 1. restart your device if you have not already done so and then launch the NOOK Reading App. Well, I, too, have a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and the Nook app doesn't work. It pretends to work. I can see all my books but I cannot open them up to.

Book Not Ing On Nook App

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This item cannot be downloaded from your browser" error. That wouldn't be a problem, if I could download the books via the nook for pc library which I can't. I have downloadd books from B&N in the past (mostly due to some good sale prices) .. It's worth noting that I have not updated the Nook app. I have downloaded the Nook app on my Surface Pro 4 and it has stopped downloading books. Any help would be appreciated. I've uninstalled.

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Having your post rated as helpful. Vote up a post. Correctly mark a topic or post as abuse. Having a post marked and removed as abuse will slow a user's advance in levels. It seems to me that the window for e-reader only hardware is quickly closing. I may be wrong; but as prices on other systems drop and their screen resolutions improve, the choice to get a tablet whether a full tablet, or a less capable model such as the Surface RT or the iPad instead of a dedicated e-reader becomes more and more of a "no brainer.

Therefore, it seems to me that the Nook reading apps are more critical for the long-term to provide the best reading and downloading experiences to ensure customers download books, magazines, etc.

At this point, the Kindle reading app is easier to use for reading on the Surface RT, but I hope that the Nook app will soon be the better app.

NOOK Client App Support (iOS/Android/PC/Other) topics

Thanks for listening! I really do want BN and Nook to succeed. I use site for a lot of other downloads; but I much prefer the overall experience that BN can provide between its stores, its in-store personnel, the Nook family of readers and apps, and BN on-line when it comes to downloading books and looking for a good book to read or a way just to kill time.

I am really trying hard not to shift my ebook downloading over to site. Please help me by adding a Windows Phone app. The Nook app shows all available book, and then tags them with "download" if not currently on the device. On the Kindle app - I can click to show only the device contents, or all - which is a nice choice.

Sorry if this has already been on here, I couldn't find a discussion with my specific issue. While at work, I read my books using the web app, as I can't have my NOOK with me, and there's no 'bookmark' icon or button on there. I tried just closing out of it and when i get home see if my NOOK was updated with the bookmark but it never is.

I've been told by many ppl that Hulu is free First off, I love the app and haven't had an issue before tonight. For whatever reason, the app no longer remembers my bookmark.

Needless to say, it is irritating.

The Nook app is a solid addition to iOS ereaders

When i have a book open to read how do i go back to my library in the nook app? I finally installed Nook app to my daughter's Kindle Fire used 1mobile as getjar didn't work. Is it possible to limit the library to the selected items?

I downloaded her Kindle app to my IPad and only the books I selected to download show up in my Kindle library, expected Nook to do the same. So I recently bought a slew of my required college books off of the Nook app on my Surface.

I've had no issues with any of them with one exception Marbles by Ellen Forney.

When I try to open this book the app gives me an error saying that the document is of an unsupported document type and takes me back to the previous screen. This message has been moved for Violation of Community Guidelines. I've used the notes feature on a couple of my books, but I can't figure out how to actually read them with either the Android or iOS apps.

The little page image that marks the line the note is on shows up, but tapping on it only causes a page turn. I can see the book titles on my tablet in my library. When I try to download I get a message to check internet connectivity and try again. I have no problem downloading the same book on my NookColor. Both are on the same wifi network. The nook app came installed on the tablet.

Anyone have some ideas on how to enjoy my reading on my tablet? I have seen information about this a number of times on various boards but it never stuck since it hadn't happened to me.

My tale of woe - apparently my credit card the only one I have was compromised.

My credit card company called me this morning to tell me they were closing the number and would send me a new card. It would not let me due to a credit card error. Yet another reason to download all your downloads to your computer at time of download so you do have access.

I just subscribed to The Writer. It will not download to the Nook app on my iPad 4.

Very frustrating. I am connected to a good wifi connection at home.

I've had the iPad plugged in. I've deleted all other running apps.

NOOK eReader Library Synchronization

I've even shut down and restarted the iPad. Should I delete the Nook app and try again? I contacted both organizations, and they both assigned responsibility to read: I got an iPad for Christmas and thought I would try again. Should I just keep trying or cancel my subscription on the same day I ordered it?

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I get this error: Password protection for Nexus 7?

My family and I have shopped at BN for decades and want it to succeed as a real storefront that we can shop at. We started taking our children to BN when they were very young they are now in their 20's and bought them many books to help instill in them an enjoyment for bookstores and for reading.

We have been members, paying our yearly dues, for many years.

How to Download Nook Books

My wife and I each have had our own Nook Colors since they first came out actually, a few days before they were supposed to go on sale--thanks to a kind salesperson: We download books through BN, both paperback and Nook, even when the price is higher than at site. Now, my experience with the Nook app on my Surface: This is the slowest reading app I've used.

I used to think that Kindle on Android was slow, but Nook on Surface RT is atrociously slow when booting, when displaying books on my daily shelf, and when displaying books in my library. The app is so slow that it provides a strong incentive for removing the DRM from my books so I can open them more quickly on a different reader. I won't remove the DRM, because I want to abide by BN's license; but the app's performance doesn't make me want to continue using it.They claim they are working on a revised version, too late for this ex-customer.

Windows 10 was released in October as a beta and was available then for developers. It is not related to the NOOK app update. When you log in, all Nook books will be displayed at your Nook library. I for one will not be downloading any more ebooks from any company that uses this DRM and read only on my app device strategies.

Do this by tapping on the Sync icon a pair of arrows chasing each other around in a circle visible on the Library page. Price Free.

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